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Shill me some cute/animal coins. DOGE, SHIBA and BAO were all coins with cute mascots. I tested this out with CAKE last week and got a nice 2x out of it, so my new investment strategy for this clown market is to buy only coins with cute mascots. I just tossed a bunch into the current SAKE dip (cute, japan-themed, people love cute japan) but what else is out there? Point me to some more cute coins.

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Imagine buying the useless knockoff of MILK/SHAKE

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WOLFY is a nice coin

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sake is a POS
sashimi is like sake but it pumps

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I think you may be on to something, unironically.

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I dunno if I'd call sashimi cute. I want stuff that's straight up adorable, like those cute little BAOs or SHIBAs. SAKE's little pink bottles and cups are the closest I've found so far.

I don't give a single fuck about the tokenomics, I just want cuteness. There's nothing cute about MILK/SHAKE.

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No cute icon, no buy.

Seriously, there's no logic to what pumps recently. It's based entirely on hype and speculation and apparently people get excited about stuff that looks cute.

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I liked sake, I threw 8k in it. Now I'm down 2k.
My sashimi pumped to 3.8k from the 1k I put in.

I could have had 30k if sake was as tight as shimi. You owe me a pump.

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Economics is a behavioral science.

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that's the best part, anon
the pump is coming

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>You owe me a pump.
Soon, just post those cute sake bottles around and the rest will take care of itself.

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>You owe me a pump.

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Unironically this.

Also $FEG... it's almost cute.

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Yeah FEG's good too, it's not quite cute but it is an animal, which can mean nothing but good things.

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Back to Shiba

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Except MILK/SHAKE came long after SAKE... you got it backwards bud.

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I was going to say sushi...

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good time to pick some of these up before the big ass update

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Bump. OP is based and will make it. Only buy coins with cute/cool/food logos and has something to do with defi, whatever that is.

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