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Which crypto is the one to make the next 2x and why is it ETH?

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I'm a simple man who is going to make it.

CryptoKEK is a community governed analytics tool with API+Ethereum Node services. The app is similar to dextools but without all the bloat and in my opinion the product looks much cleaner. The team who are fully public (The owner does a weekly livestream on youtube under the channel "Cryptokek") and liquidity is locked for 2 years and team tokens are also locked on a vesting schedule.

CryptoKEK intends to have a free version of the app as well as premium features that will include premium analytics + community perks, bots, api access and also access to ETH archive data. You could pay hundreds of dollars a month for access to these features on other platforms.

CryptoKEK is governed by DAO and the direction of the project is literally in the hands of the holders, if you dont like something or you want something implemented you can start a vote and if it gains enough votes the devs will implement it - Possibly they will just implement it either way if its a good idea!

The project only launched a month ago and the beta app has been completely overhauled in less than a month and looks way better than dextools already with more polish to come before the full product is released 1 week into February. You do not want to miss out on this, not only will buying the token bring you profit but the premium features that will be available to you will also help you make even more profits.

Thanks for reading.

52,000,000 tokens circulating so at time of posting its less than 1.5 million market cap.




LIQUIDITY IS LOCKED 2 YEARS: PROOF (https://etherscan.io/tx/0xbc6fd28e4426917472e3546f840632b0ec117fc519469792637cd8a4d529eede).

UNISWAP POOL REWARDS ARE AUTO ADDED BACK AS LOCKED LIQUIDITY: PROOF (https://info.uniswap.org/account/0xe269D07aCE139330f0832456aC641f2062Aa19B5)

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bao does 2x every two days

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