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Give me something biz. Something with a marketcap under 5m with the potential to go 100x. I want the next Rubic. The next Bao. What have you got for me, and even better, why will it go 100x?

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Literally rubic

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LTO checkit, comfiest 100x out there

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This anon gets it

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REEF 100%

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Isn't Reef already at 50m?
I'm still in Rubic. I want something else too though just in case.
Will look it up

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It's about 120k market cap and literally about to fly. And of course it's defi.

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I looked into this the other day, but it seems quite dead? Telegram is deserted and their socials have only posted twice this year

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Katalyo, not gonna spoonfeed you.DYOR on this and get rich when it explodes the next 3 months.

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Tg picked up recently mods have been active.

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3 months? Anon I want 100x in 3 weeks...
Aight I'll look again

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Also look at mushroom finance $MM 2.9 mc and yearn is working on a vault. See here yearn.rocks

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MWG KEK ASKO definitely gonna be one of these

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Nyan-V2. You'll thank me later

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REEF is easily the best coin shilled here on /biz/.

The roadmap for 2021 has me sitting comfy for financial freedom

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$RBC if you want you and your white children to prosper!

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Seriously Rubic still had so much to go i've just bought another 5k.
Imagine when the binance listing is announced...

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COTI, literally the PayPal of crypto

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ASKO looks pretty cool, they basically just build profitable apps and as a token holder you get the profits? Looking very good at 2.2m

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how high can this go? just hit $81

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can't believe no one has said FEG... none of you will make it

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Dev Protocol for the sole fact that it’s criminally undervalued and it’s tokenizing YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and GitHub. 100million mcap is hardly a challenge.

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DEV, i will sell you some rope at $500 cause I know you won’t buy

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Mkt cap only 2.2 mill so it could easily go to 1k. Its the worlds first De-Fi Hedge fund.

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Crypto kek is an easy 10x in the coming weeks.

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ok but why a gay pink cat?

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DEXG, it's over 5 million but still undervalued by a factor of at least 50 when you compare what's coming in the release this month to existing dexes. Still under 1000 wallets so you're ridiculously early. remember this post.

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Normies like shiny things

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wow you still try to hold rewards with this shit that they shill on /biz/ thread
lol don’t be a fool so many best coins now
get profit with xsn staking and thank me

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That's Still Rubic (RBC) Do your searchs and you will know.

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Yeah with what’s been going on lately this one seems absolutely fucking primed for a run, and it’s way less shitty than all of the recent pumps

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very convincing, i will look at it

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This is the perfect comment :)

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I think PPAY - Plasma finance has a good chance.

It just doesnt make sense that this wouldn't pop. I think its just that people havent noticed it yet with all the projects mooning left and right. Im putting my money in this for sure.


- Portfolio Management

- Fiat On/Off Ramp

- Liquidity Pools

- DEX & SWAP Aggregator

- Lending & Borrowing

- Cross-Chain Asset Swap

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Japanese pointless token scam retracing every single pump, no exchanges, YFI partnership was horseshit, Andre never tweeted, Wikipedia story was horseshit too, creators dumping free money (oh yes, we've been keeping tab of your constant curry shilling trying to escape your underwater bags). Nice try anon, now get yourself some bags with actual exchanges, partnerships and not designed to be dumped for free by creators just kicking back and cashing in the money. (now just wait for the usual bullshit answer: "he doesn't know about DIP bullshit 543" that is nothing but a comment on github on some silly feature that might be implemented in 6 months). Imagine the Pajeet going to bed every night with dying dev bags and dreaming about a DIP that will save his village and give him an exit while the rest of the market is rage pumping every day. That, gentlemen, is real despair

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$MCDC. Comfy hold. High meme potential

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CargoX (CXO)

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The best meme coin ever $XIPOOH
If you missed RBC, DOGE and SHIBA you want to get in here

Next 100x


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Ignore this guy. He is known as James as is a salty faggot because he sold at $4 lmao.

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unironically this

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same here anon, they literally already have compliance and working fiat on and off ramps already, its amazing

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Why would I want to tokenize my nutsack? I'll just buy more rubic.

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Every time DEV is mention on biz, this guy puts in his buttplug and pastes this copypasta.

$100 EOY faggot.

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ASKO, 2m mcap, was 1m mcap yesterday, mainnet and website next week, feels so comfy hodling this $1 eom is not that unrealistic

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I'm looking into this one, seems cool. A 50x would be bloody nice

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Guys, Marketing from influences for $XIPOOH will start soon! This will be more than you normal Memecoin! Don't miss this one, good time to buy the dip right now!

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Snc, because tokens get locked the morr users they have and price doesnt matter to them, so even if it goes 100x the platform will work as intended and will perform market buys at that price based on the usage

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This one OP, all others are only a 10x max or a pajeet rugpull, this is the real de I'm all in

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What is it? What does it do? Where buy?

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50x is FUD, 100x imminent

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I remember this last year when it was $0.005. Would have been an amazing time to accumulate a million stack.

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DeFi dApps, Staking, Lending, Minting, liq bots, burn mechanics its got it all fren, have a read of the litepaper on asko.finance

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how do I buy? american here

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Only uniswap atm fren, its on MXC too but its chink exchange so burgers are banned

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I am not going to give you 1, I am going to give you 3 that are guaranteed to 10x-50x in the coming months

> $DEXG 100% guaranteed
> $PPAY 90% guaranteed
> $BUILD 80% guaranteed

buy now or rope later. everything 5-10mil mcap

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I have posted a bit about his before, but no one here has ever listened....check out CRT contract 0x36a28c7c9b3dea22f07f4df67833cbe764feeeb4
This is a crypto made by a mining company (there has been a bunch...a fucking bunch of weird shit so lmk if you want to know, I wont type out unless people are interested)...They accept payment for their contracts with CRT and payout in CRT...There arent a ton of people on this but the price of the token is 1.9c and the group behind it wants it at $1 as the first target...Its already started having pumps. The website for the mining is dualmine.com I have been using them for a year and a half..and besides the weird shit I mentioned before, I have been paid out each time with no problems. Like I mentioned though, things are weird with them atm because they are trying to expand and grow.

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Build is a scam but the other two are good
Nowhere near as good as ASKO tho

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Legit product, 11 mil market cap

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very seriously BOND is ready for this

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I will check ASKO

care to elaborate about $Build?

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Reef and asko

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Cryptokek $KEK

Product releasing in the next few days followed by big marketing campaign. Easily a quick 10x from here.
>doxxed team
>frequent live streams
>good memes
>smart community
>under 5 mill marketcap

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Im in kek

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Thanks. Got 50k.
You better not be fucking me with this.

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lmao thats a good one 100x when

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lots of Axia shills on here, am on the fence about sinking my money into it desu

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Very true

Imagine being this salty

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I got only 1k to invest in Binance.
What do I buy biz?

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SDX, releasing their DEX pretty soon so it should be an easy pump.

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if it's on binance it's too late

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Its on a 2 week pump n dump rotation, project may be legit but there are PnD groups in holders

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Half a suicide stack there fren

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What's the best app to manage crypto?
Coinbase is the only one I know really well

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the next rubic is rubic
kek is its special needs but retard strength side kick

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I feel like I should be taking a screenshot every time you post your poor effort at fud anon, then post it when Dev is mooning and you’re still sitting in your parents basement getting rugged by food tokens kek

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I live in fucking Brazil it's a huge hassle to get anything to work here. At least Binance works

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Buy BUILD you fucking retards, metric did 10x in one day and it’s build project, 20% of metric supply in build treasury, imagine what happens when vortex and other projects will start taking off. And build dao will rule them all

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You could use a DEX like Uniswap in North Korea, man. That's the point.

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This fucking ASKO coin won't swap for me on any fucking swap site

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thx just fomod in

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Can only do what I can do, fren

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use uniswap, put ethereum in your metamask and then just swap eth for memecoins. Sure the gas will cuck you a bit but if you buy a large stack of a meme coin before the pump it'll be worth it.

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If buying on uniswap you have to increase your slippage and take any decimals out or it won't work, all bc no one is selling and everyone is buying since you'd have to be a complete tard to sell

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Feed Every Gorilla.

Also SAKE obvs.

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Dude, exactly the fucking same problem for me.
Finally just sold my UNN for ETH and swapped ETH to ASKO on rubic.exchange.

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The MCDC Contract Address (for adding the coin to your wallet) is:

Buy on Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x8937041c8c52a78c25aa54051f6a9dada23d42a2

Track on DexTools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x76d629ebad7fdf703ed5923f41f20c472e8f23e3

Explore on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x8937041c8c52a78c25aa54051f6a9dada23d42a2

Liquidity locking is a "rug pull scam" prevention tactic. If you have any MCDC in your wallet, you can use https://team.finance to verify that the liquidity is locked until Feb 3 2022. Feel free to ask chat members for screenshots if you don't own any MCDC yet.

Official Website: https://mcdcoin.finance

This is OUR shitcoin

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ADA will unironically be x3 EOM
And will be x30 EOY

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Fuck off poojeet, anons will only make it with AKSO

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Rich FEG checking in. This is it.

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/biz/ seems to be sleeping on theta. Don't know why. Given good returns, lots of big boi partnerships, devs seem on the ball. Recently launched thetaswap to get on the DEX bandwagon.

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Didn't see anyone mention GRO, it's up 1000% since end of December
NEAR is another that looks good, up 15% or so in last few days. It's like AVAX
GRT is another quality one

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Im to scared to put anything into this. Almost did but wussed out. Seems like one of those coins that could go to zero overnight

>> No.27811545

it'll garnish your wages

>> No.27811602

Literally a trademark infringing pump and dump coin

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10X is very reasonable.

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This, easy x100

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You're expecting 100x from where Rubic is right now?

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buy iota before next week or die poor

>> No.27812522

6bil mcap is possible in the long term

>> No.27812586

ASKO is looking promising

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When Rubic hits binance it's going 10x

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Who says its going to hit binance?

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Buy now or get priced out

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>create metamask wallet
>buy ETH on novadax or MercadoBitcoin
>send ETH to metamask
>connect metamask to Uniswap

It's not that hard

>> No.27813997

TEL (telcoin). Many arabic investors are buying now. This coin will go 10x this year. Maybe even more, coinbase and binance are going to list it for sure.

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Fuck off shitskin. MCDC is the white man's coin

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Router Protocol. 315 holders, mooning as we speak

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ASKO just started to pump and will moon like crazy

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Think bigger. MCDC:

>gets popular on biz
>not too much fud bc rug-proof and obvious shitcoin plus everybody loves the meme
>slowly creeps to rebbit
>violently gains exposure
>boomers start buying thinking it’s official coin of McD
>McDonalds Inc. serves cease and desist to Vitalik
>Pajeets + others create other restaurant tokens like BurgerKing etc
>Some may achieve success but nothing like McDCoin
>1 MCDC = 1 Big Mac
>McDonalds buys ownership wallet of McDonaldsCoin for 6B and integrate it into their growing blockchain systems in the year 2027

The MCDC Contract Address (for adding the coin to your wallet) is:

Buy on Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x8937041c8c52a78c25aa54051f6a9dada23d42a2

Track on DexTools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x76d629ebad7fdf703ed5923f41f20c472e8f23e3

Explore on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x8937041c8c52a78c25aa54051f6a9dada23d42a2

Liquidity locking is a "rug pull scam" prevention tactic. If you have any MCDC in your wallet, you can use https://team.finance to verify that the liquidity is locked until Feb 3 2022. Feel free to ask chat members for screenshots if you don't own any MCDC yet.

Official Website: https://mcdcoin.finance

This is OUR shitcoin

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can someone post that "how to buy rubic" pic? I have the eth on metamask and i connected it but idk what to do next

>> No.27814355

Pick either, all gud

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I’m new to this board. Where is the best place to invest in these coins? Is Coinbase alright? How do you guys determine which coins are legit and which ones are scams?

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why does it say insufficient funds? I have metamask connected to rubic.exchange, ive added the coin to metamask, and it just keeps telling me i have insufficient funds

>> No.27815416

the fees, bro.
Lower the amount of eth you're swapping by a little.

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The fees are fucking INSANE. You'll likely have to pay 1/3th of the price in fees

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Asko, mainnet launches in 8 days although shhh don't tell everyone we are still accumulating.

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Stop being poor fag

>> No.27815741

I lowered it TO (not by) eth and it still wont work

>> No.27815749

This is why paid shills look like

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Buy $CLF calls under 25


>"New orders for manufactured goods in December, up eight consecutive months, increased $5.2 billion or 1.1 percent to $493.5 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today."


>"US trade court dismisses challenge to Section 232 steel tariff"


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0.001 eth*

>> No.27815818

what a hideous meme, get it together

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Take the burger pill

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Only for high IQ anons

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Says PPAY is 88 million mcap on etherscan. 8 mill on coingecko

>> No.27816406

Ergo. hint: take a look at their team. any true /biz/raeli will know what I'm seeing here.

>> No.27816708

Hakka, Zora. NU, ZEE

>> No.27816830

last night i logo burger your sister?

>> No.27816969


The dev team. End of March they said.

>> No.27817016

>buying shitcoins with a 410Gwei gas price

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Rocks is the next x100

Only thing is you have to hold for a year or 2

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FTM you cuck

>> No.27817480


>> No.27817569

Surf. Loans options synthetics stables all coming. See you at $5 once people find out about this.

>> No.27817970

>missing alt season for some literally who shitcoin

>> No.27818203


>> No.27818386

WolfyCoin. It's literally 2 days old, decentralized, deflationary & locked liquidity until 2096

>> No.27818597


2mill marketcap
Less than 3k supply
Staking next week
On chain clients already
Just met with polkadot team
Creators of other projects have bags (including sergey)

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>> No.27819896

barnbridge BOND burger your sister?
Is this an architectural meme?

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>not the god protocol
kys jeet

>> No.27820071

look at my twitter "dexxon6" if you want in on the next 100x. we are about to pump some tiny alt coins

>> No.27820312

Stabilize, 4mil market cap.
Honest DeFi yield farm project. Dev is on the ball, especially with SC security.
Really undervalued as everyone is keeping quiet and accumulating.


>> No.27820405


shiba/feg before going hot
10x? yes
100x? yes
1000x? maybe

>> No.27820409

100 points.

>> No.27820594

Double Ace (DAA Wallet) is gonna be the next big one. $DAA.
Big Chinese money and Russian advisors involved, no pajeets.

>> No.27820644

This piece of pure shit will surely moon and thats how we know we are in a real bullrun

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>mfw the gas fees to get in on any of these coins
Jesus fucking christ.

>> No.27820875


>> No.27821731

wtf, how do I buy these shitcoins, the process seems so convoluted for such a high risk

>> No.27821866

uniswap + metamask

>> No.27822300

$DAA already trades on based Estonian exchange Whitebit, soon coming to Bittrex and others.

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Rubic is the next Rubic, never selling. I'll live of staking rewards once it's implemented