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It's not even alt season yet. Gents, we are in for quite a wild ride.

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digits of truth

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GRT $500 EOY

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All I can think of are the coming gas fees -_-

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You're a complete nigger, this is absolutely altseason.

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>not even alt season yet
crappy shitcoins did 5x in sats, how long do you think it’s gonna last?

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Right? I can't wait. OXEN could literally 100x.

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bout 2 months or 3

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>It's not even alt season yet!
>the squeeze hasn't even been squoze!
lol redditor enjoy bagholding for a year

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2/3 days you mean?

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First time here? Eth is like 20% past it's previous ATH, and eth always kicks off true alt season. Just because /biz/ is shilling shitcoins doing 50x's (and some good projects) doesn't mean a market-wide alt season has started. /Biz/ is constant recency bias.

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be careful out there

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Luckily I've liquidated myself so I'm stuck with whatever coins I've acoomulated going forward.

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Can't wait for the next Bitconnect

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I still need 10k USD to accumulate everything I wanted!

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So just hold my positions, right?

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what the fuck, is it this easy?

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That's what I'm doing for the moment. BTC is due for one more parabolic runup, and then I think we'll see all the alts kick off.

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Checked. Crypto will hit 2-3trillion. Expect to see multiple 50b plus coins alot of which will be midcaps

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What are some Alts that are looking good?

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Ftm is going to be 10-20b maybe more at the end of this run.

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We are still in the bear market. This is just return to mean.

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Should i bet on 1-5 m mcap noname coins or now it's better to go for 50-500 mcap alts?

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This, unironically

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