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Avalanche onboards Velox into Pangolin enabling decentralized high frequency trading. Say goodbye to absurd fees on Ethereum while trading on Uniswap. Let's gooo!

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Avalanche going very fast man

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Finally ethtards can relax Avalanche is here all dex trade will shift to pangolin real soon while eth still tries to implement 2.0

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1 AVAX = $17.80 now!!!! OMFG

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Fuck ethereum, can't do shit because of huge fees. Will research this avax stuff

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I’m already using Zero Exchange. It leaves Uniswap in the dust - that is no exaggeration.
Pangolin and Zero Exchange are Ethereum’s black swan.

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Based zero exchange. Been using it for the past 4 days and love the low fees. Hope more pairs are getting pooled tho, uni still benefits from all new listings.

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Wtf!Me when AVAX $18

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how do I get in on PNG on ground floor do I have to stay up all night

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The Zero devs are hand coding up some new pairs for next week. I believe once the Avalanche devs release Apricot then all new pairs will automatically appear on Zero/Pangolin.

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If you like money + mathematic,
Buy avax
EOY 1000$

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dex on avax with velox!

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>on a blockchain
Only on AVAX

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Bullish af.

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It THE most important thing to implement NOW

eth fees sky high. No chance like this will ever happen for avax based dexs

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AVAX is doing a coin dump! Beware

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I hope you didn't click the button that means you allow an infinite amount of your avax to be taken our if you wallet by the contract.

You know the zero team cal call that anytime they want and do a large scale rug pull.

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Anon, are you seriously fuding avax on 4chan? If you need time to acoomulate you could just do it on reddit

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If the Zero Exchange devs were smart, they’d stay up all weekend to launch a dozen key assets for Monday. LINK and the like.
They are smart, so I expect to see this first thing Monday morning kek.

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Don’t be a fucking retard.

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seriously, I really wanted to get some shiba and some dev but those fucking fees are insane. now I'll be losing money taking the eth back from metamask.

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Avalanche... I kneel...

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What can you actually trade on zero exchange?

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It launched two days ago so give them a few days to expand the listings.

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avax is doing a coin pump... are u blind?

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Its a race to the bottom. That won't provide anyone investing value in the longterm.