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>could've invested in literally any other shitcoin in 2021 and made an easy 3x-25x
>Invested in PRQ and watched it bleed and lose 40%
Fuck this Estonian scam

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Just a wallet

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My PRQ bag is worth more than all of my other investments combined. If it doesn’t break $2 by the end of the month I’m going to drop a fucking piano on my head and mention Analtoy in my suicide note

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Should have bought GRT

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GME vibes

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>GME vibes
You have to go back. I bought last summer faggot, not after the pump.

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>buys after a huge december pump
>WAWAWA this crypto is shit!!!
seethe more you absolute moron

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I sold GRT for this

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I sold 5k GRT for parsnips when GRT was only .40

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If you bought when we told you, you’d be at 50-100x.

Your fault, faggot.

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I bought at 0.05 because i'm not retarded but It's going to 100+$ by EOY anyways so who gives a fuck

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Your 1 dollar coin is 1 dollar. Successful coin is successful.

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Isn't the Eth Denver speech today?

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yes. pump is coming

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Learn to offload bags when shit starts going south pleb

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>Offload bag
>Immediately giga-pumps

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Yes you are right coins that pumped 40% yesterday will pump 40% tomorrow and coins that crabbed yesterday will crab tomorrow.
That is also why you bought PRQ after +300% pump.
Its not like coins that pumped will correct and go trough accumulation phase for a while. And the ones that accumulated for few weeks are proped up to pump next.
Nooooooo. Good luck with you investment strategy of chasing after pumps anon, meanwhile I will have a patience and will buy a house for 25 000 PRQ I accumulated since august to february.