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We just broke the ATH!
Get the fuck in here graph bros!!

Dubs, and trips confirm end of month price.

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eom $1.71

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I’m fucking cooming.

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Ahahhhhhhhhh 1$ tonight baybeeeee

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Oh yeeeeeaaaah

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EOM 1.68

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EOM $5

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>no sell off at 0.9


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And get ready for the massive dump from everyone who has their sell set at $1 hahaha

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Purple girth chad id’s only. 2k minimum girthys to post here

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I keep hitting my ATH every day, thanks in part to GRT. I'm glad I added it to my long term holds when it was around .60

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$2 EOM

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I never swing shit with an upward trend.

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what else are you hodling long term?

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EOM $10
EOY $100

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perhaps i miscalculated

EOM $1.92

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it's gonna hit 85 soon....right?

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Google. Of. Blockchain.

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NU, ALGO, REN, ETH. I swing Link occasionally because it likes to dump so much. ALGO does too, but I like steak.

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where to sign up and buy? or which other coin to buy and convert to if needed? also I heard this locks your coins for like 28 days even if you sell is that true?

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I hope I'm wrong, my order at 90 just executed lol. This fucking thing is headed for a dollar EOW though

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$2 eom

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We have a winner!

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I use Coinbase since I'm in WA and that's pretty much all we get that isn't shady. Fees aren't too ridiculous. You can buy it directly and move it however you like. the 28 days is for staking, I believe. I think you have to have a certain amount to stake. I only have 877. I've been DCAing as a wagie over the past year.

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I want it to dip so i can buy a lot more

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>was not able to accumulate more in time
it's over

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I still think 85 is possible tonight. But the new stable price is probably 90, doubt we'll ever see 75 again. Next week though, if it's not <$1, I'd be surprised.

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:(((((((( i shouldve put half of my investment budget in this fuck. Please dip

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Time to buy while it’s topping so it’ll crash

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Where my swingies at?

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I had hoped I had more time to accumulate. Ah well, ngmi.

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EOY, what are we looking at?

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This is a really safe, conservative bet (for crypto) on the whole dapp ecosystem. It won't make you rich overnight but wait 5-10 years and it will.

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>5-10 years
these faggots still thinking it's 2017
this isn't LINK. There's no 3 year crypto winter to wait through
It will make you rich THIS YEAR.

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thanks brother

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Especially with the rddit folks imploding the stock market for casual investors. There are going to be a lot of regulations incoming for retail investing. Many are going to turn to crypto which is why people are hyping doge so much. They want crypto to be regulated hard as well, so they;re pushing people into that money hole.

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I only have a stack of 870, wont be getting rich this year. doubled my money from 2k to 4k in Jan though, plus I have a loving gf so im already rich nigga

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im still calling stabilization at .90 for today.
it'll keep growing over the next few days at least, but it wont skyrocket hard.

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Bought in yesterday. What's the PT of this coin in a year or two? Google of Blockchain makes it sound mad importante.

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Feeling good boys

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>loving gf

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>missed out again

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i sold trying to buy the dip. gonna rope rn. at least i made a profit.

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thanks brothers

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$1,000,000 EOM

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It's going to dip again fren. while i personally think GRT is a great HODL, the value skyrocketed in the last 2 hours or so.
That's called a PUMP. we all know what happens next.
Besides, coinbase still has this as an average 3-day hold. lots of idiots treating it like a pump and dump scam instead of a long term APR stakecoin.

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Retrace to 0.45 after 1.07 peak. Moon mission resumes EOM after crabbing from 0.45 back to $1. Check em

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Guess you can say the trend on The Graph can only go "up".

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since ETH is tangentially related to GRT, what do you figure the EOY is for king shitcoin?

GRT EOY sentiment seems to be around $3 to $10, i think if we reach $5 it could potentially moon to almost $20 depending on how ETH performs.
(all baseless speculation btw)

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$0.92 sell master race reporting in

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Top of a shooting star candle. Very nice smarty pants

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Graph indexes blockchain data.

Do you consider blockchain data important?

Do people and apps and institutions need it?

Graph has a virtual monopoly on the indexing of this data.

Think about it logically.

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I’m not FUDing as I own 13k grt - but be real with me - is this price solely because most of the coins are locked up in delegation and do you see the price collapsing when they release the other 8.5 billion coins in reserve?

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I'm in baby

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Ugh not nearly done accumulating. Still early tho just hate buying ATHs

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And now we're dumping

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Just a little taste off the top to help UNI out. It’s still 23% of my stack

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i'm in at 3.8k

Feelin cozy.

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So whens the big coin release. Idk about you cunts but I'll be dumping a week beforehand

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o that's a fucking nice ID, close enough to purple.

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Noob here, what is delegating and how do I do it on coinbase. And should I? I have 500 grt

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and here I am happy with my 300grt ;((
i swear to god i will make it

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It will moon to $100 and no one will know why

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Any other web3.0 gems I'm missing?

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No you need like 50x that min to make it worth

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March or June or something

That’s my plan too but for now I’ve got my stack delegated

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right now with high gas prices, you need 5,000 GRT to make delegation worth it.

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aave snx

>> No.27786348

is .80 a good limit buy for the dip?

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Wa fag here. Grt is our blue origin.
Just not in foul ass Kent.
The the moon webfoot!

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Thought it was April? Couldn’t find the announcement tho

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FFFFFFFFFFUCK I only have 130, i wanted to stack more i get paid tomorrow morning

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Basically impossible as it stands

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Can someone give me a quick rundown? I'm willing to jump into crypto in general so why should I buy GRT?

>> No.27786458

what apps that?

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It’s too late, go back to plebbit and let them all know they can’t buy any

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Fuck you, faggot. I'll jump on this gravy train

>> No.27786619

Think of it like automated phone operators instead of some woman being there connecting lines.

>> No.27786650

Because it fills a niche that no other competitor currently does, already had a working product and active community for years, and has massive growth potential as crypto expands.

>> No.27786654

do you ever use any desktop applications/versions to track stuff or is mobile just better and comfier?

>> No.27786655

it probably wont reach that low.
i could be wrong, but the trend so far has been it growing a bit each day and reaching a new stabilization point. yesterday was .80, now its looking like its probably stabilizing at .90 today.
we'll see, of course, but it might be a bad sign actually if it drops that far down again.
i'd aim for closer to .87 myself, with expecting .85 to be its new lowest at worst. any lower and i'd question if its going to keep growing.

>> No.27786674

Yeah, might reach that some time next week.

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Fucking unbelievably based, bros. $1 when?

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All crypto goes up, but GRT has good threads. It’s not about the money, it’s the friends you make along the way

>> No.27786741

I set one at .82 but I'm retarded so idk.

>> No.27786761

I just use Metamask for managing my ETH and ERC20 coins, writing my private seed phrase down and keeping that safe. Blockfolio is just a visualizer it doesn't manage my wallets at all.

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I know ur pain, I get paid tmrw hopefully it takes a lil dip hehe

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No it doesn't, You faggots said .9 was gonna happen last night.
My numerical post indicates it falls back to .8-.85

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i’m that same anon, my id got reset for some reason but thanks! it looks like it’s dumping back down a bit so i might get to buy back.

>> No.27786965

i’m also retarded because 4chan isn’t giving me my (You)s i guess

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Thanks for the infos, men. Duly noted

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>mfw I picked up 2500 GRT earlier today

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you'll make it a hundred different ways anon, stay based

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yo answer me this pls
im a noob with >2k in everything, 70% of which is grt and reef on binance
i dont wanna do anymore trading on uniswap because the gas fees are killing me and will continue to kill me until i become a big boy with more capital to throw in
this a smart move or should I just bite the bullet and continue getting my ass gaped by gas fees?

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where can i buy grt i maxed out on coinbase already

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>200 GRT
>10 UNI
>1000 FTM
>100 ALGO
>20 DOT
>600 ADA
>mfw I always fud or pussy out and buy small bags of the coins that end up doing well.

>> No.27788179

Do I get 10k grt when it dips?

>> No.27788237

Newbros with less than 10k USD to invest should always stick to 3 or less coins. Gas fees and exchange fees fuck you too much otherwise.

>> No.27788391

If digits we're looking at $500+ EOY

>> No.27788403

its ok im even worse than that.
starting off small is still a start.

>> No.27788436

gonna be $5 eom

>> No.27788521

Thinking of taking some and going for a shitcoin while the others flow. I feel like besides DOT, none of those are going to do a ton of growth considering how late I am getting in. Slow and steady, yeah.

>> No.27788546

i think im going to wait for the next 0.001 coin to be shilled here and get in on that.
just need one of these fuckers to 25x and then i can start buying more serious bags.

>> No.27788559

next weekend

>> No.27788576

Should I convert my 15 LINK to GRT?
t. poorfag

>> No.27788674

These are the coins of the future IMO

3rd mystery coin I've yet to find

>> No.27788693

Fuck I didn't realize it was on binance I could have rode the green candle with you bros :(

>> No.27788727

Maybe split some of it up. LINK has been going on a run lately that you can't ignore.

>> No.27788790

Unironically sad seeing my little reliable 40-60 swing cent money printer grow up to be a big boy now

Come back to earth so I can put more money into you

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>> No.27788883

Holy shit is this real!? I have been holding bags since I bought at the peak when it launched on coinbase. Should I sell or hold?

>> No.27788927

I have 17.6k and I second this question. Seems nobody likes to address it...hmm...

>> No.27788930

Crab time?

>> No.27788988

>10k in btc because too scared to buy shitcoins
>bought 6k ada but dumped it a week before it started mooning
>bought 17k rsr but ended the same way as my ada
>only have small bags of grt and dexg
I'm not losing money at least but I wish I had the balls to go all in, if only I dumped my 10k into grt when I got in at 17 cents.

>> No.27789017

Wouldn't the drop of coins be offset by the massive increase of subgraphs being released?

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>Pope/church - Dev team

>The Google King (500,001grt) + of Blockchains (99th percentile grt/hr)

>The API Prince/Princess (250,001-500,000grt) + of APY (percentile grt/hr)

>The Bitcoin Barron/Barroness (175,001-250,000grt) + of cryptocurrency (percentile grt/hr)

>The Lambo Grand Cross (125,001-175,000grt) + of Ferrari (percentile grt/hr)

>The Garlic Bread Grand Officer (75,001-125,000grt) + of Money (percentile grt/hr)

>The DD Commander (50,001-75,000grt) + of Tits (percentile grt/hr)

>1st Class White Knight (35,001-50,000grt) + of Supremacy (percentile grt/hr)

>2nd Class Never Knight (25,001-35,000grt) + of Womanhood (percentile grt/hr)

>Schekel Merchant(20,001-25,000grt) + of High Yield Savings Accounts (percentile grt/hr)

>Bag Trader (15,001-20,000grt) + of Bagholding (percentile grt/hr)

>Plug Craftsman (10,001-15,000grt) + of Butts (percentile grt/hr)

>Pajeet Farmer (9,001-10,000grt) + of Crypto Scams (percentile grt/hr)

>Toyota Peasant (7,501-9,000grt) + of Cyberspace (percentile grt/hr)

>Sausage Laborer (5,001-7,500grt) + of Hotdogs (percentile grt/hr)

>McDonald's Slave (3,501-5,000grt) + of Reddit (percentile grt/hr)

>Chai latte Beggar (1,501-3,500grt) + of Iraq (percentile grt/hr)

>Dollar Store Pariah (501-1,500) + of Food Stamps (percentile grt/hr)

>Torn Condom Untouchable (1-500) + of Ass Problems (1st percentile grt/hr)

we shall format it as such:
(stack amount)(grt/hr)=
(Graph Lord)(Googler of blockchains)
(Graph Knight)(plugger of butts)

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File: 868 KB, 900x893, 43FB4BB7-A553-4E9E-AFC6-9089A318FC28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eom 2.17 stimulus and fomo

>> No.27789074

more like $1000 waiting room

>> No.27789133

Why are people saying its impossible for GRT to reach $1000?

>> No.27789146

1.4$ by the end of the week

>> No.27789157

I still haven't seen a fucking penny of my gibs since the one Trumps sent out last summer
crock of shit

>> No.27789244

Will it dip tomorrow? (plz)

>> No.27789306

Shhhh. All that's important is that people BELIEVE it can go that high. I'm cashing out 50.

>> No.27789351


>> No.27789365

new floor, crab until end of week.
Euros will likely wake up and sell since that's all they do. we might reach close to $1 and dip

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It's gonna settle at 85 tonight, question is, will it go up to 90-92 one more time before that happens?

>> No.27789510

It's okay anon you'll get big gains from GRT that will help you on your path to making it. Making it is a process not an event!

>> No.27789556

dip you piece of shit

>> No.27789662

I was going to buy at 0.5, didnt have money then it started mooning and now im just waiting it to dip, i was late by 1 day. Fuck my fucking life

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File: 138 KB, 1200x630, grtlife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can still get in before it hits a dollar bros

>> No.27789715

Run might be over for now. It'll probably dip somewhere in the early morning/morning, climb and crab through the afternoon, and go on another run at night if it follows the same patterns as the past few days. Don't really know what'll happen now though since it's the weekend.

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File: 1.92 MB, 500x274, 1611605747262.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>priced out already

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File: 155 KB, 992x588, Prediction.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How accurate would you say this is?

>> No.27789760

.87 is the lowest its going for a good bit now, however its slowly gone down from looking like a .90 cap to a .88 cap, so it could keep slowly bleeding over the rest of the night and morning.

im starting to doubt it from the trend. cap just seems to slowly slowly be bleeding downward.
i'd put my new bet at .87 floor myself.

almost certainly.

>> No.27789854

small stack poorfag here, should I DCA in to acoomulate more over the next few months, or just buy dips?

>> No.27789876

This. Just dip down to 0.01c for like 5-10 minutes then it can shoot right back up.

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Good estimate. I fomoed in at .9 like I always do but I'm fairly confident we'll break $1 this weekend. For some reason it always pumps over the weekend.

>> No.27789959

Don't worry anon, me too. I'm diversifying some of my investments from the stock market into crypto and was going to drop $10k on GRT tomorrow... tomorrow because it takes two days to free up the money from selling the stock...
I hope you're right anon.

>> No.27790080

Get in at .88 now accumulators. You might never see it again.

Maybe euros will have a feast for breakfast

>> No.27790109
File: 1.80 MB, 4032x3024, 6BC57797-3E68-4E56-A6A0-E376FA1345FF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got three dollars of this for free from coinbase. It’s $3.20 now. Am I gonna make it?

>> No.27790136

I personally hope the price plummets when the tokens release-my goal is to get my hands on as many of them as possible.

What, you think that excess tokens will suddenly make the project less valuable?

Wrong. More tokens only impacts the price- if anything, a lower price means more adoption, which over time leads to a higher price if you're willing to wait.

This isn't the uniswap roulette table, this is a GUARANTEED 10-20x over the next 5 years. For crypto, that's as good as its ever going to get.

Get your hands on as many tokens as possible before 2024.

>> No.27790158

>takes two days
It is this single thing right here that's like a switch flip for people. The second they realize the opportunity cost of slow money the reality of crypto dawns.

>> No.27790229

im confident at least for a good few days it'll keep climbing.
doesnt seem to be having a true, heavy skyrocket pump, but the floor seems to be climbing steadily each day.

might be a good thing though, from what i understand steady growth is more stable than pumps. im sure it'll hit a dollar soon, but it might not get to a $1 floor til sometime next week. assuming it keeps the same pattern going.
its 2021 trend has been steady growth upward though, so if its true steady growth is more stable, a $1 floor at the very least isnt a hard guess to make.

>> No.27790234

This. I'm glad I got in on this early. Easiest DCA there is right now.

>> No.27790246


>> No.27790303

What happens exactly or what does it imply when a crypto hits $1,anons? Serious question from a noobie here

>> No.27790329

this happened to me in the end of Dec 2020
if my bank hadn't taken A FUCKING WEEK to get my funds sorted, I would have 3xd my money instead of 1.5x

>> No.27790364

It's a long term investment, getting in january was the best thing I have ever done, my only regret is not going all in on it, I'm hoping to buy 10k by monday and delegate it for the next 5 years while I invest on LINK and ETH

>> No.27790448

Pretty much. I'm fucking livid that it took off this early. I bought at .11 and .30 and . 62 and . 78 but honestly I just wanted to stack up to 50k which is now a fucking pipe dream

>> No.27790517

Everyone gets a lambo, by law.

President Biden decrees it.

>> No.27790537

You think we'll see $10 this year? I have a hard time imagining that because the cap is so high.

>> No.27790569

>$10 this year
No, maybe in 2026 at this rate

>> No.27790617

It will dump back down many times before it goes parabolic.

>> No.27790628

should I buy anons? Floor looks good, is there gonna be a moonshot anytime soon?

>> No.27790645

DCA. Growth is steady but not skyrocketing. It'll be worth it if you're going to keep for the long term.

>> No.27790684
File: 20 KB, 954x172, NUT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

100thousandnaire soon
It's not too late boyos. We're going to $4 soon

>> No.27790728

I mean, it's grown 200% in a month. What rate do we need for 10 EOY?

>> No.27790731


We're breaking the stratosphere rn

>> No.27790749

Please go back below 70 cents.

>> No.27790785
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>No such malarkey is happening! I'm giving your lambos the blacks, thanks!

>> No.27790789

>>$10 this year
more like EoD

>> No.27790824

mfw can only buy around 160 grt. it sucks being a neet bros

>> No.27790866


>> No.27790876

how does 160k sound?

>> No.27790968

yeah I was just looking at REN
went from 70c a few days ago to over $1 today

>> No.27790978

I dont expect it to grow 200% every month but assuming it does, we're seeing $8,64 eoy

>> No.27791021

It has been mooning since it released. We are literally still in price discovery.

>> No.27791032

just wanna delegate this shit but these gas fees have been high as fuck all day >:[

>> No.27791047


>> No.27791091

Is it too late to buy in?

>> No.27791099

Yep. You need a large stack to make it worth it.

>> No.27791165

hard to tell, im no expert.
its fighting to grow .10 in a day with a competitive .07-.08 new floor in a day.
mind, they'll be dips and times of slower growth, but the trend is still upwards, and so even a .01 floor increase a day(overall) would be a $3.30 increase by the end of the year, or $4.17 if we take into account the current .87 floor.
thats not bad, and thats with me underselling its growth to .01 when its trend has clearly been significantly higher than that. i'd very much expect higher cap growth.

actually, gimme a sec, im gonna pretend i know what im doing and do some horrendously unreliable speculation real quick, be right back.

>> No.27791183

would you consider buying BTC in 2007 for $10 too late anon?

>> No.27791236

what the fuck are you talking about?
ignore this fud

>> No.27791255
File: 41 KB, 788x685, pepechap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw when you double sell .92

>> No.27791257

5k. should I just wait a couple weeks

>> No.27791280
File: 160 KB, 1136x1019, 1610469389525.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It will make you rich THIS YEAR
This. We are in a bullish cycle this year, newfrens. It happens every four years due to BTC halving. I'm expecting GRT to hit $5-10 EOY 2021. It's absolutely possible, GRT has both the fundamentals and the hype. Just hold your stacks until EOY and you'll be handsomely rewarded.

>> No.27791332

No, thank you I will get a suicide stack today.

>> No.27791336

I want this to break ATH all day, I am just pessimistic by nature. WAGMI frens

>> No.27791375


>> No.27791423

I'm gonna fucking FOMO so hard right now you don't even know.
I've been watching this God damn coin since January 1st.
I liked it I decided to DCA into it.
And I only managed to gather a 1200 stack before it took the fuck off.
I had a buy limit order set at fucking .60 waiting for the dip and it just keeps going up.

>> No.27791457

bro it's broke ath like 5 times this week relax
do you faggots just sit around all day watching the ticker go up and down???

>> No.27791483
File: 21 KB, 240x240, 1551213773774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting kinda nervous, I hope this doesn't reach too high within <1 year so I can sell it at long-term tax rate

>> No.27791500
File: 53 KB, 575x609, 1612441253892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you not?

>> No.27791550

should i buy now or wait for a dip

>> No.27791556
File: 97 KB, 1280x720, apollo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol i hope you're not hodling this. 80% drawdown in Q2 fren.

Apollo next ?

probs Apollo.

>> No.27791561

>long-term tax rate
is your stack that big for eyes to be on you?

>> No.27791571

whatever you're into just buy and hodl
these are all long term investment
check it once a day or less or you're just asking for anxiety

>> No.27791575

This anon is right we are heading into one of the best years cyrpto will ever see followed by a dark crash supposedly between august-september.
Everything will dip afterwards from what I heard but im pretty new at looking into the future.
SO get out while you can once shit starts crumbling

>> No.27791593

do you actually earn btt by seeding?

>> No.27791613

Now. We just jettisoned the the first booster.

>> No.27791628

We know how your ending goes

>> No.27791675
File: 68 KB, 680x677, 1612418117572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw only 300 grt
Little by little i suppose, that's all the money i can risk

>> No.27791691

It's not a Reddit meme, don't ever lie to the IRS unless you're literally a wagie in a tips job

>> No.27791700

this is the dip
I remember /b/ back when people where send 160 stacks of BTC to each other as a joke and people were saying the $10 per was a joke and they'd wait until it was back at a dollar
>fast forward to today

>> No.27791726

did it anyways. gas was only 20 usd

>> No.27791733

ok i bought
i hope you're right anon, i am totally retarded and you shouldnt take advantage of retards

>> No.27791788

what determines gas fees?

>> No.27791800
File: 138 KB, 1289x798, 1611587865339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the other 8.5 billion coins
Wrong number, fren. They will only release 3B of those VCs. Also, you should consider that those VCs don't operate like normal plebs here on biz. If they delegated their newly released tokens, they will get passive income. So there's really no strong incentive for them to sell all.

Also, check pic related.

>> No.27791808

S𝚲GE it up

>> No.27791831
File: 126 KB, 594x594, smugbiz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

retards and bigbrains are gmi
midwits btfo

>> No.27791838

Stage 2 ignited.

If you're a swinge get out before Euros see the gains, but don't swing what you don't want to lose. Today is just orbit.

>> No.27791846

if this hits 1k im set for life.

>> No.27791860
File: 76 KB, 1666x583, 1611074928943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27791911

If you have at least 300 GRT you've Thailand made it, but don't expect that price any time soon

>> No.27791935

I have been asking a lot and the answer I get most is that it isn't worth it without 5k or more. I placed a buy order for 6k more at 0.80 and that will put me at 7.5k to stake with and hopefully grow to 9k or more by EOY

>> No.27791953

C'mon man! I laughed much harder than expected.

>> No.27791959


thread theme for my GRTies.

I'm 12k GRT whale what's the exit strategy here.

How long u gonna hold it. It's so built for the future that the supply increases are going to hurt in the short term.

So you gonna ride it? Pull out? what's the long term plan bro's.

>> No.27791961


>> No.27791966

It's not going to hit 1k per token within a decade, if at all.

>> No.27791980

It will not hit 1k
maybe in a decade if the project is still going

>> No.27791991


>> No.27792001

whats thailand made it mean

>> No.27792014


Sold at 0.82. Bought back at 0.91.

Feels bad.

>> No.27792084


>> No.27792089

You'll be comfy eating bananas in Thailand

>> No.27792099
File: 41 KB, 720x720, D7DlOVtXkAYJbRq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never swing grt

>> No.27792114

It means you'd be able to retire and live in Thailand, or other okayish SEA countries. 300k would be enough to make it in any of those places if you're not a total retard with your money

>> No.27792133

How much do you expect to get back each month? Reddit alludes to 8 per day on a 10k investment, that sound about right?

>> No.27792134

The /biz/ strat

>> No.27792146

>if you're not a total retard with your money
uh anon....

>> No.27792147

This is a 5+ year hold for me.

>> No.27792154

See you guys on my 34th ^_^ hopefully drinks on me

>> No.27792201
File: 71 KB, 1280x720, bog2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking checked
never again

>> No.27792207

1k eoy confirmed

>> No.27792212
File: 123 KB, 1194x240, chrome_2021-02-05_05-59-12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on the indexer

>> No.27792220

that sounds nice.

>> No.27792246
File: 733 KB, 1000x1000, wagmi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

6K stack and growing.
Delegating like a patrician.
Life is good.

>> No.27792273

Anon, if it hits 1000k, I will buy the bar and fucking give it to you.

>> No.27792286

shill me on delegating

>> No.27792336

like dividends for stocks
but instead of quarterly or annually, you get them hourly.

>> No.27792341

It's free money.

>> No.27792374

3 points/2 lines

>> No.27792379
File: 731 KB, 2409x1293, 1609248936002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a quick rundown.

>> No.27792387

f..free?? how do?

>> No.27792395

Link to the calculator?

>> No.27792396

GRT has legit made me more crypto gains than anything from BTC or ETH.

This is true based altcoin - $5 by summer EZPZ

>> No.27792404

You put your stack on an indexer and get daily passive grt that keeps stacking on your original investment.
It's free money

>> No.27792413

holy s-shit
this is like the google of link coins.....

>> No.27792415

>the askjeeves of bike locks
>the sausage of hotdog
>the garlic bread of money

>> No.27792443
File: 17 KB, 250x250, 1531778605505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

to you, anon.

>> No.27792458

i'm a poorfag, would it even be worth delegating with 100grt? I'm a stupid faggot and didn't buy earlier.

>> No.27792466

Go here for the list of indexers https://network.thegraph.com/

>> No.27792471

>$5 by summer EZPZ
try EoM

>> No.27792547

Possible to do this with a 2k stack or not worth? I heard some of your GRT will instantly get burned up as a fee?

>> No.27792555
File: 646 KB, 250x250, XwyX39I[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27792569
File: 1.07 MB, 150x200, 1590464733887.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked and much appreciated.

>> No.27792581

no, it would take years to make your gas money back.

>> No.27792586

200 per month on my 7500, so around that. It all depends on your indexer though and I'm not a math wizard so I'm giving a rough estimate. Assuming this hits $5 at any point in it's lifetime (a safe estimate)that's an extra $1000 per month that you have been successfully delegating, ie the indexer isn't fucking you over and you have to wait 28 days to change. This isn't considering that your new GRT can fund your delegation ventures and feed into itself, meaning you could wind up with 15000-20000 GRT in 5 years easily. This isn't Lambo/retirement money but it certainly is solid passive income for doing almost nothing on what for me is around a $5000 investment

>> No.27792607

man i hate that i am so fucking poor

>> No.27792701

I’m a faggot degenerate and I’ll admit it. I tried swinging GRT and went from 43k to 21k. Never again. I fell for the mid week dip posts

>> No.27792704

>2.2k stacklet
>Try to set a stop loss and get some sleep
>Accidentally limit sell at .76 and lose all gains

I don’t want to rebuy at this price

>> No.27792720

I'd keep stacking until you get to 5k but do your research and see if its worth to you.

>> No.27792774

The generally accepted minimum for into delegating is 5k stack.

>> No.27792775

Do you have to pay gas every 28 days to keep it delegated?

>> No.27792776

The fact that you are aware of this and actively trying to fix it means you are much better off than most poor people already, assuming you are somewhat young.

>> No.27792802

I see, thank you.

>> No.27792806

Imagin is it goes up to $20.
That’s an easy 20k for you

>> No.27792849

no, only if the indexer drops you for some reason or you undelegate and want to redelegate.

>> No.27792869

>the indexer isn't fucking you over
Arent your coins secured?

>> No.27792871

right so obviously dont trust my numbers at all, this was just for fun honestly, but GRTs average growth has been .016 a day since the start of 2021.
its was .014 a day in January, and is showing an upward trend in February currently at .03 a day.

so .01 cent growth a day is not actually a terrible guess as a bottom, though its far too early to tell, if things stick to as they are with accumulative growth, i'd say $10 EOY is not the most insane guess one could put out there. dont overshoot your expectations though.

again, though, dont trust my numbers. im no expert i just averaged out the numbers as they were to the cents place.
still trust it more than people throwing nonsense highrolls out with no backing though, but thats not a high bar to cross.

>> No.27792884

Are ladyboys expensive???

>> No.27792911


>> No.27792936

>relatively young
lmao just poor

>> No.27792969

Your GRT will not disappear, but they could pull rewards from you or undelegate you leaving you dry for 28 days. Which is why doing a reputable indexer is usually a good idea especially if you don't have a lot.

I really want a 10k stack strictly for high risk high reward indexers.

>> No.27792992

>what is math

>> No.27792996
File: 114 KB, 314x244, grt300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27793018
File: 59 KB, 500x560, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27793029

math is for fags this is a casino

>> No.27793045

Is this some next level fud?

>> No.27793078

Not if you haggle

>> No.27793106

Your coins are secured, but if the indexer changes the contract settings to choke your gains to almost nothing you have to be on hold for 28 days to find a new indexer AND pay the 5% tax AND pay the gas fees again. It's an unlikely scenario as they would never be able to index again with a reputation like that but it's definitely a possibility

>> No.27793167

Tranny prosties are too expensive in the states.
Can’t afford it

>> No.27793195

Alright time to get a 10k stack ASAP if this thing would stop fucking MOONING

>> No.27793249

Coinlet here, put in my pathetic $250, sad I missed the easy 2x from ZRX bizraelis have been right about everything on GRT

>> No.27793309



>> No.27793344

Wow talk about a sell signal

>> No.27793370

idk, look around smooci and find out

>> No.27793893

Lol Coinbase have blocked my card again, should I just convert other shitcoins to graph?

>> No.27793906

Too red eye!

>> No.27793923

>should I just convert other shitcoins to graph?
this is the way

>> No.27794179

the problem with coinbase is they let me barely spend any money. I downloaded shakepay which lets me deposit a lot of money, I use it to convert to btc/eth, and send those coins to coinbase to convert. not shilling it but coinbase restrictions have already lost me a bunch of money in the past week with a combination of low money purchases/purchase fees so this is how I got around it

>> No.27794451

at the very least use coinbase pro
easy to transfer from reg coinbase and the transaction fees are a fraction of reg coinbase

>> No.27794457

And they are never prepared for capacity when shits pops off. Shit just crashes.

>> No.27794540
File: 35 KB, 736x295, 1611903002404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>because the cap is so high
Have you considered the staking, delegating, indexing, curating, token burning for every query and delegating/undelegating anon?

There will be no actual 10B tokens circulating in the market.

>> No.27794789

I think I understand everything about this besides how indexers get the coins they pay interest out to you for

>> No.27795145
File: 59 KB, 1374x545, Screenshot_2021-02-04 GRT Fund With Flexible Deposits And Withdrawals Hotbit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't afford 5k in GRT would this be worth keeping here or should I just HODL in coinbase?
I have about $200 worth right now and will buy 200 more asap

>> No.27795253

hotbit makes their financial products a fucking pain in the ass. Just hodl in a wallet that won't get blown up in a war.

>> No.27795259


>> No.27795293
File: 87 KB, 800x600, 158897655035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How big a stack to make at EOY?
I live in a south american third world shithole for reference.

>> No.27795376

alright i didn't want to use hobit because you can't trust the chinks

>> No.27795420

>$100+ gas fee to delegate

>> No.27795694
File: 255 KB, 3000x2000, 1609048736019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this is like the google of link coins
It is, anon.

>> No.27796140

Should I really buy into this shit?

>> No.27796751

Ofcourse, even if you dont believe it's the goolge of crypto, some pajeet a few months from now will

>> No.27796780

It's like you hate money

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