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LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain focused on business.
It’s the backend platform for any system or application to integrate with.
The unique architecture makes it GDPR compliant and extremely scalable.

Usecases vary from:
- Anchoring existing systems for data integrity
- exchanging data on processes that run between organizations in an efficient and secure way
- and soon digital identification of individuals and your companies when doing business online. (defi for business)

With a focus on partners that build domain specific applications, like in education, healthcare, and the government.
Those partners sell their applications to B2C, B2B, but also Government2Citizen.

>50% circ. supply staked. Staking rewards paid entirely by clients, 0.25LTO every transaction.
>Deflationary supply. 0.1 LTO burn every transaction.
>Big partners include IBM, UN, AIRBUS, Dutch & Euro gov bodies

>Q4 2020 report

LTO recently just released the technical roadmap:
* More details around LTO Network 3.0
* DID (Decentralized Identity) solution for businesses (business passports)
* A lot of Major partnerships with both crypto projects as well as traditional corporates and companies
* Even more use cases going live in 2021

>LTO in 3 min:
>in 30min:
>Use cases:
>Staking and leasing:
https://twitter.com/Theltonetwork (new one)
>2021 digital identities



>/biz/ LTO Node

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comfy lto stakers report in

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>was ready to DCA more money
>wanted to catch the dip
>buy order .241
>only dips to .24125

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No other coin has anywhere close to 7% staking APY that is also deflationary. The tokenomics and the current level success make an explosion in price inevitable

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time might be of the essence if more start to do the maths

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>LTO in 3 min:
>in 30min:

Nice vids fren

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My goal is 20k and I'm over halfway already, think that's comfy enough.

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I paid the $67 gas fee

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I've watched that interview with the CEO three times now...so many nuggets of golden insight in that vid

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>gif related has new meaning

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After catching a glimpse of that 30 min vid,
LTO are experts on legal matters. They're working towards crypto enterprise adoption, by offering KYC for defi.
I think pic rel is definitely factored in,
LTO is a smart investment,
To me, that is the math, not any puzzles and shit

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DIDs are going to mean millions of txs

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Time to watch it 3 times myself
Blockchain adoption is coming frens
I love how smart LTO team is

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I don't know about you, but I don't need 8 figures to "make it".

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>good tokenomics
>not vaporwave
This is why LTO won't perform as well as meme coins during the coming bullrun.
Remember in 2017 which coins had the best runs? XVG, TRX or ICX, all shitcoins.

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What did the riddler mean when he said
>Have you ever been paid to pay a bill?
He mentioned it two or three times.

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Wtf was that

So what, whats your point?
Those shitcoins that performed came crashing down
These tokenomics ensure at least some growth with adoption
Escpecially with 50% circ supply staked.
El Tio is destined to make it.

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But I'm guessing it'll perform well during a bear market.

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>bad tokenomics
This is why LTO will perform better than good coins during the coming bearmarket
Remember in 2017 which coins had the worst runs? BTC, ETH, LINK, all good coins.

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Someone bought at market?

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>The numbers work above $5 not below
This means above 1bn mcap.

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They did a x50 before crashing, it's better to hold shitcoins right now to earn $$$ fast. It will take years for LTO to do a x50 because it relies too much on adoption and not enough on hype

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Which is plausible in my opinion because once the ball starts rolling market cap will go parabolic

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I have no balls to let go of my LTO, I'd rather miss some shitcoin moons and baghold LTO at a good entry point price

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Yes, this is an exponential function and we're at the bottom.

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Never going to touch my LTO, slow and steady wins the race.
Look at all the oldfags from biz that made it. They held good coins long term.
Chad speculators vs virgin pump chasers
>This means above 1bn mcap.

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Selling would be insane. LTO is basically a micro-cap stock with huge growth potentially BUT WHICH ALREADY YIELDS A DIVIDEND GENERATED FROM REAL NETWORK FEES OF 7%! This kind of opportunity literally does not exist in the stock market because that market is too efficient. The only reason this asymmetric opportunity exists is because we are in4 Wall Street and efficient market arbitrage.

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The aliens are coming and they gifted us with the tech...... LTO gonna take us to infinity and beyond boyos

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In the 30 min vid
Rick gets asked about LTO being undervalued based on transactions / mcap.
He said "better to underpromise and overdeliver than other way around.
You see a lot of empty partnerships like if a project were to implement google or aws cloud, doesn't mean they're partnered with google and amazon"
Paraphrased a bit but based.
Recognition will come easily, hard work is crucial

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Yup...that really explains why this project is undervalued. No hype marketing here. No redditors trying to pump 'n' dump. No scam ICO bullshit. Just raw utility. 99% of network transactions are from paying customers. They have government contracts ffs.

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Ok guys I've been doing a lot of my own research, and everything seems super solid, except I do have a bit of a worry about onboarding frictions. If the price of the token goes up by too much (making it more expensive to buy in to stake the amount you're transacting) then through economic forces of finding an equilibrium the nodes will decrease transaction costs.

But how long will it take for the nodes to vote and adjust these transaction costs? What if there is a prolonged period where onboarding is too expensive and no one joins the network because the transaction costs haven't been adjusted yet?

I transcribed parts of interviews where the LTO CEO and team talk about this. See:

“you get price stability, I think that’s a good thing because then it also becomes predictable for those jointing the network… when we were shoot up in the sky to 30 cents, the transaction price was becoming too high for clients and businesses saying “woah if were going to buy into the network now then its pretty expensive””

“People using the network benefits when it stays at a certain price because they can say predict “if I have 1 mil transactions a year and it costs me .25 LTO per transaction I need to buy 10k LTO yearly, so I have predictable costs if this price stays the same””


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you can predict how much of the network you would use based on the current stats. If you stake the same amount, you don’t actually care what the token price would be. It’s just “buying into the system”. As long as the threshold is positive then they don’t care.

the only place where this could be a problem is when the token price is being pushed and the new integrators have to pay too much to start. But what we’re envisioning is if the price goes up that much, then the transaction fees will be brought down - in token price - so that will give overcapacity to the existing integrators, which will bring tokens onto the market, which will then stabilize that price.

Isn’t there a risk in integrators holding LTOs because of change in price?
If you’re an early adapter you pay less than yo
the earlier you join the lower the prices you’re going to pay to buy yourself into the network. The later you join, if the price goes up, the cost to join (to run net zero for your clients) is going to (probably, hopefully) up.

“The integrators have an interest in making the network grow, if it’s [the fees?] priced too high then no one else joins the network” (meaning you don’t want to price it too high)
Integrators have a positive interest to make other integrators grow


Another interesting thought is that if biz owns 99% of the tokens and never sells, and new businesses keep buying, then the price will get infinitely high and the transaction cost (per token) will get infinitely small


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How high do we think the price could go anons? $200? I need to know if my 8k Stack will let me make it

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Probably not. Suicide is 10k or so I've been told, making it appears to be 55k according to Ridleranon. Some anons say more.

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>you can predict how much of the network you would use based on the current stats. If you stake the same amount, you don’t actually care what the token price would be. It’s just “buying into the system”. As long as the threshold is positive then they don’t care.
This is what:
>paid to pay a bill meant

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This is a good question, I've been wondering the same. Hashgraph's solution to this problem is that the governing council would simply vote to change the network fees. For LTO, I'm not sure how that change would be coordinated between decentralized nodes. Ultimately pic related would probably solve the problem...the price of LTO would stabilize to the point of being like a stable coin...a very high priced stable coin, and therefore the fees could stabilize as well.

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TBF I consider making it a million dollars, so if it hits 100$ I will literally be made

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Literally no pakistani shiller of this shittoken can explain what it actually does; it has 0 usecase

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Thanks for the transcription anon

>if biz owns 99% of the tokens and never sells, and new businesses keep buying, then the price will get infinitely high and the transaction cost (per token) will get infinitely small
Won't happen, there are some tokens still locked up as to protect the network while it's growing

As for integrators, I'm guessing it's addressed in


The voting process should be a quick deployment to the Node
I think we will make it

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>what it actually does
its function is taking me out of abject poverty

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Weak fud check OP pic.

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Also LTO is divisible
Everything is so well thought out

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Kek how poor are you fren? $2k dollars here

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Wait, wait, wait...so... Acme Corp buys LTO in order to pay for their usage of the system. But they don't need ALL the LTO at any given time. So they stake it, earning APY on their LTO reserve...effectively "paying the bills". Holy shit, Did I get that right? Do you guys realize the implications of that?

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>LTO in 3 min:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4B5w0j4IQQ&feature=emb_logo [Embed]

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Please explain smart fren

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45$ cash, 4K stack LTO. Currently living off of cheap coffee and great value pasta

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Can't you find a butcher to get trimmings for free?

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Holy dude... That makes me feel privileged. Make sure you eat well fren, your health is more important than anything

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Great value for early holders I assume.

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Early adopters benefit

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There's massive economic incentive for early adopters -- not just /biz/ anon plebs, but actual users of the network -- to buy up as much of the LTO token as possible as early as possible; stake it; and then they effectively can finance their network usage through staking APY, and maybe even make a profit while still gaining from use of the network. GET PAID TO PAY THE BILLS. But this only works for early adopters. Later coming institutions would have to pay cash out of their pockets for network usage.

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And we're the
>early backers
And we will have our benefits too
Tenides, freedom, you name it

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Holy shit
we finally did the math
Pieces are falling into places

We did our research boys

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>tfw missing 5k for make it stack

I'll still be fine, r-r-right?

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Look at this website for the tokenomics, I think it has the best explanation:

You get paid more if you are using the token more. So its better to have exactly the amount of token that you are using. (well technically the integrator is leased the token from nodes or buys the token, which they give to the businesses to use). Fees pay for dividends meaning they are zero sum, so you will make back a bit of your money, but never more than you spent on the fees. You'll see the term in interviews and timelines "net zero". This is when the use and ownership is equal, maximizing dividends, so once you've "bought in" you are pretty close to running the technology for free.

This is why as this anon knows >>27844476 that marketing doesn't matter. Its a usage coin that entirely depends on business adoption, which wants the price increase to be as gradual and stable as possible (which is probably why it has been suppressed for so long)

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We're all going to make it friend

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they've thought of everything, they have tokens locked up so that it can be dispersed and no one entity holds all the power. The tokens that are locked up can be given to the integrators as well to help the network but the integrators will be required to buy tokens at the market price in order to receive some of the locked up tokens. The whole shake out phase will be to protect from something like biz having all the control of the network. In a proper ecosystem for the system to function most efficiently, those who have a "stake" in using LTO for business will be the biggest holders and they will be the ones decentralizing the network the most to protect it. The problem is that on boarding new businesses takes time but they need as much of a decentralized blockchain system now. The best way to do this is attracting people to invest with a can't lose tokenomics setup, basically rewarding holders with passive income, and token burn. There's no clear answer on what the market cap will be when its mainly industries using it, but you figure they will have to purchase from the market, and the tokenomics will have to stay in place until there is a considerable amount of value added to the the market cap as a whole where a rich bad actor or a few colluding, can't come in and control the network with a 51% attack, so whatever that number is i can only imagine it being in the 10's of billions of dollars

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I realized that dynamic but hadn't considered how it's different for early adopters, good catch. This coin is all I can talk about, feels like an opportunity of a lifetime.

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>The whole shake out phase will be to protect from something like biz having all the control of the network
So what will that look like?

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We should start exchanging burner emails so we can stay in contact and eventually buy the Singapore citadel once LTO hits $500 in a few years time. Then we can pay 0$ tax on our 7% a year gains and be rich chads destroying asian coochie for eternity.

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how do you go about staking LTO?

>> No.27847731

thank you guys, wagmi
haven’t tried that yet. thanks for the idea

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unless you own more than 100k lease it to the /biz node: xeno.finance

just join the biz node telegram

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Profit from a cost?

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Any idea how much LTO was bought on that last spike?

>> No.27847949

It's what I do to get free food for my dog. They literally throw the stuff away.

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Just joined bro

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We won't be making 7% APY if/when the price is triple digits. The APY will probably be less than 1%. This is because there is a natural incentive for the market to drive down yields on low risk interest income. This is why dividend yields for quality companies are so low: the market pumps up the price by crowding each other out trying to get their taste of safe passive income. The good news is that, being as early as we are, <1% APY on triple digit LTO is still massive in nominal terms. THIS IS WHY IT IS ESSENTIAL TO GET A SUICIDE STACK AT LEAST WHILE YOU CAN, MAKE IT STACK IF POSSIBLE. This is also why price appreciation WILL happen, very soon: 7% is too high considering the low risk. That APY WILL be driven down by the market.

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>tokenomics will have to stay in place until there is a considerable amount of value added to the the market cap as a whole where a rich bad actor or a few colluding, can't come in and control the network with a 51% attack, so whatever that number is i can only imagine it being in the 10's of billions of dollars
good point, we can calculate final market cap as however much a rich bad actor could pay into the system times 10,000 or something.

>The whole shake out phase will be to protect from something like biz having all the control of the network
I've seen the shake out phase being talked about a lot, but like another anon said how do they intend on actually implementing that? Like if the biz investors never sell then what can they do?

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Yes...FOR EARLY INSTITUTIONAL ADOPTERS ONLY. Later adopters will have to pay for the service out of pocket like everyone else. Current clients of LTO are massive insentivized to stockpile LTO so that their use of the network is not only free, forever, but PROFITABLE, forever.

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at some point when the tokens are very expensive, the apy will be low in relation to the token price to keep costs low for businesses. It won't make sense for just anyone to buy an expensive token if you are holding looking for a high APY, but those who are early with a big stack, even at a low APY you will be set, not to mention the value in the price of the coin at that point. Basically, the network is designed to be in survival mode, and the economics of the tokens will fluctuate to keep it living and breathing, right now the numbers for it to survive with out us are too low, the price needs to be much much higher

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Hooooly shit
How did my life come to this
>they've thought of everything
This right here is why it's so comfy

Just liked to thank you for doing Gods work
we needed more anons like you with a brain,
at the start of lto on biz ,
it was just price talk, no noteworthy discussions about LTO whatsoever

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Good point differentiating buying in prices, but it will not be profitable forever. It will only be profitable for as long as you are burning tokens in transactions that you bought cheaper than whatever the APY is at that moment. Since they burn you'll eventually run out of what you've accumulated, but if the price goes very high that will take a very very long time.

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We wont ever have to sell

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LTO threads have been the comfiest since I joined /biz/. Literally 0 FUD or mindless shills.
LTO is high IQ.

>> No.27848591

that's the best feeling, waiting for one last dip to triple the bag.

>> No.27848637

don't wait for the dip, you'll never know if it'll go up or down, and it could go too far up for your liking any time.

>> No.27848636

>but if the price goes very high that will take a very very long time.
And LTO has to be high value to truly function, once it's too expensive to attack it will attract even bigger and more important projects that require higher security.

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We passed the IQ test
Now it's just a matter of time

Unironically the next link lmao

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once corporations are the biggest stake holders, they can probably vote to stop token burn and reduce costs to near zero, it would probably be more of a stable coin at some point in the future with price fluctuating up and down based on demand, so trading more like a commodity rather than a speculative asset. At that point when most of the large percentage gains are behind us then there will be less reason to hold if you are looking to grow your money.

>> No.27848800

I just bought at .24155, hopefully I can DCA under 25 again but I don't expect it. Maybe if BTC takes a shit.

>> No.27848877

> It won't make sense for just anyone to buy an expensive token if you are holding looking for a high APY, but those who are early with a big stack, even at a low APY you will be set, not to mention the value in the price of the coin at that point.
Right, I always just assumed that to be the case. If you get in on a blue chip dividend paying stock early, VERY early, then even if the effective APY is <1%, in nominal terms you're still doing well because you bought the shares when they were 100x cheaper. Like I said in my other post, if LTO's price is triple digits, the APY will NOT be 7%...it makes no economic sense for it to be so.

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also posting relevant roi/tx graph

>> No.27849067

Alright faggots, i bought 55k since that seems to be the make it according to majority of u. Gonna stake and not look back for a year

>> No.27849100

>once corporations are the biggest stake holders
And there is massive economic intensive for them to do so. LTO isn't meant for retail. We are simply in4 Goliath comes with a vacuum and sucks up the supply.

>> No.27849150

>how do they intend on actually implementing that?
If I understood correctly they will decrease the APY for passive stakers (adresses which does not make a lot of txs), so more and more passive stakers will sell (to get a higher APY on other cryptos/stocks) and get replaced by companies/organizations/governments which will still have a good APY for contributing to the network

>> No.27849206

>At that point when most of the large percentage gains are behind us then there will be less reason to hold if you are looking to grow your money.
Yes, true. But for some of us, our positions will be large enough that we may be able to simply live off the dividend yield. There won't be any more price appreciation potential, but our stacks will be large enough that it won't matter.

>> No.27849224

Remember to re-lease the rewards when they accumulate.

>> No.27849271

If this gets on cuckbase I’d definitely invest long term.

>> No.27849331

If the APY is 2% why wouldn't you sell and put your gains elsewhere?

>> No.27849408

>I'm not sure how that change would be coordinated between decentralized nodes. Ultimately pic related would probably solve the problem...the price of LTO would stabilize to the point of being like a stable coin...a very high priced stable coin, and therefore the fees could stabilize as well.

anons wouldn't be stupid enough to shoot themselves in the foot. if prices get too high and clients threaten to leave, nodes will vote to lower the txn cost but still maintain a healthy apy.

>> No.27849471

By the time its on cuckbase it will be too late

>> No.27849533

This makes economic sense.

>> No.27849541

This guy's right, if you're in the US use uniswap

>> No.27849673

APY is defined by both tx numbers and tx price, so even if price was at $1 stable, if more and more companies join and we go to millions of txs a day, APY would still be high even if the token fee is low.

>> No.27849688

Because if you are an early investor who accumulated a massive bag, 2% might be enough to finance your entire lifestyle. It's like asking why rich family offices don't sell their IBM stock since its only yields 2% dividend or whatever...its because they own so many shares that they're entire lifestyles are financed without ever having to sell the capital asset itself.

>> No.27849786

What’s the suicide stack? I’m trying to load up on this and BNT but I’m being slow. Currently have 11k LTO

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Remember boys
Slow and steady wins the race.
Long term hold like btc,eth, link
Oldfags made it by holding for years,
This is my link
Coinbase easy integration:
- rosetta api
asset hub will help us.
Rick said he was in talks with exchanges,
hinted 2 amas ago at coinbase ("where is rosetta api used for")

>> No.27849926

We'll form a secret society at this rate lmao

>> No.27849959

Word on the street is 15k, so you're almost there fren.

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We don't talk about that.

>> No.27850118

so lets say theoretically your portfolio is 100% link rn and you've 10xed from that, how much would you use to buy LTO

>> No.27850153

10K is the consensus, 55K is the number some schizo said and is generally accepted as the make it stack

>> No.27850168

funny how all the big brains are slowly coming together to buy make it stacks of LTO and all the smooth brains are paying $120 eth gas fees on uniswap just to get rugpulled on a pump and dump.

Now only is wallstreetbets bought LTO instead of GameStock

>> No.27850184

just trying to add my views on how i see the value, i like to put it out there incase i am missing or overlooking something good or bad, we seem to have a pretty solid LTO community growing

>> No.27850269

bumping this comfy thread

>> No.27850284

sort of like warren buffet getting into coke early.

you get the gains and can live off the low yield because you are a big swinging dick.

>> No.27850311

Man I cant give advice on that,
I missed Link and personally have 100%
my point i hope lto will be my link
It's up to you my friend, tough choices indeed

>> No.27850329

APY is calculated by dividing by the price of the asset tough. If we go to double or triple digits, the APY will be driven down relative to the price of the asset. Same thing happens with quality dividend paying stocks: the dividend yield gets driven down by competition for safe passive income. Either way, we win: either price appreciation or high yield.

>> No.27850335

Riddler had already figured it all out. What gets my interest is that its a 2 year old project. Riddler arrived within a week or so of /biz setting up a node. I think the /biz node is important somehow.

>> No.27850382
File: 30 KB, 507x510, IMG_20210204_140527_815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have 100% in LTO

>> No.27850423

Mmm got it thanks anons, fucking gas fees but I’m gonna bite the bullet

>> No.27850466

Respect and wise.

I feel it in my blood. LTO will follow LINK's climb up the top100 crypto.

>> No.27850464


thinking like old money is what will save us from the wage cage.

>> No.27850491

i hope not, if this gets pumped up too high then dumped, it can stain the reputation LTO, its better to have a slow and steady growth by people who do the research, they will be more likely to hodl and not be limp wristed

>> No.27850492

Yup. Pump 'n' dumping cryptos and trying to time when you sell before the whole thing collapse is small brain. Value investing in quality blue chips when they are undervalued is Buffet brained.

>> No.27850535
File: 71 KB, 354x521, IMG_20210205_222242_556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When he came in, he had reddit spacing
Yet he did talk of old biz...
Glad he came , bless the riddler
Gracias El Tio too

>> No.27850644

and they are actually actively trying to avoid too big pumps

>“you get price stability, I think that’s a good thing because then it also becomes predictable for those jointing the network… when we were shoot up in the sky to 30 cents, the transaction price was becoming too high for clients and businesses saying “woah if were going to buy into the network now then its pretty expensive””

we're in for the long haul

>> No.27850693

Party time

>> No.27850715

soon he will only accept offerings that have been validated on LTO

>> No.27850781
File: 180 KB, 451x700, Painnt_210205093914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

El Tio has blessed us all. We are forever indebted to him. If we remain committed to him he reward us with a portion of his offerings. Glory to El Tio

>> No.27850789

I think the 30 cents was off the top of his head example, clients should be fine with fees up until a bit later desu

>> No.27850822

Not the person you asked, but from what I read of LTO's papers the idea is that the transaction fees become low enough and the price crabs enough that people that were in it just to watch the coin price go up and sell out will do so.

>> No.27850850

It does look like somebody is trying to suppress the price. Im assuming this is why riddler mentioned the 6k bot. Looks to be a bot on binance trading LTO/BTC in 6k chunks.

>> No.27850858

they said to me - we want to see cool nft app
after it they show this trash


> I am genius enough to get how this system works - my purse is ready for playcent NFT and coins and I am not a faggot who will miss ez pump option

>> No.27850975

it's just a sellwall at 25c, it's decreasing and not increasing so in the next couple of days we'll see it breached more often, and see some more growth

>> No.27851176

Some anon retardos making shit too difficult here with their apy mumbojumbo.

>> No.27851257

Price stabilizes* i would say

>They said me Ivan
>We want cool nft
>After it
>They show me this trash
>Wtf blyat rubbish
>I am genious
>My purse is ready
>For I am not a pidor

they said to me - we want to see cool nft app
after it they show this trash


>> No.27851498

That's not my understanding. My understanding is that eventually the APY becomes so low and the potential for price appreciation so unlikely that it there is no incentives for speculators anymore. At that point the only buyers are users who treat it like a raw commodity. But for those who got in early the nominal yields they'll be earning will be incredible so there also won't be incentive to sell: i.e. it becomes a quasi stable coin of sorts.

>> No.27851878

I think your right and this is why riddler came to /biz and made us put the work in. "Narratives change" he said, pre riddler LTO was just price predictions and not much tokenomic math discussion, post riddler the narrative seems to be changing to LTO is a coin you never sell which is exactly what he said.

>> No.27851938

basically this. Think about a tech company that may need a commodity like silver for their electrical components, they will calculate what they need for x amount of time and purchase it. Blockchain is still in its infancy, you may see derivative markets for "commodity tokens" like LTO, one day, where people may buy futures in LTO to hedge against future price movements. We are entering another phase in a digital age

>> No.27852167

Riddler I'd like publically apologize for calling you a larp,
You pushed us in the right direction no matter how

>> No.27852263
File: 212 KB, 768x1024, el-tio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27852282
File: 47 KB, 251x201, IMG_20210119_233600_480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else get a feeling we're in a different reality?

>> No.27852394

Reporting for duty

>> No.27852579

110k reporting for duty. 2 make it stacks and very comfy

>> No.27852658
File: 97 KB, 675x900, Rdd443564b81c70678b27088d0a7b27b8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forget the father, the son, and the holy spirit. El Tio is all we need. He will lead us to salvation.

>> No.27852966
File: 320 KB, 1473x1061, 1610653906984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>we make it
>organise biz lto trip to bolivia or wherever that is
>take turns sucking El Tio off
>give him booz and cigs too
It's only fair

>> No.27853159
File: 72 KB, 1280x645, IMG_20210205_225340_750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vidt paying up through increased anchoring

>> No.27853314

Get that cock out of ur mouths and tell me at which point el tio will become stablecoin. 10? 50? 250?

>> No.27853404

272- 1,000,000 stacks
544- 500,000 stacks
1088- 250,000 stacks
2720- 100,000 stacks
4945- 55,000 stacks
18,133- 15,000 stacks
Thats quite a low amount of people whichever way you look at it. /biz knows not to sell so lets hope /biz gets in before everybody else. Oh and deflation!

>> No.27853481
File: 263 KB, 720x1280, rick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

currently watching interviews with Rick. This dude is the definition of a gigachad

>> No.27853500

I think riddler is hinting at $100 LTO minimum.

>> No.27853510

There will be no 6 figure hell

>> No.27853640

Where are you getting those numbers from?
I see here that less than 300 people have 100K+

>> No.27853668

higher than 10 i think is a given, but why would it even matter at this point, we are at ground level

>> No.27853679

Market cap of 10-20 billion is what I'm looking at. I don't think that's outrageous in the slightest.

>> No.27853724

He's dividing by total supply.

>> No.27853766

IDGAF about LTO, it's a shitcoin, but I'm all into DUSK

>> No.27853944

Why are you here then?

>> No.27853977

Oh I see, good catch

>> No.27854011

i sold 15% of my link for this

>> No.27854026

Because DUSK is a partner with both LTO and EGLD
I only have 20k LTO ans I know that, the better question is why Ara You here lmao poser piece of reddit shit.

>> No.27854125

Have fun staying retarded i mean poor. And retarded

>> No.27854680

This is very bullish to me because I missed out on LINK...if LINKsters are getting in on the ground floor, I think I may very well be unironically early for once.

>> No.27854723

>IDGAF about LTO
>I only have 20K LTO
ok go start a dusk thread then

>> No.27854816

First post riddler made he said one link marine did the math and followed it with Q3 which is when LTO integrate LINK oracles. Is he telling us to load up before Q3?

>> No.27855338

Rick in the VIDT telegram: “Not 1 not 2 but 3 new cool projects came in today for VIDT. Small update, big impact.”

And as we all know these projects will be anchored on LTO

>> No.27856211

maybe, i got in during 2017, but I’m a mindless retard that was just following other peoples breadcrumbs. I get a similar sense here tho, lack of marketing hype, billions of shitcoins mooning left and right, but a founder focussed on execution rather than price. not sure what riddler was implying but id imagine that we will be a lot higher in q3 than now. look at how transactions are trending, look at the box acquisition of signrequest. i just got a good feeling bros

>> No.27856397

Re-testing ATH right now holy shit.

>> No.27856535
File: 76 KB, 1199x690, photo_2021-02-04_00-26-38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If we break the downward strong resistance line ... LTO is going to fly

you can see how it benefits LTO here
anchoring on lto feels good man

>> No.27857071

Looks like those on the sell side havent done the math.

>> No.27857154

If I had more money I'd gladly buy it from them.

>> No.27857279

You are not the only one.

>> No.27857317

the 25 cent price suppressor needs a punch in the throat.

>> No.27857418

or it's that 6k bot suppression thing
or just binance bot algos

>> No.27857468

Unless its the riddler giving /biz a chance to get a make it stack.

>> No.27857880
File: 142 KB, 450x600, Bolivia-71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

May all of our wives and lovers ride El Tio's glorious cock when we all reach Valhalla. Our journey has only just begun. Let us not forget our daily offerings of booze and cigs, and he will reward us with his riches. Amen

>> No.27857983
File: 94 KB, 1280x784, photo_2021-02-05_23-53-53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gracias el tiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.27858136
File: 127 KB, 640x796, jacked sam hyde.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fat fucking green candle

>> No.27858454

>tfw can't DCA under .24 anymore
oh well

>> No.27858650



>> No.27858787


>> No.27858852
File: 66 KB, 800x1024, 1611115632503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27858869


aand I'm priced out. it's over. guess I'll never make it.

>> No.27859032

15k suicide stack

>> No.27859035

>less than 100m mkcap
>"priced out"

>> No.27859098

yea, will it reeeally matter what price you bought between 20-30c when its $2+ in a year

>> No.27859102


>> No.27859237

And moses came down from the mountain and said Thou shallt suck on my cocke and receive glorious lto, dont selleth here faggot because this shit is going straight to 10 usd. And it was done

>> No.27859276

nigga in the 30 min vid sounds like he is representing the lollipop guild

>> No.27859385

Or $25 when its at $10bil market cap

>> No.27859867

kek true

>> No.27859960


>> No.27859989


>> No.27860048


>> No.27860081

price discovery

>> No.27860130

A lot of people are going to be very rich from LTO, and a lot of people are going to be very sour they missed out when all the clear buy signs were right there. Imagine not buying a coin that's actually being used by the United Nations and a real GOVERNMENT. Imagine not buying a coin that has businesses PAYING you to verify the transactions with your staked coins. Imagine waiting for this to hit $20 before buying when it's sub $0.30 atm.

>> No.27860251


>> No.27860260
File: 51 KB, 1280x560, photo_2021-02-06_00-18-39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27860361


>> No.27860504
File: 162 KB, 1200x630, 1611671111527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

only thing i have money in i actually have some faith in. wanted to accumulate more early but still happy and will buy more.

>> No.27860529

Imagine not buying a coin that currently is yielding 7% APY, paid out entirely from actual fees on a network where 99% of the traffic is utility driven.

>> No.27860549


>> No.27860559

I have 25 lto Will i make it

>> No.27860650

please dump please dump please dump please dump NOOOOOO

>> No.27860742

Too late, El Tio is fully erect now.

>> No.27860771
File: 142 KB, 360x346, 48C69901-D425-493F-8AAF-FF8E3C137994.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They bought pump and dump coins over this gem!

>> No.27861079
File: 119 KB, 464x314, LTO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27861153

>tfw holding both LTO and AVAX
I can't be any comfier.

>> No.27861415

1$ EOM

>> No.27861462


>> No.27861506


>> No.27861681
File: 79 KB, 1295x286, 894984984.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27862223

Just leased my humble 5k stacklet to the biz node. Hopefully I'll be able to build that up to a make it stack over this year so I don't mind if we keep the price down for a bit. wagmi

>> No.27862244


>> No.27862249

fucking 27c stablecoin

>> No.27862459

Just accidentally went to check the price, I'm the birthday guy who fomoed 7k $ for 30k LTO at 24 cents earlier today for 50k stack completion.


>> No.27862545
File: 405 KB, 667x1000, I0000acYWRC9ghLw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27862577

NOPE! It went up over 1000% from 0.02 to 27c and now it's going above. Your fud doesn't work here, it's too low IQ. Hahhahahaaha

>> No.27862636
File: 85 KB, 736x588, 6uilpr2yju621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking based, enjoy the gains birthday anon.

>> No.27862664

think he's just making joke anon, with '19c stable coin' being last week

>> No.27862682

He's joking, because people were calling it a 20c stable coin yesterday

>> No.27862693


>> No.27862732

For once, I’m early.

>> No.27862934

Ahhhh okay, some people legit post that so I couldn't tell he's joking.

>> No.27863594
File: 441 KB, 483x753, 4E12719C-1319-4170-883D-0EFEB27AAA72.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there a better birthday present?!?!
Hate a good one LTbrO

>> No.27863744
File: 6 KB, 277x157, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sent 720 LTO to Binance and it hasn't shown up after a the transaction completed so I assume it was vaporized
It was a tiny part of my stack but this is still unfortunate
Anyone know how to send from the LTO wallet to the binance wallet correctly?

>> No.27863854

I sent some two days ago over LTO Network and it took about 15 minutes to complete.

>> No.27864020

Too many posts from the same anons....

>> No.27864069

Binance waits for like 50 confirmations, which could take up to an hour. But I hope you aren't selling. El Tio will not like that

>> No.27864881

um guys we're getting cucked by vidt right now. this can't happen. this is embarrassing.

>> No.27864946

Nope. LTO maximalist. Hence I was only moving such a small part of the stack.

>> No.27865793
File: 250 KB, 1080x1266, chad just.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27865920

Oh nevermind It's just confirming

>> No.27866013
File: 84 KB, 228x221, 1605019019193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cheeky lil pump today lads

>> No.27866088

so wait...lto is a slower network than ethereum?

>> No.27866161

No, it's quite fast, but Binance waits for 50 confirmations on deposits.

>> No.27866372

how come vidt is pumping harder this is fucked we cucked those niggers i thought

>> No.27866390


>> No.27866442

A vidt pump is good for LTO

>> No.27866452

bros im new what does wagmi mean pls

>> No.27866523

we're all gonna make it, fren

>> No.27866576

nope. rick hates vidt.

>> No.27866761

making it is financial freedom, a suicide stack implies a million because youd kill yourself for not throwing in that 1 or 2k at it when you had the chance

>> No.27867105

ty fren

>> No.27867161
File: 44 KB, 560x474, 1612265604819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27867495

Hates it so much he acquired it and is making it better. Very chad move if true

>> No.27867691

why is every freaking out about time to accooooomulate? wasnt the cutoff said the be 1bil?

>> No.27867815

Ok so I've always wondered this, I think people think suicide stacks are two different things. I initially thought it was what you described, but I've heard some other people say a suicide stack is the stack is what gives you enough money to stop you from committing suicide if everything else goes south. Which is it ?

>> No.27867965

a suicide stake is just enough that you don't rope yourself for not buying any.

Imagine you bought 1000 LINK when it was 50 cents.

>> No.27868706

What time does the Xeno.Finance payout occur?

>> No.27868844

every saturday afaik

>> No.27868870

I know but I was wondering the hour because it is saturday soon and this is exciting

>> No.27869063

>what time

my bad im retarded as fuck. dunno

>> No.27869154

anyway no new thread please need time to accooomulate

>> No.27869175

I dont think so.
Im a ove>>27861415
r 50k LTOs holder and it is going to be huge, but not so fast. Patience my friend

>> No.27869252

ask in the telegram

>> No.27869349

Unironically this. If we were smart we would implement a blackout. We don't need hype for this, the value is in the network and utility. But I still like these threads because I learn a lot.

>> No.27869448

yeah same bro. im just a fucking life long wagie and i really want to make it to be freed from my chains.


>> No.27869684
File: 17 KB, 495x362, 342fcc1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27869710
File: 111 KB, 1024x819, 185189198198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think this could be it, fren. We might unironically be early on this one.

>> No.27870041
File: 15 KB, 228x228, lto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shilled this to my bro who can't buy in til tuesday, if you can keep this down til then that'd be great. ta

>> No.27870223
File: 124 KB, 349x491, hsLbK9plAa3W2_3DK0eBoKBUEoQE46ia7s8AVdu9eB8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27870796

If we make it off of this I'd like to learn all of your identities so we can have a friendly orgy with ropes of cum shooting over our heads while sucking each other off like those parties in Eyes Wide Shut or whatever the fuck that movie is.

>> No.27871872
File: 177 KB, 623x702, 4BDCDCA1-81A0-40A1-ADCA-372A127FF02E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27872688


>> No.27873376
File: 16 KB, 569x179, certificates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Unlike other transactions on LTO Network, the ‘Publish Certificate’ trans-action doesn’t have a fixed fee


>> No.27873393

Agreed. And we do all of this in front of El Tio