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McDonalds coin.
1 MCDC = 1 Big Mac EOM

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>missed BTC
>missed LINK
>missed RUBIC
>missed shiba

If you dont hold 20k of this then youll be looking for a rope in the next few days

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Based. Store manager here

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CEO here guys, McCheers

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CEO here, 100k suicide stack

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oh shit this is real
so funny to see how they try to shill fucking trash
u should learn one point -NOT EVERY NFT ARE PEARLS
wanna check great one - visit playcent - free profit while playing and using apps

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Fuck you ranjeet

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Based. WAGMI

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What a stupid ass poo

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This coin was made to make corporate america mad
It was made to make them see them cant do shit against the internet
This soon will be on major news channels
People are already going to Mcdonalds and asking to pay with MCDC

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Franchise Owner here. Fuck you my little slaves hahahah

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I godda say its hallerious I wanted to get a bag but 50$ gas it to much for me.

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Gas drops at night. Buy then. Plus you will make back the gas fees 1000 times over with this solid shitcoin

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buy FEG instead. MCDC is dead

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See you at Mc10cents

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Based and McPilled

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kys curry

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damn i never actually read the image, thats dope

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talent and waifus are on our side. let's go!

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Our coin.
Only pajeets try to fud this. But it's rugproof. And they know it

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Honestly mildly surprised Wendy's hasn't launched a coin yet. I guess with the shitstorm over crypto as a security it's probably risky.

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Rules of "Pay with MCDC in MCD" campaign
#0 (Optional) Call hotline of your local McDonald's store and ask them if they already implemented McDonaldsCoin cryptocurrency. Regardless of their answer tell them the same as in #3, then politely thank and end the call.
#1 Always be polite. You know what being a cashier means, customers always complaining, don't take those guys down even more.
#2 Have a friend to record a video while you order
#3 When paying, simply ask if you can "pay with McDonaldsCoin cryptocurrency" . Regardless of answer you get tell the staff it's a new form of payment not implemented in their store yet, pay as usual and go. Avoid kiosks of course. They will ask colleagues and their manager and it will spread internally. Remember, always be short and polite, maybe give them a slip with website address if they ask what's that coin.
#4 Upload your video and post link here and in other channels made in near future for this purpose.
#5 Try only once per store/staff member so they won't be annoyed of you, repeat in a week if ran out of stores in your area.
#6 Be patient, it's not 4chan and reddit, but people, this may take weeks to break out to media

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McDCoin forever

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Based and burger pilled.
Biz hates money but loves pajeet scams and bao-like pnd schemes.
They deserve to stay poor

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a bunch of faggots

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>tfw bought the mcfuckingtop

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you bought at Mc$10?