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Why are link pumps so pathetic recently?

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its the chinese

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Found your problem

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well anon, check the price exactly 1 month ago. it was about 13 dollars then. its doubled in price in 1 month. id say thats pretty good.

furthermore, imo, its undervalued against bitcoin by a lot. chainlink hit 19 or 20 dollars when bitcoin was crabbing around 10-12K. bitcoins value is about 4x since link's summer rally last year, so theoretically even if bitcoin were to dump back down to 10K tomorrow, chainlink still has business being around $20. will link also 3-4x in value in order to catch up to its value against bitcoin? doesn't have to. but it could if alt season got insane

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>well anon, check the price exactly 1 month ago. it was about 13 dollars then. its doubled in price in 1 month. id say thats pretty good.
shut the fuck up cunt aave did a 5x in the same time link did to get up to previous ATH lmfao

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>price of link EOQ1 2020: 1.49
>price of link EOQ1 2021: 26$+
man these 25x's are so shit
at this rate I'll have to wait an entire year to be a multi-millionaire!

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This isn’t the pump yet. You have no idea how hard it is to get this shit in bulk. It’s to the point where the price is irrelevant and order book depth is the big factor.
You have no idea what’s coming lol

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Been over this already in other threads. These fuckheads have lost their minds to cope. LINK has been easily the biggest piece of shit in the entire space. I fuckin hate that I chose this piece of shit 3 years ago versus just about any other remotely promising project. Fact is LINK ain't shit without staking and the breadcrumbs people are clinging to are increasingly more bullshit, like the github number or sergey literally tweeting the word "staking" while making an academic point. I can't believe I'm saying this but the FUD has memed itself into reality. It's pure delusion at the moment.

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Biggest piece of shit during the bullrun*

We're running out of time. The lights are green and we aren't moving

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>in bulk
how much are we talking? Few 100k, millions?

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Pretty much. I sold half my link for SNX/AAVE/UNI and some other low-midcap shitcoins two months ago and ive never been happier

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it's a top 7 coin wtf is it gonna do?

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Tell us more

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Pic is order book depth from CoinGecko. Spending 2m on any exchange instantly changes the price by >2%. That’s a lot when you need >70k to operate larger nodes. A few of the companies in China my firm works for need a lot of link for BSN. While it’s not a new integration, it just hit mainnet and there are companies that -really- want to run a node. They don’t give me specifics I’m not a big shot. This is what little info I have.

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you forgot the pic you dingus

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Forgot to attach pic

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>A few of the companies in China my firm works for need a lot of link for BSN
cute larp

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You don’t need to believe me I’m not going to dox myself to prove to you.

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So why aren’t the bugs buying right now?

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because sergay betrays

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okay i boughted more

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link doesn't follow the market. you guys are so fucking retarded, you don't deserve this token and the absurd gains that come (and will continue to come) with it.

read this how many times you want:
link will be bigger than all chains and dapps combined.
link is the infrastructure. link is the framework.link is bigger than blockchain and crypto itself.

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Suuuuuuure. We say this every year. Nobody is impressed at this point. Look at aave loook at rubic

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The partner that deals with the bugs is also a bug and a fag. I also know that staked.us got told to shut the fuck up about staking dates because they estimated it early twice

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>You have no idea what’s coming
if they refuse to buy because the order book is thin nothing is gonna come since the biggest players are not selling so it will continue to be thin

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Link is going to crater when it nears 100. That's the real sell point for 2017 neets. They conditioned hordes of future bagholders into believing the 1k meme so that they can cash out and dump their bags on these Q anon tier/gme reddit link cultists.

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So shit like AAVE is pumping because you have faggots like Mark Cuban tweeting about it. While LINK has definitely gotten more awareness in the last 12 months, it’s still not quite there yet in terms of penetrating the normie sphere. It’s really crazy to me that it’s still taking this long for retards to notice Chainlink. I’m scared it’s just going to completely fly under the radar this bull run and we’ll be lucky to get a 3x from here.

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We RUBIChads are laughing at you linkies, your pumps weak af

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>Link is going to crater when it nears 100. That's the real sell point for 2017 neets.
no lol I know a lot of people from 2017 that is not going to sell at $100 not even 1 link

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You can include me in that group.

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something went wrong bros
could have bought any other defi coin and got a 10x
or even a dinosaur coin like ada which was 7 cents when link was 13$
now ada is 50 cents

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I bought 3000 LINK in 2018 for $1000
I will not sell a single LINK until it's $1000, at which point I will sell 1 (one) LINK to recover my initial investment.
The other 2999 I will not sell until it's $81,000 per LINK at EOY 2025

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>new ath for no apparent reason

It's like you don't even know how to fud

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My linkies stay, have been, and will remain, stinky.

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Hey, at least you guys had Dave Portnoy talk about your cute little token. That's something, isn't it?

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What the fuck bros how is CZ allowed to do this?

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That's mostly just due to link getting dragged up by BTC/ETH finally moving. If you look at something like LINK/BTC, it's only just now finally starting to bounce back toward the trendline.

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I had low buy orders on ADA/BTC instead of LINK/BTC

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This shit is why leverage trading is completely suicidal. Fuck CZ and his scam wicks

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Lol you retards only check the price of link and it shows. Nobody cares about ath. Where is the price discovery...

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Right, they're safe in CZ's pocket. Fucking chink.
Here's finex for comparison, no flash dumps or anything.

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Do we get these cool robes and eat bug with Klaus when we get 10k linkies?

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prepare for the rug pull retard

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That's a load of utter shite. Why would anyone who'd held Link for 3 years and knows where it's going sell at $100?
Mate, you need to up your fud, that was terrible, honestly.

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It's frustrating as fuck every dollar amount we go up, we have to punch past yet another insurmountable sell wall. LINK languishing during Q4 has led to a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy where everyone is so cynical and swings/shorts the fuck out of link at every dollar interval. It's annoying as shit how these faggots can't just let link fucking move. Complete dogshit zombiecoins get pumps and link crabs or dumps, frustrating as shit.

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Funniest part is newfags will actually fall for this and sell their linkies lmao.

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because it never dumps

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stinky linky always dumping

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explain this meme to me

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>$25 is a fud now

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another 500K link dumped 4hours ago

prepare for 1M more

this shit will dump to 22-24 again ffs

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Lol, went up $1 and is currently dumping extremely hard. Like pottery

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Cope. Normies who bought ada nano and other plebbit tier shitcoins are rapidly becoming un priced out of chainlink.

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And that's a good thing. Anyone have a cap of that post where anon said him and his whale friends were trying to suppress the price?

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Anyone else just champing at the bit to sell this bucket of fucking sludge and fuck off into literally any other top 100 project?

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Clearly you think it's better for powerful interests to sweep up Link at low prices, than your fellow man.
I don't understand that mentality. You're effectively doing the bidding of greedy corporations who, when the penny drops, will move in very quickly. I think that's a pretty piss-poor show, anon. But you carry on.

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The entire fucking market is trying to suppress the price. Shit like AAVE and UNI mooning completely retarded are pied pipers trying to shake you out.

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this is all because of sergey. he realized that if he let bubbles form his scam would be over. why do you think the increased dumps all coincided with local tops in chainlink price. 500k a week since july 2019. doubled it sometime mid 2020. now tripled it. im not saying the product is a scam but sergey is a shithead that doesnt give a shit about token holders. hasnt even answered anyones questions.

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get back to me when we break the LINK/BTC ath

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>brainlets complaining about a 18,000% increase
This thread is absolutely bullish.

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This is exactly the sort of bullshit I'm just sick of hearing. Do you know how much of a retard you sound? It's a market-wide suppression conspiracy and not just the fact this project just doesn't have the legs (or any basis for much more of a pump without staking which is evidently nowhere in sight)? Come on, man. These preposterous threads of conspiracy and inference have become just simply ridiculous. Surely you're running out of steam with this nonsense

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if supposedly most of the whales are 4chan guys, what does it serve them to supress the price unless they have so much they just wanna sell some of their stack?

also what does it serve sergey to dump 1.5M Link every week (thats around 150 million usd per month)

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>Come on, man.
Hi, Joseph, sniffed any children recently?

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Cunt it's a fucking disgrace. We're running out of time

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Cz needed liquidity

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Because he is destroying the competition by doing so.
I can't be bothered explaining why because you don't deserve to be rich.
Just know that every time he sells some Chainlink his competitors get justed.

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because link is actually good?

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Because pic related.

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Hi Bungus you complete fucking retard, shit on any walls recently?

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>I can't be bothered explaining why because you don't deserve to be rich.

kek ok edgelord

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Simply market selling too.

>> No.27820330

this coin is literally putting food on my table. sorry that you only have 5 of them, some of us accumulated years ago.

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I don't want any retarded celebs talking about link, it's a stable earner that out performs everything in the longer term, keep your tweets to yourself

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My dad works for Nintendo & he said they're looking into running a node too

>> No.27820603

Klaus has no plans to eat bugs

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Lol, linkies aggressively fudded their own investment for three years and harass anyone prominent who talks about link and make them hate you

hahahahaha, you faggots deserve it, see you at triple digit link - maybe in 2025

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Lmao you can market sell 5M link. Try that with your shitcoins and see what happens to the price.

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LINK bled for 5 fucking months during a bull market you absolute retard.

>> No.27821214

Good fuck normies.
They had 3 years.

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My dad works for McDonalds & he said they're looking into running a node too

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What time frame is best when watching charts?

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how are we "running out of time"

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Fuck you and them. While you were jerking off and playing XBOX some of us were scraping by and buying LINK.

Oatmeal bro deserves to make it not fucking normies.

That’s my only solace in seeing random shit pump. Any idiots holding it are no different than a lottery winner. They will bungle it up and be broke before long.

They do not know strife and perseverance and faith and fervency.

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Trust the plan
$1k Eoy
Diamond hands HODL
4th industrial revolution
Follow the white rabbit

L(ink) Anon.

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They are not pumps. They are healthy and sustainable growth.

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Yeah and now it's back
After all the bitching and moaning that it will never go above 19$... never selling faggot

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Need me to spell that one out for you, pleb? Not surprised. We're months into this bullrun. How long do you think they last? Were you here in 2017? Do you know the kind of reckoning we are in for once the music stops? The window of opportunity to set crazy highs while sentiment is manic and there are record high levels of MC up for grabs is rapidly closing. LINK has been outperformed by just about everything for a sustained period of time now. These market runs come about once every few years and you can expect them to scale down in future as the market matures. If that js not capitalised on, you will see LINK at prices that will make you cry blood. LINK performed well through a bear market and that was always admirable, but it has performed astonishingly poorly through this bullrun to the point that you can just about throw a dart at coingecko and expect to hit a project with returns that compete with or eclipse LINK's over a much shorter timeframe. You are totally blind. Everything is relative.

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There hasn't been a reason for this pump other than
>overall market sentiment is bullish
>IRISnet / BSN rumbling in China

This shits gonna be thirty fucking dollars before staking gets announced. When we are crabbing at $50, $75, $100, the threads about how Link is doing nothing while the market pumps will still be posted every day. Trannies will still ring the stinky linky fud bell. The best thing to do is ignore all of this, honestly gtfo of here and go prepare your life for increased wealth.

You're just gonna be an inert degen. BULWARK YOUR MIND AND SPIRIT NOW.

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You clearly weren't here in the last 3 years because link performs well during bear markets.

>> No.27823053

Link could moon separately though. It could happen in the fall again.

>> No.27823211

And what besides blind faith are you basing this pie in the sky staking shit on? Sergey tweeting the word "staking"? Github at 0.9.10? (Lol i remember thr hype at 0.9.9) did you watch smart contract summit whatever the fuck it was called last year in September? Literally everyone avoided the question and the general sense was that complex staking was nowhere close to ready. There are only uninformed idiots left in biz. This place is fuckin hopeless

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Yeah it's back in $ while it's behind BTC and ETH and all the other DeFi shitcoins. I'm all in LINK since 2018 you dumb nigger. This shit is absolutely pathetic and I know the moment I sell a bit to try get more gainz on the DeFi mooncoins is the moment LINK pumps 100% and the DeFi shit all bleeds down. Literal niggers and pajeets made 10x with Rubic in a 2 weeks.

>> No.27823463

>There are only uninformed idiots left in biz. This place is fuckin hopeless

You're referring to yourself. Projecting + gaslighting, classic midwit.

>> No.27823513

And you clearly can't read you borderline vegetable.

Do you understand market cycles? Link "mooned" before this market cycle kicked off. It will not "moon" when this market cycle (bullrun) is over and the bubble pops and alts retrace 80-90%. Get real.

>> No.27823519

Link's entire point is that its not correlated to the rest of the market
How fucking new are you its literally why we shill it so hard

>> No.27823597


They will lose it all dude I felt the same way you did until I realized that.

They will ape their gains into the next scam and get rug pulled they’ll never actually make it.

>> No.27823766

its literally near ath you colossal retard

>> No.27823772

Great one man. Want to go for dunning kruger effect too to cover off all the other boilerplate high school comebacks because you are too retarded to make a counterpoint?

And that's your justification to hold this when everything else gives you better returns?

>> No.27823773

>Do you understand market cycles? Link "mooned" before this market cycle kicked off. It will not "moon" when this market cycle (bullrun) is over and the bubble pops and alts retrace 80-90%. Get real.

The only redemption for your posts in this thread would be if you were a cheeky 15 year old, but I have a feeling you are an (adult) loser.

>> No.27824071

Is link still going to 10x from here bros? If so, how long from now?

>> No.27824070

This is correct, I remember hearing that Ari was brought back as chief scientist pricisely to work on staking - ie: they're still struggling with it

>> No.27824168

Are you mad at anons who held Link for three years because you were too weak? I don't understand why you're mad.

You're crying because link didn't 10x in the past week? Well go put your intellect to work somewhere else then. Maybe you just enjoy being a little bitch? Maybe you can explain T-sigs, off-chain computing, zk-rollups, DECO, and Town Crier to us while you're here just to make sure we all KNOW for certain what SCAM Link is.

>> No.27824203

You've replied to me twice now and both times have had nothing of substance, nothing about link, no refutation of anything I've said. You can sit there and sling shit all you want at me but you have not addressed anything that's been said here or any of the other million threads that have spelled this stuff out for you idiots. LINK has underperformed and all there is in response is that it's CZ or the consortium of anti-link whales conspiring to suppress the price. What reason would i have to be being cheeky or anything else? Facts speak for themselves dickhead. Talk about the topic or fuck off elsewhere

>> No.27824360

You're not saying anything, anon.

>> No.27824442

Dickhead, I've held for 3 years already as i already said. I have read all there is to read about link. It's practically been my life for 3 years now. I'm just able to see reality for what it is. I'm able to see other established lower risk coins outperform link in shorter periods of time. Nice job namedropping a bunch of basic shit - we're all really impressed.

>> No.27824558

There's another one. Still got nothing for me.

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do newfags fall for this? kek

>> No.27824766

Yeah? So you've been holding for three years what exactly? 1000 linkies? And now you're here to piss, shit and cry? Because you thought it would be $1k EOY?

Do you enjoy playing with your poopoo, or are you just unaware that's exactly what you're doing?

>> No.27824850

I don’t get why people are disagreeing so much. The amount of cope is crazy. During the bear market the sentiment was always “imagine how hard we moon once we get to the next bull market”... well here we are and it fucking sucks. We’ve barely managed to go past ATH while bullshit governance tokens have done a 10x.

>> No.27825099

And another one void of any substance and full of ad homs. I guarantee i own more link than you, have held longer than you, and have not sold or swung a single link the whole time. I'm just ready to come to terms with the fact that the ship has almost sailed for this market cycle and we are nowhere near close to what either you or i thought was possible for LINK. You are the one in denial, man. That's why your posts are so monstrously retarded and beside the point.

>> No.27825114

>tfw still up over 7000% from buy in
Really wish you stacklets with glasshands would just sell already, I'm tired of the whining and looking to accumulate.

>> No.27825128

bro ur gay

>> No.27825325

Just hit $27, here comes another dump because that’s just what LINK does. It’s just unbelievable to me that somehow as the price gets higher, each dollar is more hard fought. It makes absolutely no sense.

>> No.27825365

It is complete denial, anon. Just read the other retard's replies. They have nothing but drawn out conspiracies to explain this underperformance and real delusion to compel themselves to continue to hold (e.g. "staking right around the corner i can feel it! Look, sergey said 'staking'!!!!")

>> No.27825482


>> No.27825611

>you can just about throw a dart at coingecko and expect to hit a project with returns that compete with or eclipse LINK's over a much shorter timeframe.
Well said

>> No.27825657

Lmao that's a lot of cope. dozens of coins have completely eclipsed links entire roi since ico, and thay did it in less than a year. Some in 1 month.

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File: 416 KB, 1660x1234, link coffee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because the coin has to have the price of a cup of coffee to function. What where they thinking? lfmao

>> No.27825728

zoom out you incredible faggots no single asset has outperformed bitcoin on a statistically relevant timeframe with a superior sortino ratio as link has. it is quite literally the best performing asset

>> No.27825810

>I guarantee i own more link than you, have held longer than you, and have not sold or swung a single link the whole time.

You're an idiot and what you are doing is called navel gazing. Post screenshots, no one believes someone could be this salty over having hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank.
Tranny tier FUD. The first pull back of the bullrun was the retrace from 40k. There were about eight pullbacks in 2017. You midwits are so fucking retarded the only conclusion I can draw is that you're all faggots circle jerking on discord over your epicc 4chan posts.

>> No.27825816

I'm 100x on this coin. I have thousands of LINK.

How much money is enough for you guys?
These are already Elder god-tier returns compared to any other investment. The fuck.

You only need a few 30x-100x's to turn 100 dollars into millions. We see numbers like these all the time. Stop being so goddamn impatient.

>> No.27825867

I’m honestly having a pretty tough time coming to terms with this. I really had high expectations that we would have a genuinely big pump once he got into this cycle. But my gut is just telling me this isn’t quite right, we should have had way more action by now. I am very reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that we’ll be lucky to crack $40 and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to deal with that. I’m in the same boat, been all in since the beginning and haven’t sold a single LINK, but this is the first time I’ve genuinely had a sinking feeling in my heart.

>> No.27825880

It's going to be a big cup

>> No.27825950

LINK is just gonna ride with a slowly increasing ATH, the only price action outside of that are dumps and returning to ATH

>> No.27825954

>muh sortino ratio
Still getting absolutely mogged by literal food and meme coins in terms of roi

>> No.27825987
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Is it because we’re racist?

>> No.27826140

Ty. The bar for positive news now is just so low it's sad. The WEF paper was when i really started to worry because biz was so excited over what was obviously the biggest nothingburger since, what, smartcon? People are just clinging to hope and cope that went out of date in 2019.

>> No.27826218

>we're literally at the start of 2017
>retarded mongoloid is shitting himself because he's 'running out of time'

You'll sell on the first 30% correction anyway faggot.
Now fuck off.

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LINK has been a 42x for me so far.

Single greatest investment of my life. I won’t be giving it up for some weekass FUD.

>> No.27826397

Same feels here - all my hopes are pinned on at least $200 link, not even joking. I haven't accepted that it won't happen yet, but I'm worried now. I'll not sell and will just hold through another bear market if that's what it takes, but fuck it's starting to mess with my head and whole plans for the future

>> No.27826431

This cycle is the last cycle for exponential gains btw. Anyone who isn't a mouthbreather would have at least put up their link on aave and took out a loan to buy other DeFi shitcoins last year. If LINK moons, great if not I'm still comfy on my way to breach 7 figures very soon.

>> No.27826567

Then sell and leave us be.
Don't make a post crying about how you feel like murdering your wife and children and necking yourself after the inevitable pump, we'll only laugh.

>> No.27826565

because its a meme?
what the fuck is defi?
i bet none of you incels even use these "defi apps" chainlink "secures"

>> No.27826587

I’m really sick of this dumb argument. Don’t give me the “dude, just be happy with what you’ve got!” bullshit. This is fucking bullshit and you know damn well it is. Without Chainlink none of this DeFi bullshit exists. DeFi is the ONLY thing that has come out of this dumb fucking space that actually has any potential utility. Up until now crypto has just been all hype and speculation. But now we’re at the point where the infrastructure has been built to enable people to build products quickly. You’re telling me that you’re completely ok with the vital infrastructure that enables the only useful thing to come out of crypto since BTC to just be ignored? Instead everyone just keeps playing with pump and dump scams.

And I’m starting to get really impatient with the progress the team is actually making. We’re told that Chainlink Labs is 100+ people now, what the fuck are they all doing?

>> No.27826607

am I gonna make it with a 3k stack?

>> No.27826621

Yeah it's a tough pill to swallow, thankfully we have shining stars like you to guide us through the long, cold night. So where will you be investing the $250k you made from holding Link? I mean you made at *least* that much right? You're definitely not larping about holding link, since it is obvious you are very intelligent.

Or did you just hold that Link bag while watching small mcaps moon, and not being an instant millionaire traumatized you so badly that you vowed NEVER AGAIN, and out of pure altruism you're here now on post #16 in one thread trying to sound the alarms for all the poor deluded linkies?

Thanks for your concern anon... I'm blushing. Hard to believe there are still good guys like you out there to protect me from the bad internet money conspiracy. I just sold everything and bought NASDAQ bluechips.

>> No.27826645

Because it's a high-cap? LINK has done 100x from when /biz/ bought in 2017-2018.

>> No.27826729
File: 222 KB, 1080x1539, Screenshot_20210205-234645_Blockfolio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You midwits are so fucking retarded the only conclusion I can draw is that you're all faggots circle jerking on discord over your epicc 4chan posts
I love how you use the same trash arguments that you use to defend LINK's underperformance. Not just LINK's price that is being conspiratorially manipulated by a hidden cabal, but so is this thread and all the "FUD" within it? I'm not about to post anything too personal so that you can be satisfied that I'm a link holder but here is my blockfolio. Believe it, don't, i don't care. You're having a tantrum over basic observations because you're in denial. Namedropping shit doesn't actually constitute an argument (e.g. nav gazing, DECO, whatever other bullshit you just say to make it sound like you have a point)

>> No.27826793

The thing people don’t get is that while all these other coins can shoot up 400% or whatever none of them had the fundamentals to commit a large portion of your investment money into them. Nobody was dropping $10k to get into the ZRX pump because the risk was still too high despite the charts. Some guys might throw a few hundred into the next biz meme coin . People spent years accumulating Link and this shit really will make a bunch of guys millionaires. I hate myself that I thought my stack was enough and I didn’t just keep dumping money into what I’ve known from the beginning was a sure thing.

>> No.27826917

Sell, go buy a bunch of low mcaps. What the fuck is actually wrong with you?

>You're having a tantrum over basic observations because you're in denial. Namedropping shit doesn't actually constitute an argument (e.g. nav gazing, DECO, whatever other bullshit you just say to make it sound like you have a point)

What the fuck is wrong with you? Get off the PC you unbelievable faggot. People like you don't deserve money because you literally contribute nothing of value to humanity and your family probably hates you, lmfao

Go build something. Go do something for someone. You're truly pathetic.

>> No.27826972

You're a weird guy, man, and I hate to tell you but you are absolutely a slave to your own denial. Say what you like about me but you're the one pinning this whole "you're oh so smart" schtick on me while namedropping shit you read on cointelegraph. I'm the one coming to terms with reality. I hope you can do the same soon too. I don't actually wish you ill.

>> No.27826987

Long after rubic has come and gone (replaced by another astroturfed shitcoin) LINK will be facilitating, and acting as collateral for, contracts for various economic sectors who's market cap are in the trillions of dollars.

>> No.27827046
File: 68 KB, 2343x694, ONEANDAHALFMILLION.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek. these fucking losers should just dump it all in shitcoins and be a millionaire overnight. its kind of pathetic how they know 3837 shitcoins yet they aren't billionaires yet lol...

ah. i see now. you have a shit tier stack. thats why you're so impatient being such a fucking linklet. you're fudding because deep down you hate yourself for not accumulating over the span of AN ENTIRE 2 YEARS when link was sub 0.5c. you hate yourself that you still can't make it because you were too much of a pussy to go all in back in 2018 so you whine whine whine that you haven't made it yet since you had the BEST OPPORTUNITY OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AND ALL YOU HAVE TO SHOW FOR IT IS 6 FIGURE HELL AFTER A 14000% PUMP KEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

>> No.27827141

So why haven't you sold yet?
Come on pussy, sell the absolute shitcoin that is LINK and buy one of those countless moonshots that will outperform it then.
Why haven't you done it yet?

>> No.27827177

Also LMFAO at avg. linky cost of $1. Maybe if you weren't such a midwit you would have bought at .25c like a true retarded genius.

Looking forward to you bitching more though.

>> No.27827232
File: 911 KB, 740x900, 16260CD5-5D12-4591-90D1-4E7298B7E0D3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The thing is I’m really not sure if I have it in me to slug it out for another bear market. I was hoping to be able to make some real changes in my life after this cycle, I want to buy a home but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to now... it hurts.

>> No.27827270

See what i mean man? Your mind is in an unhealthy place. All i am is frustrated. You've essentially lost your mind. What exactly would you build with this money? As far as buying lowcaps, that is simply not my strat. LINK is essentially my only holding. That's how balls deep i am in this project. You can't just dismiss what I'm saying because I've lived this shit probably for a lot longer than you have.

>> No.27827299
File: 46 KB, 1015x618, 65FA486C-4315-4818-AE7D-DFDC807CF0CC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27827310

Because its no longer a small cap, anon, its not going to double every day like it did. If you want insane moves invest in small/microcap shit

>> No.27827340
File: 118 KB, 600x338, idoesn't matter who we are.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For you

>> No.27827347

Sell. Please. Post screenshots. Sell or everything you said in this thread is confirmation that you are a retarded faggot and a coward who is pissing and shitting the bed over the spoon feedings not being satisfactory. Go buy some ass cream and diapers.

>> No.27827394
File: 88 KB, 1080x809, A907DE43-EB0E-4825-9D45-3815D6C8844B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

also take a look at what CZ did to chainlink in March 2020
>pro-tip: he stole a million link for $100

>> No.27827430
File: 33 KB, 599x540, 81277d649f7df4a74b1ec81499121c86.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seethe more absolute poorfag

>> No.27827456

>bought in at 15 cents
>20000% (200x) my money
I don't see why I should be bothered?

>> No.27827573

>Also LMFAO at avg. linky cost of $1. Maybe if you weren't such a midwit you would have bought at .25c
Do you know what an average dollar cost means at all?

>> No.27827658

>Your mind is in an unhealthy place. All i am is frustrated. You've essentially lost your mind.
Hate to break it to you but I'm not the one REEEE'ing here.
> What exactly would you build with this money?
Sorry it must be hard to conceive of doing something you've never fucking done before.
>I've lived this shit probably for a lot longer than you have.
I bought on idex for under .50c. You bought because you fomo'd maybe a year later. And now you're here stinking up the board with your diaper shitting nonsense. Sell or shut the fuck up. Go look in the mirror and think about your actual life.

>> No.27827690

I'm sorry i have more money than you, anon. Post your address and I'll send you a few

>> No.27827719

You wouldn't believe how many people literally believe this.

>> No.27827726

yeah it means that you were too much of a dumbass to average it down below 0.5c

>> No.27827810

One more thing for you, king midwit diaper fag;

No amount of money is going to cure the mental illness you've revealed here. It's actually going to make it worse. I'll take my tongue out of my cheek as a gift to you - seek some help for your mental state.

>> No.27827820

Your posts truly are void of any substance or any legitimate response. And for that reason, I'm oot. Good luck anon

>> No.27827846
File: 23 KB, 258x245, 1602163139200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

being stuck in 6 figure hell after knowing about link for 4 years does not make you rich anon

>> No.27827853
File: 82 KB, 365x590, 02B5D55E-0FE0-410B-A7CC-7F9269E4481F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>b-but LINK isn't following BTC's bull run
LINK outperformed the entire crypto market during the last bear cycle.
But you wouldn't know that because you're a new.....you're from plebbit
>you need to go back.jpeg

>> No.27827989
File: 127 KB, 640x1280, 9080C32A-C981-4598-8D25-8D10E53F601F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love dumping link. It makes all your queers mad.

>> No.27828038

So it's not enough for an asset to gain in value greatly, it must also do it faster than other assets which we would have had no way of knowing about. Nigga you gay.

>> No.27828137
File: 103 KB, 500x546, 1602258241333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and he fucking leaves after i shut him the fuck down. if you have below 20k link never make posts again you fucking clown.

>> No.27828157

Haha this anon is a legend. Doing God's work.

>> No.27828161

Didn't say i was rich. I'm not the one under allusions. I've just clearly struck a nerve when i proved i have more link than deluded autismatron over there.

>> No.27828229

Bro it was downgraded to ERC10. It's over...

>> No.27828343

>REEEEEEEE Link is a shit coin pump and dump........
>REEEEE Link doesn't pump like (insert pajeet scam coin)

>> No.27828445

i had the exact same feeling as you when it was at 13$ so i understand where you're coming from. however, it rose 100% in 3 weeks, i don't think thats a loss either

>> No.27828523
File: 406 KB, 2000x1500, ybvoeurivoasvp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just think, some of us already made it. there are anons in this thread who bought link for pennies and never have to work another day of their life. pathetic pumps? dr:ns

>> No.27828546

Link is a blue chip. Less pump, less dump.

>> No.27828548

Same but what choice is there? Cash out & gamble on other things is one but I still believe in link and if it takes another 4 years, then id rather wait and it happens, than sell and mess it all up

>> No.27828667

The fact I can live as a NEET off of interest earned on my Link stack makes it a whole lot easier, but I'm not so pessimistic on Link's potential this year either.

>> No.27828908

Um because it’s true?

>> No.27828914

I used to think the same but then realised that staking gains are subject to income tax. Short story, you can discount 50% on your projected rewards

>> No.27828980
File: 59 KB, 897x672, B6327012-5049-492F-8A5C-73F397BB6533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gonna sound like a real faggot but part of what’s fucking with me right now is how “quiet” the Chainlink presence is on /biz/, it has gotten so much worse ever since the GameStop bullshit and the avalanche of newfags is really doing my head in. Knowing that I’m in the same boat as other linkies helped get me through the bear market. I won’t sell, and I won’t give up until we make it.

>> No.27829119

Taxes here are nowhere near that high until I hit a tax bracket where I'll be filthy rich anyway. My living expenses are below the tax exemption right now anyway.

We /stealthmode/'d once, we can do it again.

>> No.27829152

Why don't you see for yourself in the actual whitepaper: https://link.smartcontract.com/whitepaper

>> No.27829282

No, certainly not. Like i said, everything is relative, but that cuts both ways. We are in crypto. Better returns are not hard to find. Demoralisation at this juncture is inevitable and you're just nuts or low iq if you think that's uncalled for. Like you (i assume), i am/was a true believer. I, like you, obsessed over this project for years and know how far far away it is from its potential. It is just unfortunate that we all can be subject to tunnel vision sometimes and it can be useful to entertain those thoughts. As you've seen in this thread, some real shit floats to the surface when you do. We won't stay on our toes if we don't keep each other honest. It's okay to admit the past few months have been very shit and to reflect on that. To me that's just being responsible.

>> No.27829328

Its nice actually, our chips were placed years ago now its just watching time pass and not getting spammed with nico posters

>> No.27829375

you sure you're talking about income tax? Sounds nice, what country? I'm unironically thinking of moving and live of passive link income

>> No.27829423

>ship has almost sailed for this market cycle
>Beginning of February for a year-long golden bull

>> No.27829647

oh no dear,,, we still diarrhea mode

>> No.27829718

naw link always dumps in the winter. it pumped to 4.5 then bled down to 1.8 in 2019. Now in 2020 it went from 20$ back down to 11.8$ at the end of 2020. it'll always pump in July just resign yourself to the fact staking wont be out this year

>> No.27829728
File: 7 KB, 373x230, 2021-02-05 16_17_47-Window.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm in the UK. 0% rate up to £12.5k, scales progressively from there. Does get bullshit once you hit £50k. I'm not advising you move to the UK though.

>> No.27829733

Same I'm a neet for a while now too so it's not a complete disaster. But depending another 4 years glued to this shithole everyday is a rather alarming possibility
I know what you're saying, it's weird for sure to see no link threads when it's about to hit another ath & the ones that are up, to get only a few replies. But some other anon said it, that's more bullish than anything, biz has been invaded by literally thousands of new fags & normies who have no clue & who probably won't stay. I don't mind that there are so few threads, it's the lack of significant price action despite what for literally any other project would be massive news thats getting to me

>> No.27829816

hey you fucking pussy ass bitch, quit with your fucking whining. I outrank you with a 104k stack so stfu and respect the pecking order in the link marines.

>> No.27830049

yeah but they have no way to enforce it. i have 56k link i bought. with staking i ll get a couple hundred a month. Im still declaring capital gains income on all my cashouts sinnce its a lower tax rate and its impossible to enforce what portion of my stack (stake or boiught) is being taken out

>> No.27830155

You're embarrassing

>> No.27830191


>> No.27830239

Wait a minute, you're planning to live with less than 12k annually??? Lol I'm French and we have kind of the same bracket. Won't stop working before I secure at least 100k/year though. What's your current salary bro? Do you live at your parents place (not hating just curious)?

>> No.27830466

>just resign yourself to the fact staking wont be out this year
Well that's a refreshing point of agreement because believe me I long ago let go of that hope. As far as your point on price movements, i would again say consider the market cycle. Hate to say it, but at least until staking (which as you said we can put out of mind for this year) we are highly dependent on the market remaining superbullish to achieve those triple figure values this shit deserves. In fact, all upward movement lately has been LINK trying to stay in-step with the market. There's nothing to be done when the market inevitably shits the bed because you ought to know the kind of retracements that happen then and the marketwide reset that follows.

>> No.27830564

My living expenses are about £11k/year, currently finishing a PhD but having a hard time finding jobs because of corona. I'm fine with living frugally, not living with my parents though. I've got at least two years of savings before I'd have to touch my Link stack though.

>> No.27830590

Elaborate mang

>> No.27830641

If it's like in France, guess this can work untill you start making serious money. When they start seeing big cash outs every month they'll probably have a few red flags switch up

>> No.27830960

you wrote an essay in a basket weaving forum I did not read what you had to say but thats probably why its embarrassing

>> No.27830971
File: 412 KB, 1202x852, cofee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27831012

>25 posts by this ID
Neck yourself faggot NEVER SELLING

>> No.27831059

Oh OK I see, you're still in uni. I was the same. But believe me once you start working and making more money and having a wife and kids you'll start wanting more. But maybe you're not interested in all of this. Anyway good luck anon, hope you'll make it.

>> No.27831115

lmao you still try to get rewards with this shit that they make /biz/ thread
lol don’t be an idiot so much best coins now
make profit with xsn staking and thank me

>> No.27831251

it stilll doesnt make any sense. i have 56k link. lets say i earned 300 link this month. theres nothing stopping me from declaring im cashing out my original 56k link investment over the business income of 300 link. you cannnot enforce it and any country that does is a shithole

>> No.27831309

wow great argument, you are certainly an intellectual powerhouse for noticing an anon posted more than 24 times in a thread. thanks just bought 100k

>> No.27831401

suck my dick nigger

>> No.27831416

>chose a literal market crash as his point of reference
Seems desperate lad

>> No.27831506


>> No.27831515

oh look it pumped and now it dumped back to under $26. Great job! Meanwhile rest of the market is up 50%+

if you hold this shit you are a fucking moron

>> No.27831723

>not loading bags during market crash
seems pretty dumb

>> No.27831791

Samefagging to fud the best asset in the whole market. Silly nigger you don't understand delayed gratification like me, because I edge every day for at least 3 hours and then walk away from the porn without even cumming. You will never be as resistant to instant gratification as me.

>> No.27831847

Unironically, first World countries have the best tax enforcers (not sure if correct word). I guess it will work at first, but at some point they'll start hearing about all these neets living from passive income and ask coinbase or linkpool or they'll hire a nerd and say please give us a list and yeah, you know how it ends.

>> No.27831871

>other shitcoins pumps more (and crashes harder but i'll forget to mention that) boohoo :(((((((
the absolute state. try harder faggets
never selling

>> No.27831928


>> No.27832067
File: 315 KB, 634x571, 1608312883830.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>$26 cup of coffee

>> No.27832090

No you need to check the updated whitepaper. It’s on page 63

>> No.27832103

>Samefagging to fud the best asset in the whole market.
fundimentally yes link is the best asset in the space. but make no mistake, its no longer the best performing alt. enjoy clinging to your bags maybe link will get to 50 bucks when eth is 10k and btc is 200k

>> No.27832105

Lol what. While those credentials truly are impressive, I am not samefagging. I've been fighting my own battle for hours while watching south park. The opposition in this thread has been as disappointing as LINK's performance.

>> No.27832115

>almost under $26

say goodbye

>> No.27832177

link it

>> No.27832200

100% agree with all of your posts. we've been waiting over 3 years for this bull run and link has shit its pants. im guessing 2-3 more weeks before the crash taking link back to $9 briefly and to crab in a range for another year or so
just be happy we made some gains i suppose, take some profit and go buy a house or sit in cash and wait for the bear market

>> No.27832251
File: 2.53 MB, 368x349, 5BE1C88D-BDCB-48CA-AF94-46C8F3DBE937.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27832591

>im guessing 2-3 more weeks before the crash
nice 'guess' faggot. Did you pull that out of your ass or did someone tell you that was the line to repeat to scare us into selling our linkies?

>> No.27832717

This, some deluded fucking tards in here thinking this doesn't tank to at least sub $12 when the marketwide shitcoin apocalypse happens

But yeah just HODL xd

>> No.27832721

How dumb can you be to already realize you are holding a shit as if your own progeny at the same time you saw better opportunities in the market? Dont tell me you only getting this retarded after seeing the result of other projects because you were unable to speculate the market?

>> No.27833052

>Thinking the bullrun ends after just a couple months
This is the run that doesn't pop, don't you get it? BTC will cling to 6 figs and continue growing. DeFi has 30x'd in less than a year, with increased interest in abadoning CeFi. If you are so unhappy with link's returns this market so far, why don't you park it in something that automatically nets 6% APR on top of the gains from the coin itself going up? I see right through you fudders. I've gone from 4k in 2018 to 430k now, I don't give a fuck about what other projects are doing because I already have my stack and I will never sell. Every c2c txn is taxable in burgerland so good luck chasing pumps from other projects by selling link and rebuying another project just to sell back for link.

>> No.27833161

>OGs getting frustrated with LINKs slowness
Being a nulinker is kinda comfy. I’ve only been holding for 9 months and plan on holding for another 5 years or so. I got nothing but patience

>> No.27833258

This kindve stuff is bullshit. Want a ton of link? Create a buy wall at a specific price and just accumulate. Its easy.

>> No.27833284

By that time Link will lose its first mover advantage. And that's the absolute best case scenario.

>> No.27833352

Don’t care

>> No.27833439

I think we're headed much lower than $9, just maybe not for very long.

>> No.27833501

That's bad for the price of Link, anon.

>> No.27833656

>this is your average LINK "investor"


>> No.27833764

How is it hard to accumulate and how can you say the biggest players aren't selling when Sergey is dumping fucking 1.5 million a week?

I'm not fudding the project or Sergey dumping as it was in the white paper but come on. It's not mooning because a 35 million dollar bomb is dropped on it every fucking week. Don't get me wrong it's bullish as fuck that it can sustain this dumping and still pump, nothing other than BTC or ETH would stand a chance. But to say there's no tokens available and nobody is selling is a laugh.

Also I noticed he sells in like 40 token batches on Uniswap. WTF. Why is he not dumping on Binance? He's totally pissing away 3 Link on every single transaction in gas fees, not to mention adding extra stress on the ETH network when it can't take anymore.

>> No.27833803


>> No.27833928

>he didnt swap LINK for BNT


>> No.27834227

sell then u fucking faggot. pussies said the same shit the entire summer of 2017 about eth

>> No.27834512

imagine convincing yourself that the powers that be would choose a Russian oracle. no russia. no china. it's really that simple. YOU JUST KNOW link has NOTHING on any competition besides a first mover advantage and a decent price right now. NOTHING. look at the other oracle projects, their partnerships, and teams and if you still are coping enough to convince yourself link is the one you don't deserve to make it.

>> No.27834658
File: 67 KB, 1024x962, 1585254897604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>26 usd stablecoin

>> No.27834684

Wow people in the top 1000 wallets are selling. I jumped 40 spots in the last month.

>> No.27835186

literally dumping right now

>> No.27835632 [DELETED] 

bao finances referalink


I know you can't beg but I don't have potion :(

>> No.27836021

Loving the fud in this thread, anyone who knows anything right now knows dump to $9 is literally not happening. Sorry you swingies got cucked, time to buy the rope. Link unironically will be 60-200 at its local top before next consolidation of a few months, before the final cycle where it’ll go 300-1200. Keep waiting for single digit link again though kek. Between the $20 aths points, link was under $10 for about 4% of the total period of 5 months. Link is a double digit coin now faggots, it ain’t going back

>> No.27836225

Bullshit, I’ve been in the same spot for the past 4 weeks in the top 1k. My spots yoyoed maybe 5 spots the whole time
>t. 2017 35k Link oldfag

>> No.27836519

>before the final cycle where it’ll go 300-120
Is it happening this year?

>> No.27836600

Traded all my Link for ETH a few days ago
Not one regret, I'm actually making gains now.

>> No.27836729

Unironically not hitting your targets if staking isn't released.

>> No.27837225

I moved from 950 to almost 900

>> No.27837280

Rory made a public post on LinkedIn asking for an expert consultant to prepare a business to grow a team to 500 employees.

Does this sound like
A) A project who is just bumbling along
B) A project is is making sure to dot their i's and cross their t's before going full send with enterprise monopoly.

Hint: there are only 18k businesses in the US out of 27,000,000 that have 500+ employees.

CL Labs is creating a monopolistic environment for decentralized enterprise grade data. You can't just do a "Beta" version of this. They have one shot, and they are going to make sure it's perfect. Patience.

>> No.27837591

Some1 explain this


>> No.27837624

Where's the site that you can see more? Etherscan only shows the top 1000, I'm a 9,800 LINK poorfag and want to see where I'm at, and see which one of you is lying.

>> No.27838464


>> No.27838892

nothing to do with link obviously. Please up the meds, pal

>> No.27839264


>> No.27839437
File: 908 KB, 900x841, 1606864844669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

5th anal resolution
-powered by Chainlink

>> No.27839658

wow, there's less than 3200 wallets with more than 10k.

>> No.27839847

Wtf? Legit not lying when I say I watch the rank on a weekly basis and have been in the same spot for literally 3 months at this point. Give or take 5-10 spots. Did you accumulate any more?
Yup but I’m betting it will

>> No.27840332

But what do they need these 500 employees for?
To solve complex problems usually it's better to have a smaller number of competent people work on it than to add headcounts and think it will make the project go faster.
Increasing the company size means it will reduce the overall quality of the future product while also greatly slowing down the current development speed for the time it takes to organize the new company structure and train the new devs.

>> No.27840576

Arbitrum should have a positive effect on the Chainlink network size.

>> No.27840782
File: 2 KB, 104x125, 1612189419534s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Market cap in the billions and a billion tokens.

>> No.27841736


>> No.27842048

It pumps once a year or so.

>> No.27842187

>But what do they need these 500 employees for?
>To solve complex problems usually it's better to have a smaller number of competent people work on it than to add headcounts and think it will make the project go faster.
I've been thinking about this too, but I'm sure Sergey knows what he is doing

>> No.27842266

are you kidding? no one is this fucking retarded right?

>> No.27842408


A lot of people have their Links in Binance which is one of the top wallets. Rank distribution should be approximately the same but individual wallets should be more if we divide binance wallet and other exchanges.

>> No.27842476

yeah, when i say final cycle i dont mean links final cycle ever kek obviously, i mean its final cycle during this bull year before it prob reverts back to where the trend line would put it of somewhere between 50-100ish eoy and possibly goes through bear market movements post final cycle mania / bubble hype