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Let’s say you’re a single male making 50k you’re taking home ~3000 after taxes. 10% contribution to 401k

300 on 401k
1200 for rent
150 for utilities (water/electricity)
200 on health insurance
200 on student loans
350 on food
50 on car insurance
60 for gas
60 on internet
30 on phone
200 on misc (haircuts, gym memberships, random purchases on essentials)

That leaves you with 200 dollars left over, and that’s without a car payment or even having things like friends. Not to mention random emergency payments.

How is this fair? How do you invest or build up an emergency fund in modern society?

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Society failed after 2000. The financial system funnelled all the money to the ultra wealthy and now you're facing the result.

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lol make more money cuck

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Just get a decent job.

>paying for student loan

You shouldn't go to college if you are dumb. Learn a trade or open a business.

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life isn't fair

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Try 1971

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>1200 for rent
>200 on student loans

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idk im 19 and i only make ~4k a month yet i save 1-2k a month ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i guess im just not retarded with my money

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Get a roommate
Or you marry
Or you get a better job

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Work remotely, live with mom and be the ceo of a company, don't tell her. Invest 90% and the rest on tendies.

Ultimate life hack, you can thank me later in 5 years.

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Ditch the phone,internet, gym membership, cut your own hair, and get on that rice and bean diet

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our debt:gdp ratio is something like 120%

don't be surprised

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50s and 60s were probably the best times to be alive in human history. Maximum wealth and maximum freedom for the average person. This is when the older baby boomers would have been teens and 20s. If you look at old footage of life and just walking down the street in the 60s on YouTube it's a fucking surreal utopia.

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Why the hell do you have student loans when you're making $50k? You need to cut out the majority of this shit. You should be spending the least amount humanly possible. Insurance is a luxury. If you get badly injured, it should be game over at that point anyway. Drive? Bike everywhere if possible and learn to walk more. I make half of what you make and I spend nearly $0 aside from rent, food, and utilities (internet, cheap phone included). I even live with 2 other wagies so we can split a 2 bedroom crack den 3 ways and have as much money as possible to invest and save. Our rent is $700 total, NOT split and we live in a big city where okay apartments are double this cost or more. 3 wagies banded together to live smartly because we're not complete morons like (You).

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get a roommate..

you're spending $1400 on something that should be $1000 or less.

Stop your health insurance unless you have conditions, you can get it again in your late 30's.

Fuck the student loans unless you're trying to get a house or new car loan in the next few years, when the time does come you just setup a payment plan and get your credit back on track over 4-5 years.

Stop following the rules and strap down, live hard now and save money.

Get a side hustle, even a few hundred a month doing eBay or hobby jobs can go into investing.

Get less haircuts or change your hairstyle so you can do them less, find a cheaper barber, get a cheaper gym, reconsider what is "essential".

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>live like a shitty normy
>be shocked when your life sucks
I'll show you how to save money retard.

You can cut food costs in half. No fast food, no drinks with friends, no eating out. Rice, chicken breast, beans.

now you have 375.

you don't need a phone, that's 400.
your misc is bullshit. Spend $20 on a buzzer and cut your own hair for free for the next 10 years. Your "essentials" aren't essentials or they would already be listed. That's $600.

Congrats, you already are saving more than when I started out. Let's keep going.

Don't use a 401k. It's a scam for retards who can't handle their money. Take that $300 and invest it yourself.
That's $900.
>1200 for rent
Get roommates, or move somewhere cheaper. You're broke, you shouldn't spend more than 600 a month MAX in rent.
That's $1200. Do you stop now? NOPE.

You save that $1200 a month for 2 months, you sell your current car, and you get a piece of junk for 2k MAX. You'll save a ton on insurance, no payments.

You need dave ramsay, not grant cardone or whatever. Stop wasting money and start investing retard. Just because everyone else is a retarded consoomer doesn't mean you have to be.

>t. Made $600 a month in college and now worth 300k at 21. 0 debt

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I would have roped myself so young in the 50's and 60's. Literal matrix. You think its hard to make it now? Imagine being an actually deliberately oppressed working class without internet.

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0 for rent
0 for utilities
2x your gas
You now have 1490 left over to buy crypto every month
Put half into stable coins and lend them out for 20%+ interest
Put half into blue chips like BTC and ETH

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Meant to reply to

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>You think its hard to make it now?
Ok boomer

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hey jannies

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>work remotely
some of us want a job that doesn't involve blatantly exploiting consumers

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Surprised more people don’t do this actually. If you’re not working from home you don’t need WiFi. Getting rid of internet is absolutely one of the best things you can do, saving money is just a bonus

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Also have 1-2 "No Buy" years to put some hair on your nuts concerning saving money. No unnecessary expenses. Pirate or borrow all your media.
I believe in you Daniel San.

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Learn a skilled trade and buy a caravan you absolute groid, its clear you have never lived out of a van. This is the equivalent of girls thinking they'll get famous by posting their a$$ on insta and end up married to a prince.

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marry your roommate who can get you a better job

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Where do you lend stablecoins out for 20%+ interest?

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watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7honct6tV_I

Deep Capture. Two words that effortlessly articulate everything i've been trying to put together for years.

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both this...
when 71 happened USA.INC went through a bankruptcy period(third one)... and bush/clinton/obama(bush) clan almost snatched our country and tried to hand it over to the crown but failed... since then there was a silent war. and soon the republic shall be restored...great timeline we're on...

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forgot to mention national bankruptcy last 35 years... so USofA .INC was finished by '99... we had a fake government since then... this ties to do with admiralty law and the post office had a lot to do with this happening...

as common law vanished from our court systems we slowly lost our rights as natural born human being and became corporate/corporal(corpse) and now considered as lost cargo in the eyes of the law that is up for grabs...

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Yeah if you're not jewish you lose. That's the secret.

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Any job is just disguised servitude. You give labor and you receive food and lodging. The more members of your household the more they pay but the more you spend on everything. Prices of goods and services rise parallel with average earning so you can never out run the hamster wheel.

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I make 30k and still save a grand a month with no discipline. Git gud.

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>200 on health insurance

lmfao what? my city charges me $600 for the lowest plan that is 2nd world tier. On an income of $30,000-50,000 as most young people make, when you consider rent at $1,000 monthly in major cities, then taxes, food, cost of living etc, I mean the numbers just don't add up. This country is a penal colony for the working class.

I hope I get hit by a drunk driver some day and rack up a million dollar hospital bill, and those fucking faggots can chase after me until the day I die.

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Based. I'll add one. Stack enough money for a 1st time buyer house loan, but get a duplex. Live there for a year or two as required, then bail and become and landlord. Since the economy is fucked rent to old ladies with government gibs.

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why did it take you this long to figure out

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Don't worry, the Great Reset is coming. You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

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401k should be pre tax deducted
1200 is way too much for rent on 3000 net income (rent should be 1/4-1/3 MAX of net income)
Health insurance should also be deducted pre tax ($200 per month is overpriced if you're a healthy young adult)
Cut down on misc expenses such as subscriptions
I suspect OP is a retard with his money

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Based and ramseypilled

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Let’s say you’re a single male making 50k you’re taking home ~3000 after taxes. 10% contribution to 401k
>make less than 25K working part-time
>~1400 a month

300 on 401k
>i buy $100 each of BTC/ETH/LINK per month
1200 for rent
150 for utilities (water/electricity)
>pay $500 to stay with parents
200 on health insurance
>fuck insurance
200 on student loans
>college dropout
350 on food
50 on car insurance
60 for gas
60 on internet
30 on phone
200 on misc (haircuts, gym memberships, random purchases on essentials)
>barely spend 500 on food/gas/misc

That leaves you with 200 dollars left over, and that’s without a car payment or even having things like friends. Not to mention random emergency payments.

How is this fair? How do you invest or build up an emergency fund in modern society?
>i have a 1K LINK s-stack

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Capitalism is a helluva drug. You just get nickel and dimed to death working for the man 9-5 for 60 years of your life.

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What city do you live in?

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No lie detected though. RIP America.

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>1200 for rent
>150 for utilities (water/electricity)
>200 on student loans
>350 on food
>60 for gas
>60 on internet

found your problems
live with your parents
don't fall for the college scam
living with your parents cuts down on all these other bs costs

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russia. your stuff owns you. russia. you car drives you. tesla. big boobs. booba. centralized thots.

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>living with your parents cuts down on all these other bs costs
Also keeps you developmentally stunted

>> No.27786333

>tickets for traffic/parking violations costing hundreds of dollars
>towing costing hundreds of dollars
>bag tax
>gasoline tax
>electricity/gas tax
>phone tax
>sales tax
>dine-in tax

If your income is low, these will certainly impact you more.

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Literally this, at 80k less crypto I have enough for mortgage, bills and plenty of funny money to invest

>> No.27786441

do you wanna be rich or do you wanna play grown up and be poor to impress other poor normalfags?

>> No.27786527

>1200 for rent
>health insurance
>student debts

>> No.27786613

>>towing costing hundreds of dollars
get AAA, dumbass

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Get a roommate or move back in with your parents. My mortgage is under $1000.
Looks comfy but a damning testament to absolutely awful state of society that people feel compelled to live in vans just to escape the high cost of living.

>> No.27786702

buy a house I mean

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Yes society is fucking rigged, but not for any of the reasons you said. It's because only a handful of people have actual souls, but we get lumped in with the golems because everyone has to be "equal". That's why (((they))) pushed for a population explosion, to drown us out in an ocean of NPCs.

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Not trying to get political but Marx was unironically right about a whole lotta shit.

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>single male
>350 on food
Do you weigh 350 pounds?

>> No.27787597

how the fuck u spending 350 on food u fuckin retard

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Everyone is missing the point here. Yeah, a lot of those costs can be trimmed down. But the point is, 50k is a typical salary. Hell, isn't that above average for houshold income? And yet in actuality, it's completely poorfag-tier and barely able to make ends meet.

And then people wonder why nobody is having kids when they can barely afford to tread water on their own.

>> No.27788389

I'm frugal and spend at least that much. 6' 4"and 180 lbs.

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In 2017 i was making 50k living alone in an apartment by myself. I saved enough to live within my means and I was a straight chad who got laid quite often. Now I make 80k and debt free while still slaying pussy.

Quit your bitching and stop being a loser. The game isn't rigged, you're just fucking something up.

>> No.27788596

whine about it or win. it's your choice.

>> No.27788671

>The game isn't rigged
it is
>you're just fucking something up.

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Yeah being able to purchase a house, land, and a car on a single “middle class”income stream sounds terrible, what would I do if I weren’t lectured on intersectional gay tranny nigger pee pee poo poo theory 24/7 on corporate funded propagated virtual dopamine farms?
Regardless, I think you should take your grandfather or some other old guy more seriously when they say that they literally don’t recognize what America has become. The 50’s & 60’s were the beginning of civilizational decline, but it was still an era of unrivaled prosperity that the world hasn’t seen since. Let alone the fact that it was a higher trust, more racially homogeneous, and more Christian with actual backbone, I would 100% take that over our “high information” era where Reddit-tier pop scientists get corporate sponsorships to constantly remind you that life has no meaning and that you’re just “stardust”. Let alone the fact that everybody is an “expert” at everything now in the most oxymoronic sense, very few are actually proficient masters at one valuable trade/skill. It’s this resumé-mentality that so many need to have in order to survive and get an entry-level position as a professional asskisser for your tranny boss at your menial corporate cubicle skinner box called a job in current times.
Regardless, life wasn’t perfect back then, but life is a psyop’d neoliberal-corporatist, late-capitalist, hollowed shell of a once great nation ran by pedophilic sociopaths who use CIA operations to gaslight your eroding psyche into wanting to drive Ryder trucks into federal buildings currently.

>> No.27788945

This is the most subtle troll post I've ever seen here, 10/10 bait.

>> No.27789110


Yeah I'll pass on the leaded gasoline, lynch mobs, and draft letters, anon. I see the point you're trying to make but the 50s and 60s were by no means a utopia. Go look up the Youtuber David Hoffman, he did interviews with boomers about their parents. So much of what you take for granted culturally - freedom of speech, outward expression, the ability to "do your own thing" - really only came about because of the cultural rebellion instigated by the boomers in the 60s and 70s. This renewed individualism has been a disaster for the country materially, but we've also enjoyed the benefits of growing up during an era of unprecedented freedom of speech and thought. As Millennials take charge things will begin to revert back to the collectivism and pervasive censorship of the Greatest Generation, which might help the country survive, but you're also going to be looking back wistfully on the crazy days of the 90s-2010s, when you could actually express an opinion that deviated from orthodoxy.


Watch this, it gives a lot of perspective straight from the boomers themselves, the ones who actually lived the 50s.

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Not him but how the fuck do i make more shekels if i am at work all day

>> No.27789324

>According to the CPS, the median household income was $63,179 in 2018.
What the fuck? Is it really that low?

>> No.27789408

you know societies fucked when pleading guilty to simple marijuana possession potentially fucks with your whole life

>> No.27789412

Someone making 50k a year isn't paying 28% in taxes. Nice larp.

>> No.27789448

Why not just live with your parents and reduce your cost of living to 0?

>> No.27789549

Yeah, what do you mean "that low". Do you think everyone is pulling in six figs or some shit?
Also keep in mind that those averages aren't evenly distributed by age. The boomers refusing to retire so they can buy a beach hoouse, for example. Median income for those in their 20s-30s is absolutely fucked.

>> No.27789649

>Is society rigged?

>> No.27789742

>200 on health insurance

>> No.27790409

>clueless americans thinking insurance is an optional luxury

>> No.27790495

>usa inc
t. just read moldbug

>> No.27790575

>you don't need a phone
Are you literally posting from a time before electricity was invented? Phones are an absolute neccesity. You will not get hired if you don't own one, period.

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File: 2.01 MB, 5865x4093, E1E0581C-0071-427E-8FBF-D833292889C5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Defeat the rent Jew and don’t pay taxes

>> No.27790739

if you live in a shithole like I do you get free healthcare and no obligation to have insurance

>> No.27790806

Food is actually one of the most important expenses to not cheap out on, retard. Your literally GROW yourself with food.

>> No.27791035

Holy shit, how often do those rates end up paying off? I might unironically split between this and shooting for mooncoins until I'm not a poorfag wedgie anymore.

>> No.27791101

Read what he said about africans lmao

>> No.27791150

This list makes no sense. How are you only spending 60 on gas and 200 on haircuts and gym.

Dont get a gym membership, its a waste of money, dont pay for haircuts just buy electric razor and do it yoursef. 350 on food is roughly 12 dollars on food every day which means you're eating too much or spending too much, 200 is more reasonable. 50$ on car insurance, seriously where the fuck do you live to have these weird fucking prices?

I am 25, pay 750$ to rent a room, spend 200$ on food, insurance is 100$, 100$ on gas, 60$ phone bill, dont have student loans, so I pay roughly 1300 in bills and I make 2000$ a month so I'm left with about 600-700 a month. Just make better financial decisions, the alternative to society is living in the wild, and hunting your own food, and drinking from rivers.

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The second we switched to fiat was the second we were screwed.

Here's a little tip if youre from the US. The country known as the USA hasn't existed since the 1870s. We've been a united corporation owned by City of London Bank - which is owned by Jews. To speed up their takeover they hid over on boats to the US, the started a market crash where they then lobbied that the only way to save America was to give it another central bank. Since then we've been working on a system that demands you be in debt. It's a death system, It's going to spiral and theres nothing we can do about it.

Think about it:
>Fiat dollar propped by debt
>Government then demands to take your money for retirement for "your own safety, goy"
>We're fucking stock. And we're too stupid to realize.

Every time I hear somebody screams about but "Muh social security," I liken it to them stabbing me in the back and then crying from the pain cause their hands are a little dry.

>> No.27791420

this is why inelastic markets cannot perform optimally without regulation

>> No.27791519

Do you know what "household income" means?

>> No.27791709

The best time in human history was before agriculture

>> No.27791735

>all these fags telling you to not get a haircut and buy clippers instead
Nobody wants to be a boomer with a buzzcut. It's impossible to give yourself a haircut that actually looks good.

>> No.27791829

Yes it is just learn a fucking skill you dumbass

>> No.27791865

Marriage is a scam.

>> No.27791885

>The country known as the USA hasn't existed since the 1870s. We've been a united corporation owned by City of London Bank - which is owned by Jews.
big if true

>> No.27791922

>300 on 401k
Don't contribute to your retirement in your 20s. You have high risk tolerance and should be making risked investments
>1200 for rent
>150 for utilities
>200 on health insurance
>200 on student loans
If you have student loans, move in with your parents and pay as much as you can until they're gone, should take you a year at $50k
>350 on food
Don't spend more than $50 a week on food, what the fuck are you doing. I'm Canadian and I don't pay that much.
>50 on car insurance
>60 for gas
Get rid of your car if possible
>60 on internet
>30 on phone
That's reasonable
>200 on misc
Gym is $50, everything else is bullshit. Buzz your hair or grow it out, stop consooming

This leaves you with $0 until your loan is paid off, otherwise you have $1000 left over a month if living at home. Spend one year paying off your loan, one year saving up money. Then move out, you can be back out in the world at around 24 if you graduated at 21/22. Now you're 24, you have no debt and $50k in your bank account to invest, NOW is when you can move out and start living

>> No.27791930

1st paycheck I ever got I bought a pair of clippers and havent paid for a haircut since, are you seriously telling me you pay 12-18$ every month just so you can have a "clean" haircut when you're just a poorfag anyway?

>> No.27791942

Yea thats why he should cut out takeout
Takeout is expensive and unhealthy
Self cooked works for medium cost in high quality, its the sweetspot but takes time

>> No.27791973

21 here, what do you do for work to make that much?

>> No.27792032

>student loans
>car insurance


>> No.27792260

Do you just straight shave your head? Wtf

>> No.27792345

Stop being delusional. What you're doing to your hair doesn't look good in any way, shape, or form.

>> No.27792528

Clippers have guards that come in different sizes, varying from 1/16th of an inch all the way to 2 inches, so just cut the top of your head one size and then cut the sides and the back another size, in the 7 years ive owned the clippers ive given myself different haircuts, sometimes gentlemens haircut with a fade, sometimes I just trim my hair and leave the back and sides a little longer, but as ive grown into a man, i stopped giving a shit and just buzz it off. But if you want a nice haircut just look up a youtube video.

>> No.27792583

Fucking retard, do you think cutting hair is a technical and difficult thing to master? If someone else can cut your hair nice, so can you, just have a mirror behind you and pay attention.

>> No.27792723

Do you consider this a lot

>> No.27792824

I made more than that at my first job out of uni and my income has only increased exponentially.
People who have white collar jobs making $50k need to get their head in the game or are not even halfway trying. Or live in the boonies where stuff is cheap.

>> No.27792837

It is alot, if you cook, itll be at least 150$ cheaper

>> No.27792838
File: 250 KB, 929x807, 1611767424999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Having student loans


>> No.27792973

We unironically third world nao

>> No.27793044

How do incels get married?

>> No.27793114

>Let’s say you’re a single male making 50k you’re taking home ~3000 after taxes. 10% contribution to 401k

Single male here making around 100k

>300 on 401k
No 401k, would rather stack more sats
>1200 for rent
Living with roommates, so I'm paying 800
>150 for utilities (water/electricity)
Paying 1/3 that
>200 on health insurance
Get it from my job
>200 on student loans
No debt
>350 on food
Haha I actually eat out every meal, should probably learn to cook
>50 on car insurance
>60 for gas
I walked to work before covid, now wfh
>60 on internet
1/3 that
>30 on phone
On my parents lol
>200 on misc (haircuts, gym memberships, random purchases on essentials)
Yeah like skis and a gaming desktop

>That leaves you with 200 dollars left over, and that’s without a car payment or even having things like friends. Not to mention random emergency payments.
I've been saving a shitload of money since I started my job, bought 10 BTC at the halving. Feels good man.

>How is this fair? How do you invest or build up an emergency fund in modern society?
Not a single person I've told about bitcoin has bought, seems pretty fair to me.

>> No.27793122

I think he means "you don't need a new iGalaxy S26X from Verizon at a $257 monthly payment"

I've used my Pixel 1 which I bought used from eBay 5 years ago and it still works and does more than enough

>> No.27793143

No, we have it too good to be a third world country get your head out of your ass, ive been in third world countries, no internet, no hot water, no plumbing only outhouses that you have to use in freezing weather, no heating/ac, basic food like beans rice and poultry. You people dont know how good you have it.

>> No.27793145

Don't a ton of marriages end up that way?

>> No.27793153

You only spend $6/day? That's impressive. What do you eat

>> No.27793205

>move in with your parents repeated 20 times
What kind of weak handed parents let their child live with them after they moved out once? Also, kiss your chances of starting a family at the correct age goodbye.

>> No.27793310

They shack up with single mothers.

>> No.27793363

Just cook rice, beans, chicken and veggies every day you fatass

>> No.27793385

Chicken, lentils, cheap cuts of beef, and pork, beans, kasha (buckwheat oats), oatmeal, cereals, rice, fish, salad, etc. Drink tea, coffee, water.

Eat alot of soup, and potatoes

Realistically I can eat whatever I want on a daily basis

>> No.27793411

Nice gaslighting, boomer.

>> No.27793423

>300 on 401k
>1200 for rent
that's way too much. live with your parents or split with 4/5 friends. you should be open to sharing a room with a buddy or coworker too.
>150 for utilities (water/electricity)
live with your parents.
>200 on health insurance
stay fit and take the L when you get sick. you don't need to pay this.
>200 on student loans
you should be making more than 50k if you went to college but fine... pay it off early so you can invest more.
>350 on food
get your mom to cook for you. live with her. spend time before she grows too old. you don't need to pay for food.
>50 on car insurance
owning depreciating assets in 2021??? are you retarded? don't own a car.
>60 for gas
>60 on internet
the only legit expense here
>30 on phone
get a cheaper android.
>200 on misc (haircuts, gym memberships, random purchases on essentials)
you should be side hustling if you make 50k after college. or else you'll end up like roasties and $ROPE at 28.

>> No.27793566

yup, burgers wouldnt be able to handle real thirld world for even a week before running back to uncle sam. They wouldnt mind paying those heavy taxes after the experience

>> No.27793625

Familial survival tactic used in the Great Depression
More efficient and allows family wealth to grow

>> No.27793839

if you're only making 50k at even an entry level job in a college-educated field then you picked the wrong focus

>> No.27793883

I'm 29.

>> No.27794024
File: 18 KB, 200x190, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks $50 car insurance is high

>> No.27794052

22 bringing home 3k a month. Live within my means. Buy the cheapest groceries, use coupons, buy things in bulk. I only pay 700 for rent. Still manage to save at least 500 a month after 401k.

>> No.27794252

Same, I dont understand why financial responsibilty is one of the most difficult things for normies our age to understand

>> No.27795294

That's why I suggested the foods you should eat. Not chipotle or mcdonalds.

Kill yourself....oh wait you already are with all your toxins

>> No.27795326

Check a payroll calculator https://smartasset.com/taxes/paycheck-calculator

>> No.27795374

be homeless, live in a bush on a beach by the ocean, work construction, put it all in crypto and surf
only need to buy food and tp

>> No.27795443


>1200 for rent


> student loans


> car insurance


> 30 on phone


> 200 misc


>> No.27795738

Is this the power of schizophrenia?

>> No.27796139

no no its autism mah dude..

>> No.27796195 [DELETED] 
File: 245 KB, 550x1188, original_284365976.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Long $CLF


>"New orders for manufactured goods in December, up eight consecutive months, increased $5.2 billion or 1.1 percent to $493.5 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today."


>"US trade court dismisses challenge to Section 232 steel tariff"


>> No.27796443

My group uses international unlocked phones bought online in bulk, it works for what is needed and since they're identical they can be cloned easily when lost.

>> No.27796611

How about some spicy investment stuff in your budget, like making room for SUTER

>> No.27796650

yeah dude you're 19. I bet you don't have many expenses and you're on your parents' insurance plan.

>> No.27797031

200 a month on haircuts? You can do that once a semester cuty

>> No.27797039

I pay 100 for health insurance haha faggot

>> No.27797309

the answer is yes but like other anons said, if you're poor you need to live poor and stop acting like an Instagram retard

>> No.27797449

>150 for utilities (water/electricity)
Make it 100
>200 on health insurance
Get a job that covers it
>200 on student loans
Your fault
>350 on food
Make it 150 fatty
>50 on car insurance
>60 for gas
Make it 40
>60 on internet
>30 on phone
Make it 10
>200 on misc (haircuts, gym memberships, random purchases on essentials)
Make it 100

>> No.27797557

This. Plus just stop paying student loans... they'll send annoying letters but just keep not paying. More money for investing

>> No.27797567

You can solve the problems if you live exactly how you want. There's a guy living in the woods and he's safer from human disaster and I'm guessing his cost of living is more or less 0. The more people making less, the fewer will make much more selling you you broken unrealized dreams.

>> No.27797581

Damn, nice trips. I work remotely in support. I wouldn't call it exploiting customers. But with the load they give us, it starts getting pretty close.

>> No.27797699

>200 on loans
>350 on food
>200 on misc
just saved you $750. If youre spending three digits a MONTH on food youre doing it wrong

>> No.27797789

>I'm priced out of this market
Then move. To a different country if you have to. Lots of cheap places out there

>> No.27797890

take your meds

>> No.27797944

you pay yrself first

10% off the top of whatever u make, mimimum

>> No.27798173

In butt fucking Commiefornia they are

>> No.27798383

1. Go bald.
2. Workout at home
3. Cut your medical ins if you're under 30
4. stop wasting electricity
5. take 2 minute showers
There, I just saved you a couple hundred right there. Now stop bitching and buy rubic with that to increase your net worth.

>> No.27798739
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based, have a random meme on the house

>> No.27798836
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Too based for this thread.

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