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>dumping all day
>website down
>instantly banned on discord if you mention any of this
I am financially ruined BAObros

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What'd you expect? You invested in a DUMPling

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Ya just the fact BAO sounds eerily similar to CBDAO is creepy and we all not how BREE ended up

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look at the daily charts its okay man just HODL
you didn't buy more than you could afford to lose did you?

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It's still more valuable than last week
Looks up to me
discord is for trannies they're doing you a favor

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wtf bros did we actually get rugpulled?

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switch to MILK2/SHAKE ASAP before it's too late anon. It's the new Bao

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Can someone please tell me how much 1300 Uni-V2 Eth-Bao tokens is worth right now?
Thank you.

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i almost bought yesterday now im debating if its even worth it

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tfw I had the choice to DCA rbc or bao and I chose to go cubic

dang bros, sorry. I hope you still make it

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Sounds like you're retarded.

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How do I unstake if the website down?

I will probably just sell and then buy GRT or ADA or something

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I am, anon. I am.

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Just interact with the smart contract directly.

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No one knows, accept your loss kid

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If you fags didn't sell at least 50% of your stack during this 20x+ run idk what's wrong with you.

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I'm glad I didn't fall for that shit kek

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Baobros, it's not too late...

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> Sold the top at 0.003
> Bought at 0.00007

> Have 5M still staking

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what project

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have your rewards been better in the last 14 hours? I can't check the website myself atm.

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Yfi just lost user funds today. Again.

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retard Bao is partnered with Sushi not with yiff token

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You have gone astray and chosen food token.
You know this is not the way.
Monke line go up.
Return to him. He calls you.
Return... to Monke

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yfi is partnered with sushi so I guess it’s sort of true

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Interesting FUD. Sadly kiddo, my hands are made of diamond. I've been in AXN since it was HEX2T and rode that wave all the way to 10x. This is nothing.

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Baoman is an actual fucking dog faggot. Mentioning biz is more of a trigger for that piece of shit then saying tranny kike. All that being said, Im up a fucking great deal but God that fucking Discord is worse than Reddit cancer

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i dont even own bao but youre retarded anon he probably already gave an answer and ur too dumb to notice it. if you bought into BAO at <0.0010 then you should be good rn its just a correction
grow up faggot

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no it's not
if yiff dies it affects sushi a little and bao none.

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This is the play.

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Just give the magic bao some time. It will go to the moon for sure

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unstake through the contract on etherscan, you don't need the website

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>my meme token isn't valueable to gain traction without samefagging from my phone on other threads

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You are moron. You should have bought SAKE

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you sound sad Baobro, we're just trying to help you before it's too late

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No, actually just had my funds in both bao and shake. Retard.

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take your meds schizo

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whatever makes you feel better friend

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That is not a rug. Look at the market cap.

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around 5.5k..
I appreciate your effort to keep our IL in the positive, thank you for your service #42

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>thank you for your service #42
bullish af on BAO
don't know who this clown is

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I was kidding, you are too wholesome for that guy, but it did draw you out :)

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Looks like desperate FUD. Have you seen the bao/eth stats on uniswap? the liquidity graph is making my eyes bleed. It will correct but there are no brakes on the bao express.

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staying up late enjoying the chainlink all time high

>It will correct but there are no brakes on the bao express.
things are only going to accelerate from here, let's hope Baoman can scale up because he's about to get a whole lot busier

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Also APY for bao/eth has now cut from over 3000% to 1700% which means that the big boys are beginning to arrive.

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>Looks like desperate FUD.

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>Also APY for bao/eth has now cut from over 3000% to 1700% which means that the big boys are beginning to arrive.
indeed, also the rewards were halved recently

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I fell for the fud on chainlink years ago, making up for it now, literally up 100% in 2 days on bao and others. I'll work on more wholesome farming memes for you.

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They are looking for a lead solidity dev. I don’t think they’ll actually make working synthetics. I sold everything earlier.

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APY for Ghost, Zap and YeildWars pairs is still pretty spectacular though. Stay ahead of the curve.

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double chekked
there's always new opportunities and BAO is one of them
the memes are great so far too

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That's what you get for shitcoin gambling

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>website is up still
>im still possive in BAO by a large margin meaning OP is just a late faggot.
>if your getting banned from discord it means your a faggot anon.

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Top kek

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holy shit you post this on every bao post you monkey.

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Fuck BAO. Buy SURF. They will come to sushiswap, they are deflationary as all supply was distributed long time ago, they are more innovative and will probably have synthetics faster than BAO. So why the hell do people fall for this BAO shit.

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>they are more innovative and will probably have synthetics faster than BAO.

Post sources. I will wait.

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I can't because it's "insider" info

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Think its worth staking another M in one of the rando pools with 5k+ return till dai still?

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Well tell me what lairs have access to the information and I'll pay to see it.

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How greedy are you? I bet you screencapped your gains, didn't you? I bet you hold 0 OXEN.

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What do you think? Ghost has pretty much bottomed out.

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>dumping all day
Does that mean my farming will finally improve?

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I own Bao and that revolver ha

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No, the project is dying

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Literally tied to a project that loses user funds constantly. Complete vaporware. Can't even bring legit problems to dev's attention or you get muted/banned

>muh footur of fahnanc

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yes guys, I too am buying these dips in anticipation of another +100% day when Cloudflare gets their shit together. I appreciate the support by the fud army

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Can't believe anons bought this over rubic, reef, practically anything else.

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bro its literally just the sites background color how is this a cloudflare problem?

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use a vpn and be amazed, young sir

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do me a favor and look up the definition of that word, anon

>> No.27801604

Try opening the page in incognito

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no it's up

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I hope it dumps more so I can farm MORE BAOs. FUD more please.

>> No.27801865

They’re building synthetics options and stables. Theyre also planning on making a proposal to sushi soon as well. Buy innovation. Bao and surf are both that. Bao is just up a ridiculous amount with no head solidity dev. I had to be rational earlier and took profits and then 2x’d them in surf and the whirlpool. Bao, surf and sushi will be huge this year. Don’t forget their airdrop on the 14th either.

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>he bought into yet another garbage scamcoin named after food
Seriously wtf is wrong with you retards? Just stop buying coins and tokens named after food or animals. It's really that simple.

>> No.27801937

It’s 200x’d this month...

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yea works fine with vpn

>> No.27802123

you probably didn't even look at it based on the name alone, and this is why you missed out and will continue to miss out

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How the hell do I do that? I am not a hacker.

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Sucks if true. Rubic is probably next lmao.. biggest pajeet scam I've seen in all of 2021.

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Bought at 00001 myself. Sold my way down to 100k by selling the top of 003 twice. Got a lot farmed. This shitcoin was great for the free ETH.

>> No.27802560

How stupid are the people in this thread? It's an obvious scam..

Biz needs a good cleansing. Where the fuck are all you low IQ pajeet apes coming from?

>> No.27802817

Bao.finance works fine

Apes strong ! !!!

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>Chinks together strong
Never thought i'd become my enemy to secure wealth

>> No.27803343

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH My position is 2% underwater help me chinkman!!!

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>dumping all day
Zoom out. Whale is swing trading and another whale put 800 ETH worth inti BAO when it was ar 0.003, so expect them to increase their bag with shake outs.

>Website down
It's not. Cloudflare issues for third wordlers. Most people can access it fine so long as you don"t start your mornings with a jug kof maple syrup and $16 canned soup.

Cloudflare issue.

>Banned on discord of you mention this
Nope, it was already discussed openly dozens of times in different channels among different time zones.

What's actually going on is Core devs being salty that people earn more returns on BAO than their shitty project and are coordinating a FUD against BAO.

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Proof of CORE team being a bunch if faggots. They made up a reason fo why BAO should remove the CORE LP (because they want their users using their shitty low APY dogshit). Baoman complied and transparently told the community that the CORE te requested the takedown. CORE dev team then made up a story after and backpeddled when Baoman released this screenshot proving they were full of shit. They apologized and claimed it was a "miscommunication" internally on their end but they know what they were doing. The exchange between the devs is public on Twitter, and it's obvious CORE os still trying to get people out of BAO and into using their shitty platform instead. This thread was probably made by someone from CORE who has been pulling overtime for them.

I hope for his sake, they pay in a stablecoin and not their shitty CORE tokens.


Notice how quickly the cORE team change their tones when the screenshots drop to prove them wrong.

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kek. now it all becomes clear

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And proof they're salty and running a FUD campaign from their telegram. Sorry your project isn't nearly as successful as BAO. Maybe release a vetter product next time?

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heh i'm still sitting comfy on my 3 mil bao

most comfy investment i ever done

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Genuinely I dont know what you guys expect buying absolute trash-tier shitcoins. Get in, make money, get out fast. You hang on too long you'll get rug-pulled.

>> No.27804594

Hahaha i had bao and reef and had to pull out because my neetbux didnt come in. Im sad I missed the pooooomp but that said I also am missing the doooooomp

>> No.27804617

You're all so fucking stupid Im going to make a new coin and sell it to you guys. Called "Pepe coins" with a spicy memed logo. It will do nothing, and have no uses just like all the others but I expect to be made a billionaire by paying some pajeets to shill it non-stop on here before the ICO. Look out for it.

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This will be the next sushi. Screen my pube bitchs

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You should have bought rigel sir!
Sir please buy rigel!

>> No.27804976

not farming?
gonna make it but just a little, farm and you'll be king.

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It's not too late BAO bros. Get in on this shitcoin. Guaranteed x100 on the meme potential alone.


Don't cry later that anon didn't tell you.

>> No.27805127

Baoman is one of the few dev that never boasted about Bao's price or shills it on twitter

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We have waifus too. This is /ourcoin/

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The amount of cope in this thread is pure cringe

>> No.27805660

>RBC hit new ATHs 3 days in a row and has enjoyed steady growth through the entire month
Dont tell me you arent holding both? Dont tell me you have less than 50 million BAO OH NO NO NO NO

>> No.27805804

I don't want to get rug pulled by Russians again like with INS 3 years ago

>> No.27805831

Threadly reminder
(5% reduced fees for you)

>> No.27805853

My baos are rotting
No one told me food expires

>> No.27805894

True, I'm finding it difficult to cope with the 768% gains on my 14 day chart and the $76mil market cap.

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It's a scam. And it'll still 10x.

>> No.27806013

You absolute KING

>> No.27806046

and there it is, who would've thought

>> No.27806051

smart money

>> No.27806230

>on no we're down to 0.0025 after it was overbought in a flash pump to almost 0.004 when we were basically just celebrating the organic growth to 0.001 less than a week ago

this whole thread reeks of disillusioned easily fudded poorfags who just bought the top of a whale pump, meanwhile the bao farmers who got in early like myself were praying for a return to normal. how quickly you change your tune when the visions of sugar plum fairies and massive overnight profits go out the window. little did you stop to think how unhealthy this movement was for the price and the correction down was not only expected but actually for the better. cope more though

>> No.27807217

kek is this real?

>> No.27807484

FINALLY some fud!! I was getting bored.
This is an healthy fud guys, it's a sign that BaoMan is doing good work.
Let's all buy some popcorn, enjoy our giant Gains, and laugh at people who don't know shit about this project and will stay poor.

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Try scanning :)

>> No.27808077

Kek Core fags are pathetic.

>> No.27808248

it's a 33 percent retrace you fucking retard

>> No.27808412

lmao CORE. What the fuck is this last Summer/Fall? GTFO. BAO is king. Eat a dick.

>> No.27808521

was kicking myself for not securing my bag in time. buying more at these levels because I know how fucked up my brain is.
buying red goes against your instinct but it fattens up my wallet eventually

>> No.27808696

I scanned it and Ronaldjeet McShitOnTheStreet lunged out from my monitor towards me so fast his red turban unraveled

>> No.27808816

>shuts down the site
>price plummets
>coingecko trust rating freefalls from 94% to 82%
>mass bans and damage control in the discord
Ah yes, just perfectly normal market correction.

>> No.27808849

I thought it was an onion

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>> No.27808959

Ok CORE dev.

>> No.27809122

Yeah coordinated attack by core basedbois. Dev spends more timing fudding than developing his shit platform

>> No.27809140


Oh man it's that guy, the 25% loser! He comes to every thread!

>> No.27809323

oh shit it actually does look like a deadcat

>> No.27809371

imagine not buying the dip before xDai

>> No.27809380

It's over.

>> No.27809406


>> No.27809778

litchureally none of this is true. but by all means sell...

>> No.27809852

Imagine that, higher low

>> No.27809909

meanwhile at spaceswap MILK2 and SHAKE both breaks their ATH.

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File: 1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210205-063734.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

put me in the screencap

>> No.27810070

So glad this turned out to be garbage.

>> No.27810204

Remember anons, (((they))) want your baggies

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File: 37 KB, 1078x627, photo_2021-02-04_17-13-39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now that Bao is dead, look into Tosa Finance. Basically Bao, but they are just 3 days old. And they don't just market to 10 year old girls. Gonna go on a nice run real soon.

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>FUD and GAY

The website is on through VPN. Discord didn't ban anyone

>> No.27810434

This whole FUD session has been nothing but the most transparent and failed attempt at denigrating a project. All claims are false, core devs are a bunch of sour pussies, any smart anon would buy the dip and keep on trucking. xDai is coming, the platform is growing, it's gonna be a wild ride and the way is up.

>> No.27810471


>> No.27810655

It's "should HAVE bought". "should OF bought" doesn't mean anything... Learn how to read and write. Even pajeets have a better mastery of english than you bro.

>> No.27810682

This FEG knows what's up. Apes together agmi.

Literally up 100% from when I jumped in. There's room to fucking go.

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File: 1.05 MB, 316x306, 1608086654829.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27810846


>> No.27810940


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Holy shit, the Binance whale just bought 500ETH more

>> No.27811077
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It's the whale that bought 800ETH worth of BAO a few days ago, and now it bought the dip with 500ETH

>> No.27811282

he only bought 100eth worth, hes still got 400eth to drop on bao. he alone will send us back to 250 and further

>> No.27811369

You're NGMI OP

>> No.27811455

I just saw that he transfered 500ETH and he baought, didn't check the amount xD

>> No.27811601

Literally your last chance to sell

>> No.27811656
File: 474 KB, 728x463, bao_comfy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he's probably keeping the rest to buy the dip in case it dips more, but I think that $0.002 was the bottom since it bounced back three times from that level

>> No.27811669

Bao is one of the biggest scams Ive seen up to this day, get out as fast as you can anons

>> No.27811704

mother bitch this is not true bloody basterd

>> No.27811722
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Who else is comfy tending to their grave?

>> No.27811731
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>> No.27811780


>> No.27811801


>> No.27811860

look this fools
I am going to HODL and my $100 initial investment will become $100000

>> No.27811998

More like 0.100 cents. lmao rugged

>> No.27812166

fuck you this is PHOTOSHOPPED

I bet this is baoman posting. Fuck you baoman and your shitty project. You really fucked us on this one.

>> No.27812227

>lmao rugged
>$81mil mcap

pick one

>> No.27812383

Terribly Fudd. Low quality

>> No.27812432
File: 21 KB, 547x391, bao_ch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you people retarded? You really though this shit would not correct?

>> No.27812498

it's barting. cope.

>> No.27812627

They want low iq to sell. My coworker sold his 11m stack and bought back in lower. He sold the top last night at 24. Fees are too high for me to swing trade. Hodl.

>> No.27812705

Top kek

>> No.27812776

I sold long ago and went into milk you faggots. Bao can at most go to 0.005

>> No.27812871
File: 250 KB, 500x491, baokek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dilate faggot
I bought at 0.00013, this dump is only a problem for retards like you who bought the top

>> No.27813052

It’s a plastic bag retard

>> No.27813066

Textbook reverse cup and handle

>> No.27813171

Nigga stop making out things lmaoo we ar

>> No.27813471
File: 55 KB, 601x425, Screenshot_20210205-060922_Google.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It really is

And away we go

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File: 484 KB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20210205-051217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are these faggots crying about this?

>> No.27813913

dont use words when you dont know what they mean you dirty subhuman nigger cunt.

>> No.27814059

ngl you are right

>> No.27814207



All active and alive.

>> No.27814295

Sold all yesterday.

>> No.27814407

bye bye dirty nigger, good riddance, neck yourself now

>> No.27814481

Heavy bag holder found.
This rug pull is primed, better get ready.
If you lived through Yams, sushi & Hot dogs and you are still investing in food tokens, you deserve every rug you get.

>> No.27814484


>> No.27814662
File: 219 KB, 795x627, baoread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These samefags don't even know how to fud properly, kek
This makes me even more bullish

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File: 53 KB, 640x640, IMG_20210205_025144_705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Join the MCDC crusade
Gas drops at night. Buy then. Plus you will make back the gas fees 1000 times over with this solid shitcoin

>> No.27814903


It's working. You will always be ruined.

>> No.27814951
File: 47 KB, 680x383, mccock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27815069
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What the fuck.

>> No.27815293
File: 27 KB, 598x399, 77E39638-0E16-403D-9C7E-27EFB5F59C61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No more food or animal coins, anon.

>> No.27815477
File: 92 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bought some today, lets see how this goes

>> No.27815693

Yeah I’m out, dev didn’t even know the LPs where locked liquidity and too much shit has gone wrong recently

>> No.27815852

I'm glad you are all getting rugpulled. Gamble in shit, get shat on.

>> No.27816022
File: 43 KB, 970x595, bao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

0.002 support
let's see where we're going from there
thinking of buying back part of the stack I sold at .0025

>> No.27816096

seethe more for not buying early

>> No.27816131

is wrong with you?

>> No.27816613
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why did this chink have this post go live at 9am?

BaoManToday at 9:00 AM
@everyone - Many users have been having trouble accessing the site. For the past 24 hours our web host and cloudflare have been having various issues that seem to have impacted around 0.4% of users who try and visit the site.

So far users have been able to get the site access to work when switching to another region through a VPN or proxy, or switching to another DNS provider if they use cloudflare DNS. Users are also able to interact with the contract directly.

We are in contact with support at both cloudflare and our host to resolve this matter and working on adding back up servers with other hosts to prevent such issues in the future.

>> No.27816629

sushi is at ATH you retard, man the fud is beginner level

>> No.27817557

Did none of you actually read the finance page? This is literally an early stage of a good product that got pumped by people who saw a dumpling and clicked buy.
Keeping my bao. I would buy more. Bao has real potential.
If you don't think so tell me why.
>>my 1.5 trillion market cap
>>there's only one dev
>>it's just a meme
literally nothing fud

>> No.27818100
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Kek, you cheeky cunt.

>> No.27818244

Im kinda tied into this long term anyway since i didn't understand how GAS works and im cucked out of trading back to ETH.

Will ETH2 fix the fees later this year so its not $200 for me to cash out?

>> No.27818491
File: 1.58 MB, 1656x1224, 1513950361020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am financially ruined! The faggots on the discord promised we would go to .01 in the next days and now I am down more than 33% of my initial and it just keep dropping...

>> No.27818601
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Retards, the website is having cloudflare issues & we're experiencing a dump because Chinese New Year is next week. We're probably gonna dump hard next week as well.

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