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Statera is the best DeFi token and will pump hard this year. Make sure to grab a bag, if have not already.

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Read this to know, why it'll pump.

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>only 50k STAT
>will only be able to buy a single mansion

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Wtf are you delusional fucks talking everything pumped and this coin is dead

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if you know you know

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35k stack let's gooooo

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aka "I have no excuses why this isn't pumping"

literally meme food coins are pumping

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Yeah i know you want to dump your bags pajeet but you need to find better coin to shill this is over

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I sold my 50K today you can poomp it.
It is over for me.

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>"I don't understand the power of Statera so I must lash out at those who do"
it's okay anon. We were all ignorant at one point. DYOR and then you'll know

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sta moons after eth 2.0 release or binance listing

so it takes at least two years

sorry sirs

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This is a legit project and not PnD like food coins and takes time, normies to find and know about it.

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it's a literal ponzi scheme

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>Balancer v2: March
>UniSwap v3: Q2/Q3
>ETH improvement for lower gas fees: Q2/Q3

$2-4 EOY at least.

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Ok. I am biting. explain why it is ponzi scheme?

>no use case
>if no one buys, it would not work.
>3 line code

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Every time this pumped it got instantly dumped again all sta shills just want to get rid of the bags

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90k volume. Shitcoin for faggots

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lmao they still try to shill this shit here, don’t go for it if you are not a stupid

wanna have income with no risks - use NFT, best thing for 2021 kek
I found Playcent and that trash that u try to show me is not exciting

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My bags are packed !

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>no use case
>if no one buys, it would not work.
>3 line code

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okey phil

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okey John/V/Pigerz

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I'd be rich now if I had actually dumped this for rubic when I was considering. Fuck this shitcoin

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so no argument but just a couple of names that I've never heard of, great

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anyone knows why uniswap wont allow to buy this shit?

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They stopped the buying of Statera stock because SEC is investigating market manipulation short sqoze from alt right forums like reddit /wsb

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watch this and follow

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The team has been so fucking quiet. There's no logical explanation as to why sta hasn't pumped yet considering the results are available right now for anyone to see. Is this project cursed bros?

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Yes. John and Phil cursed it.

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The same fud from John/V/Pigerz which already refuted several times.

>no use case
unironically one of few tokens which has a use case in contrary to many other project which token no needed.

>if no one buys, it would not work
Theoretically yes, practically with consistent high APYs no and always there'll be buyers and volume. Also this is true for all coins and stocks and and demands determine the price and if no demand, no volume and price change.

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BTC is up
ETH smashed through ATH
LINK is setting new ATHs
SNX is going ballistic
So the pools should be in overdrive, no? Why isn't STA doing so well?

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I tried dumping my stack for rubic yesterday before it pumped to .57, but of course has shot up to over $100 and there's no way I'm spending that much on Vitaliks extortion fee

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Most undervalued project out there right now and does something nobody else does. Fudders who don't take time to read the white paper are going to want to rope themselves for their lack of diligence when this inevitably gains widespread adoption.

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noone holding statera can explain this cause its a scam

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Honestly STA just needs a little exposure to go interstellar
Remember when the Chico video aired and STA pumped from 6c to 46c? Well that was during a bear market
Right now STA is at 12c, and crypto is in a full-on bull market. If we could capture that magic again, STA would blow past $1 easily

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So any coin that isn't pumping right now is a scam. Brilliant logic you fucking smooth brain.

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It's bound to happen after the initial wave of people picking low hanging fruit cools and they have to actually understand the future application of an undervalued project. Anyone who actually reads the white paper and can't see the incredible upside of STA deserves to have to buy it when it is still cheap at $1 in mid Q2

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I agree, but STA is still very under the radar
I've heard rumors of another marketing campaign coming up, but haven't seen anything official yet

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Yes, look at the market sometimes retard lmao

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I'd just like to buy STA, make some quick 20% gains then dump it all back just to have the pleasure to dump on all of you retards who think this is going anywhere

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I have dumped over 120k statera over the past couple of months. And I only ever bought 10k statera lmaoo

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Believing the only reason something is not pumping is because it is a scam. Okay.

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Rumors are true. Honestly I hope the mongoloid level fud continues for another couple months so I can keep accumulating. I always hesitate to explain why this is so undervalued because I would rather it keep following the pattern of crab at .03, crab at .06, crab at .12. Need more before it reaches crab at .24 and eventually blasts off. The longer people broadly misapply standard TA to this without factoring in fundamentals the better for me

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should i buy

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>Rumors are true
gib breadcrumbs pls

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thanks digits

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Personally I say yes, but you should DYOR
IMO STA hitting $1 is inevitable, really just a matter of when

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Word from the team is they are busting ass 24/7 & on a shoestring budget. In many cases working for free. That is how passionate and dedicated they are to this project, and if it were a scam they would have already pulled the plug. Also working on some marketing, but again the team has limited resources because Statera wallets are almost entirely community owned.

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Dyor and know this isn't your standard PnD coin. Project has potentially groundbreaking fundamentals especially when institutional investors move into the DeFi ETF space. I don't know if and when it will moon, but I am confident after Balancer v2 in a month, and after all the upgrades to ETH the next year or so, gas prices will go down, arbing will increase, and the utility Statera provides for reducing volatility and increasing liquidity in ETFs will be unmatched. Just don't drive the price up too quickly I am still accumulating

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How much do you have right now?

Also still accumulating

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Yeah like wtf? Can a math-chad STA holder explain this?

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this is unironically the bitcoin of DeFi and we are the early adopters
HODL and relax knowing it's on sale for 7k gwei right now
ETH pairing is much more important than USD but you only realize that if you're not a normie tourist

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My stack brother

>> No.27825431

this is literally the bottom of the dip in terms of trading against ETH. I just loaded up my bags

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I heard the team's wallet is getting like 2k in fees per week from pooling though

>> No.27825744

desu 2k a week isn't shit when a decent wage for one person is at least 600 a week

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Maybe so, but it should still be enough to do the occasional marketing blast

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Tony Montana is that you?

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Wait what where do you live? 600 a week is a fuck ton in my country.

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That’s my meme. I made it. I hold no Statera but I will one day.

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I have 2 questions for you
Why don't you hold any STA?
Why are you making STA memes if you don't hold any?

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Checked, it’s meant to be

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600 a week won't even cover half my rent lol.

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Why is this such a piece of shit?

>t. 20k bagholder

>> No.27833757

Its just shit man
t.1k bagholder

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Shitcoin no use case

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doktor funk is giving me a lethal dose of hopium, bros.

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nah, $ASKO is better than statera

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When STA does finally pump, it's going to be fucking epic

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>every coin pumps 20%
>STA is down 5
we backed the wrong horse didnt we bros

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By messaging the telegram maybe once a week?

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Looks that way

Will be moving 60k stat into Rubic soon when the fees come down

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Sta has literally been pumping and dumping on its own terms since inception. It doesn't follow the market, which pumps and dumps together. You could literally 2-3x your portfolio on every cycle with this knowledge.
>I'd just like
This is poor man's talk. You either do or you don't.

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Starchangel reports in

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In Statera we trust

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>can't even wait for bullrun to peak near EOY
>don't understand the mechanics of pooling a deflationary token with blue chip crypto in balancer

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meanwhile I've pooled my STA and I'm making more in passive income than this poor mong will ever make speculating

>> No.27837956

Are we gonna wait for 1-2 years until we start breaching dollars? It's inevitable but gas holding it hostage

>> No.27838916

More than enough for a full marketer + a dev to fix the dashboard

>> No.27839021

Yea you'd think $100k per year tax free would be enough. We'll see.

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Never. Ever. Selling

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insider here believe me or dont i dont give a fuck
>chico negotations have closed video in production
>multiple medium sized youtubers are working on the content now
>searching for fiat onramps that dont require huge amounts of liquidity
>dashboard scrapped and we've hired a group for $5000usd to develop new dashboard - eta ~1month
>cross chain integration being looked into but dont expect anything on this for a while|
>we have money to work with now because of the success of stanos and the other pools - initial pooling influx to infinity netted 50k+ in fees


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How much should i have if i want to consider pooling?

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I'll never sell, I forgot my password fag.

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Just get two 25 million dollar ones instead of one 50 million dollar one and you’ll have about 100 million left over

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Just noticed on etherscan the deployer wallet is earning roughly 60 BAL a week, which is being used to buy wSTA and add it to the pools.
If you don't know how bullish this is you are not smart enough for crypto.

>> No.27839836

how does 14 cents EOY sound?

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Whats a realistic Eoy prediction is $5 unrealistic? And what is the highest this coin will reach?

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Think of the pools themselves as traders. They only have so much liquidity to make the swaps and create the balancing effect. Liquidity is only ~$1.3M in Stanos right now. If you pay attention to the trade bot in the telegram you will notice that there is positive price pressure even when trades aren't being made on uniswap. It's working, it's just not very noticeable because the liquidity is relatively low. As the pools gain more liquidity, Statera's price action will become more tightly pegged to the price action of the other assets in the pool. Happy?

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How is that possible?

>> No.27841589

It's not much in the grand scheme but it certainly lowers the dependency on donations. I was gonna donate my bal earnings last week but those god damned gas prices.

>> No.27841683

Keep it up my guy, that one is pretty nice.

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Confirmed. t. also insider

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Project just needs more volume/investors isn't it obvious. You can't compare a micro cap coin to bitcoin or eth they behave differently

>> No.27843080

why are we not pumping

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Only an 11k suicide stack but am going to double that in another week or so. Wanting to get to 50k before mid March as Bal v2 looks promising. Would like to get more at .12 before it inevitably bumps up to .2-.25 around then. With all the ETH tweaks coming I am expecting STA to be at least $1-2 eoy, with the multi x growth in 2022. Feels good building my stacks while this is so overlooked, misunderstood, and fudded to the extent it is.

>> No.27843196

Not bad, thank you anon

>> No.27843228

From what I have heard that is what they are working on now

>> No.27843321

I switch around 20k sta between wsta and sta and get more of them. Then i sell them for eth lol.
Sold 120k sta. Only bought like 10k

>> No.27843474

I wad fudding this shit for months just for the lulz
Finally bought a bag at 8c after realising it could be half decent

>> No.27843563

confirmed, this is the situation.
ta lines up to pump sometime feb/march.

>> No.27843580

Switch on the wsta/sta uniswap pair? How does that work with gas prices?

>> No.27843777

Not until I accumulate more dammit.

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sorry anon, limited time for accumulation at these prices. i got 300k pooled.

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1 BPT was $25 months ago, 1 BPT is $144 currently
Your fudding is worthless; Statera is Inevitable

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Same here

>> No.27845080

I have 200k, how the fuck do I pool.

>> No.27845219

seeing shit like this makes me think going all in on infinity is a bad idea

>> No.27845869

There are 2 main pools
Stanos Pool - Convert your STA to WSTA, go here https://pools.balancer.exchange/#/pool/0x55353cbadda8fd525f0e6f307b3527d518416700 and pool your WSTA
Infinity Pool - Convert half of your STA to WSTA, go here https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0xa94700c1a1ae21324e78d5bdf6b2924e45a6068f and select "Add Liquidity." Pool equal parts STA and WSTA

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Noob here, can someone explain to me how BPT works and why it's assigned a value?

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Previous pump was on Jan 16, one before that was Dec 16
Therefore I'm calling the next STA pump will be on Feb 16

>> No.27846808

Phoenix pool is the pool to be in, especially if you are expecting ETH to hit 5k+; https://stateratoken.com/ scroll down to the pools at the bottom of their website to better understand your options
I still prefer Phoenix over the others, but all Statera pools are good

>> No.27846878

Also Phoenix pool $10k per BPT EOY
$1k per within the next month(s)
>it's $144 right now per BPT

>> No.27847897


>> No.27848122

Can someone post the statera dabbing gif

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Really fucking tempted to move from Infinity to Stanos. Thoughts?
Also I was hoping to double my bag if we went below 10c, but sadly we didn't hit that this dump. Maybe not too late

>> No.27848904

DCA into Stanos. That way you earn fees during dips/crabbing but at the same time don't risk getting blasted by impermanent loss. I'm also waiting for 10c to buy more but I don't think we'll go that low. I'm gonna wait for tomorrow when the gas fees are hopefully lower and probably buy if we're still below 12c.

>> No.27848975

want to swap this pos for something else - what should i swap to?? shill me something

>> No.27849256

people just be shilling this shit to cash out when it goes up cuz this coin is fucking pointless

>> No.27849357

rbc, aave, ada, snx. Any of these are good, just make sure you dump your whole stack

>> No.27850247

can someone explain what is the point of pooling rn?

isnt it better for me to wait until the price moons to pool

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>people just be

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