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I have around $300M in crypto. I don't want to pay taxes. Is the only way to not pay taxes on crypto to move to a tax haven and get rid of my US citizenship? Or can I create an LLC in a tax haven country and trade the crypto for USD into the LLC and then pay myself a salary every year from the LLC's funds?

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>I have around $300M in crypto
If this were true, you wouldn't be asking for advice on this shithole.

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OP you are poor and jobless like me

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Just leave bro. I fuckin doubt Indonesia is gunna deport you to the states for taxes.

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I'm poor in the sense that all my money is in crypto and I only have $3000 in cash
But then I'd have to bribe government officials so I'm basically paying taxes

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Give me some investies and ill suck your dick through discord

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i'll do you one better
a token starting with the letter M will 100x this month

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Type it out nigga its not like /biz/ falls for the x100 line anyway

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Heh, you haven’t researched this at all, have you? Part of renouncing US citizenship is paying cap gains on any assets you currently have even if you didn’t sell them yet. You think you can outsmart the tax man? They have already thought of it. You’re not even smart enough to read before coming to 4chan do you really believe you’ll think of a plan that will work? Just pay the taxes.

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$300MM Zimbabwe Dollars is not actually that much, sorry.

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larping piece of shit

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Mcdc will not x100 im sorry anon

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Yes, just move to North Korea like James Dresnok and then you can pay zero American taxes.

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Man you’re trippin, $MIR will 100x next month

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Monero when everyone uses it to wash profits?

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OP is LARPING but Monero is a good hold

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Close, but no cigar. You will never be rich like me if you can't figure this out. It's a low market-cap shitcoin btw.

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there is FATCA, if you are a US citizen, it is better to denounce your US citizenship and live in a crypto tax haven.

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Proof or GTFO

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Daga kotowaru

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Think I found it OP, thanks I hope

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good sir, can you please tell me what the range of rank is on CMC as a hint? like between #100-#200 for example?
thank you

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>But then I'd have to bribe government officials so I'm basically paying taxes
No, you'd hire a lawyer instead of asking a basket weaving forum of NEETs.

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Below #1000
I'd have to trade my crypto for FIAT to afford a retainer fee though.

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I hear Monaco, the Isle of Man and Dubai are nice this time of the year...

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oh, actually i know what it is
m..a right

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Tell us

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ah ok, i was wrong then

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That's a drop in the bucket if you really have as much as you say.

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I also 3 billion in crypto

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LARP. If you actually had 300 million, who cares about the tax rate

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You underestimate how jewish I am. If I spill a drop of milk on the floor I will lick it off.

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Poor person mentality.

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Move out of us, buy saint Kitts, ciprus or Malta citizenship, denounce us passport. In order to optimize taxes, establish residency in the country that doesn't tax foreign profits, you can check them on wiki.

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Biden and kamala will stop you from doing this you piece of shit. PAY YOUR TAXES fucking incel. The rich will be taxed.

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it's on uniswap yeah?

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I have the same question as OP but I have $301M and I fucked his girlfriend before he did

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Almost based, but I have $302M and I fucked his girlfriends mom that spawned his girlfriend.

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sorry I miscalculated, I meant to say I have $303M and I fucked Eve in the garden of Eden and I talked to your doctor and he says your dick is small

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I found his coin, its not on uniswap

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Rubic doesn't start with M, fool

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nah, you can move to puerto rico, 0% capital gains

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brb going all in on every shitcoin above 1000 on CMC that starts with an M

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303m, and I fucked his rebound bf when OP (who is a fag) tried to convince himself he was gay after his gf dumped him.

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>surrenders a blue passport
fucking nigger.

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i'm literally going to trust OP over you even though this whole thread is one big pile of dogshit but that's why you gotta dig through the dogshit because sometimes there's a 100x in there.

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OP don't listen to this guy, that's not how it works.
If you already made the money before moving to PR they'll ding you for taxes. Unless you made all of the money after jan 1 2021, and move there now for 183 days and fill out the paperwork.

Otherwise, I think your best bet is to pay like 3-400k on one of those carribean islands like St Kitts n Nevis to become a citizen (the purchase also includes bare land i believe) and they don't tax crypto stuff. I looked into it in 2017

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I already have an Israeli passport, why do I need more than one blue one?

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>please pay for my wife's kids
No. I'm in a similar situation as OP. I've already done this. And the best part is that I can still vote and live in the US since I won't get deported. Stay mad leftcel.

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Give another hint for m coin

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US is a dying country. It won't exist in 10 years. 20 years max.

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Oh wait it’s the fucking McDonald’s coin isn’t it

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By below, do you mean 1-1000, or 1000+

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Ok its a larp now for sure

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Just pay fucking taxes. You’ll pay around 60million or so. Price to pay to not live in a shit hole

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Is it that Milk2 token people have made threads on?

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It will exist but just not as a super power. Similar to the UK and Spain now.

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Singapore get their LLC equivalent and do exactly as you're thinking.

Yes you "could" get caught.
No you won't get caught.

I haven't done it and won't do it, I've already got too many ways to be tracked to be able to do it, even if I wanted to.

But that is how you would do it.
not legal advice, don't commit crimes.

Thanks for the coin suggestion btw, got any others?

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What? My Israeli passport didn't even cost anything, I just had to send off proof that I'm jewish.

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Prove it. Send me 1 whole ETH. If you really have a net worth of 300M, that should be like giving someone $5. It should be nothing for a fat cat like you.

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>300m in crptyo
>no taxes

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you really don't get how jews and money work do you

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keep begging for handouts like a peasant instead of realizing he's talking about McDongal's coin

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You are larping as a rich Jew and are baiting for a
>lel fuck off kike xD xD
Go back to /pol/

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Oh do u mean MLK2? Fuck mlk2 it's as valuable as a neopet

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He already said mcdc isn't the 100x

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Newfag here
How exactly does it work if I've bought some ETH somewhere like coinbase, but I've sent it to a metamask wallet
I've been swapping and growing my ETH supply with shitcoins and the like in that wallet
What's the safest, grayest method for paying the minimum amount of tax possible?
Specifically wondering about avoiding getting taxed for every swap

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>yes please do the needful and buy this coin

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MWG yeah?

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I've driven past starving beggars on the street and given them nothing. If you can't make money yourself, why would I give you money? It would be a waste.
The IRS definitely doesn't have the resources to actually tax you for unrealized gains. Do you think they can hire people to go through the records of tens if not hundreds of thousands of swaps people make?

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>Morpheus Network

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>"New orders for manufactured goods in December, up eight consecutive months, increased $5.2 billion or 1.1 percent to $493.5 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today."


>"US trade court dismisses challenge to Section 232 steel tariff"


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Is this a bot?

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I dont own WcDongal's coin, but it's painfully obvious this thread is for entertainment purposes and the logical answer to his coin riddle is some random shitcoin pnd

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Hardly. Demographic changes will mean it'll be like South Africa or Brazil if it stays together. But I'm actually hoping it breaks apart spectacularly a la Yugoslavia. Largely so I can live out my Viktor Bout fantasies, but also so I can witness and help the destruction of ZOG.

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Yo I get that this is the first one you're shilling.
1. is it too late to start buying the calls?
2. regardless, what's the next one?


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you can buy citizenship in other countries. that's what roger ver did in st kitts. he is literally banned from coming back to the states though

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Wow... bazed...

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pretty sure anyone not as high profile as him who does the same maneuver wouldn't have that happen to them though.

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Guess it's time to start my shitcoin with a letter m name

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He can just walk across to a shithole like Cali with no ID. The US doesn't deport people immediately. With the new administration, they actually encourage such things.

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How would you go about swapping ETH from your wallet back to FIAT?
Won't the IRS come looking for how you obtained millions of dollars of ETH that was suddenly transferred into your broker account and cashed out?

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only if you have a way of cashing out in your new host country.
Good luck with that.

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My first name starts with M. Do I get a booby prize?

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You already have a shit ton of money, just pay the taxes and live worry free for the rest of your life. If your need more, trade a bit or hold good coins and that's it

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this fucking retard. also even when you renounce your citizenship you have to go through a financial audit and pay out the ass

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they can't audit what they don't find, anon.
If you don't have the cash in an easily visible way they don't give a shit.

Especially if you go to a consulate or a place like Taiwan, they're really not gonna give a fuck.

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You would do it with the majority of your crypto. You should only have 6 months living expenses in fiat. You go ETH>XMR>gold bullion>cash. Holding fiat is literally burning money. Rest of it gets put into yield farms or physical assets in your new country.
>financial audit and pay out the ass
Impossible if you live in a country with no foreign extradition treaty with the US.

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There are countries that sell citizenship and don't have capital gains
Of course, you need to be willing to leave your current life behind. YMMV

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No it's not. Get April 17C or July 20C

Next what? $CLF is the only steel stock with the potential to go to 100

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tell us desu

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tell us fren :) why secret?

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Honestly I'll take all the stock choices you're willing to shill.
I watched you spam this shit to eople for the entire time it was going up and them shitting on you for it.
Do you get some sick satisfaction out of offering people ways to make money and watch them reject a fatbag? I kinda laughed when I saw the amount of money you made and how everyone was bitching about it. I will gladly pump your dump.

Again, thanks.

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Fuck imagine being a black woman

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most importantly though I'd like to know the why behind it, and how to do my own research. I'm retarded and just want help to help myself.

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It's only 90k bro just pay tax man and do other shit with your money

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good buy?
looking at the whitepaper now

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What anonymous way is there to purchase gold bullion with XMR?
I'm seeing fast gains so this is suddenly important

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What exactly do you get out of playing pretend?

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Kys shill

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what do you mean, the us IS a shithole

>> No.27791844

>$300,000,000 net worth
>cannot afford himself the best legal counsel in the country

Anyone with that much money would literally have an entire dedicated legal team working around the clock, /biz/ should be renamed /LARP/

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Look for an online bullion dealer that takes XMR as payment.

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mister give me gibs

>> No.27792266

You didn't "make" that money. People just bought your bags

>> No.27792272

It is on binance or just uniswap?

>> No.27792276

Just use Kleros. Move to Japan. Live in the woods.

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No, it’s a tranny. Now I answered you, you answer me. The 100x. What is it? Tell me or else.

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MApollo Protocol

And it will 1000x anon...

>> No.27792702

Honestly I don't really want to answer yet because I've only bought $100M of the coin so far, I need another couple days to accumulate before the poomp.

>> No.27792728

ah, i actually got it. No one else has said it.
M. Green icon.

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I would dishonor my Levantine blood if I let you leave without the information. Now face the consequences.

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As a crypto beginner, what is the best app to buy crypto on ?

>> No.27793141

depends how you define "best"

>> No.27793255

It's MXX isn't it?

>> No.27793281

No sub #1000 coin with that sort of volume as of late, I'm doubting you OP..

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If you have $300m you should hire some lawyers to fuck around with your tax situation instead of relying on intertards.

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>he knows

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at least tell us, has it been written in this thread?

>> No.27793752

You're talking about M**e, aren't you?

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I’m sorry Anon, but, h-he, he’s not longer with us. I destroyed him.

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That is not the coin but it will also 100x.

>> No.27794077

Or is it MOON

>> No.27794088

You just need to find a cmc sub #1000 ranked coin, starting with M, that is traded on Uniswap and has had an entity (maybe spread over multiple wallets) accumulate $100M worth of it, that's all the info there is, good luck!

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>Who Are the Founders of Marlin?
>Marlin is the brainchild of developers Siddhartha, Prateesh and Roshan,
>literal pajeet coding

>> No.27794327

Pajeets are the future good sir.

>> No.27794340

yes it's all circumstantial, but i am also pretty sure that he left for tax purposes. that's one of the only reasons anyone leaves anyway

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Just pay your taxes you greedy retard

>> No.27794486

well, here's the deal, even if you were banned for whatever reason, if you live in St Kitts and have $300M you buy a fucking catamaran or whatever kind of boat you want and you either learn to sail or have a crew take you to miami and you travel by car from there. Not very difficult

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>I have around $300M in crypto
Yeah. Renounce it unironically.
OP, you're rich enough to visit anytime you want. Move to any country you want—Tokyo, Hungary, Italy, shoot Shanghai even. Have a compound in Panama. Mel Gibson has place there and it's apparently very nice.
God bless you if this isn't a LARP OP. I'm glad you made it.

>> No.27794874

Is it MOON (moonswap)?

>> No.27795527

good luck bud I interned at the IRS and the forensic unit is no fucking joke. the U.S. also maintains world wide extradition, even supposed 'safe' nations comply

>> No.27795582

>with no foreign extradition treaty with the US.
kek there's almost no nation on earth that's safe. and sure go live in an absolute shit hole and never be able to use the financial system worldwide ever gain. some of you are straight delusional and believe movies versus the reality of the situation

>> No.27795630

The US citizenship is only worth like 10K at the most. So, yes.

>> No.27796953

>be you
>own millions in crypto
>never tell anyone, ever
>never gloat, show off, anything like that in public
>literally nobody but 4chan and you, through a VPN, knows about it
>IRS tries to tax you
>"oh sir I have no fucking money"
>"but anon, how did you pay for this?"
>"I have a girlfriend with money in Thailand or some shit"
>"eh whatever, you're assessed anyway"
>audit goes through everything
>your W2s you didn't file
>your 1099s you didn't file
>they assign you an income you didn't actually have
>you prove it by showing your bank statements
>and none of them have any mention of purchasing btc
>they go through your posessions
>they go through everything
>the only thing they find is a laptop
>think they're smart
>"anon what's your password"
>"sure it's tendie$123"
>get on your laptop
>fucking nothing but a plain vanilla windows install and a lewd anime girl for the background
>no crypto wallet or nothing
>"BUT WAIT, I GOTCHA!" thinks mr. IRS
>goes through your hard drive with recuva or some shit
>and yet, nothing, multiple passes wiped, hard drive changed and old drive degaussed, shit like that
>finally, IRS guy gives up
>stamps you off so you can just renounce and leave
>but little did he ever know
>one TOR connection was all it took
>an encrypted, password protected zip file emailed to yourself on protonmail or some shit with your address and private key was all it took
>well what the fuck do you know
>your citizenship's renounced
>IRS holds no more authority on you, ever, as long as you don't do business in with or even near the US
>IRS certified you as good already in any case
>and you have 300mil in the bank
>a new citizenship with a 0-tax like fucking singapore or some shit
>you're good

Again, I can't do this. I pay my taxes. They already know.

But I know plenty of people who have done it this exact way, they weren't caught, they aren't caught, and there's no jurisdiction that's afforded that can "catch" them anymore.

>> No.27797129

lol the IRS doesn't even have the manpower to take individuals owing hundreds of millions to court because they know those richfags can just throw money at it and have legal connections
I wonder how much many is owed that the IRS can't get from millionaires and billionaires - but they sure as hell indeed absolutely ruin the little guy on the regular

>> No.27797253

He's talking about MILK2 retards.

>> No.27797447

This, I'd hire an account, you could pay him to devote his life to hiding your money

>> No.27797462

bruh if they're too stupid to read why are you gonna help them
I'm not ready to get into another redditbets situation.

>> No.27797482

>665 >1000
ngmi dumb nigger