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Okay boyos. Let's see em' Post your moonshots.
>Must be a low cap, preferably under 10-20M
>Must be an active project with NO anon teams
>Must have mooon potential in the near future, no one wants to hold bags for more than a couple days/weeks.

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I'm interested in this.

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bump for interest.

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Armor.Fi But i'd hold longer than a few weeks.

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Unironically OnlyFans

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I've had it on my watchlist. I blew it not getting in on this and BUILD. Only problem is Armor is already x5 recently.

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currently about 900k marketcap
new staking pool opening in a week
fully doxxed mostly white team
13 mil circulating (2 billion total but those wont ever even be released for another year or so)
literal moon mission

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LTO looks pretty good. With a real team and real projects. And a market cap of 66 mil. But I dont know how long it will take before it moons.

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shit forgo the logo

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Perhaps try SOAR. Anon, but you'll see why were bullish if you take a look.

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Can I swap this on metamask? Im interested

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This looks great, researching now. Thanks anon

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I've got a small bag of $YFTE. Basically, a Tether version of Uniswap. The interface looks nice and unique, but I really hope they include an L2 solution like xDai or Loopring. If it works on testnet (this weekend), then it would open floodgates to the highest volume asset traded on the market to altcoins. I know they can do it already, but this is routed via ETH or WETH, so large trades would get shafted by arb miners

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Still only 3M mcap

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Merry Christmas. https://etherscan.io/token/0x04ab43d32d0172c76f5287b6619f0aa50af89303

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I've been saying smartcredit for literally weeks.
Pumped x2 just last night
this is a $60 token trading at $6
Stay poor retards

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ZENFUSE $ZEFU is a plug-and-play trading platform that allows users to connect all their exchanges in one easy-to-use place. Vitalik has shilled this project in a press conference. Current market cap is around 5 million.

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Do buy PoA.

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$KEK is looking like a steal right now. Easy 10x from here imo

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> Must be a low cap, preferably under 10-20M
Anything at that level is little more than "two dudes working out of their mother's garage". You should be looking at 100M-1B.

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what's the deal with this

hasnt it already like 5x'd

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Also, YELD.

Dumped after there was no pump after beta. Basically it's high yield safe stable coin farming but i'm just buying the tokens myself.
Could go to 5 figures this run.


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Young padawan, please take a seat. Look at >>27842451
I'm literally looking into this right now and the CEO was a fucking whale at CS and UBS.

Already some potential in this thread.

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Legit hidden gem. https://twitter.com/unilock_network?s=21

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The post literally says non anon teams.

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Don’t buy any then. Appreciate your gatekeeping.

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Built leading Octane renderer, leading market in GPU rendering, GPU + ML marketplace, hosting NFT contest on their platform together with all major crypto artists, google partnership, JJ Abrams and Brendan Eich as advisors, Yama yada

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And Coinbase is exploring listing

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Redpill me on VVT anon. You have my curiosity, now sell me on it.
Why should I put my money into this over, say, AMP or KEK?

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If you won't even bother to give the boys a little rundown or some basic info, then fuck off Rakesh.

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Please buy my .035 bags sirs

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He said active project with non anon team, not scam dead project with anon team.

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Looks solid, but already mooned 2x. No thanks

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2x is nothing faggot, literal scams are doing 10x left and right. Once this gets shilled by some crypto jewtouber or finally lists on a good exchange (which they are working on right now btw) this is going to 1$ at least.