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> Bao (包) stands for a treasure or package. Something wonderful that is wrapped up in another layer. Bao buns, or in Chinese Baozi (包子) are delicious wrapped dumplings.
It's going to pump this weekend just to piss off that one fud poster.

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I'm pretty happy with the returns so far senpai.
The buys and sells are on a consistent climb upwards in volume.

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FOMO begins in 12 hours

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Jesus this thread is dead, yikes

you're all getting dumped on and it has just begun

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He's back. :)

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Everyone knows you can margin short this on FTX right? You missed the 6000% rise for Bao in 2021 but you sure as hell won't miss the ride to the bottom

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I'm just a humble farmer, tending to my BAO.

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Every single thing BAO does, MILK/SHAKE will be able to do better in a month, completely without gas. This project has been rendered irrelevant by shadow staking.

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>defi hype season is on
>everybody looking for the next big thing
>bao has been trending for 2 weeks consecutive on CG
>big whales FOMOd 2 days ago and pump the price off the charts
this correction was needed and we are now back on track to steadily rise over the next days/weeks

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I've been in since 300K marketcap and I'll be here at 300B marketcap. Comfiest project in DeFi. If you know, you KNOW.

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your chart needs more tiers; several week1 farmers like myself have over 1bil locked

but also its overpriced as fuck rn so join me in my ftx short

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proof or larp

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cant give proof without giving away my address and one of you pajeets will dox me, sorry bro

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Yeah, Tosa will do everything Bao does (better) and you can start from the ground floor again. Enoy the ride!

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Like what and how? Last I looked Amanda had been MIA on the telegram. Couple of one line responses and the rest is just you true believers desperately trying to make this pump so you can dump your bags. Sad, anon, just sad.

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>cant give proof without giving away my address
The fuck you can’t. You can edit a screenshot to block personal information easily.

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Your ride is over and everyone knows it.

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When you know, you know

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just take a pic of your locked bao on bao.finance. no one can track your locked bao.

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at least bao is on the sushi roadmap

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Please. Don’t know if this is Unstable Genius or Masked Faggot but fuck off back to your telegram group. Y’all celebrating because six people bought today. What’s the liquidity again? $8k? Sad, anon, sad.

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Bao's come a long way and has a long way to go. Glad we're going steadily up.

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Please top this again. Thank you!

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You can do the math for how I could have gotten to a precise number, and then find an address that matches it. This would be easy for a coder and I'd probably get caught since I'm there's only a handful of people with addresses with that much.

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