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>Want to swap ERC 20 token for ETH
>Calculate how much ETH I need to hand over in order to get permission to trade my own coin.
>Calculation Successful
>Calculate my gas fees only to find out it is more than I can afford.
>Cancel transaction but I'm still charged just for the gas calculation.

What a great Ethereum ecosystem. Cryptocurrency is certainly the future.
Thanks for nothing you Russian nigger.

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Vitalik has dragged crypto back for an entire generation because he was the first air headed anorexic RETARD to piss in the pool before anyone else could dive in

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You think someone will recentralize decentralized banking by monopoliseing processing power and undercutting the current networks until none are left?

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This is why Cardano will replace it

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Fuck this faggot's twitter response (LOL ZK ROLLUP WILL FIX I DUN HAVE TO DO SHIT SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO THEY HEAVY LIFTING). Fucking idiot.