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why have you not invested in their stock?

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dead company

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Everything tells me these fucks should be out of business but somehow they keep making money, fuck blizzard.

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I did invested a week b4 their earnings call then cashed out gonna invest again once it dips then cash put again after blizzcon

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Give me one good reason I should invest in a dying company

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>dOn'T yOu HaVe PhOnEs ?¿?¿?

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>recently added High Elves to Alliance

pretty bullish on Blizz atm

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because im not a gigantic faggot

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I don't support companies that encourage terrorists

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Because I play HOTS, fuck this company

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and my digits just confirmed their stock price in a year >>27867100

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based. hots is the only moba i can stand to play anymore.

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BASED fuck all other mobas

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In a momentum market their poor consumer relations will hurt their market value

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HOTS best game and they ignore it. Fuck em

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grim prospects

Everyone is pissed about Vicarious Visions taking over. Blizzard, THPS and Crash fans have been seething for weeks.

Sony is the gaming bluechip since they're going big on anime.

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I invested 1500 and hope to get a return. I noticed that there is an endless number of people that will play games like WoW until they die so I figured it was at least as safe as a mutual fund

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because their games suck

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>invest in blizzard stock
>stock goes up enough so you make 15$ a month
>Play wow for free

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because the started sleeping with chinks
chink cunt stinks

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Never bet against manchildren when it comes to their vidya.

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I did based on TA setup (cup and handle) posted only my TA discord in early December
cashed out today (we hit the final target)

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hopefully you shitdick public opinion cunts will report back to the chink cucks what real people think of them
fuck you and and them
but not you as much because you are the messenger
unless you wanna get fucked more
we can arrange that

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The Blizzard name is really just there to string the onions boys along. Activision is what you are really investing in. Blizzard has been dead well over a decade now. Early World of Warcraft was the last great product they ever produced. Everything since then has been 'good enough' or trash.

Not going to look down on anyone who invests in them, but I would rather give my money to someone else. If any promising small studios offer an IPO in the near future that's where I'd like to invest some money.

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There's a difference between buying the dip and buying the plummet.

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POZ'd as fuck

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why would I care about a company
1.fusioned with one of the biggest cancer company
2.that is only relevant because of games they released 10+ years ago, blizzard only has value because they have the licence of diablo 2 and wow and their first expansions

now they hired soulless designers and the only valuable products they do is released in maintenance mode, meaning classic and "remasters" (not shit remakes)

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WoW is a money printer. Wanting to kill blizzard means you gotta take down the behemoth that is world of warcraft. This company is textbook definition of too big to fall.

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you couldn't pay me to play modern WoW

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Idk man they are trying really fucking hard to make WoW shit but somehow people gobble up that garbage.

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>dead company
you misspelled chink company

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Shadowlands has been the best expansion since MoP. I quit at the start of BfA and came back last month to try SL and it’s been great. You should try it if you ever have the itch.

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wotlk classic in ~3 years will be big $$$

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because its a garbage company?

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There Company doesn't make quality products anymore.

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They never did, their games are famous for bugs galore.

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I'd had shorted them
full of garbage faggot games
HS was the last way they could milk the wow franchise and they ruined it with normie shit
SC is dead since 2010

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because its being bid up by boomers who heard "vidya future".

Blizzard is not the future of gaming, and if you know anything about gaming its fickle as can be.

Only one game has stood a test of time and resisted fickleness

every other game gets replaced, changed, and goes through huge dead periods.

Quake, Unreal Tournament, Warcraft, DOTA, LoL. See how all these games come out of nowhere and unseat the existing big player?

This will happen for as long as gaming exists. I firmly believe CSGO will be the only game widely still played in 20 years.

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Bad investment. Issue is they have beyond the SJW hiring practices to the point of effecting their products.
Then pumped out garbage on a platform no one wanted filmed on live TV without thinking of asking "is this a good idea?".
I cant see them ever hitting a profit unless they kill off the useless staff and make a Starcraft MMO.

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is it because im getting too old or that I dont want to be a manchildren anymore, I got shadowlands for free because I bought a GPU, played a month and got bored, same grindy daily quests doing nothing but the same shit over and over, mythic plus which I enjoyed is extremely unrewarding, torgahst is super easy as a hunter, raid same old shit just different tactics, what else, bgs are boring. Arena was fun but obviously im not the best player. they use the same formula of doing things over and over to trick your brain into a routine.

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I wouldn't be surprised if a new CS comes out at some point, but overall I've heard much worse takes lol. I think LoL will also have a good bit of staying power, they really did a surprisingly good job of overcoming their slump back in 2015-2017ish, and Riot invests a loooooot of money in staying relevant.

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They did make good games, Diablo, starcraft, WoW but the end product was always plagued with the bugs and glitches. I haven’t played anything new from them but hopefully they finally got their shit together.

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checked and elf pilled

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Why is no one mentioning that all they have to do is release the next World of Warcraft sequel and they are the biggest video game company on earth?

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because the dip is gonna drop after blizzcon

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that, the game might be good to play first but at some point you got to determine if you want to spend your life playing wow, in a formula that just gets worse over time, and that might never end, or instead discover all that you missed when playing wow, discover other things, or just achieve things, like making actual money
things to think about if you're addicted, at some point it gets sad, games shall have an end, if the game has no end you have to make the ending yourself

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I always invest in them and then sell right after blizzcon, easiest money ever

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I always remember my first days playing WoW they were truly magical (and the first week of WoW classic), but after playing so many years and so many wasted hours, I dont feel joy no more, not only playing WoW but games in general, the only thing that I have managed to finish was Red Dead Remeption 2, which in the end I was just rushing story missions because they were getting stale, basically doing the same shit. and its not like my life is getting so what more enjoyable, but games dont have the same feeling anymore.

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Anon this is why I play wargames, grand strategy and programming games. At least there's some level of intellectual stimulation.

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Because their craven caving to CCP authoritarian disgusts even a cynic like me.

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Folks have been saying that for years. WoW is still around and profitable so I dont know.

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Infiltration by chinks, killed from within. Much like america ATM

RIP wc3

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everything blizzard made they destroyed by making it jewish and "appealing to new players"

everything activision has bought out they made it shit by being jewish.

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no one thinks blizzon gives big boost?
d2 remastered
wow bc realms

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isn't blizzard basically just an extension of chink
government owned tencent now

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They problem is they are not capable of making a World of Warcraft sequel. They don't have the talent or the drive. It would likely be very bland and uninspired. The other issue is that the monthly subscription model of MMO games is not really a competitive edge in generating revenue anymore. Time has shown that loot boxes, skins, and DLC are just a profitable and take way less effort to produce.

Creating an MMO is very expensive and time consuming compared to most other game types.

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>interrupting a Black Lives Matter in-game protest.

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remember when slacktivism was roundly mocked lol, unless I'm getting baited and this is fake

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the initial launch would be so massive that it would probably be worth it, then if players leave it will just cost them less to milk the few players playing it
it's not hard to design addictive systems with next gen graphics, they don't have to make a good gameplay
think cyberpiss 2077

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soulless chink company

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Fair enough, the typical video game customer has proven time and time again that they are gullible and lack any discernment when purchasing games.

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Microsoft recently acquired Elders Scrolls Online. There is a lot to fear in that from a competitive MMO position.

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Na fuck them, all of their games have become shitty

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Programming games? Like what

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