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They're going to make LINK a governance token that's able to be farmed. Nodes will only be staking stablecoins and earning LINK.

Sorry to crush your dreams I thought I'd warn you it's your last chance to sell LINK at $25.

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bullish! $1000 EoY!

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I don’t know if you’re the same guy as this guy but it’s starting to seem real

Like on binance LINK is the only token that requires full verification

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Not at all, it will never be $1000. This is like the DOGE people saying $10. It just will not be happening, at least anymore.

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Different guy

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Have sex incel

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I'm an ex-linker. I put all that money in BIRD last week.

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Wow nice thread OP! Stupid ass retarded nigger faggot.

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