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$CRSR and $F looking tasty mommy

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Now that we have a pro china president, are there any good Chinese ETFs? Ones that hold the good Chinese meme stocks.

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What are some Twitter account worth following?

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i dunno looks like both have mooned lately, not a great time to enter

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answer to anon from last thread: no real estate values are based on cap rates. if a property is worth $1 MM and trades at a 4 cap in private markets that means that the property with no debt would generate $40,000 per year in income. if the private markets are valuing the primo stuff at a 4 cap and the public markets are valuing the primo stuff at a 5 cap then that means that the public markets are valuing the asset as worth $1 MM whereas the private markets as valuing the asset as worth $800k. it's the same property.

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how do you get an etf mommy irl

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I'm feeling good about my TAKOF I bought after reading that thread yesterday, I'm thinking a cool 14,000% increase will offset my GME losses

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He isn't pro China in any way

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sorry other way around.

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Should I put 2k on SPY 390 calls expiring today.
I'm feeling it

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>this fuckin guy

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Redpill me on PACK

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so the assets that the reit owns are trading at a discount to what they are worth on the private market

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Big thanks to whoever shilled VIVE earlier this week.

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bump for this

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SUNW please help do i sell?

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>GME was 40 after Chewy execs added to board but before first gamma squeeze
>Just added Amazon Web Services exec as Chief Technology Officer
>Still have Cohen promising to protect shareholder value, hasn't sold a single share
>Likely smaller float now from global media attention bringing a few more institutional longs
So we're all in agreement that we're buying back in soon right?

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I was going to but your shilling is making it sus

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Take the Semiconductor pill and load up on TSM and TOELY. Be comfy forever.

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do i sell sndl help me I put everything into it because of snoop dog this can't be happening to me

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>pro china president
It this /pol/'s version of "Drumpf is a russian asset"?

Also, none, can't make an index of chinese companies if they get delisted faster than you can say China.

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Gross anon
Just gross

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Explain. When is the catalyst?

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whats a good longer term investment then the gme meme stocks

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I'd love to give Cathy some Wood.

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why did you post this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Buy by calls retard

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...I hear they is assho

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I just throw everything into SOXX and call it a day
Semiconductors have no where to go but up

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Look up $VIVE
And join in the Vaginal Refreshing Revolution!!!!

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Ford is like NOK, it will crab up very very slowly and you will be pissed at yourself for wasting your time and opportunity costs

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seems to be rising in PM instead of dumping -30% thats a good sign

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stop being lazy

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unironically AMD

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I bought NOK and BB when I hit green what should I buy after?

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I should be happy that I'm making six figures. But all I think about is her.

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Shut your mouth faggot I was crawling the pharma catalyst calendar but I just don’t get what’s the idea of the play

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google exists

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They didn't do a secondary, idk, doesn't sound like a high iq board, also chwy is not the same as gamestop, at least half of chwy's success was timing. Not hating, just trying to decide if i should buy in when the price is right.

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When is the big dump, I want to load up on TSLA and CRSR cheapies.

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>Ford is like NOK, it will crab up very very slowly and you will be pissed at yourself for wasting your time and opportunity costs
When they reinstate dividends, the price will return to "with dividends" levels, and shit will be cash.

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Intel deep value play you have been warned

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because there is none, it's a bagholder chart with 0 hf backing, looks like a pnd/exit scam

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Where is the dude who told me to buy Xiaomi?

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Accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can.

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You haven't started to recover until you evaporate your piss jugs down, until they are filled with solid piss minerals. It's only then that you see that you can create something out of nothing... sortof... or you really don't know that you're insane anymore, and then it's all downhill from there.

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Why target price of $15? Wtf is this company. Would have mooned long time ago to PT if it was legit

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TAKOF bros [email protected]

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Is ARKK going to maintain this growth through 2021?

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stay poor, wimp

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>not profiting off roastie bux

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t. bought the top, chill, looks like a gully, will go up eventually

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any opinions on FCEL?

>> No.27807315

Declining company run by bean-counting MBA boomers. Lisa Su holds a BS, MS, and PhD in EE from MIT.

>> No.27807321

right here

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who knows?

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The Biden family has a 10 percent stake in BHR and similar deals with other countries. If you don't think he won't "help grow" those investments, you're a bit naïve.

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>stay poor, wimp
nice investment thesis and shilling skills

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EEMA is agood bet as it is not only China and well performing.
If you want to go full chink, look at ASHR or KBA.

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thanks mom.

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>holding bags in a stock that is down 40% and there is no volume anymore

What do

>> No.27807434

That shit doesn't move.

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Is taking out a personal loan to invest in bulk market timing? Or is it time in the market that will beat timing the market?
Please, I have to know whether the market will go up more than 5%/year for the term of the loan.

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which stock, if sub $1 don't bother

>> No.27807465

keep holding. it'll go up.

>> No.27807530

don't do this

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get a job idiot.

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Any good euro stocks?

>> No.27807583

ask for $250k and put it all on SNAP

>> No.27807591

anyone in SOLO?

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>more than 5%/year for the term of the loan
mkt can go down easily 5-20%, so you're risking 20% for a 5% gain? idk, doesn't sound too good.

>> No.27807644

is jealousy a stock?

>> No.27807651

are you just here to shitpost and be a faggot? fuck me, hide this retards posts if you are actually looking to make money

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>bought NOK at 4.95 last week
>sold $5.5 weekly covered calls that expired last week for .20 once I saw the hype was dead
>sold them again this week for .23
>cost basis is 4.52 now
>will sell $5 covered calls next week or get out if it rises
well at least I'm close to breaking even soon. I thought this was gonna hit around $7 again and it probably would of if brokers didn't start doing kike trickery and killed all momentum.

>> No.27807670

I heard she is a meme stock investor.

>> No.27807681

hel: qtcom (software)
hel: musti (retail)
fra: rhm (defense)
fra: hag (defense)

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Any estimates on much the new ARK ETF is going to be when it comes out? All you fucking mommy posters make me want to believe in a mommy too.

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cry about my golden tips more, loser.

>> No.27807698

Could you explain the bullish case for semiconductors to me please? That or refer to a source?

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i do

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There are two ways to lose money in the stock market, positions on borrowed money (margin) and positions with expiration dates (options). Anything else you can hodl 'till the end of the universe and no one can stop you.

>> No.27807730

yes it's a good strategy
if the stock market goes against you just renew your loan or ask to pay it back later

>> No.27807753

siemens, airbus, phillips, osram, vw, unilever, but all the good ones are boomer stocks so best for 'less risky' part of portfolio

>> No.27807758

CRSR $60 before earnings.
PLTR $50 before earnings.

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I have no idea what a "vaginal remodeling device" does, but RKG shilled it and it fit my technical criteria.

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that's why bank loans are better than margin debt, they can't just close out your positions when shit goes south

>> No.27807809

how do I invest in penis pumps?

>> No.27807821

Anyone still bullish on CLOV?
Sold my position for a 5% loss yesterday because of the short report
Thinking of getting back in today

>> No.27807836

invest in me :)

>> No.27807837

buy USWS

>> No.27807868

GameStop moons today.

>> No.27807893

Big fat stogies

>> No.27807895

did you read the report?

>> No.27807935

I bought in at 4.35. is it going to tank to 1.00? I kind of want to cut my losses because I've lost so much to memes in the last few weeks

>> No.27808010

Not really.
But I also sold my position on IDEX last year because of them.
Look at IDEX now.

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I think it's the same retard as in the previous thread who asked if he should buy the ATOS dip and got all kinds of mad when I replied it could dip lower.

>> No.27808035

And ten what happens?

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I'm selling cash-secured GME puts at my pre-squeeze buy-in.

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What was your entry?

>> No.27808092

anyone else think AMD will break $100 this month?

>> No.27808158

lmao I bought at 3.19 and gave up at 4.33, you fucked up. Idk if it's gonna dump lower but short term that's more likely than the reverse, but what do I know.

>> No.27808161

no it's not. keto your eyes peeled, and don't listen to the retards here telling you to jump ship.

>> No.27808171

Did you buy biopharma for first time? It's always like that with those stocks. Quick pump after news and then sudden drop. It rarely levels off

>> No.27808183

Why are telecoms doing so badly?

>> No.27808195

no, but won't drop much either

>> No.27808197

Nvm I'm blind fuck. I'd say cut it, it's in heavy overbought turf on RSI and MFI. Than again might hit 5 or 6 before final collapse. I exited 2 days ago before 40% pump out of nowhere, so yeah, tad salty myself.

>> No.27808205

Retarded question:

If I buy a call and made cash on it and I also own 100 stocks of that company. Can I sell covered call to cancel out the call and grab even more money from the selling covered call? What am I missing here?

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what is this pattern called

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Is GOEV worth throwing money in to or should I go gamble on fucking crypto?

>> No.27808217

Iridium is doing nicely, and that's telecom too right?

>> No.27808230

new investor here, should i pump all my side money into ARKK?

>> No.27808232

hngggg pattern

>> No.27808244

i think you're a mad baby with no money
tank 4 ur shares bb

>> No.27808254

not this month but next.
IV is near bottom as well.
long calls with big vega looking VERY tempting.

>> No.27808261

>anyone else think AMD will break $100 this month?
I haven't been looking into it, but I do recall a recent supression attempt for Intel, basically calling them idiot moron jabronies, and that AMD is the big dick victor... So, the subconcious stage has been set.

>> No.27808264

the cock n balls

>> No.27808272

the "middle finger to reddit"

>> No.27808275

Its the "fuck bagholders"

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>> No.27808284

the wsbagholder

>> No.27808286

France: ENGI, RNO(they're gonna release cheap EV's soon), DSY(tho this one pumped hard in the last few days and is at a ATH)
Germany: SAP, DLG,ADS, maybe CON too
There are other but honestly eurostocks crab too much and it feels like you just wasted your time more than anything. Most of the companies that get listed are well established and don't really bring that much gain as US ones do.

>> No.27808295

just buy when it hits 20% dip
- waren bufet

>> No.27808308

yes. take out a second mortgage too

>> No.27808316

>Why are telecoms doing so badly?

>> No.27808329

honestly, yeah, not such a bad idea. Hard to go wrong, unless you buy the top, which isn't quite now yet.

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Hey guys any ideas on how to fix my folio? Thanks

>> No.27808452

hide this faggot and maybe even ban them for shitting up the one decent thread on biz

>> No.27808456

Should I migrate out of QCLN and ICLN and go with ark. Meme Green has been dead flat for almost a month

>> No.27808499


>> No.27808515

I've been trying to decide whether I should buy tqqq leaps or ARKK leaps.

>> No.27808527

wait for long term taxes rates at least lol

>> No.27808556

no. stop chasing and do some research for once in your life.

>> No.27808641

yea wtf if u pull out now ur literally halving your profit

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If I have about 10k cad free overall, and I don't need it for expenses in the foreseeable future (student) but would also rather not lose it all, should I just dump 9k of it into ARK? I've looked at some other ETFs, but ark seems to be doing ridiculously well overall.

>> No.27808651

I've sold and rebought several times already. Fucked on taxes.

Almost all QCLN holdings were smoking green yesterday. The fucker went down. It literally just does what Tesla does.

>> No.27808667

>- waren bufet
Buy when there is blood in the streets.

>> No.27808684

I disagree, they have a lot happening right now with ev’s and new model sales. Not to mention F-150 sales

>> No.27808722

>trying to decide whether I should buy tqqq leaps or ARKK leaps.
4-digit tickers are bad luck.

>> No.27808723

omg i love tesla. but seriously. find something worthwhile.

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Most traded stocks for January on DEGIRO

>> No.27808780

EU collapse map

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Guys, help me out here please. I'm new to all this stock market thing and currently researching and learning before I risk my money. I have an accounting background, so running numbers and doing due diligence on companies is not my worry. I want to know what my opportunities are as soon as I find an investment worth taking a risk. I'm talking about opportunities where my loss is limited, bets that have more upside than downside. Bets where the worst outcome is I lose all my stake. See pic related.

Call options, leveraged ETFs,... ???

>> No.27808787

- worain bufffet

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well, don't get more fucked because you're already a little bit fucked.

>> No.27808835

Just use your emotions lmao

>> No.27808836


>> No.27808850

how the fuck are you an accountant and you're asking biz for trading advice
go read a fucking book nerd

>> No.27808852

>his portfolio isn't 100% crsr
what's your excuse?

>> No.27808863

QRVO looks good, might FOMO in today and buy the post-earnings dip

>> No.27808873

Invest in larvitars

>> No.27808897

Honestly I would buy index funds like ARKK and ARKG but stocks right now are too expensive and probably in a sort of dot.com euphoria to buy in. But they are promisng funds to buy cheap for sure after the reset

>> No.27808902

I only went 50% in.

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>PLTR up 2% in pre-market :^)

>> No.27808930

I already have a >$100000/year job. No need to be rude.
It's an installment loan, so I don't think it works like that.

>> No.27808931

>disagree, they have a lot happening right now wit
Crab upward, sharp incline... both are upward trends. By either criterion, you're saying "buy" but with some obligatory hemming and hawing... I'm thinking LEAP target, in anticipation that they will reinstate their dividend within the next couple of years.

>decide whether I should buy tqqq leaps or ARKK leaps
They are both at 52-week highs... Perhaps there is a move there, but I personally don't short a current high, and I don't long a current peak either... That money had to come from somewhere, and so I will search for the value gems at the bottom of that mountain.

>> No.27808935

same. can't wait to post about it.

>> No.27808960

drop that antifragile bullshit that's just feel good nonsense

>> No.27808978

Because you retards know about all the YOLO financial derivatives or contracts.

>> No.27808992

Literally just buying a stock. Why bother with derivatives and leveraged products?? A share in a a company has the fundamental properties you are looking for. Loss is limited to your initial price, and upside is potentially infinite.

>> No.27809003

The peaks and valleys were too good not to sell and rebuy. QCLN would run up like 12-18% over a couple days then dip about 5%. Hit it constantly for like three months. It was scary consistent. Buttttt now we've been dead in the water

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>french connection share up 150% in 5 days
they have made no profit in like 10 years!
why the fuck does anyone want to takeover that business

>> No.27809058

>I'm talking about opportunities where my loss is limited, bets that have more upside than downside.
Go and buy SPY, this place is for degenerate gamblers buying meme stocks which have a lot more risky but the potential upside is huge.

>> No.27809070

you're thinking of r/wsb/. this is /biz/. no one knows shit here.

>> No.27809076
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Fuck them.
Bought their tempered glass case last year and it fucking exploded

>> No.27809084

>index funds like ARKK and ARKG
something does not add up here

>> No.27809085

do you have any serious reason to think that the fundamental reasons for these peaks have changed? that's the only reason to eat the short term taxes rates.

>> No.27809175
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If you sell puts to enter GME and sell calls once you're in GME you can lower your cost basis by like $20 per share.

>> No.27809273
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>implying it's not going to dip then crab

>> No.27809317

Im selling. I just bought it because someone that did DD was shilling it as a long term moon. But I'm now realizing that I way overbought it for some reason and my folio is going to cry if it tanks

Yes I never bought biomemes until last week and it hasn't been going good.

>> No.27809330

How do you fellas feel about LIZI and AACG?

>> No.27809338

waiting for dip

>> No.27809353

>opportunities where my loss is limited
CDs They're federally insured.

>worst outcome is I lose all my stake
Long-term, deep in the money calls. Wins will bubble to the surface, and you sell off your wins while you buy more of them. Your CDs are your safe start-up reserves, while you wait for your middle-losses (total losses on a deep in the money call, are a win, because you really don't want a stock that just crashed that hard, at that strike price). So your middle losses will stick you with a stock that is not currently profitable. You sit on it and wait for it to go up, then you start selling calls against it to lower its cost basis. Eventually, you'll lose it, but for a price that you chose beforehand, so you chose your victory condition. This method has 3 stages. Each stage has 2 win conditions and one loss condition. In the first 2 stages, the loss condition simply moves it up in profitability, but also in time required for payoff. THis is my main technique, and I find that it works well for me. My biggest concern about it is that the longest-term options tend to all expire in January, which really generates a predictable battlefield for all involved... So this needs to be accounted for... Also, you're going to end up holding a lot of stocks that didn't do that well in the first two stages, so looking at some that put out good dividends to help with margin fees, would be a good idea.

>> No.27809365
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I sleep like a baby every night. Seriously, I'm dead to the world.

>> No.27809375
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unilever ups dividend by 4%, nice

>> No.27809385
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Friday morning reminder that graphite is the bigger part of lithium-ion batteries and Nouveau Monde Graphite (NOU.V/NMGRF) is exploiting this to the max. Currently, China has most of the world supply under wraps, but produces poor quality graphite flakes. We can all agree that buying from China is a bad decision. Nouveau Monde is a fully integrated company that will be beginning operations this year mining, concentrating and processing spherical graphite in Canada. They already have institutional backing from banks, big players and the government. They are well placed to deliver to the American or International market. Work has begun on their processing facilities and it is expected that they will obtain governmental permission to start operations by Q3. They'll be worth it in less than 6 months and more than worth it in a year.

>> No.27809447

What's a good entry point for BILI?
It's looking like it might dip.

>> No.27809494

Ahhh yes you can retire in 50 years now instead of 55 more years of wageslaving

>> No.27809552
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>buy every dip

Yea we're crashing next week aren't we

>> No.27809564

So does SNDL do anything except sink?

>> No.27809578

Imagine investing in lithium mining companies for EV lithium batteries when EV makers will move to solid state batteries in 5+ years time. It's like investing in blockbuster when you had the opportunity to invest in Netflix.

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>> No.27809642

The saddest thing is that central banks and governments created this mess, but in the end they will get more power because they need "to fix the broken system"

>> No.27809655

>GME puts at 31 expiring today
safe bet or have we dipped too low?

>> No.27809658

Christ these futures are giving me a throbbing bullcock

>> No.27809674

The meme is from the COVID crash. You exposed your newness.

>> No.27809695

you know that pic is 3 years old right?

>> No.27809718
File: 43 KB, 659x466, 1612377286245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yea makes my $1 puts worth something

>> No.27809742

2018 december crash iirc

>> No.27809754
File: 355 KB, 1200x698, NEVER SELLING LMAO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27809755

Well I guess is it I who has exposed my newness. Bowing out this thread.

>> No.27809783

I know, but I'm also looking for opportunities to risk my money on short-term movements in the market and I want to maximise my profit. New war in Syria? Bet on the oil price. Chinese new year and they had a great economic year? Bet on the gold price. I'm not asking for investments, I'm asking for gambling reasons. The investment side is like you suggested simply buying shares of companies.

Like I said, I'm currently researching. I'll have a look at the other retards too.

Thank you.

>> No.27809816

Im an under 25k shitter. What are some good long term investments you think I can make fellas?

>> No.27809820

Friday morning reminder that graphite is a moderate proportion of lithium-ion batteries and Nouveau Monde Graphite (FRENCH GIBBERISH) is hoping to exploit this in the future. Currently, China has most of the world supply under wraps, but produces poor quality graphite flakes. We can all agree that it doesn't really matter which country you buy graphite from. Nouveau Monde is a fully integrated company that has not begun operations. They borrowed from anyone they could. Their geographical location is basically irrelevant considering the product. They started work but do not have governmental permission to start operations. I have no clue what the future brings but stonks go up.


>> No.27809840

>China has most of the world supply under wraps
what does it mean? Long china?

>> No.27809846

it goes down
it goes up
someone is conspiring here

>> No.27809871

you don't have to be over 25k to day trade, especially with options.
cash accounts are not subject to pattern day trading laws, and you can day trade infinitely up to the amount in the account, every day for options, and every two days for shares.
at least that's how it works on TDA

>> No.27809885

You against yourself. Try buying low and selling high.

>> No.27809891

>solid state batteries
so they won't need litium?

>> No.27809910

Ford has been doing extremely well for me.

Tfw 81 shares at 5.27 buyin

Holding that shit for a while...

>> No.27809934

i don't see any dark market jew data on it, but i'm looking at the fundamentals and they're garbage for this company. Someone might know something i don't but From a value analysis point of view this company is trash.

But who knows, i can't explain its uptick in price either, so maybe someone really does know something i don't. I'm certainly no expert.

>> No.27809937
File: 30 KB, 500x500, 500full-igor-bogdanoff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder who that could be...

>> No.27809976

Premarket is bait before the final short. 23 EOD

>> No.27809987

Is this why its price grew 100% in December?

>> No.27810012

Is TSLA ripe for shorting yet?

>> No.27810060

I'd wait a year.

>> No.27810073

Overhyped. She got lucky with the Tesla craze.

>> No.27810074
File: 423 KB, 775x577, 1612282387737.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>At 10:39 a.m., a trader bought 10,000 Nokia call options with a $5 strike price expiring in January 2023 at the ask price of $1.36. The trade represented a $1.36 million bullish bet.
>At 11:02 a.m., a trader bought another 10,000 Nokia call options with a $5 strike price expiring in January 2023 at the ask price of $1.40. The trade represented a $1.4 million bullish bet.

>> No.27810078

peak clown world

>> No.27810107

Unilever Plc
10.86% annualised return over the last 10 years

>> No.27810116
File: 38 KB, 624x310, 2021-02-05 13.07.22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

please talk shit about my FOMO list

>> No.27810157

NOK still a good idea?

>> No.27810159
File: 445 KB, 800x1135, 1612481536141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> no AQB
It' not real FOMO list without it

>> No.27810166
File: 41 KB, 798x644, 1609265550334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27810187

So I saw a Twitter post that you can easily manipulate the VIX with buying deep OTM put options. There are risk managed funds which have to sell when the VIX reaches a certain level. Does this also mean that they buy at certain low levels of the VIX?

>> No.27810188
File: 3 KB, 128x118, 1337346343214705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-American Internet celebrity and former pornographic actress.

>> No.27810196
File: 168 KB, 669x718, Screenshot_20210205-130759_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where is the update?

>> No.27810200

this guy knows whats he's talking about.
source: I watched 3 (three) interviews of that CEO Eric whats-his-frenchie-surname, dude is legit, masters in geology or something like that, searched for graphite, found graphite, put on real work in the company last 8 years etc etc.

>> No.27810227

>Said the bear for the 490th time this century

>> No.27810230

>osram, vw

>> No.27810247

>market open yesterday
>thinking about buying the clf dip to add to my collection of shares bought at $5, don't buy
>it pumps
>thinking about getting into AG since it dipped, don't buy
>it pumps
>last week wanted to buy more into the SM dip while it was at 8, don't buy
>it pumps

Biz bros how do you learn to trust your instincts? I've wasted so many opportunities that because I just delay taking action

>> No.27810249

should I buy more AAPL after the dividend payout date?

>> No.27810258
File: 195 KB, 1425x806, 2021-02-05 13.10.14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking uppity feminist whores lmao

>> No.27810314

How much more can it grow? it already did x7 since September

>> No.27810354

Gotcha. Sadly i started out like a scrub and my $ is tied up in RH for the time being, so i am only allowed to make 3 day trades per 5 days which fucking blows. I will be moving to Fidelity or TDA soon. Just wish their UI was better but oh well.
I'll take a look thanks anon.

How do i purchase as a burger?

>> No.27810375

Just check Evolution Gaming. You'll regret if you don't.

>> No.27810396

Never do that

>> No.27810455

How many of you guys actually find good things to invest in while browsing /smg/? Have you ever made profits off tips from here? Or is it mostly for shooting the shit/entertainment value.

>> No.27810499

Guys, is PLTR just a reddit meme or does it actually have a innovative product to justify its current and future valuations?

>> No.27810510
File: 14 KB, 512x384, 1394914259858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wallstreetbets is in meltdown hivemind mode

I don't think I've seen a community go so ultramax shit so fast as WSB. Guess I'm stuck with you guys.

>> No.27810513

found out about good crypto like grt thanks to biz but nothing from smg yet

>> No.27810525

This would be a good strategy if you did it back in march.

>> No.27810530

Which of mommys etfs should I buy? Her arkf looks like it under preformed compared to others though.

>> No.27810594

When you borrow a stock from someone for shorting, do you generally have to pay the owner of it the market value?
Thought this would defeat the whole point of short selling.

>> No.27810628

sadly it became a reddit meme, we're over the /smg/ projected eoy price already. it was supposed to be slow and comfy gainz and reddit fucked it up again.

>> No.27810679

i guess euros stay poor

buy AMD, TSM and GOOG

>> No.27810681

A lot more growth. This is only the started - they still dont even have a permit to mine.
The question is when though. Like, i cant tell you it will grow in February or June or give any timeframe. I just know it will grow a lot more - in the future. Just watch the interviews of the man in charge, Eric Desaulniers, you can tell the dude is smart and working systematically, year by year

>> No.27810693
File: 61 KB, 819x614, 1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys please, is it unironically time to buy RYCEY?
All these corporations that were virtually bankrupted by Corona eventually did a 2X from their lowest points during the past couple months and as far as I can tell RYCEY isn't even bankrupt unlike, say, Theater chains.
What am I missing? Shouldn't it go back to 3 bucks at the very minimum at some point this year, even if just for a little while?

>> No.27810697

>Biz bros how do you learn to trust your instincts
when I have an instinct but am not 100% about it, I'll put anywhere from $200-500 in it. a small or starter position. just put a little, whatever little is to you, and you can at least earn enough to buy a burger or something

>> No.27810732
File: 268 KB, 1284x1372, 8E4EF071-0346-46C3-9C42-CCE437834CAD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would it be a good idea to just stick with UVXY/SPY options? Been thinking of buying 15 shares of UVXY lately since it’s starting to gain traction on a bubble pop

>> No.27810748

The VIX is based on daily volatility of the S&P
You would have to move the whole market in a big way to manipulate the VIX
Not something even the average hedge fund could do

>> No.27810776

What's the chance of GME sustaining itself with restrictions being over? I want to buy puts but maybe a long fund is waiting for the right chance to cause a rally and provoke retail into buying.

>> No.27810791

If you pay the owner then you're not really borrowing it. The upfront cashflow of shorting a stock is the initial margin that you have to post

>> No.27810795
File: 23 KB, 400x400, 21llU9Zv_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck this shit, everything is way too overpriced. Even my shitcoin shit is not funny anymore (500$ gas fees)

>> No.27810819
File: 919 KB, 1542x927, 1612453292657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you bought GME, WKHS and PLTR when they were being shilled here you would have made a lot of money.
BILI, TSM, UUUU have been shilled here too.
ARK ETFs are another example and you should have listened to the Mommy posters.

The trick is knowing which ones to filter out based on the shilling. You could land on those ones or buy a tranny steel company or a mutant salmon farm.
Just lurk more.

>> No.27810820
File: 14 KB, 200x200, 1393223258932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone got some stocks they are going long with? I'm going TSLA, SQ, INTU, and ETSY atm.

>> No.27810828
File: 41 KB, 640x480, 1593769949536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

go back

>> No.27810857

Kek those reddit fools are like "stop fucking selling" all over the GME drop. How they forget the first rule of stocks; Profit trumps all. A great many of them would've been better off to remember that instead of trying to go for the whole "statement" fad. That deep fucking value dude's really hit the big time, hell he's gonna get called in as a witness by the SEC. They're having a hearing all about the GME/AMC rally.

>> No.27810878

This bulltrap aftermath will be amazing

>> No.27810896

Guys is there a place where I can look at order books online? Without paying I mean, cause I know of some paid ones

>> No.27810897

>How do i purchase as a burger?
it isn't a french company, they're Canadian french. OTC stock though.

>> No.27810923

Im too broke to go in on anything longterm. Current spending limit is about ~$500 but if i did id buy a few shares of Disney

>> No.27810934

Yes, some nice anon shilled beam therapeutics when it was 39 dollars a share, bought in and sold at 80 a week or two later

>> No.27810960

The salmom chads buy their time the future is fat fucking salmons

>> No.27810979

Thanks. I'll read some more about this project. Lack of permit probably won't be huge risk, Canada is not some 3rd world shithole that rugpulls miners to get better deal.

>> No.27810993

If the Dow Jones goes up today I’m finished

>> No.27811004

Im a scrub i barely know what this means. Id like to invest at least a little bit because im looking for some cheaper stocks to invest in long-term and tech always seems to have an edge if it caters to a unique market.

>> No.27811028
File: 3.94 MB, 630x580, 1589769755714.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everything is way too overpriced

>> No.27811059
File: 326 KB, 577x603, e4fc7f33d0198778fe112ede80371859.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

UUUU moves is so predictable and is the biggest crab its not even worth laughing at anymore

>> No.27811066

I tossed a few dollars in AMC before the rally. I sold with a 4x gain. Unlike most of those fools, I got the fuck out with my money.

>> No.27811073
File: 513 KB, 573x945, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought that only /pol/ edits had these comically jewish bylines

>> No.27811087

it's been so overtly manipulated that I have no idea. if it had been a regular pump and dump I'd bet on a bounce from this level. if it bleeds a second day in a row it'd be crazy but nothing will shock me anymore other than it actually hitting 1k after everything lmao. I feel like 20 should eventually be the floor for a while

>> No.27811114

>You should realize that most beggars do not actually want to steal all your money

That might be comforting if most robbers weren't niggers and therefore fucking retarded and shill fucking scam projects

> Still you can find how they try to tell about fake scam 500%1500% income

That’s why I don’t listen to them and use my own pool on PoolzFinance lol

>> No.27811125

every time

>> No.27811128

Instead, there is a formula which directly derives variance from prices of different options with the same time to expiration. Two different variances for two different expirations are then interpolated to get 30-day variance. This variance is then transformed into standard deviation (by taking the square root) and multiplied by 100.

VIX Calculation Step by Step
Select the options to be included in VIX calculation – a range of call and put strikes in two consecutive expirations around the target 30-day mark.
Calculate each option’s contribution to the total variance of its expiration.
Sum up the contributions to get total variances of the first and second expiration.
Calculate 30-day variance by interpolating the two variances, depending on the time to expiration of each.
Take the square root to get volatility as standard deviation.
Multiply the volatility (standard deviation) by 100.
The result is the VIX index value.

This looks like you can manipulate the VIX with deep OTM put options. In this environment no one will make deep OTM call options. The contribution of put options would be bigger in the formula and result in a lower VIX?

>> No.27811135

We need a bobo cleansing to get rid of all these ridiculous no profit meme companies trading at 2B dollars

>> No.27811177

TSM, NTDOY, TOELY, CRH and Baillie Gifford are my forever holds now.
It was being shilled here when it was under $3 for ages. It was an 80% pump and lots of people did very well out of it but it's not something to long hold anyway.

>> No.27811207
File: 5 KB, 240x250, 1583764845187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>since it’s starting to gain traction on a bubble pop
by what metric

>> No.27811209

Before losing cash from FOMOING into GME, I had invested in TLS and WKHS. I still hold those two and they’re pretty comfy

>> No.27811225

You're right in that it's guaranteed gains long term. But I'm careful about entry. I don't think their recovery will be as quick as some consumer goods company because aerospace is much bulkier. Probably won't move much this year, but 2x by 2023.

>> No.27811252


reddit didnt even do anything (besides diamonds hands all the way down).

>> No.27811272

It looks like it will be another green day, sorry bobo.

>> No.27811290

I'm going all in nft on playcent
After I make it people will ask me how I got successful…
I will tell you to use your iq and show some respect for my wallet

>> No.27811300


>> No.27811355

oh ok
still seems like you could fuck with the options chain for SPX options chain enough to affect it. lots of volume

>> No.27811358

gme was a good one

amd also

>> No.27811387

Sounds interesting. When is the decision made about the permits?
Never heard of the company but you have to consider that it is Canada and Chicoms influence on them is a red flag in my books.

>> No.27811402

Kek, starting buying DIS in 2019. Stock was 140+ at the time. The march sale event happened. Stock fell to sub 90. I struck like mad. My avg dropped to 118. Now the stock is 180 and I've got a 45% gain. Never plan to sell it either. 60+ years of holding with green looking at me forever cause the next time any mega drop happens hell I'll be dead.

>> No.27811414

Hindenburg Researched released a report critical of Clover Health $CLOV. I worked for $CLOV through a staffing agency for three months. I'll give y'all a quick rundown, addressing some points of Hindenburg's report.

>Clover claims that its best-in-class technology fuels its sales growth. We found that much of Clover’s sales are driven by a major undisclosed related party deal and misleading marketing targeting the elderly.

This is patently false. Hindenburg is being extremely misleading and incendiary in this statement. I worked in their marketing & sales program. They went through a staffing agency and hired about 100 - 150 temporary employees, including me. We went through a very stringent 3 day training where ethics & law were emphasized. Then, we went out with booths, scheduled events, & collected permission-to-contact forms from the elderly for 3 months. They were then contacted by licensed insurance agents. Nothing was misleading, everything was honest & open, all the marketing materials were approved by CMS before use.

>Clover has a thinly-disclosed subsidiary called “Seek Insurance”. Seek makes no mention of its relationship with Clover on its website yet misleadingly advertises to seniors that it offers “independent” and “unbiased” advice on selecting Medicare plans. It claims, “We don’t work for insurance companies. We work for you”, despite literally being owned by Clover, an insurance company. Its activities are also under investigation by the DOJ.

Seek Medicare is just a hotline. We were made to work booths for them, too. But only for a day or two. There's nothing illegal about it, because the licensed agents staffing it enroll in all types of Medicare plans, they just happen to include & mention Clover. Our training mentioned REPEATEDLY not to put ANYTHING Clover branded on the Seek Medicare table.


>> No.27811417

Watching trailer park boys and having a beerski.
what are you up to in these premarket hours boys?

>> No.27811435

I bought pltr and abml and made out big

>> No.27811436

I’m not a bobo. Sometimes when I see green lines I buy PUTs for friday. Did that yesterday

>> No.27811443

I'm putting all my money into well performing ETF yesterday, today, and monday. Please tell me the party will still go on for a while.

Being too careful has fucked me on opportunity cost.

>> No.27811448
File: 99 KB, 1080x591, Screenshot_20210205-043107_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you guys feel about these stocks for day trading today? Or is it too risky/volatile on a Friday?

>> No.27811489
File: 368 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210205-083231_Google.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27811521

ASML, Novo Nordisk, Roche (Mama Woods loads up on this one and Novartis as well)

>> No.27811552

Mutant salmon is unironically the future.

>> No.27811553

Some guy here had a dream the market crashes next week. Not looking good

>> No.27811576

>When is the decision made about the permits?
I don't know. I don't think anybody knows.
Yep, if they didnt get the permit, that would be very, very bad. I think they will get it though, and that news will then bump the price up.

>> No.27811584

Last crash was in March, im expecting another one around April. Cant do March again to obvious

>> No.27811592
File: 13 KB, 364x229, etf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>well performing ETFs
Here's what I have so far. Have eyed 5-6 more.

>> No.27811642

Ive seen that before hmmm

>> No.27811661

everybody always predicts a crash every week. Guess how many of those actually happen? The stock market isn't for pussies scares of a 30% dip because if you're not scared you can make a lot more than 30% extra than a doomsaying pussy.

>> No.27811665

I just got what I fucking deserved

>> No.27811735

Mommy is invested so you might actually be alright. Be wary of investing in literal bear food.
I work in agri-insurance irl and fish farms are notoriously tricky risks with disease which is the extent of my knowledge I'm afraid.

>> No.27811756

Exactly what I'm thinking at this point. My fear has actually turned into retardation. I have to overcome it. And just give blowjobs for more money to buy the dip when it comes. right?

>> No.27811757

ya, I am just trying to understand why the VIX is so low in this environment and keeps going down after the Gamestop stuff

>> No.27811769

come on fucking weed stonks!!!!

>> No.27811788


>> No.27811817

Cassava Sciences

SAVA should I sell this bag or hold it?

$65.33 current price btw

>> No.27811825

>last week's reddit memes that dumped

>> No.27811834
File: 170 KB, 718x718, 1612060359715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27811853

Is ASML a buy at their current price?

>> No.27811855

t. didn't buy at 0.7 and isn't selling at 1.4

lol gay

>> No.27811857
File: 33 KB, 332x326, 1589226809176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wake up
>check phone
>i've now broken even on CLF
Is this the top?

>> No.27811878

i wouldve made money from almost all of the tickers i got from here if i just held longer. i bought like $800 worth of gme when it was trading at around 13/14 and sold for a small profit, if i waited i wouldve made bank

>> No.27811893

Nobody know about this?

>> No.27811914

I still think the entire mvis thing was hilarious

>> No.27811920
File: 89 KB, 1555x256, 2021-02-05 13.40.00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why didn't you sell it earlier? It was obvious where it was going so I bailed, a bit late, but still made profit.

>> No.27811955

You didnt hear it from me, but...


>> No.27812009

>Multiple former employees explained that much of Clover’s sales are fueled by a major undisclosed relationship between Clover and an outside brokerage firm controlled by Clover’s Head of Sales, Hiram Bermudez. One former employee estimated Bermudez drove ~68% of Clover’s total sales, though was unclear on the amount coming from the undisclosed relationship.

Clover's sales are driven by the marketing program I mentioned. This point is nonsensical. And all those other points about the software 'being bad' don't matter because the doctors get paid $200 a pop to use it. And what $CLOV is doing at this point is collecting data to improve the systems.

I would say the Hindenburg report on $CLOV is a smear job, from my experience. There's some valid concerns about the software's utility, but that's it.

>> No.27812031

same there is profit for me but will it be a good long term, because I got it for growth not pumping

>> No.27812086

CCIV, LCTX, PLTR, MARA, RIOT and a few other SPACs and Biotrash that I bought before the pumped and sold before the dump.

>> No.27812141

I always say that when I want to keep a volatile growth stock, but the truth about volatile growth stocks is that it's much better to sell the peaks and buy back two weeks later when it's 30% lower than hold and go up down up down until you're 10% higher.

>> No.27812175

I made terrible choices, missed all the best memes and still made out with 26% on my 5k retail account in 2020 while my 5k Boomer ETF did 9% in the same period even though it DCA'd into mostly tech during the crash. As long as you don't gamble with options an /smg/ portfolio will do just fine.
If I had literally just bought 100$ of shares of any stock that was memed here in 2020 (by several people rather than just one autist) I'd be up like 300-500%.

>> No.27812211
File: 234 KB, 545x530, 1543326674301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>GME shorted with over $2b
Isn't it kind of awkward that the shorts have made more money in the past week compared to the past few years?

>> No.27812238
File: 47 KB, 793x409, noknok.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nok nok

>> No.27812274

How do I turn 200k in 1MM asap?

>> No.27812277

the true winners are the fresh shorts who got in above $300

>> No.27812286

>GME shorted with over $2B
Sauce anon

>> No.27812288
File: 155 KB, 480x360, 1586587686328.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27812334

buy GME two weeks ago and sell it a week ago. Yeah you missed it, better luck next time.

>> No.27812362

Convert it to venezuelan currency

>> No.27812376

I didn't want to day trade just invest. I should just sell it now I guess

>> No.27812389

Which one should I YOLO in on today fellas? Im thinking AVXL or AACG

>> No.27812399
File: 47 KB, 267x401, aww.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27812400


>> No.27812422
File: 855 KB, 1125x1669, 1605773568242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its pretty expensive right now already but still a buy imo. They have a borderline monopoly on machines crucial for the semiconductor industry.

Its a very good "selling shovels during the gold frenzy times" long term play.

>> No.27812460

Ancient lighthouse stands near calm sea. New day.

>> No.27812475
File: 108 KB, 955x1024, 1541282229762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

buy lottery tickets

>> No.27812518
File: 185 KB, 1000x1000, 1542386940988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Into what

>> No.27812549

wtf, don't half ass it, you either don't day trade or you do it right. Selling the bottom of the post-pump dip is retarded if you told yourself you'd keep this stock for a long time.

>> No.27812552

Please don't shitpost bait posts when you want to bump the thread
Thank you

>> No.27812567

looks like those AI scrambled photo abominations

>> No.27812592

Show me one (1) profitable day trader with a public and verifiable track record

>> No.27812593



>> No.27812608
File: 34 KB, 654x526, 1459279579248.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no apucoin yet

>> No.27812615
File: 5 KB, 250x208, 1602666847977s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the dollar goes down again, I am financially ruined

>> No.27812630


>> No.27812649


>> No.27812680
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>there's no such thing as a profitable daytrader
>Warren Buffet said so

>> No.27812684

Imagine if the article said "men who don't realize how handsome they are" and pictures of equivalent whales. It's absolutely baffling to me how women in general still seem to believe they're oppressed when they get nothing but preferential treatment.

>> No.27812687

He was at like 25mil at some point or maybe this is for the new year.

>> No.27812931

Someone post that quote about how propaganda is meant to humiliate you into compliance, and how with modern propaganda you have to lie to yourself as the ultimate form of humiliation.

>> No.27813129
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>> No.27813158


1500 pltr chad here

>> No.27813196

GME $40 today lads

>> No.27813244

Will there be any more substantial dips again anytime soon?

>> No.27813266

Not a PLTR bro anymore, sold a couple of weeks ago when it had a like 25% spike.
Hope you all make it bros

>> No.27813402

What the fuck. 3 posts in the last ten minutes. No new thread. What the fuck

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