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I got 20k to invest. What coins does biz reccomend?
I have ADA, BAT, ALGO, TRX and LINK at a few hundred each.
What's your coin of choice? Why do you think it's going up?
No meme coins or pump and dumps, only real projects with utility and teams behind them.

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idk man gl

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rubic if you aren't on within 2-3 days you've missed your chance desu

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Easiest question.

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What's the eoy prediction on that? it's 0.5 rn, I wanted to wait for a dip.

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I offer you the McPill for short term megagains
>tokenomics: the best in the memecoins landscap, rugproof, not a retarded max supply
>memetics: outrageous, controversial, genious
>verdict: MOON

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You deserve to lose all your money

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ASKO, we are experiencing a huge pump right now, this is like getting into BAO early

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>Meme potential
>Media coverage potential
>Easy 100x

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Rubic is going to 5 eoy, dont miss out

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That's on my list. Kind of annoying I gotta go through uniswap, but I'll deal with the gas fees.

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I didn't plan on buying but eventually fomoed in at .8c
didn't buy a lot but the gas paid itself in a few hours - you won't regret it

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What's driving the price up so much? I heard it was about to get listed on a few normie places, did anything significant change about the project? Just wondering if waiting on a dip is better than buying now, it's basically ath

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Alpha Finance or $ALPHA.

Unironically going to 10x in the next 3 months. Its already spiked like crazy the last 2 weeks. Also theyre an actual company with actual value unlike the pajeet memecoins like RBC and MCDC kek

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35% BTC
35% Eth
25% Defi e.g. BNT, AAVE, SNX
5% Monero

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Besides the ones you listed, the really only other choices are AVAX and GRT

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Stay poor then.
You still have time

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I'll look into it.

Damn, an actual plan. I'm waiting for a drop on btc and especially eth, with the gas fees hitting to hard. Definitely wanna get in before the 2.0 hype really kicks off.

What's the EOY you're hoping for on those? Avax seems a bit high in price right now.

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Every shitcoins booms these days anon, but avoid stuff that gets too shilled around here.
I'd say go for EGLD, it's the only project with a legit, specialist team and it's got a real usecase.
It will be worth 2k easily due to scarcity

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You won’t regret it

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I'm down with rubic, but then you recommend in the same post as the meme coin with less than 200 holders.

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>I'm down with rubic
You would've said the same thing when rubic was shilled, you pathetic nigger. Stay poor NGMI.
Have fun buying my Rubic and MCDC bags

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Not really, rubic has a functional website and a team behind it, MCDC was created by some schizo on this board with no application.

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> with no application.
Look at the pumps for Shiba, Akira, and Doge. You will FOMO in later.

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Nope, I'm not interested in pump and dumps, read the OP.
I want an actual investment.
I made about 3K on doge thanks to Elon Musk, and I'm keeping that cash to throw into shitcoins from time to time, but the 20K are for real projects.

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take it out, go on a vacation

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take a look at Reef, still pretty much under the radar

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What's the value proposition of reef? Helping normies buy crypto?

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realistically, $10

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not OP but is it not too late? desu i thought it was latest biz scam, when it's unironically not and i bought cudos and some other crap instead

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NuCypher. Just look at it.

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tfw sold this cuz it crabbed a year, then mooned after i sold. i didn't lose any money but fuck

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There might still be time. Its traffic almost matches its mcap right now.

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Feeling pretty comfy with biz select offerings.

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What's the value proposition of GRT? I get every other coin there.

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What's the best place to buy not to get super fucked by gas prices? I'll probably put like $500 in.

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I've heard a few figures, generally seems to be $2 EOY

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some anons had luck with probit, I just took the gas bullet myself

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Might have to do that too.
coinbase wallet+Uniswap is already set up for me.

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Huh, might have to throw a few hundred at that, then. Not much to lose, but at damn near 200% to win it's a pretty good roi.

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just send usdt to mxc.com

no gas fees

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I have an account set up from like 2 days ago, is there any bullshit verification that makes me wait an extra day? Sounds better than uni.

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set up my acc today and could use it instantly

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Oh hell yeah, thanks, fren.

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I would bet good money on GRT being over $3 EOY

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$KEK still under the radar for some reason, only 500 holders

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$3 is the low estimate at this point. I wasn't expecting to hit $1 before Saturday/Sunday but here we are on the door. And a big US stimulus bill on the way

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Fuck all these MCDC shills. Buy Rubic if you want some actual gains. It's gonna be a long term hold for a couple of months though

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You think I know? I buy based on the quality of memes in the different threads.
Like I said, biz select.
High volume of racial slurs in a shilled coins thread is also VERY bullish.

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>OCEAN, LTO or CargoX, all gonna moon soon bro... thank me later

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Gonna have to look those up.

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Worked like a charm, thanks, anon.

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wanting to buy some rubic $RBC but it is not on binance, where do i get hold of some thankyou /biz/guys

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uniswap. but i'm also too stupid to send stuff to my metamask from binance without paying 20$ to send ETH. Maybe im just too stupid for crypto

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What's coming up for rubic? I know it's a better exchange due to gas, and eth 2.0 isn't exactly around the corner yet, but is it getting picked up/partened/listed anywhere relevant?

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based thank anon

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Rubic definitely!

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Sorry for the noob question, I'm thinking of starting investing a bit of my pay every month in crypto

What is /biz/ exchange of choice, I was thinking coinbase

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Lots of people saying LTO, what's expected EOY? I know they got a few big partnerships recently.

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I find binance is pretty good, has a lot of coins and doesn't rely on uniswap integration like coinbase, which results in less gas fees.

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I've thought about it recently. I don't like crypto, I don't believe in crypto, but I also know not to fight the delusion of the masses.

I would spit the total by dollar into a broad basket of as many coin as you can get. Nearly all will be worthless in the end, but there should be one or two which go up enough to make up your losses on the rest.

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Today's a good day to get in to CRSR since they're down a little bit, will be up 15% by EoM if I had to guess, coins are a meme, no liquidity

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I'm kinda doing that, putting in about 1k each on many of these good projects, 2k in some others. Most of them at least go up by a bit, and if even 1 does a x20 it paid the whole thing, if even one does a x100 I make 5 times my initial investment, and I'm going in on the lower value, project-backed tokens, to minimize loss.

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>wasting first post
You need to go right back to Plebbit where you came from faggot.

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BTW, I had a few hundred in ADA in exodus, with like 4.2% apy, is that across all platforms, or only on exodus? because if so it might be worth transferring some of my coins to exodus.

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I probably wouldn't put more than $250 in each, but then use the rest to buy a broader basket of coin. Again, most are going to be worthless in the end, so it's important to cast a broad enough net to capture as many different coin as possible.

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I'm not planning on hodling for years, probably gonna cash out close to eoy/next year.
The end of the pandemic + stimulus and the people getting into crypto/investments because of the reddit wsb meme are sure to drive the market as a whole up.

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Is avax good right now? Bitcoin's probably gonna lose value, which usually pushes avax up, but idk, coin's a little on the expensive side to expect a huge return.

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Ark just teamed with Doge and will allow this month ERC-Tokens to convert to their own blockchain. So no need for uniswap.
Myst has released a working DVPn and got listed on Bittrex
BSV is doing so many crazy things I'd need a book to write about it. They are shorted 84% When it pops it could be biblical. For now it's stable coin.
Waves is taking over Africa as pee-to-peer cash
MLN is THE crypto mutual fund in Europe. Swiss law just changed to make this available for retirement accounts. it will BOOM.
Sys is just about to finally connect all blockchains

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Can someone explain something to me regarding crypto please - I’m a stocks guy. I don’t work in IT or have much idea about computing.

Can anyone tell me why these smaller coins are VALUABLE and traded as if they will be? I can understand the use case for Bitcoin, as having overall value. You pay people with it, it has a value, fine. What about all the others?

What I can’t understand is why all these other coins with cringe names have value or why anyone would ever use them.
From the “Polkadot” website: “the dot token serves three purposes: governance, staking and bonding”.

Right...so I can “vote” using my tokens about changes to the protocol. The other stuff I don’t understand. Please tell me why anyone would ever spend real money to accumulate “”””DOTs”””””?

Seems like a zoomer meme, one that you’re all getting rich from so well done, but still a meme.

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Most of them are JUST like stocks. You're buying into a project, the coin is like their stock. Some, just like in the stock market, are also PURE speculation, like those silicon valley companies that are worth millions until they fail to sell to facebook and become WORTHLESS overnight.

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SNX/LINK/GRT/UNI even split

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Everything is about to become tokenized and I mean everything. This just happened and other countries will follow suit.

The infrastructure around that and the decentralization of that is what most of the coins are going for.
That is all scattered within 1000s of memecoins.

There is also the peer-to-peer digital cash space where coins become Instant, Trustless and use no third party like a bank or treasury department.

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Already got some GRT, Link and UNI, link seems to be dipping a bit rn, so I'm waiting to see if it goes a bit lower, then I'l probably buy a few more hundred dollars of it.

You're the second person to suggest SNX, what do you think is eoy for it?

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How to avoid eth gas fees and buy rubic

USDT > Transfer to Probit through TRON blockchain > buy RBC in USDT on PROBIT

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LIT pumping rn



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Can you explain what you mean by tokenised, as if you were talking to your dad about it?

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You'd have to wait a couple months for that imo, a more conservative guess would be about $4.58 USD, basing it from the marketcap of 1inch from a couple days ago before the pump

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So the idea for some of these is to be picked up by a big company and become the de-facto infrastructure/currency for that company?

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Invest in Stellar. It is getting pumped tonight! Made it rain and now time to buy XLM!

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For some, yes, others are the coins of individual exchanges, like UNI or BNC, and the company is built around it. XRP was being used by banks for overseas transactions, ETH is used for company contract fulfillment, BAT helps forward ad revenue to consumers and has integration with the online content creation community and things like twitch, etc.
Crypto is all about use cases, not all of them virtually depend on a single company, but most of the ones with proper projects behind them do.

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BAT is almost a stablecoin at this point it's not worth it. LINK and ADA, pump it. ZRX for the long run

stay away from MCeeDee

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I like BAT because I see the value in it, I graduated in marketing and I'm deeply involved with online content creation, so it appeals to me. I put a couple hundred dollars on it for that, but I'm not expecting much. It'll make more return than leaving the money in the bank, at least.

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They put a house on a token, and sell the house. You buy the token, you own the house.
You goto court and sue someone. You can't pay the lawyers so you tokenize the lawyer fees and sell them to pay the lawyer. When you win the case and get a million dollars settlement, a portion goes to each token.
You want to buy shares of Tesla without going on an exchange because you live in Blovia. You buy the tokenized version with doge coin on an international decentralized exchange.. etc etc..
Millions of cases of how everything will end up on the blockchain.

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i get your point, but i think brave should make a move for the advertisers to get in the game

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Thank you, starting to get my head round it.

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Maybe like 5$? It's a long term hold.

The coin has deflation by design, causing supply to drop and prices to increase.

Furthermore you can stake your coins to earn more. This means people will stake their coins, further decreasing circulating supply.

All this will lead to supply to drop and prices to rise. Higher prices will cause more demand. Rinse and repeat

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Isn’t this going to kill hundreds of industries and millions of jobs? To use your examples, pretty much anyone involved in contracts? Real estate, lawyers, etc?

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No, those contracts still need to be negotiated, it's the fulfillment of the transaction that is affected. This doesn't kill those industries any more than the automation of stock purchases killed the job of stock broker.

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This makes sense, thank you.

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Iota is unironically a couple months away from a massive run

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Just bought $500 in rubic.

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REEF unironically

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Got 1k in it.

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ALGO and/or ADA if you actually want to invest in a coin that has real utility and not some coin that exists purely for speculation

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>1B mcap

How do i know it hasn't been overbought already


Sure these coins look solid af, but seems like one is too late for the party if you buy them know

>> No.27841719

you did a good sell attempt anon

>> No.27842182

Isn't it a dead cat by now?

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PROBIT NIGGER use ripple to withdraw gains for free too

>> No.27842711

Basically did 20k in ADA 4 days ago. Haven't regretted it yet. Slow and steady wins the race.

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Good coin, low fees when transfering from binance to exodus idk it has an organic grow and pretty Much

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I'm not concerned with petty tokenomics. I look for projects that're well designed, have talented teams, and are built for the long run. These are the projects that filter to the top, and these are the ones that'll have true value in the long term. ALGO checks all the boxes. It's has solved the blockchain trilemma. It's basically ETH 2.0, except it's a finished product. It'd be wise to buy now while it's still under $1.

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Forget crypto OCGN just released a covid vaccine for india.... expect 400% return

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Question: I have some algo on Exodus, with a 7.5% apy, is that only for exodus or do I get that apy in any wallet? Because otherwise I might want to transfer to exodus

>> No.27843583

Also same question about the apy to you two:
About ADA. I have like $200 in exodus and now 2K in binance, and I might buy some more.

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Anyone to answer this?

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Honestly just do BTC and ETH and forget about this shithole

>> No.27846169

thats literally how you tell its valuable anon

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Ignore all the shitcoin shillers. The 4 I listed may not moon 200% in a week but you can guarantee they'll still exist in 3 years time unlike the pajeet coins in this thread that will be dead by next month.

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Are the gas prices the same for buying and cashing out?

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Yeah I heard that before

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>BTC, ETH mainnet, ADA mainnet
this guy gets it.

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Why do you even diversify so much when you have so little capital. Just go all in on Link or something

>> No.27848506

unironically RBC

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Because that increases my chances of getting into a x10 or more, which would be the same as going all in and doubling my capital, with only 1/10th of my investment.

>> No.27849990

invest in a real business and not some shitcoins anon