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Is r*bic actually good? I was so put off by the massive shilling campaign that I thought its just a jeet pump and dump but its still alive and pumping to ATH?

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Most likely, there are some real fucking losers on this site that spend all day spamming PAJEET, at any project they haven't heard of before. I sold my baggy for a loss last dip thinking it was ogre. I hope all the OG Rubichads make it.

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you are wise

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pajeet rugpull scam curry scam pulling on the rug scam curry jeet scam rug pull scam scam

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buy high sell low

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This. It's simple psych tricks from whales to prevent people from pushing the price up while they accumulate.

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Only 5000 wallets. What does the token do? What content is in the threads besides people yelling RUBIC CUBIC.

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that's a lovely lady anon. hopefully with my insane rubic gains in a year I can attract someone of her caliber

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it's a DEX cross-chain platform. i'm not gonna spoon feed you everything but it does stuff no other coin can go. x-chain swaps between various existing networks and plan to implement L2 this quarter to reduce ETH gas fees by 90%

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I just found out there is an airdrop for rubic that requires you to make a meme and post it on Twitter. That’s part of the reason it has so much shilling.

But as far as I can tell, it’s not a scam coin and the coins tied to exchanges like Sushi and Uni have been performing extremely well so far.

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Anyswap does that

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Why do you fags have so many untraceable photos of hot chicks saved up?

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I like how you RBC bagholders are now larping as people "waking up to RBC, thinking it's legit afterall", nice effort but you pajeets are too obvious

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don't try and bypass my filters you faggot

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It's a scam. Apollo deserves a look in the next week or two. 15th I think.

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this man is not asian

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I added rubic to my filters and at one point there were more than 50 threads filtered out for rubic or rbc
it was not organic at all

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>untraceable photos
she is a ukrainian model

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shame im going to steal your dream rednut with my Rubic..
YES RUBIC IS AMAZING not a shill you just need to wake up!

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Seriously. I was here when they popped up, half the board in the span of 30 minutes was RUBIC with new rubic images. Fucking rubbish.

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Who is she holy fuck

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That man has nice legs.

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You can have them all when you're a multimillionaire anon
Only a few 10x away, and your next one is RBC

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Oooh. She’s a cutie.

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Use this instead of instagram

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What is this website anon?

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Its a way to look at instagram stories without being logged on, but also an easy way to see and download other posts

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if you know a better site then please share

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>anyswap does that
No, it doesn't.

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nah I don't thanks for the find, I normally dont notice the login thing cause I made a fake insta to be logged into on my browser just for these instance

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nice just bought 100k

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Imagine being so ugly that you think she's unobtainable. She's a normal 7/10, and too old by the way.

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on normal insta site its still not as simple to download or view large photo

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I refuse to believe its a particulaly great or revolutionary crypto, it just isn't a scam. Combine that with the fact newfags will buy any shit that gets shilled to them and here we are. Been in since 10c.

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believe it or not most people that buy crypto dont use biz.

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its a russian pajeet scam.

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No, it’s slum dog millionaire coin.
You’re better off playing who wants to be a millionarie losing on question 5 and dumping those winnings into GRT

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