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Explain this in one sentence.

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Reddit scum BTFO.

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cucks sold

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I am financially ruined

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leddit getting killed again

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market manipulation

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Jews did this

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Descending triangle.

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The shorts still have to cover at some point and someone thought $60 was a low enough price to start cutting losses.

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we did it reddit

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Zoom out.

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new shorts are hugely profitable. maybe the easiest money they ever made.

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Weakass deadcat pump due to RH announcing they've unrestricted buying

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Kneepad sales up 100%

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stock go up stock go down

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Hitler didnt finish the job

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>elon musk is gunna buy 6 billion stocks any minute now
>buy the dip dip dipperino lol

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Sure but that still leaves the old shorts that have to be covered. And I can't believe there were that many new shorts at $300+ when there was basically no publicly available stocks to short the entire time. I sold all but one of my GME already but I don't think this is quite over yet.

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you mean wallstreetbets manipulating retail investors to buy into a literal ponzi scheme by making them feel like they're a part of some meme movement against the rich? (ignoring that the only people that made money off this are few anons and mostly hedge funds/sharks)

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>4 similar volume trade timeframes
>thos up move .1
>the one down moves 2

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redditfags getting fucked like they deserve

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also, obligatory :

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lmao they still are tring to shill this trash on /biz/
fys and delete your 4chan acc
so ridiculous to check how you try to scam people
I’m not a retard who believes in this fuck, I use Bot Ocean for profitable trading with unique strategies

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no i mean hedge funds speculating and shorting a stock to oblivion getting caught with pants down and cycling stock to no end to get the price down

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>Borrow from Peter to pay Paul
That’s not how it works.

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More like "hold (at) high cost"

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>Short traders covered because short traders cover on Friday.
>People bought because they thought Robinhood restrictions being lifted was bullish.
>People who made a lot of money bought because they thought that people would think Robinhood restrictions being lifted is bullish, then sold

Google: Pump and Dump. Click images.

What don't you understand newfriend? Very basic movements.

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Nothing to see here go-I mean guys.
Just good 'ol supply and demand at work!

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>no i mean hedge funds speculating and shorting a stock to oblivio
not illegal and not even immoral
shorting is a healthy market behaviour
you have no arguments against it, just pure rage and herd mentality
YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF A MOVEMENT SO BADLY that you lost your fucking mind (or just new to markets, in which case - read any kind of 101/for dummies book)

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>things the same people buy have similar movements

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We won't know jack shit about the short situation until tuesday, fuck off retard

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Am I supposed to hold? If I sell I lose about 160 dollars

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I'm a very experienced trader but yeah, don't listen. You're the one who asked. I day trade a lot of short positions and that's what happens fridays. Its kinda common knowledge.

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People had buy orders lined up at $50. They all fired at the same time.

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>getting caught with pants down
getting caught?
getting caught doing what?

betting against an overvalued stock?
get a grip, you've been played like a child

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That's not how limit buy orders work. Lurk more.

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One pic

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Dead cat bounce.

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ladder attack, ads saying their short positions are cleared, not allowing new shares to be purchased through retail brokers, panicked holders. it's over. if you have money left just buy qqq or bonds or something. let the big boys play with the stock market.

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>edited soi wojack template
Good argument, anon. Definitely not something a shill would post.

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It's about sending a message

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what other stocks do same ppl buy?

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Here's how Trump can still win

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you payed shill
hahahahah wasnt it market valutation
now you have to pay back an even more overvalued stock and we are not selling

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an unfortunate green day, I was hoping we'd hit $40 so I could buy back in

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What's unfortunate is some bastards likely dumped money they can't afford to lose during this green day

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EVs move in tandem, weed, guns, crypto.
literally everything.
Now we have memes.

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ur dumb

ur dumb also

old shorts covered and took big losses. new shorts made a killing

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Shorted for more shares than exist? How do you think GME was originally a value play? It was not a good faith short.

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Most people are bitchmade; those who aren't bitchmade are too stupid to realize they cannot rely on their fellow man to have their back - they'll die holding bags everytime.

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wait for 20 or even 10

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Buy high sell low

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Note how they deflect all rational arguments with emotional responses.

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should i... dompeet

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>how do we get out of this short loss?
>more shorting!
By that logic, the loss made on gme now will be covered with more gme.

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paid and fake emotional responses

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It wasn't overvalued when it was at fucking 4 dollars.

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They got away with it.

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normies were fed a narrative of "power to the people'

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A fool and his money are soon parted

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I'm sure you are buddy.

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the chances of going below $30 are miniscule and waiting for $40 might already be too greedy

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Except the second wave of shorting was a guaranteed win thanks to the redditors creating a giant bubble.

If it had stopped on tuesday Melvin would have lost hard. But a new wave of retards bought in on wednesday and thursday which allowed Melvin to recoup their losses with a guaranteed short. It also allowed the original WSB players to dump their $350 bags (which they bought at $11) on them.

You greedy fucks got late to the party and instead of accepting this and moving on you bought at inflated prices thinking it could go on forever.

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Pump and dump

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>which allowed Melvin to recoup their losses with a guaranteed short
It's only guaranteed because they automatically stop any pumps with halts.

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It's called a circuit breaker newfriend.
LULD also happens when too many people sell at once.

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"Sir, This is a Casino"