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TOSA Finance

3 days old coin, will make Bao useless shit. Development on top. 2% of fees distributed among holders.

Pink Wojacks when you’ll miss this

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Bought 15B for 60 bucks, let's see how far this rocket goes.

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how is it diffrent from bao tho

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Just get mcdonald’s coin

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Shitcoin rugpull.

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Show me you hands, I suppose you’re a nigger

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Yeah, just like Bao, milk2, shake retard

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More like solid investment in 2 sides :
>2% profit from transactions distributed (your coins grow alone nigger)
>3 days old and price low

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Fuck it, I'll give it a try, how to buy?

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I used uniswap and metamask.
basically from my eth wallet to metamask, link metamask to uniswap and have fun mooning

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Care to do a tutorail? I'm a newfag to crypto tokens

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Contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0x3a6fe4c752eb8d571a660a776be4003d619c30a3

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When I get home from work why not, posting on mobile

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I want to be in the next moon rocket guys.
Wtf is Tosa and how do I get on board?

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