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"The closer you get to something, the tougher it is to see it."


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Its preparing for a MASSIVE pump

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Let me tell you my story and the reason i am patient over poomps and doomps.

I am 23 yo unemployed. I used to work on the job i loved but i suffered from long depression and anxiety and i couldn't move on. I live with my parents and they are in debt 10k and we live in rent. I said to myself: my nigga you have no choice, you will kys or you will try to find ways to make your family happy again. Suddenly, i found grt thread which made me from 24$ to 110$ and then a doge thread which i played all in on 0.022 . So now even i fall down, i will invest in rope or hug my mother and forget this pajeet coin. But if i win, i will see my parents smile after so many years again.

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You mean it's waiting for Elon Musk to post about it on Twitter.

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I pump my cock twice a day senpai

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it's held its value all night. isn't this a good thing?

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holy fuck i am so comfry rn boys

so glad i bought the dips

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WHat's a realistic buy limit order for a dip on this?

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With each Elon tweet I just get comfier and comfier. Swinging this shit is so fucking easy.

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guarantee there will never be another tweet by elon ever again about doge lol

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Even if he doesn't the whale patterns and dumps at .05 and the upcoming burger stimulus make this shit print money for swingers.

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This happened last night.
Things were going great until the Americans woke up.

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what makes you so sure?

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Because I'm Elon

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can you let me borrow claire for a night?

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how long does it usually take now days to send doge between wallets?

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Thanks for the easy money faggot

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the feds are sus in elon's tweets. that's the reason he's hiding. come here elon announce with your pgp signature the next pump.

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Noob here. So what if i sell at .045 and after an hour it goes to .047? Then i have to buy expensive to be back in game? and the gain i made before is lost? How to benefit here?

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this is why you just hold. i've just been holding i still have a profit. the people who lose money are the people who refuse to just fucking hold.

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buy high sell low repeat until broke

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Waves are getting smaller.
We're gonna jump again

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Okay maybe my numbers are wrong. What if someone hypothetically made a GPU that was a billions times faster than the GPUs the year before, would it then be possible to mine and sell to make a significant impact at lowering the doge value? Is this possible? How fast powerful would such a CPU have to be?

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What are the risk/chance that the absloute madlad Elon himself, makes a litteral Doge livery rocket, and sends to space?

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Return to normal.........
see you at 0.001

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This. Holding is golden. There will be surges coming. And each time the floor will be just a little higher. Have faith.

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fucking fuck
went all in at .047

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we all know what happened with TSLA

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well Im swinging to lower DCA but once I get it below 0.045 ill be happy

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if more businesses start accepting dogecoin it will raise it up from shitcoin status and just a pump and dump like shiba and other such scamcoins and it might actually go up in value but man.. will we really have to wait like a year for 0.05 value floor and then another two years for 0.06?
what good is doge reaching $1 when all of us bag holders will be rotting in the ground by the time it happens
i don¨t want to get rich when i'm fucking 80yo, that would make me so fucking angry knowing i don't have the time or health to enjoy m riches, it would suck more than dying poor

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Are you 78 right now? No? Then quit your fucking whining.

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Inb4 you get beartrapped
You have literally 0 patience, exit thread and come back tomorrow at .05

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That kind of fear is what keeps people poor. Fortune favors the bold. Buy ever paycheck and forget about looking at charts. It's a clown world and the more it goes up the more people FOMO.

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Time is on our side anons

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Ask a normie if they want 1000 dollars cash or 1100 worth of etherium and they will say cash 99 percent of the time. Ask the same question with doge and i suspect you get alot of takers. Fiat is a wierd magical thing

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Proudly hodling since I bought

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we are far past the end of this chart

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so what is the 27% leviathan's endgame?

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>shit that happened 3 days ago

>> No.27829016

He isnt dumping.
So my guess? God emperor of mankind setting up to fund his great crusade.

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>hmm do i want 1000 dollar cash that looses like 1 to 2% value over a year
>a meme coin that will lose 70% of its value in 2 days

>> No.27829068

we were at the mania phase with every normie talking about it. now comes the blow off phase, no new buyers

>> No.27829187

After fees 1100 etherium is worth about 500, so normies are right in this case.

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how much coins you all hodling?

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Still holding my 10k coins. Please daddy elon respect my dubs make it $1

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lol you can "blow off" myy peepee rofl

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.08 was "new paradigm"
wake up

>> No.27829365

This, it was only two days ago that it was floating between .32 and .38 just be patient

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i have 20k sitting on binance constantly shoving them between btc and doge and making single dollars from it and i hate it

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Worth all inning at 0.045 or will it go back down to 0.04

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It looked like the chart was literally giving me the finger this morning

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this is so fucking cringe, hes just a man, stop jerking him off so hard

>> No.27829474

im looking forward to your pink wojak posting in about a week. those bags you are holding are gonna get pretty heavy

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doge isn't dying any time soon

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Try somewhere in the middle

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Why do you hate 40k so much anon?

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3,700 coinds but very comfy as i bought low

>> No.27829590

lol you can hold my heavy ballsack bag in your mouth rofl

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Remind me when it dumps back to 0.02 or whatever it was first in about a week.

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yeah yeah, sure, nobody is buying into your shitty shiba, xrp, rubnk or any other shitcoins pajeet, you are wasting your time

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Kys salty swinger. The are only so many seats on this rocketship and you will be left out

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/biz/, ive done the math.
Only 2000 of these transactions and I'll have 10k USD to my name.

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Something I just thought about.

What if Musk gives dogecoin incentives to buying Teslas, like when you buy giving you free dogecoin back or Tesla starts accepting dogecoin. Or, even crazier yet, if if he sends a bunch of it to a bunch of dogecoin wallets who are the believers in this memecoin. I know it's sounds retarded but hey, clown world and all.

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>Waves are getting smaller.
>We're gonna jump again
At 9pm EST Today, guise

>> No.27830073

I didnt say we were going to jump high. Just we were going to.

>> No.27830199

how often does it swing between the 0.2 cents?
i might try some swinging with my 20k doge, worst case scenario when i sell peak and buy back in low the price will fall down and i will be left with more doge than i started, sure worthless, but actually worth more than if i did nothing

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you know what? fuck you i stayed up to 3AM which is 9est ready to dump at the peak that was promised last night and we got like .058 i think
and then i was a zombie all day at work, no way i'm doing it again, i will just set up some .06 sell orders and fuck it

>> No.27830331

1300..im poor as fuck

>> No.27830397

i was thinking about him tying doge with his space stuff
inb4 mars currency

hes a madman after all

>> No.27830413

Your math makes no sense.

>> No.27830439

Why doesn't RH allow sell orders at incremental cent points, like why is it only 0.05 and not 0.05xxxx

>> No.27830586

bought 75 dollars worth at 0.045. Lead me to a dollar friends.

>> No.27830632

If true. Thanks for the support.

>> No.27830643

so it took like 30min
i remember when it was like 1min

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I just want out already please pump so I can finally stop looking at a screen 24 hours a day

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you are right, i'm high as a kite
This makes more sense though.

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>> No.27830865

then don't dipshit, set up a limit sell order and look at it in a year

>> No.27830870

wait how high am I. This can't make sense, this would equate to being a millionaire after 54 transactions.

>> No.27830944

Are those commas meant to be decimals?

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just place a sell order idiot

>> No.27831008

The same image promoting a 9PM EST DOGE 'event' was used to trick XRP investors too. Their event also turned into a massive sell-off. Knowing that, I got the popcorn out and watched the chaos unfold knowing that it was a trap.

My takeaway: The only person who can talk me into buying is Elon.

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>trying to mathematize crypto

>> No.27831113

Any of those, including your meme coin have about as much inherent value as Gamestop.

Sorry that you got lured into a pump sceme because of your unhealthy parasocial relationship with a billionaire.

>> No.27831147

It will not go to $1

>> No.27831296

And you will never be a woman, tranny.

>> No.27831300

Im ready, are you /biz/?

>> No.27831315

nah i mined my coins back in 2013 i am holding a total of about $10k worth of doges (at 0.05) i am just waiting for a good peak to sell because i'm greedy and want more than just shitty $10k

>> No.27831355

After a couple of years, sure it could get there.

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Oh yeah babeeeee

>> No.27831433

Then you dont actually believe in it as a technology or a thing with future inherent value, which means we share the same opinion

>> No.27831550

Based high roller

>> No.27831574

robin hood not allowing you to use your funds immediately bums me out about this website, but hey, beats paying fees.

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So how is doge coin made or mined?

>> No.27831992

At least you didn't buy DONUT. Right anon?

>> No.27832013

When a daddy doge and a mommy doge buy a new GPU...

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>he sold

>> No.27832141

The amount makes sense but you'd have to guess correctly the 24h high and low consecutively.

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spam this to pajeets and you'll see doge pump so fucking hard. Thank me later.

>> No.27832384

bro i feel you, im unironically inspired by you

>> No.27832441

Why the FUCK would you put your dick in this abomination? What is wrong with you anon?

>> No.27832463

Whens or going back to .02? I wanna buy more without raising my average buy in

>> No.27832522

I feel stupid asking for this, but is this actually possible?

>> No.27832532

>"New orders for manufactured goods in December, up eight consecutive months, increased $5.2 billion or 1.1 percent to $493.5 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today."



>"US trade court dismisses challenge to Section 232 steel tariff"


>> No.27832543

Bought at 0.044, when should I be selling?
Should I wait for 0.05 or sell and buy off these little waves?

>> No.27832566

Look into $WOLFY you idiots. You've literally never been this early for something

>> No.27832629

If it ever goes back to .02 during this run you would not buy it anymore you fucking retard.

>> No.27832710

How certain are you it will oscillate between those two numbers that many times without you panicking at some point and buying high and selling low

>> No.27832748

binance.com is down wtf i can't log in

>> No.27832813

Just make buy/sell orders

>> No.27832834

Pajeet detected.

>> No.27832836

I guess with this you just set the limits and then distract yourself for a week

>> No.27833063

I mean I doubt it. It depends on so many outside variables but you could adjust the formula daily and just use buy/sell margins within the daily trends. Find the perfect min/maxing that wouldn't make the trade fees killer.

Also binance allows for botting. Unironically feel like putting a bot to try this and leave it running for a year.

>> No.27833261

Hodling like a champ. Like no one other... I give classes.

>> No.27833345

nah cannot set stop limits without the funds being available so you need to put in buy and sell orders manually for each successful trade

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I'm guessing doge either goes up to 5.5 / 6 as another pump-and-dump scheme or it steadily plateaus at 5 cents until it bolts up randomly one day.

>> No.27833440

If I set a take-profit to sell my coin if it hits 'x', and then set a buy-stop to buy the coin if it drops to 'y', will an exchange generally wait for the take-profit order to happen before trying the buy-stop or will it pick whichever happens first?
Say if DOGE is .45 and I want to sell my coin at .5 but then buy at .4, would it wait for the .5 or just apply the .4 buy if that happens first?

>> No.27833482

Bot it?

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If you are on Binance, pick OCO

>> No.27833551

Is this meme coin going to make people rich? I'm tired of waiting.

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>> No.27833644

Impatient tards like you shouldnt post

>> No.27833652

CoinSpot because I'm upside-down. It doesn't seem to give details on if it puts orders in a queue or just picks the one that applies first.

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Great image, you may enter the cool zone

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Guys, i hope we make it. Im still holding.

>> No.27833986

Is there a downside to using Robinhood over something like coinbase?

t. just started doing this shit like 2 days ago

>> No.27834056

but i am already rich
why aren't you?

>> No.27834062

Don't use robinhood for anything, it should be obvious why by now.

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>mfw patiently waiting for it to collapse back down to .03 so I can buy 50k Doggy-Dogs.
Woof woof.

>> No.27834206

after I sell my pos on doge Im uninstalling and pulling out my money and on the fence of whether to use kraken or binance bc of fees

>> No.27834284

well just set a buy order for 0.04 since that's kinda the floor these past few days and just sell at 0.0458 since that is the average peak. Get a binance trade bot and have it run all the time. Give it 100 dollars worth of doge and in the current market, it will make a profit I'm sure of it.

>> No.27834307

Do you know how hot it is to fuck somebody whose net worth is more than your entire family tree? Power is sexy.

>> No.27834317

is it too late to still get in?

>> No.27834337


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hey gottem

>> No.27834397

Because they limited meme stocks like GME and AMC? But it's so simple even financially illiterate retards like me can use it

>> No.27834487

hey fuck you

>> No.27834680

In the sense that you missed out on when Dogecoin was a literal meme currency worth a fraction of a penny? Yes, you missed out on that. You haven't missed out on a potential push to $1, which would be something of a 20x increase in your current investment. My advice? Give it until Monday, see where the market is pushing, and if it's still stable at .045 as a floor then invest in it. Personally, I'm waiting for a crash back down to .03 or less, but if it's clearly established at .045 I'll probably buy in.

>> No.27834700

where can i get a trade bot?

>> No.27834810

Please pump it Elon

>> No.27834886

make one or google one

>> No.27835183

is this shit turning into a stable coin?

>> No.27835222

Calm down, don't let FOMO make you get into a gambling fever. Dogecoin isn't on the verge of collapse nor is it about to Moon. The growth we're seeing is steady and gradual - it might collapse next week, it might rise another .05 cents. Either way, you're freaking out over a ~$50 profit or loss, that's nothing in the scheme of things! Finish work, apply for Kraken, take a breather, and come back to this to see how things are going. I know from personal experience that throwing money into this, as with any hyped meme stock or currency, isn't going to make you feel better. In fact, it's going to make you feel worse... Unless you do it with a cool head.

We're all gonna make it, anon. It's just not going to be tonight or even this month. You're not going to blink and miss this.

>> No.27835332

i don't see it hitting $1 any time soon because whales start doomping every time it sniffs 0.05

>> No.27835339

you realize Dogecoin is basically guarunteed to at least be pumped for a week every few years right? If Dogecoin drops to 0.02 or less, then you just invest in the next meme cycle.

Literal fucking autism

>> No.27835437

ok, thanks. and what would be the better strategy in your opinion, hold and hope for the best or keep selling/buying like those anon from before suggested?

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Only just started reading about Elon Musk and Grimes. How does Grimes only have 1.6 million insta followers? Does she really not want any of Musks money to promote her stuff? Does Grimes not care about money? Is that real love?

>Be richest man in the world
>Has a gf that likes him and doesnt care about money

Wtf I love Elon Musk and Grimes now.

>> No.27835516

Everytime a whale has dumped, Dogecoin has resisted. As a bonus, there's one less whale in the sea.

It's like you people have absolutely no idea how to analyze markets. Jfc

>> No.27835580

just put all my money into doge at .043
am i really going to make it op
please say yes

>> No.27835615

Grimes makes good music but she is a libtard and a meme. She deserves elon because they are both cringeworthy Neoliberals

>> No.27835705
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sorry meant to say 0.46
bought high
I'm so tired of it all anons
grimes and elon are unironically autistic
both of them

>> No.27835710

You will make it anon

>> No.27835738

I do, which is why I bought during the inv. head and shoulders and sold slightly above the neck line and now I wait because the next dip is coming

>> No.27835859
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Ready for the pump? I'm ready for the pump

>> No.27835887

Look at how often it drops to .02 usd you stupid retarded newfag, you would buy the next cycle at under 20 sats.

>> No.27836011

Yeah Dogecoin is definitely gonna dip again. It will be interesting to see where we are Monday. I'll consider it a good sign if we're still within reach of five cents

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Why yes, all my networth is in DOGE how can you tell?

>> No.27836102

grimes is a feminist who doesn't want to use a man's help or money to get ahead. that's one of her core values.

>> No.27836159

DOGE is the best investment of 2021

Change my mind

>> No.27836247

The war between poomp and doomp has somehow turned the dog into a stable coin.
Biggest shock of 2021

>> No.27836326

>being shocked at anything

>> No.27836329

there's no such word as Neoliberalism, it doesn't exist new liberalism or old liberalism.

She is pregnant or not pregnant. Not half pregnant

>> No.27836352
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>I'm a feminist
>I'm gonna let the world's richest man put a baby in me
>Girl power

>> No.27836454

All would've been fine without that fricking "Pump at 9pm" Reddit scam

>> No.27836464

....nigger wot?
Neolibs and Neocons are a widely known and accepted political philosophy, they have been for at least 30 years now.

>> No.27836493
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>We're all gonna make it, anon. It's just not going to be tonight or even this month. You're not going to blink and miss this.
Checked, slow roll to making it confirmed?

>> No.27836498

yes as long as you always buy in at a lower value than you sold
it doesn't matter if it is 001 - 002 or 008 - 009

the value of the coin only matters when you stop flipping the coins and want to actually get out, as it doesn't matter if you scalped million coins if one coin is worth 0001

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>> No.27836684

still its wrong. You don't get new liberty / old liberty. dahh

>> No.27836765

>or google one
and say goodbye to your funds while some pajeet will have curry feast that day

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What are the Bogs' role in all this?

>> No.27836793

Its not new liberalism.
Its new liberals.
As in 'these people are new liberals'. Just like you have Nouveau riche

>> No.27836826

is this gonna pump again or not?

>> No.27836863


>> No.27836896


>> No.27836901

No you missed the pump. it was when Elon was tweeting.

>> No.27836953

no i sold at .05, i just want to know if it's going to crash or pump in the next 48 hours

>> No.27836958

>and what would be the better strategy in your opinion, hold and hope for the best or keep selling/buying like those anon from before suggested?
Keep an eye on the charts and figure out if you notice any patterns in how the price fluctuates. Something like Dogecoin doesn't behave like a normal stock which is bound by external actors like CEOs or market trends. It's powered by meme magic, and that is pretty consistent. Never hold if you see it spiking, because it's always going to go back down so you can buy more in. That's the trick - hold and hope for the best, but play with that initial amount by constantly buying and selling. Assume the money you put into Doge is already gone for the long haul. All you're doing after putting your initial investment in is trying to grow your investment, not make a profit if that makes sense?

>> No.27836989

there is a """""""hack"""""""happening where a third of the costumer funds will be """"""stolen"""""

>> No.27837041

>Asking for a 48 hours prediction
Bro, look at the last 48 hours first

>> No.27837080

do it for me

>> No.27837103


Probably stay pretty flat with a slight increase over time. I say we’re sitting nice and comfy @ .07 by this time next week.

>> No.27837136
File: 95 KB, 1200x806, QNBUHKC4U5EONJRFO454ARTVIM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perhaps we should type Rudy2020 for a discount

>> No.27837183
File: 105 KB, 1265x841, calm waters.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at this chart.
What is this shit?

>> No.27837231

> Thinks liberalism is just having liberty

Fucking kek

>> No.27837245
File: 2.91 MB, 309x313, 1611893299386.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Been into this coin for a week now
>Realize I could have made a good buck with Rubic

Fuking hell, boyos.
I mean, I am still holding but shit.

>> No.27837246
File: 44 KB, 599x540, 4425327875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gained $12 and I'm still waiting for it to go higher.

>> No.27837297

>DOGE is the best investment of 2021
You mean DOGE is the BEST investment of 2021.
Here, I changed your mind.


>> No.27837352

Doggo sleeping. Pump too hard. Doggo wake up soon.

>> No.27837380

I'm just discussing the term Neoliberalism, clown

>> No.27837456

>if that makes sense?
actually you're one of the first reasonable sounding people i spoke to on this board

>> No.27837477

neuralink will be your real masterpiece. space ships and cars wont be needed when we can all frame-jack into the next dimension.

>> No.27837569

You're gonna have to pay me for that

>> No.27837605

Is neuralink trading ipos yet?

>> No.27837684
File: 193 KB, 1138x876, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the good news is we already went past the hype stage and rode the entire meme curve and now we returned to mean and the mean is 0.04 which is much much higher than what we started with so it can only go up, but it will do so slow as fuck

>> No.27837738

I have a small amount of money in crypto.com but I can't withdraw to binance because the amount is too small, so I have to trade it for something that I can profit
So do I buy XRP or buy ETH??

>> No.27837827

Would ya say DOGE is a longterm hold?

>> No.27837829
File: 43 KB, 365x349, 1611976682601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So that settles it, no?

This is now a long time investment.
I guess we might hit $1 EOY

>> No.27837844
File: 60 KB, 1125x1096, Esw1Ol2XUAAEOA0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wtf i really really unironically like Grimes now. I wonder if Elon is aware of how lucky he is.

>> No.27838128
File: 314 KB, 700x902, 1611977909520.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He isn't lucky.
People like him don't think they're lucky.
People like him know they're successful.

>> No.27838227

>buy 1000 doge for fun
>elon musk tweets
>up almost $15-$20

this is pretty neat

>> No.27838249

Is everyone just slowly averaging lower while making 1-2% or what? How the fuck does this go down so slowly?

>> No.27838289

>the good news is we already went past the hype stage

Isn't still DOGE still trending on Twitter and on a digital bilboard in Times Square?

>> No.27838311

hard to say honestly, it has strong meme potential but attention of normies is fleeting

>> No.27838337
File: 69 KB, 500x750, 1604492974358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes keep dumping so I can buy in

>> No.27838363
File: 23 KB, 351x497, 1612161747272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah that was fun two days ago

>> No.27838370

You're a professional DOGE crypto trader now. Congratulations.

>> No.27838439

1$ if dubs otherwise dump

>> No.27838492


The DOGE chart for last week looks eerily similar to BTC chart for last few years...

>> No.27838493


I would argue that being rich and finding a qt girl that likes you for you and not your money is pretty fucking lucky.

>> No.27838577

Hold onto DOGE, also buy some RBC (Rubic).

>> No.27838594


>> No.27838681
File: 562 KB, 527x583, At 9pm est we are going to the moon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so is the dream dead? nobody can rally to raise the price up a lot anymore

>> No.27838754

well i won't be selling my bags just yet
with some big players like porhub now accepting dogecoin we might actually see a very slow but steady rise of the floor value instead of just quick pump peak followed by quick crash (which the only thing most shitcoins are capable off).
But dogecoin is not a shitcoin anymore. Businesses wouldn't just adopt generic shitcoins, so there is still lots of potential.

>> No.27838761
File: 121 KB, 680x345, buppy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doge will hit one dollar soon.

>> No.27838787

Is it?

Chaturbate and Pornhub have recently adopted DOGE as a payment method. Think about how many people will see "DOGE" while their brain is swimming in dopamine (dogamine).

A new hardwood floor has been installed and the popularity will only go up. Especially due to the meme value.

>> No.27838820

I'm selling

>> No.27838838
File: 161 KB, 270x348, 1446639653878.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So do I buy XRP or buy ETH??
ETH is mooning right now, so you could possibly buy into the collapse to profit off the the dead cat bounce, but XRP is already on the dead cat bounce, so ETH is really your best bet right now, you just gotta wait for it to go down.
>I am not a financial advisor
The trick of this thing, I'm realizing, is to look for the chart as posted >>27837684 here. Every stock and every crypto, with highly profitable yet highly unusual exceptions (such as the Dot Com boom) follows this trend. There's a pump, a dump, and then a smaller yet still significant rise (known as a dead cat bounce) before collapsing back to where the price was before. If you can't see the trend at 1hr or 1d, look further out. ETH is at Enthusiasm/Greed right now, and XRP is just climbing out of the Bull Trap.

Things get complicated when you consider, however, if the "return to the mean" isn't actually the mean at all, but a higher price like what DOGE is showing. Don't see this as missing out - that's how you get FOMO and you will NEVER make a good financial decision off FOMO (ask anyone in /amc/ or /gme/) - it simply means you missed out on the latest market trend. Don't see it as missing out on getting rich, treat it as missing out on any other enjoyable yet ultimately excusable event (like missing out on a discount for your favorite soda.) There will always be another chance*.

*Put a big fat warning on that because you gotta look at external actors too - the chart is often how stocks work, but it also depends on the industry, CEOs, the market, etc. You'll never see Blockbuster exhibiting the trend, for example. This is why avoiding FOMO is important, because otherwise you get trapped in a fantasy where AMC will rebound and go back to being as it was pre-COVID or pre-Streaming. Use your noggin, it's more valuable than people give it credit for.

>> No.27838842
File: 25 KB, 400x400, 1611912003356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the difference between you and them.

You think they're lucky. They know they are successful because they have what they got after years of confidence, work and dedication.

>muh rich people inherit stuff and abuse over their workers
Yeah like there are not a million stories of piss poor people making a decent (not millionaire) life out of nothing.

I don't like grimes at all. I don't think Elon is lucky in that regard.

>> No.27838847

Need to get the camwhores in on DOGE. It's not a big step away from pornhub. Imagine tipping a girl a DOGE to make her privates vibrate.

>> No.27838979

This is why we hodl. To make dreams come true for our fellow Anons.

>> No.27839002

will probably go up after the court happens, they will almost certainly win it
but the problem is it will probably on go up like 2x at most, so the gains will be shit unless you pump in like a mil

>> No.27839006

Forever a crab

>> No.27839018

I've got a plan.
Download porn videos and reupload them in every free streaming porn site you know, like xvideos
all titled "BUY DOGECOIN" in various languages.

This will gain a small ammount of attention in the porn world. Some e-whores will start noticing and some might start accepting doge as payment, then it slowly takes over every e-whore that doesn't use onlyfans.

I won't do it though, I don't watch porn.

>> No.27839078

put on some makeup and set an example for them

>> No.27839127
File: 29 KB, 501x540, 80982327_818752195234075_9080706164018118656_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27839194

Oh god, like that one betting website that uploads bootlegged theater recordings. Be watching a quiet scene in a movie then BAM! Pajeets screaming in an ad so loud it blows out your speakers.

>> No.27839233
File: 6 KB, 56x53, EZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bought 600 doge when it was 0.007
sold 150 when it was 0.05
holding 450 and still in profit
feels good man

>> No.27839258

>If you can't see the trend at 1hr or 1d, look further out.
I need to revise this after re-reading my post. Never look for the >>27837684 trend by day or hour. Never do that, it's how you make mistakes and activate FOMO. Always look for the trend where the changes are solid and established, like by-week or by-month. You should only be looking at 1hr or 1day when you're planning to sell or buy. Essentially, treat 1hr or 1d as your tactical approach - aka, HOW you want to "get in" or "get out." Treat 1w and 1mo or more as your strategy - aka, WHEN you want to "get in" or "get out."

>> No.27839262

This is what I'm on, I love it.

>> No.27839266

Come on do something stupid shitcoin

>> No.27839332

oh boy imagine if we could het onlyfans to accept doge as payment method
simp pockets are bottomless when it concerns funds for m'lady

>> No.27839359

Dogecoin is a stable shitcoin.

>> No.27839434

My favorite part about doge is how goofy and silly the community is. It brings a sense of "fun" to crypto over not experienced before. I really think elon was on to something talking about the most entertaining outcome being the most likely, as I feel like this is an observable pattern in reality this day and age

>> No.27839499

Eh, im talking about Grimes really. I never said anything about rich people inherenting stuff or abusing people. I dont even know much about Elon or how he got his money. And actually, that just makes Elon even more incredibly lucky if he got his money through hard work and also gets a qt genuine gf.

>> No.27839600
File: 18 KB, 513x339, image_2021-02-05_191130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27839606

Very stable wtf

>> No.27839777

Is it too late to get in?

>> No.27839823

your trips say no

>> No.27839870
File: 79 KB, 564x729, ukh598ryn5jy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, saint kek

>> No.27839880

not to mention we live in a clownworld, why wouldn't we use clown currency
this is the same reason why other doge ripoffs like shiba will always fails, you can't force a meme, you can pump a meme but it will never last long, dog meme hype is all natural that is why it lasted for years and will probably keep going for many more years
i could actually see stable $0.1 few years down the road and maybe during some very short pumps along the way there too

>> No.27839892
File: 23 KB, 940x295, cap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get ready lads

>> No.27839953

Of course not

We're climbing up a very long flight of stairs, anon

>> No.27839974

I’m holding 3,500 doge rn, will I make it?

>> No.27840025

Well, if you give the chicks Doge RIGHT NOW while it still has value, won't they quickly realize they need to hype it? Just give them $100 in Doge but explain that if it goes up to $1 they'll make 25x off of that. Then explain that if they start charging in Doge exclusively, simps will immediately buy Doge in droves, driving the price up, and then giving them the ever inflating currency. End with stating that the window is small, as the momentum is fading, but that if they pick this up it can go on for years.

>> No.27840033

3500 club

>> No.27840035

too late to do a quick 10x profit, but not too late for some smaller steady gains

>> No.27840065
File: 28 KB, 600x400, d94ea80299260cb3a7e408d7b35f4c5e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It has united the world in a time where it needed it the most. He is truly a good boi.

>> No.27840180

Gonna give these camgirls some raw DOGE nomsayin

>> No.27840202

if this actually gets to $1 the 27% whale will be the richest person on earth by a huge margin, he will literally have like 2 trillion or some shit

>> No.27840221

justify this

>> No.27840223


>> No.27840233

yeah, a bull flag that will go to 0.05 then back down to 0.045, wow

>> No.27840252

The chart has been especially spiky today

>> No.27840253


...that's Elon. Where have you been?

>> No.27840324

Any SOLID proof that it's him?
Any solid proof that the tiny meme amounts sent to the wallet wasn't an outsider trolling?

>> No.27840325

>Out of nowhere 3-4 times the volume of the last hour
Fucking whales

>> No.27840326

no, they'l have 34 billion which is the amount of doge in the wallet

>> No.27840387

Keep buying the dip, I fucking did this shit to help my family too. We're gonna have cabins on Mars bro

>> No.27840396

He’s already there

>> No.27840447


>> No.27840484

After each pump, DOGE seems to settle at a new floor which is held up by bagholders

People are buying and keeping this coin

>> No.27840498
File: 184 KB, 566x949, THANK YOU BASED SHITCOIN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27840575

wait it's only 36 billion? i thought it was way more than that
well never mind that ain't shit

>> No.27840591

well that guy is already the richest man on earth

>> No.27840634

>We're climbing up a very long flight of stairs, anon
so how is it going up if we're literally as stable as USDT

>> No.27840661
File: 48 KB, 1080x607, gigachad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>After each pump, DOGE seems to settle at a new floor which is held up by bagholders
>People are buying and keeping this coin

Good. I want doge to be the first shitcoin to not be a shitcoin.

>> No.27840689

i wonder if someone like bill gates decided to buy billion $ worth of doge and just put in one huge fucking sell order
they whales would run dry fast and the price would skyrocket

>> No.27840773

American stimulus checks going to happen. People lose faith in the stock market after GME
Talks of American student loan debt being cancelled. ITS GONNA HAPPEN BOYS.

>> No.27840786

Thank you based shitcoin

sitting on 5k coins, DOGEDOLLAR MY NIGGAS

>> No.27840819


Isnt this what Elon has been doing this whole time?

>> No.27840826


Ok the biggest investor and promoter of dogecoin who could actually afford that much and is hyping it up and is smart enough to encode messages in the amounts to spell out things like "Tesla" and is down with memes isn't Elon. Lmao. OK bud. I'll get you that proof right away.

BTW in one of the amounts contains today's date. Why idk but it's in there a few times.

>> No.27840854

Because of the yet-to-be-filled popularity.

Pornhub and Chatterbate will most likely do this coin a huge service. Think of the psychology behind that.

>> No.27840855

i feel like watching USDT charts all day, wtf

>> No.27840862

I think Musk is carefully manipulating doge to dry out whales

>> No.27840923


>> No.27840930
File: 101 KB, 210x195, 1611890601378.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is exactly the idea. Let's do it.

Even better.
Imagine the porn video, 20 minutes
Right when the guy is coooming and the camera zooms at the face of the whore, we display some flashing screen saying "BUY DOGECOIN WHILE YOU STILL CAN"

>> No.27840943


>> No.27840958

Any speculation as to why today is important?

>> No.27841008

then he is sucking at his, with these peaks and dips whales keep selling and buying back in multiplying their coins

>> No.27841036


>> No.27841042

Keep an eye on his Twitter I guess. Who knows with Elon.

>> No.27841046

Proof that the encoded amounts were bought and not received from 4chan/reddit users? lmao you're reading too deep into it. A busy man like Elon Musk wouldn't waste his time buying insignificant amounts of doge many many times a day to encode messages.

>> No.27841049

>tfw DOGE will be the coomer coin

>> No.27841113
File: 41 KB, 640x485, genesimmonsdoge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So apparently this happened...

>> No.27841129

I think he's pretty smart with slowly raising the bottom, remember doge is really violatile right now and the smallest dip causes normies to panic and sell

>> No.27841147

>Talks of American student loan debt being cancelled.
imagine working 2 jobs while also going to school to graduate without debt or your parents saving for 20 years to pay for your college and then some cunt who just partied and never did shit gets his entire debt forgiven
that would made me very angEry

>> No.27841151
File: 11 KB, 216x234, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you based shitcoin

>> No.27841168

>spell out things like "Tesla"


>> No.27841169

>not to mention we live in a clownworld, why wouldn't we use clown currency

>> No.27841170

It was last night. No one cared.

>> No.27841227

why do people think the meme amounts is elon?
that wallet is famous anyone can send doge to it so people do it for memes

>> No.27841286

Hi, I'm you from the future. I don't have much time so I'll just tell you real quick.. Invest all money in Cardano. All.

>> No.27841294
File: 22 KB, 415x327, Gthundreds+of+videos+on+youtube+of+people+passing+out+on+_b789f22c2d69947e266e57b5c06334b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where's your $36 billion, anon?

>> No.27841316

This man could absolutely crap all over the coin if he so desired and make you lose all your money. You better hope it's Elon.

>> No.27841341

He tweeted 30 mins ago

>> No.27841346

I don't have it, but last night an anon posted the buy times vs his tweet times which were all just prior to it iirc.

>> No.27841349

thank you based shitcoin

>> No.27841390

i large amount of celebs get on the train we just won
braindead normies would flood in like tsunamis to japan

>> No.27841452

I want a crater on Mars for an autonomous injun colony. I'll pay for it in Doge. Just reserve me the spot

>> No.27841514
File: 13 KB, 745x187, image_2021-02-05_193400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27841523

hi guys elon here, i have been connected to gene simmons and mark cuban with neuralink and we are all going to buy doge simultaneously with our brains soon

>> No.27841524

Well BTC's initial reputation was surrounded with drugs, weapons and other darkweb activities, so hopefully DOGE being the coomcoin is the sign

>> No.27841563

He says he bought 6 figures worth.
No reason not to believe him.

>> No.27841564


Nah I hope it's a lost wallet. Like that one dude with 7000 BTC locked inside an encrypted drive that he forgot the password to and will delete all data if he inputs an incorrect password 3 times.

>> No.27841592

>working 2 jobs while also going to school to graduate without debt
As if this is even remotely possible in 2021...

>> No.27841602

I never do these things but


>> No.27841622

That discord is long gone now anon I don't have it. But this shit is way deeper than some people think. There are many reasons why Elon wants this currency to take over.

>> No.27841658


>> No.27841670

>This man
it could be a woman as well you sexist pig
ahahaha lel nah it's a man for sure

>> No.27841733


>> No.27841747

AND they do so with your tax money, which might also be increased to make up for it.

>> No.27841799


>> No.27841842

i would be able to actually retire if it hits $1
i would smear my entire boss's office with my own shit

>> No.27841884



>> No.27841895


>> No.27841935
File: 39 KB, 493x355, 15334888992940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it's a lost wallet, why does it keep buying more coins in oddly specific, cryptic amounts? Someone with this much money doesn't just buy 4 Dogecoin immediately after the /biz/ threads on 4chan start talking about the wallet.

>> No.27841944

i want to get rich but kind of don't want whales to get rich too tho
it sucks

>> No.27841997


>> No.27842140

Whales are what keep this coin going anon, without them you wouldn't have any money to withdraw from this ride either.

>> No.27842252

I'm fucking nothing compared to some of these guys, 2032 little doges in my sled team

>> No.27842369

Based dogebro

>> No.27842645
File: 46 KB, 640x360, Chuukan-Kanrinin-Tonegawa-Mr.-TONEGAWA-Middle-Management-Blues-Wallpaper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kaiji would fucking hodl stop being a bitch

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