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Dump over. What's next?

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>Dump over
not over

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we'll be back on the rocket tomorrow probably

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you wished faggot

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going to .000000000000000

It's fucking over BAObros...

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Weekend pump coming in hard. I've posted this before every major climb. It's happening again bros.

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i hope its not over so i can buy more around .0015

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> Holding $0.0018 - $0.0020 all day.
> Dumping
Pick 1.

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your last line is not the same angle as the first and second, rigged kek

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Same as every weekend. we pump to new ATH, followed by a healthy correction,followed by people who fomo at the top and whine, followed by fudders through the entire week saying "I told you so" despite the price still being higher than when they "told" us last. And then the cycle will repeat. Been pretty consistent for like the past 3 weeks lol. Always comfy as fuck.

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Based. Buy the dip faggots

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>just before it happened before it will continue happening forever

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time is a flat circle

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and your mom is a wide oval, so what?

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I went x10 on this. Should I sell or wait for it to go another x10?

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got some cash to ftx get in hard on the next bao pump

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its pumping again already. easily another 5x at least

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how much you got?

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It's a script kiddie scam. That's why it will pump. Just watch.

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you need to be above 18 to browse 4chan.

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Plssssss pump 100x in 6 months

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damn you were right

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it barely moved, it will dump

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Maybe we should all dump BAO and buy CORE right?

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What dump? It went up since the last time I checked it. Besides, if you believe in the project and you're buying this, it's as a long-term moonshot with massive returns. Wouldn't expect anything immediate.

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I'm just gonna tend to my farm.

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BAO runs on STAKE
STAKE x3 next

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Hey farmer, how much your 1059 BAO-ETH worth in usd?

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Lol read the github.

You want to update your TA?

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just because it went up a miniscule amount doesn't mean the dump is over

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Honestly, I'm not to worried about IL since I've already farmed more than my initial stake and also when I originally staked it was less than a grand to do so.

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its pumping fgt stay poor

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mfw i still haven't farmed back my initial entirely IL hurts so much man

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in macro sense its dumping

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check out dexxon6 on twitter to see what's next. we have a discord server and are going to pump a small altcoin

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that's why you buy and hold BAO to sell along the way and secure at least your initial investment back.

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>7 posts by this ID
lmao get out of here you dirty rascal. get out! shoo!

boys we pumpin, pop the henny

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Love these things, they are so accurate, though too hard for me to figure out. Instead I throw magic chicken bones onto the table and read them for financial advice.

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You going to Fomo in now or later.

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I'm sorry but CORE is a shitty project

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>pump starts
>baoman pops in the market channel
kek the fudders were right about one thing

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this he's a scam artist

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I am still getting this on mobile but not on my desktop.

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Tosa Finance. So, like Bao, only from the ground floor and no chance of rug pulling. Site drops next Wednesday along with some other features that are pretty cool. Catch a run from the bottom again.

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join the discord and ask there

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Any medium/discord/telegram link?

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Chinks are waking up, here we GOOOOO

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>What's next?

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I keep posting this and people keep doubting me but just look at what's happened since that timestamp. Fuckers.


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>It's happening again bros.

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>APY halving
I'm not gonna make it

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news for you faggot. the dump will never end

It has a circulating supply of 38 Billion BAO coins and a max supply of 843 Billion.

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Move to another pool.

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Catch Tosa Finance from the beginning. Replay your run up one more time.

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Accumulation has ended. We .02 EOM

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I have $20k sitting here ready to buy. How confident are we all of a further weekend pump?

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It's happened before. It will happen again.

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Very, should have bought this morning before zhang woke up

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theyr'e tricking you it will dump

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gay log gay name no thanks

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It's already started going up again, so it's certainly possible.

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I didn't have the 20k dismorning.
Fuck it, yolo, wish me luck BaoBros!

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post transaction address
i hope you didn't youre gonna get dunked on

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>9 posts by this id
thanks for the concern for my financial well being friend, please fuck off back to whatever fud group you hail from.

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dropped 10k into it this morning... couldnt sleep but im happy atm

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I got my 1 mil stack of BAO last week and bought 1k of MILK2 and held both. I realize MILK is a pajeet scam now and I dumped that garbage quick. 2mil BAO lookin sexy af.

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im up 2000 procent idiot and we are still very very very early

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Cool. It's a scam. Now fomo now or later?

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Based, Blessed, and Baopilled. Welcome to the club. I'll see you in Shanghai brother.

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almost fell for milk2, we still got that binance fucker with 300 eth sitting on the sidelines ready to jump in. hes been catching dips for 3 days

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Next week will be huge for them!

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top 200 coin having not even a fucking prototype
you're lucky if you even squeeze another x2
you're a retard if you invest in coins inside the top 300, you ride coins from 900 to t00 and then dump them

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900 to 300*

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Is the US blocking BAO for some reason?

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Holy fucking bullish.

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maybe learn how to use the fucking internet

and you have a missed call

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Is this piece of shit worth it?

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You can buy Tosa at .0000000025 with a finance protocol dropping next Wed. Hmmmm...wonder what will happen to that price!?

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Bao dead

hop on Tosa while you still can

>> No.27860276

I don't have much to invest right now, what's the suicide stack? I was doubtful at first but the dev seems serious

>> No.27860408

1 mil. 10 mill make it.

>> No.27860414

I love you.

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1mil probably.

>> No.27860612

no one wants your shitcoin

>> No.27860620

Where do I buy this shit

>> No.27860677

Alright, thanks for the info. I can only get 150k (poor) so I suppose there's no point for me.

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Another whiner who didn't read the finance page.
That's circulating supply. Most of them are locked right now.

>> No.27860813

You could stake that. APY is still in the thousands.

>> No.27860828

don't think bao is dead this little dumpling is still going to turn some heads this year.

>> No.27860869

comfy af farming 3800 bao/eth tokens

will i make it anons? feels like im gonna make it

>> No.27860920

Bros I believe in bao. Everything I've seen from baoman just has something about it that makes me think we could make it.

>> No.27860939

he has $375, assume half because he needs a 1:1 pair to stake. Extremely not worth.
Hold and swing for a 2 or 3x.

>> No.27860962

TOSA Finance. Big week coming up. Start from the bottom for a crazy run.

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for any farming newbies, if you want to join the main pools (like bao-eth), keep ~5-10% of your coin outside the pool so you don't get raped so hard on IL if it viciously moons.

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Yes, I don't think stacking would be worth for me. I can't invest much more because I would withdraw directly from my ETH and I don't want that. Where do you see BAO eoy?

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The shilling in bao threads has started again. Bullish.

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Take original out, still up 9x with no risk.

>> No.27861361

Also bullish on Tosa. Good to see my brother!

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If anyone can explain why Bao is useful then I will send you 1 ETH or its XMR equivalent to the address you write.

>> No.27861494

.027 optimistically

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>baoman just proposed paying $85k for someone to mod the discord channel

holy shit talk about collusion. what a fucking scam this coin is.

>> No.27861758

boss hiring a female to a cush job in an attempt to fug, just like every company, bullish

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You appear to have disharmonious thoughts. You have the freedom to support the Baoman.

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In strictly answering your question, I would have to first concede that Bao is not *yet* useful in the sense that its greatest ambitions are still in development. However, the Baoman has delivered on his promises to date and has a remarkably astute vision for the future of decentralized finance.

In a nutshell, Bao will bring synthetic assets to sushi and uni. That's the most bullish statement in crypto right now. Why?

>crypto cap ~$900 billion
>stocks cap ~$73 trillion
>derivatives cap ~$544 trillion
>stocks and derivatives combined ~$617 trillion (1,067x all crypto combined) and even then those derivatives do not cover the types of markets you can make with synthetic assets

See also pic related. Look up top - that's only part of the market that Bao is looking to conquer. The reason being that traditional derivatives can't account for truly "imaginary" assets like something based on an unemployment report or the rainfall in Seattle every year.

Using Bao, we could be trading stocks, commodities, crypto, and completely new assets 24/7.

The market potential here is virtually infinite and Bao is the best project I've seen to address this in years. I've been on /biz/ for a while.

You can buy me a drink using an unknown amount of monero at


Cheers, brother.

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>it's not a pyramid scheme
>it's a reverse funnel system

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If we could tell the future we wouldn't be shitposting on biz

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told you pieces of shit its dumping

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That's why I was using the received wisdom of the crowd. I was asking everybody how confident they felt. I didn't ask for price targets or specifics.

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personally i think we're about to crab until xDai. If you have 20K you should be farming, you don't even need to buy bao-- you probably should though

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> Coins move only vertically.
Monitoring this thread the whole time waiting for the slightest pullback. Lol.

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We're going to dump right before xDai. Farmers that have been holding off on harvesting due to high gas fees are now going to HAVE TO unstake and harvest. And they're going to want to lock in some gains. Heed this warning.

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still dumping, see you at 0.0000000001 retard
you're the faggots who were saying
>muh weekend pump
>it happened before it will happen again
>time is a flat circle
>want to update your TA
lmao get fucked, you should have sold at 0.003

>> No.27863580

we'll retest .003 this weekend, new ATH monday

>> No.27863652

Went to harvest 3m bao..... $170 gas fee

Wew lad

>> No.27863654

Damn you sound bitter as fuck. What did Bao do to you?

>> No.27863672

>What's next?
Coins with cute or animal icons are the meme. DOGE, SHIBA, BAO, all have cute icons. Based on this in-depth market research, I'm going into SAKE. What are the tokenomics? I don't give a single fuck. It has cute sake bottles and that's all you need in this clown market. Just bought in on a nice dip and I'm ready to go up. Eat BAO and drink SAKE? Yes.

This stupid reasoning made me a shitton off SHIBA ("People bought a lot of DOGE, this is another dog token, people will buy this"). Intelligent investing is for dummies. Just buy memes.

>> No.27863723

3 million bao harvest will get you back like $325.5735.

>> No.27863746

good luck seeing your 20k continue to bleed, bye

>> No.27863861

Good luck fixing your broken heart after Bao stole your gf and fucked your mum lmao.

>> No.27863874

Sold 003 twice. Absolute shitcoin. Pays to be early.

>> No.27863929

130M mc

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comfy with my 10x already

>> No.27864263

You idiots need to fucken buy tosa


>> No.27864339

this shit needs to pump

>> No.27864343


>> No.27864417

See? Look at that shit. It's cute, that's all you need to moon.

>> No.27864477

Is this the Tosa thread?

>> No.27864501

sirs buy tosa sirs. feed village sirs

>> No.27864563

It is now. Buy it


That’s where we’re choosing to move to in the discord server

>> No.27864779

tosa gonna eat them dumplings just wait and see

>> No.27864907

The price is only going up because ETH is going up retards

>when it dumps, you'll be locked in by high gas fees

>> No.27865338

It's actually starting to look that way. Could be a nice little battle we have on our hands.

>> No.27865407

desu the global economy literally is a pyramid scheme but soon it will be with bao at the top

>> No.27865490

We're gonna get rich on TOSA

Uniswap : https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x3a6fe4c752eb8d571a660a776be4003d619c30a3&outputCurrency=ETH

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