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my portfolio just hit ATH. $3.3M
im a 3x away from 8 figures
early retirement here I cum

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Congrats fren

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I'm happy for you anon hope your mental health didnt decline through the linkies hardships

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Pic or it didn't happen

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you'll be 9-10 figure if you hold till 2030

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Do you ever feel like dumping everything and just enjoying a comfy life

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What's your portfolio anon?

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link.... isn’t it obvious?

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congrats fren! enjoy the ride up to 8 figures! you're not alone ;)

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literally just link

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based and comfypilled

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Good job anon

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Congrats. I need a 4x for 7 figures.

We'll all make it.

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grats anon, post ur folio

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Same when that happens I’m cashing half into land and I’ll let the other half work on interest and accruing value.

6 figure hell won’t be so bad debt free with no job.

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Congrats fren
I'm a 3x away from 7 figures

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Fucking retard. Anyone who made it just holding BTC, ETH, or LINK they bought early is equivalent to trailer trash buying a winning lotto ticket. Fuck off.

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Non frens get out

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3.3M is made it money bro. you can live off dividends forever just on that

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you had 11, 6.5 and 3.5 years respectively

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I’m a 500X away from 7 figures

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poor newfag cope

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>people who are smarter than me are dumb
this is how you sound you fucking retard. there is zero luck involved with buying link, it has been a 100% sure bet since pre ico

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Hmph... I'm proud of you anon.

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>coping this hard

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why don't you just dump it all into BTC and wait?

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congrats bro. are you just hodling your linkies or are you using them to farm some sick yield?

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what's your age and retirement goal? will you be diversifying out of crypto?

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good luck cashing that out lol.

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Congrats anon! What are you going to do now that you don't have to work?

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Have fun being a serf

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Congratz fren anon .
Remember to donate on charity to cleanse some karma.

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you literally just sell and transfer it to your bank from the exchange

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OP, if you were doing it today all over, what would be your small to mid cap pick?

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You poos are relentless. lol
I think we all smell you from here :(

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yeesh congrats. what are your original investment points?

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t. 5 figure street shitter

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You guys are obvious

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Everybody laugh at this poor.

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most exchanges have pretty low withdrawal limit (like 20k in a 24 hour period)

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put it all in on doge

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is there any link equivalents today we can buy to make it 4 years from now?

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What crypto app are big dick swingers using ?

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Cardano and coti

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GRT seems interesting, governance tokens for the major platforms seem like good buys, probably DOT too, maybe ADA but seems like vaporware

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unironically LINK

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you havent taken any profits? one holder who just got lucky, easily could have been you buying GME/AMC

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sell 80% now and CASH IT OUT until suicide hotline threads begin.

or just use Kleros.

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My man, I'm trailing behind you. But I don't want to cash out till I hit 9 figures at the very least. And when I do, I'll pull out $60K or so.

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Got a friend who is big on Coti, my biggest concern is that they're not contributing to DeFi which will straight up kill banks. They're getting a lot of work in growing the amount of transactions on their blockchain by millions per month at least.

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Gives me hope that I could make it too if I'm smart

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I love chainlink. All the drama, the memes, the community surrounding it, it's really something. But what I love most about it is knowing that in couple years I will be a billionaire. It's not even a 99% chance, it is quite literally guaranteed. As a result of that knowledge, I stopped showering and brushing my teeth over a year ago. There is simply no reason for me to do it when I know I'll be rich. I will be fucking whores every night and laughing as they're throwing up from my disgusting, stinky body and mouth. As they kiss me on my rotten teeth, or suck my stinky, 2 year unwashed hog. It will be quite something. In fact I am already seeing effects of my stinky adventure. Yesterday I went to a shop to buy some cheese and make a stop at McD's for a big mac and the cashier at the store was visibly gagging at the smell of me and trying to hide it. Other customers were standing like 5 meters behind me. It was truly hilarious. And none of them have any idea of my guaranteed, future riches. They must already be so jealous of me. The stinkiest billionaire ever.

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bought my first link at 20c, bought most of it around 45c and averaged up till $11 or so

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Im so proud fren, literally this makes me so fucking happy to hear that my people, my frens are actually fucking killing it.

All the best mate.

Further, we should really start a general for new fags on this board so they stop clogging the shit

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Based literally stinky linky

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i love you fren
you didnt just get lucky. you deserve it

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chainlink, 99.999% of the world has still never heard of it. It's like saying no point buying Amazon stock in 2004 because it was a public company

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OP can you give me some LINKies


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congrats. I have 2.8 now from stinkers. not selling for another 3-5 years though

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link and grt

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Yeah and you can ask them the raise it

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You made me smile

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I made this image back in early 2018. Comfy. We will be comfy.

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I dunno why people don't mention this but ALGO. It'll be a dollar and solid by Saturday unless BTC decides to shit itself

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link not for everyone. sorry poor fag