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Seems to be the most polarizing token right now. So give it to me straight, is it a blue chipper or a true shitter?

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Absolute dogshit. 10 billion market cap means it'll never hit even 10 bucks.

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please don't buy. 10 billion market cap and still won't be 10 dollars. It's not another link. just forget that it even exists and buys something else

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10 billion marketcap, it's a pretty shid coin.

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Nothing else in memory has launched on the Big 4 exchanges on day 1.

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>t. swingers who can't buy back in.

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Fudders prove it's a solid buy.

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suck on my dubs fags

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It's shit. You should sell off now while its peaked

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>Slept through the ATH
Please tell me it will rise again so I can swing at 1dollar

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clear to say GRT is the new it coin. Dudes are actually pusing people to sell instead of hold

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Trips don't lie. Release all bags ASAP

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meh, i was in grt at 0.50 sold at 0.85 for more inj. i like grt but the money is in finance.

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It's either unironically the fucking rock we build Dapps on
Or it's pure garbage and goes the way of askjeeves.

Maybe I'm being serious. Maybe I want to spread fud to keep the price low so I can buy more.
Maybe I'm just retarded.

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Checked as fuck.

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I fomo'd all my money into this during the initial pump (no idea what it actually did), watched it crash with tears in my eyes, now I'm the man. GRT won't let you down folks

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it just hit 95c, grt is future money

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Checked. I guess that settles it.

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Ever heard of delegating GRT retards???

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price isnt dropping any more without some sort of development issue. Cryptoo is starting to hit mainstream news with celeb backers and the government needs a way to funnel off all the excess cash in circulation

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they are trying to get people to dump so they can buy in.

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It's over.

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Yes, the era of sub $1 GRT is coming to an end.
Stacklets will cry in a year, two years, three, five, ten, as they watch their golden ticket fly off to the moon without them in tow.

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Alas, I am sad also. 14k is a tiny stack in the grand scheme of things.

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1k staclet here, about to kms because I'm too poor to invest more.

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I'm on that ADA pump, too late to buy into GRT.

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>about to buy 5k to delegate
am I gonna make it?

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So fucking what? Even if circulating supply becomes the max supply of ten billion GRT just to answer your weakshit tokenomic fud, which btw is the only thing you pitiful non-holders have, $1000 per GRT is fud for THE GOOGLE OF BLOCKCHAIN.
Yep, that's right. Even at 10 billion supply, $1000 per GRT which would put it at a 10 trillion dollar market cap in some years, is a conservative estimate.
Crypto is our generation's revolution against the fucked up financial system. If the GRT of stocks aka Google has like, what, 1 trillion dollars in market cap, then THE GOOGLE OF BLOCKCHAIN should have at least 10 trillion dollars in market cap after some years - that's AT LEAST $1000 per GRT - the minimum price in the future of THE GOOGLE OF BLOCKCHAIN.

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stfu you dumb loser

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Have a Snickers anon. You are not yourself when you are angry.

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Everytime GRT pumps I feel the wageslaving leave my body

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It won't hit 10 billion supply until 2 years from now plus there will be a 1% burn per TX so likely supply will be much lower by the time all tokens are minted especially since Aave, Synthetix, Uniswap will all be moving their subgraphs will millions of queries per month onto the graph mainnet this year. Buckle up peeps

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checked, based

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Witnessed those trips

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At least you're in a position to delegate

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lucky trips checked and sarcasm noted.

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Has a solid chance to get top 10

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Token not needed

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checked the witness trips out.

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To whom it may concern:
This stupid fucking frog is not some magical path to my wallet
I'm not interested in your shitcoin and tossing word salad at me with a Pepe meme isn't going to convince me to invest.
I'm not interested in your meme stock and tossing word salad at me and telling me not to miss out (trying to prey on FOMO, what a piece of shit) isn't going to convince me to buy your heavy bags.
Posting this stupid fucking faggot frog is not a free pass. It doesn't make your bullshit cool and hip, it makes you a manipulative faggot who took a meme and tried to capitalize on it
Very few coins have actual practical uses, and most of those practical uses are buying drugs. Most of it is a thinly veiled pump and dump scheme weakly propelled by Pepe memes.
I'm putting my fucking foot down. You stinky fucking pajeets, chinks and russians are getting called out.
Stop using my fucking retarded frog for your grift.

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checked. good luck

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How do you know it will take 2 years? aren't they releasing 10bi tokens in July? This is the only thing about GRT worrying me.

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Go back to rddit

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>been waiting all week for a dump
Welp should I just buy the top? It aint stopping til monday now is it?

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Just read their blog https://thegraph.com/blog/announcing-the-graphs-grt-sale

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token needed by developers to take years off of projects and save tens of thousands on teams and servers. kys tranny

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it hit .94 earlier but is down to .90.

it could dip down a bit further but dont expect a heavy crash, as bouncing off a roof and raised floor for a few hours has been the norm, so the trend will be breaking through again later today.

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90 cents is the new floor

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One day the GRT presence on this board will rival that of LINK. The memes upon memes, the stack tiers, the pride, the jealousy, the inb4s, all of it.

What do you think we'll be called then? Gritties? Gerties? Who can say? But we won't care. We who bought sub 1$ will hardly notice such meagre affairs as we browse colours from the Lamborghini subgraph.

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take your meds

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'Grapherines' my frend.

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10 billion and a bunch of euphoric bagholders who are constantly dumping on you at 1$. it's done find something else

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Read that and other three articles that could say that and didnt find the info

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Dude I'll be happy if it reaches LINK status are you fucking kidding me $26 per fucking coin when we bought it for <$1

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Current buy signal with oversold RSI. This will hit 1 today. Climbs more over the weekend and 1 will be the new floor for a few weeks. If you got in early, congrats, that is your retirement fund.

Google of blockchain

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be realistic, $1, maybe $3 at the peak of bullrun is realistic. Talk of $100 or $1000 is simply XRP tier retarded

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We might have a problem

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In a few years as crypto becomes more and more understood and widespread, there is no limit.

Google of blockchain

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>3 weeks ago: .30 stablecoin
>2 weeks ago: .50 stablecoin
>1 week ago: .70 stablecoin
YOU ARE HERE >.90 stablecoin
>tomorrow: $1 stablecoin
>EOY: $10 stablecoin
>2022: $100 stablecoin

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I'd say $8 isnt a stretch but $100 is unrealistic

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you genuinely believe that an erc-20 token could be worth trillions? Or are you just shitposting

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How does 140 million dollarinos sound?

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With Etherium 2.0? Who knows

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its current growth average for 2021 is just over .01 a day. its doing significantly better in February than it did in January though, but you're right thats only past $4 by the end of the year as growth that sticks.
i could see $10 if the trend of the daily growth going up also happens, but thats iffy. you're right $100+ is overselling it tremendously.

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Checked and keked

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Fewer dumpers in on this though. Value will continue to grow as more and more continue to buy and hold given the sharps see the LTI appeal

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Just sold most of my shitcoins for a decent profit, still holding grt this shit will hit $3 before the bullrun ends

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The average I calculated is about 5c USD per day, with cycles of 4 days up and 1-3 correction days.

It leaves me with a coin at 18 USD EOY which seems non reasonnable.

But a 10 USD seems feasible

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oh, i agree it will probably continue to grow overall.
I just think its a much slower, long term growth than some seem to be thinking.

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Imagine the profits when it catches ETH

Google of blockchain

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I don’t think it’ll be 1000 eoy or crazy shit like that. But I do think I’ll retire in 7-10 years when I cash out when it reaches those numbers.

Google. Of. Blockchain.

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the day of the swingies getting the rope is upon us

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yours is probably more accurate yeah, i did mine half for fun and with some rounding so it is definitely a bit skewed. still trust my own estimates more than those throwing out numbers with no backing, but im sure we both can agree thats hardly much of a bar to cross lol.

mostly, i just dont want people to oversell themselves. it seems like a good investment, but dont expect it to climb so high it starts pushing the moon out of orbit.

I hope it goes well for you Anon, you and everyone here.

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Based on 0.000001$ for a query and 4b daily requests (roughly a 10x from the amount I found in November) 5k delegated GRT with 5b delegated in total would net you a whole 0.004$ a day.

More optimistic 0.00001$ fee and 40b daily requests
5k / 5b delegated
0.4$ a day

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Ok lads I want to buy in. There will be a dip when it hits .1, right? I am waiting for a dip

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No more dips

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wow that's impressive
you said about 3 sentences worth in the course of 7

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hard to say. trend is ceiling bouncing, but the floor keeps raising whenever it breaks a new ceiling.

so far .93~ is the current ceiling, .90 is the current floor.
But breaching $1 is a pretty solid accomplishment so im unsure how that will affect it. my guess would be more akin to breaking $1 causing it to start climbing harder than usual, with an eventual settling back down to a $1 floor, and from there it continues back to its old, current trend.

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>Everytime GRT pumps I feel the wageslaving leave my body
Kek. Based.

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how much do i need to avoid wage slaving

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>frugal lifestyle: 20k
>based lifestyle: 200k

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>What do you think we'll be called then?
We are the GRTrannies.

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Many of you have fucking no idea how hard this is going to pump this year.

Imagine once the uniswap subgraph migrates over.
>The coingecko subgraph.
>The coinmarket subgraph.
>The aave subgraph.
>The coinbase subgraph.
>The binance subgraph.
Every single subgraph that transfers over to mainnet will cause a pump.
one after another.
>7000 subgraphs.
>7000 pumps.
Pumps are built in, graph bros.
We're all going to make it.

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>just bought another thousand
>it's still not enough
Who in purgatory here?

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Suicide stack 10k, make it stack 100k. Pretty much buy as much as you can and delegate for a few years and you'll be settled anon.

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Make it stack is actually unironically 5k in my opinion.
It only depends on whether or not you're ready to wait a few years while delegating.
Everyone ITT who has at least this much will make it with enough patience.

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Because you put your money on the future. Get used to the good life.

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Even a 1k is a make it stack if you delegate on p2p and wait 10 years

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>almost made 10€
This is nice

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You have no idea how fast things are going to move

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Oh shit I have 5.6k

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Checked. We are gonna make it.

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Holy shit what a retard.

Xrp has 100 billion and went $2.77>>27803157

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Unless GRT will be deflationary by token burns we'll have a 3% increase in token supply annually. So 10 billion token supply is potentially not the max amount. But if the token is deflationary or at least stable what incentive does this give everyone to index, delegate, curate.

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If it's stable it's stable passive income.
With just a slight upward trend it becomes amazing for people who hold more of it.

>> No.27812085

how do u earn passive income from it? just let it sit there in ur wallet?

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Delegate then dilate

>> No.27812197

delegating? first thread or you want it to dip as much as I do?

>> No.27812201

dilate your wallet you mean.

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10 billion is the max amount dumbfuck. The supply is capped at 10 Billion GRT. An inflation rate of 3% per year has been set. That means only 3% of the total supply will be released anually.

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one word. scam. but dont know why i went all in 40k

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yes both. okay but, like, how do i even into muh delegating? got 5k of this sheit

>> No.27812463

According to these threads, 5k is min but 10k is the min for any real profit, but I'm a stacklet yet so i don't do it, there's always guides posted in these threads

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Then explain why the total supply is over 10b

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>just bought

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They'll call our posts graphitti

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>bought at the ATH again

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based !!! >

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