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Buy now or be priced out foreber, see you at 5$ niggers

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I wish we could have original, funny or even serious threads about my parsnips, instead we have pajeet-tier ones likes this. log off ranjeer.

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Plz wait for me to add more lads, I get paid on monday...

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That is not the proper way of addressing to a commanding officer. I lost my legs for the USA

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Shortly before the big hype there were alot of really good PRQ threads, must have been a holiday in India that week.
Now the only Parsiq threads we get are full of insecure graph fags fudding and real live trannies who argue for everyone to right now in the cringiest and most desperate way.
Now nobody is posting big Anatoly's and the same guy makes a What went wrong thread every evening.
I'll keep holding (bought under .30) and take profit but I want you fucking jeets to know that you have sucked the fun out of this coin for me.

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Kek so your a burger and a wheelie?

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>tfw when holding both PRQ and GRT

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fuck off, bagholder, GRT TO THE MOON

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I did love those big anatolies. Good times.

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GRT sucks, vid related at timestamp 12:13

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yes, that is why grt is a dollar, cope more

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post the correct symbol faggot

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This is why you grt fags are clearly seething bagholders.
You come here and say your piece, yeah alright, but now you'll stick around for the duration of this thread screeching and seething to defend your shit coin.
When IQ protocol launches I'm going to use Parsiq smart triggers to shoot hot piss out of your keyboard at you every time you post grt in a prq thread.

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if Parsiq payed for cb listing it would be $10+
but they arent in a hurry and dont want to pay for listing like grt cucks

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see you in a month, losers

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has the pump begun?

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yes, and it's unstoppable
You mean KTLYO's right?

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hasn't begun. we've run out of sellers, so now small buys are creeping the price up. we'll see it start to run once anatoly comes on screen in 2.5 hours. solana is coming

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Just buy both like every normal person, low IQ retard.