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imagine not buying a fucking time machine

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It just allows you to write programs that run in the probability cloud of the blockchain. Literally a wallet for the stuff that doesn't even exist yet. Bearish at sell now.

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a stablecoin to rival usdc and usdt

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It's the Google of crypto nigger

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anon, not quite. this is fud. google is still a query. parsiq does REAL-TIME streaming. Its in a league of its own.

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what is this vaporware??
>offical website
>allowing for quantum probability using the help of superposition based blockchains
biggest scam right now

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We are not graph fags here. This is much bigger than google.

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What is your pick instead?

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Fuck off, pajeets. Or dare I say, pajeet (singular) with a VPN. Nobody is going to buy your obvious scam coin. Everyone here knows what you're doing lol.

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take your meds

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Jesus Christ you're a retard. Post the name of your shitcoin already, everyone fudding PRQ has one. Name your Bangladeshian-based gem, Rajesh.

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Why would I invest in a time machine that saved many
coins asses during exchange hacks?
Lol we don't do low cap coins with actual real life use here. We do only rug pulls and Pump and dumps here.

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prq made me homeless fuck you prq

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There we have it. That wasn't so hard now, was it? Anyway, thanks. Now we know what to avoid. Good luck with the village and may you find many future poor souls who will pay for your curry. Now kindly fuck off from my board...

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still not sure if bait or not

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I am beginning to get tempted to just swing. Sell at 1.30, buy at 1.10, repeat ad infinitum.

The issue is that once I actually do it, prq will g straight to 10$. FML

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I actually researched this shitcoin last night ... turns out, it's a poor man's version of GRT

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keep a nice stack that you dont swing. then have a separate stack that you do swing.

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its literally the other way around

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it has far better tokenomics though

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take one for the team anon, come on

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Bait? Nigger, there's no reason for a normal person to fud a coin they don't give a shit about. Since you're doing it for PRQ (while you could've easily ignored it) just means you're a streetshitting, curry-eating pajeet. Hence why I asked for the name of your obvious rug pull "project". You lot always have one or two of those that are soOoOoOo much better than PRQ or any other popular project like GRT, RBC, etc. In reality, you literally push people away from said projects because everyone knows you're a streetshitter and nothing ever good comes from you subhuman apes.

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10/10 bait
almost wants me to explain the situation, but i wont

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i won't bite, anon

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What's the cheapest way to get fiat to PRQ in the USA? My credit union isn't available for ECH payments via CoinMetro.
I've wasted a ton of money (OK not that much, $100, but that's still $100 not going to my PRQ stack) doing credit card purchases on CoinMetro. I think the cheapest is buying BTC on Coinbase (I have ECH there but not CoinMetro, fuck you plaid), waiting the week for BTC to be available to transfer, and then transfer to CoinMetro and get the PRQ there. Is there any better way?

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uniswap but it aint cheap

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>waiting the week for BTC to be available to transfer, and then transfer to CoinMetro and get the PRQ there. Is there any better way?
why btc and not another coin? one that has low fees

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imagine the gas fees tho

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tokenized /smartmoney/

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I don't think there's any fees from transferring BTC from my coinbase wallet to coinmetro wallet.
I was originally gonna do Tezos so I could get some staking rewards while waiting the weeks but Tezos deposits aren't up on CoinMetro ATM. Do you have any suggestions?
>but it ain't cheap
then that kind of defeats the purpose friend

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They really need a proper listing

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I tried to listen to the Eth denver spiel, but alot went iver my head. Does this query data like the graph? Please help im interested now.

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>current year+6
>not keeping a time machine in your wallet

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WTF that's all it does? I've been scammed

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Dont do it. I said swingies get the rope for months, finally broke down and tried to with reef. I'm worse off than where I started.

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Poorfag with $254 in GRT, should I change to PRQ, how is it doing now ?

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>Tom : “Projects like Bitquery and the Graph are indexing blockchain data and allowing users to query the blockchain like a database of events that have already happened using a pull-based method.

>PARSIQ is not querying, it is performing transformations on live streams of events (which are happening or about to happen at any level of confirmation) with automation triggers (so push-based and reactive), storable dynamic user data and direct integrations with on- and off-chain apps, devices, web services.

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don't mess with the admin running this simulation.

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>I don't think there's any fees from transferring BTC from my coinbase wallet to coinmetro wallet.

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where going to another dimension

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Thank you, does this render the Graph defunct? Does Parsiq allow for oast data or only streams? Graph is for past, parsiq is for present and future? Or does this render all or some of the usecases for graph obsolete?

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I'm kind of a brainlet, but from my understanding both will work in tandem. Companies will use data queried from the graph to understand and implement into parsiq for triggers and all the other stuff parsiq does. Depending on how far parsiq goes, there could be some functionality that does render some of the graph redundant. It is not known yet, too early, but for now I see them working together.

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You're forgetting that the original and largest use of Parsiq is in the name; it's a blockchain parser.
As far as I know, GRT can compile and translate historical blockchain data. PRQ can do that, as well as do all the future prediction stuff that was in the conference today, and smart triggers.

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it's likely GRT will need to use prq to stay competitive. Prq can index real time data for the GRT.

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What are you nigs hiding, this is my life here.

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nothing personal, just a wallet bro

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oh no
oh what the fuck have i done
OK what would be a better coin for this? The other "blue chips", ETH or LINK? XRP? XLM? BAT?

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Ok fuck. How is the usability for dApps? Is it simple like the graph to plug in? Im kindof freaking out about this and the wallet meme just pushed my attention away

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>indexer has to use an indexer to index

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xcm is pretty good. I bought parsiq too, but xcm gains are real, and I expect it to go ~5x in the next year or so

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btc is cheaper than eth I think, dunno about link because I just hold