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Are hardware wallets a meme?

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>Are hardware wallets a meme?

A meme..a HW wallet? Really KYS.

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tell me how i know you're poor

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Because anyone with a significant amount have hardware wallets ?

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Just install the drainage plug extension on your metamask

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they aren't a meme, but it's not like you can't function just fine with a paper wallet and a good lockbox

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no because you just sound poor

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Of course not. Adds a pretty big layer of security by never exposing the private keys.

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Only if you buy them from a third party source. So if you are contemplating on getting one, order it directly from their site.

Also, Ledger had a massive personal user data leak about a year ago. Fortunately they are only contact infos.

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is having just a metamask that bad? whats the best hardware wallet?

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Hardware wallet not needed.
All the real crypto chads and whales keep their coins on their old school Windows XP that they also use to torrent from Pirate Bay.

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>he got metamuzzled
oh no no no

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i have over $1M stored on my browser extension wallet and like 200k on exodus wallet
dude trust me it's fine

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source: dude trust me

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i have almost a half a millii on a paper wallet in my drawer. nbd trust me

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Metamask is not unsafe if you practice good cybersecurity and keep your private keys private. Now, if you're on windows and have viruses and keyloggers or install a fraudulent metamask extension, all bets are off. The best way to use metamask is with a hardware wallet. You just plug your hardware wallet in and connect it to the extension. Your private keys are never exposed that way. Any time you type your private keys in, you're creating a security risk.

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Electrum on an always offline distro can do the same thing as a reddit stick.

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What wallet do you use?

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ledger nano s but only because it supports monero and im too cheap to buy the trezor model t

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no it can't, faggot. you can't broadcast transactions from your always offline 'distro'. annoying faggot.

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Why would you want a trezor t? I thought the ledger models were the best ones

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the trezor use open source software
ledger fucked up and got hacked recently (not the device itself, but the storefront. the device is rock solid)

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What happens if you try putting a token that isn't supported on a ledger nano? (Like for example rubic)

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idk dude but you could always enter your private keys into another wallet if your token was rendered inaccessible on ledger

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I like to keep mine in a plastic baggy up my asshole.

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Truly you have a portfolio of shitcoins

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I’m in the process of writing my own hardware wallets in python for myself and a few businesses. Get hacked faggots

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Anon, when you are a normie that doesnt understand cryptography or a linux nerd, a hardware wallet should be in consideration when you have 6 to 8 figures in crypto that you are protecting for longterm holds. Hardware wallets makes securing your coins much easier especially when you dont know how to generate your own PGP pairs for examplr. If you dont know what PGP stands for or even being used for you should definitely invest in a hardware wallet. Or you can just keep it on the exchange if you werent in crypto for the MtGox fiasco

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>fortunately they are only contact infos

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we had exchange hacks even last year

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Only the ones that don't let you lock the price. Here's mine - I get emails four times a day BEGGING me not to exercise that lock but I'm waiting for $100k, they can sweat

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No. You have two options for secure transactions
>sign transactions offline in on an airgapped PC by transferring it via USB in a multi step process
>use a hardware wallet
it's just simpler to use the hardware wallet. Now Some people get confused about cold wallet and hardware wallets. A hardware wallet can be used to generate a cold wallet. A cold wallet is basically a wallet you never use, it's "cold storage". You could get a hardware wallet, use it to generate an address to send your crypto to, write down the seed phrase and wipe it or just lock it in a safe. Now it's a cold wallet until you're ready to move them somewhere else

Alternatively, you can use a hardware wallet for your day to day transactions, which would make it hot wallet. But it's way more secure since your private keys are never exposed in the process, unlike a software wallet where the keys are stored on your computer or phone.

>write my own hardware wallet in python
that will run on what hardware?

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Twice! Ledger got hacked twice!
You have to be out of your mind to buy one.

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>tfw my account was part of the data breach
>get a tonne of phishing emails/texts
>get a tonne of calls from obvious Pajeets trying to scam me
It’s settled down but what a shit show.

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worse meme than physical metals

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their website got hacked, there was no security flaws with the device itself as far as I know. Although yes I would not want to be in their database because of this >>27762859

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fucking pajeets

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no, its the best thing that ever happened to me
whenever im having a bad day, i respond to the hundreds of threatening phone calls i get a day from the ledger hack. i tell them to come to my house. ive beaten up over 25 pajeets, with the most being 4 simultaneously. i love my ledger!

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>Because anyone with a significant amount have hardware wallets ?

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this unironically sounds like something I would enjoy

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i guess mines a meme then. Whats so op about locking the price?

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Yeah I will say the actual hardware is fine and if you’re serious about crypto pretty useful.
Still, quite the fucking oversight.
Now when I see a number from like New Zealand or the UK i just ignore it.

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You lock the price in at a certain level and then you can buy/sell at a better time for the price you locked in. It's like the strike price in option trading bro.

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kek, same. My info was leaked as well and get daily calls from pajeets. Used to find them really annoying, but nowadays I kinda enjoy it because I deliberately waste their time and make them angry.

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>spending money on a financial chastity belt

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>let you lock the price
do people really

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I can buy 0.81702 for $13,681.17 WHATEVER the current price.

So when the price reaches $100k I make $70,524.21 of profit and it cost me $13,861.17

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Everyone saying not to bother getting a hardware wallet until you have a significant amount of crypto is wrong

You should get one now, learn how to use it, setup your shit, and do test runs of recoverying it, receiving and sending from it, etc.

Don’t wait until you’re in 6 figure hell to start learning how to use one

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Sorry it cost me $11,324.85

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$0.055 fucking obliterated and went right to $0.056

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wait what the fuck

how does that even work

i legit know nothing about traditional investing stuff only trade cryptos like an autist

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The “worst” one I got was some email with my name, phonenum and addy with a super sketchy threatening email saying that if i dont deposit 0.3 bitcoin into some wallet, my personal info will be sent to local robbers.
I lol’d hard.

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do you think people showing up to your house in the middle of the night is a meme?

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“Local robbers”


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It's a futures contract anon

Some mug sold me a futures contract for $11,324.85 betting the price of bitcoin would fall. But if the price rises to $100k, he owes me $70,524.21. AND I get my $11,324.85 back.

This is called locking the price and all the good hardware wallets allow it. Its why futures contracts were so important

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Just send all your btc to this wallet, it's completely free.

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7/10 bait
could've been an 8/10 but the eddit spacing gave it away.

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Also I bet none of you fags got it this bad
>use trezor one for 3 years
>get pwned in ledger hack
>WTF I don't even have a ledger
>remember I entered my info in their website to order a nano s in 2018 but changed my mind before payment and closed the tab, they still saved my info
>fuck it i'll order a nano s now since I'm pwned anyway
>15 days of waiting because dhl gave it to local courrier who was on strike
>it arrives
>right button not working
>contact support
>no answer
fuck the french

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>reddit spacing

Reddit spacing is when 2 spaces are put between each sentence/paragraph, because on Reddit one space will just be ignored.

just a little history listen from someone who has used this website for way too fucking long.

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that was originally a 4chan thing newfag.

>> No.27766226

they make me feel old

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which one is better then? can you lock the price on a ledger?

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so don't buy ledger from amazon? only the official store? I have gift cards I need to use.

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>Get *free ledger for being tezos ICO bag holder
>ledger database hacked
>inbox btfo with constant pajeet scam mail

Those tezos jews just can't stop fucking me over. God I hate that coin.

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I never understood the appeal. How hard is it to memorize a password?

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Was it an insider?

>> No.27766751

No, they're real items and not a joke.

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>buy nano s years ago
>store a bunch of shit on there
>can't be recognized by windows 10
>try 4 different computers and a linux machine
>try literally 10 different USB cables
>do all the steps recomended
>still can't connect
>have to shill out $150 for a fucking X for no god damn reason
I transferred all of my shit online, I move it around on occasion and change passwords. Hard wallets are shit tier. Always the next product so they fuck the old product.

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It was an insider at Shopify.

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They're a meme unless someone can explain why you need 24 word phrases when I can't even remember 12 words.

>> No.27767319

imagine it catching fire

>> No.27767366

you can have as many copies as you want of nearly free.

>> No.27767584

lol you can lock it for a infinite amount of time?

Thats just stupid

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you're not supposed to rememeber it you're supposed to write it down and store it in a secure location

>> No.27767769

never write down plain text seed or password ever!

>> No.27767801

Is this thread everyday a meme?

>> No.27767848

Then why would I even bother

>> No.27767914

how many times is this going to be posted?

>> No.27767932

Lmao imagine being this new

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>contact info

and home addresses. If you ordered a ledger your name and address is on a list of known crypto holders. Hardware wallets are absolutely a meme that only serve to make you more of a target. You're also trusting there not to be a hardware vulnerability, considering they couldn't secure their website where else did that incompetence bleed into?

imagine not being able to remember a 12 word phrase

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you're supposed to write it down on a paper, take a polaroid picture of it, torch the paper, put the polaroid it in a safety deposit box buried in your backyard

>> No.27768323

Not a meme, but fuck me I'm sure they're kike operation cause they ain't worth the money we pay for them.

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human brains aren't reliable enough to bet your life savings on remembering words

the point of hardware wallets is so your transactions are secure, your private key is never exposed outside the device. The seed phrase is how you restore that private key (actually it's a bunch of keys that are algorithmically generated from the seed phrase)

>> No.27768565

indeed they are just a waste of money for most people. if you run a crypto business and likely to be targeted by malware or hacks you could use one of these. otherwise complete waste of money. especially for hodling.

>> No.27768654

a couple hundred bucks is worth it to securely deal with thousands of dollars worth of assets

>> No.27768661

>human brains aren't reliable enough to bet your life savings on remembering words
they are unless your brain is completely fucked by drugs

>> No.27768740

not really, because it doesn't add real security for most people.

>> No.27768752

>omg people now know there are homes that have hardware wallets in them
>they could like break in and still not be able to access it
Bro, I don't want to be a leaker...... But my neighbor lives at his address...... And the other neighbor, bro, someone lives there too. And they own things!

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Ledger has the worst shills.
Go check out V TG and take notes on shilling retard.

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any moment you get slip and fall or get hit in the head and get brain damage that prevents you from remembering, just getting older causes your brain to decay. if you don't wake up every morning and recite your seedphrase you will probably forget it eventially

it does unless they keep all their coins on an exchange. Actually it's way better for normies who are more likely to encounter malware

>> No.27768910

>they could like break in and still not be able to access it
chances are if someone is retarded enough to have a hardware wallet he is retarded enough to write down his seed.

>> No.27769121

I know people who can recite pi for several hundreds of digits. You'd have to be severely deficient to not be able to manage 12 words. Even if your brain is that smooth do something like inconspicuously hiding words in your photo collection.

I wonder how many wallets will be lost because e-celebs shill this thing as the most secure method and people don't bother to remember their private key because of a false sense of security.

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Are you childless and alone or something? If you have a wallet you need your phrase backed up so the assets can be passed down

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>any moment you get slip and fall or get hit in the head and get brain damage that prevents you from remembering, just getting older causes your brain to decay
at that point the least of my problems will be not remembering my password, but of course not all is lost.
>it does
nope sorry. hardware wallets are best suited as defense from targeted malware and active hacks.
but they add several vulnerabilities if you follow recommended protocol instead of increasing your security.

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The point is that could use their guns to get your private key.

>> No.27769234

if your brain is totally fucked you can still do shamir's secret sharing.
there is never a good reason to write down your shit in plain text. ever.

>> No.27769333

what happens if your hardware wallet gets damaged?

>> No.27769391

Is it dumb to keep it with me at all times, like with my keys? I understand it could get lost or stolen but if I have the paper wallet at home won't i be golden? What if I leave home and my house burns down wouldn't it be good that i had the ledger on me

>> No.27769419

also, hypothetically, couldn't a worker at ledger or somewhere in the supply chain introduce a virus or something onto the wallet?

>> No.27769652

>they add several vulnerabilities if you follow recommended protocol
such as?

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i have a bunch of these balance is distributed among many of them to mitigate risks at cashing out and certain other risks. many copies at different locations also digital copies.

the passphrase is split with m of n shamirs some parts sent to my kin, some in a safe some deposited at a layer and also included in my will.

no single actors can get to my coins anyhow. it would take a large collusion and i would likely be dead when my family does.

>> No.27769815

Are all of you guys paranoid? Do you do your trades in a public Starbucks or something?

How the fuck are you at any risk at all of “hackers” unless you download things from every sketchy pop-up you see
>having ads in the first place

Are you guys downloading porn or something?

>> No.27769888

every piece of software you have on your computer is absolutely riddled with 0day vulnerabilities.

>> No.27770078

With that logic anything you do on a computer ever is risky

>> No.27770088

They're def worth it. They only people that day they're not are either:

A: broke
B: a fat chud that has never smelled a woman and is like "well ackshully if you run linux on a blueberry pie that's airgapped and surrounded by a faraday cage"

>> No.27770090

>so the assets can be passed down
What is the best way to do this securely? Multiple security boxes? Give one half to my son now and the other to a third party custodian?

>> No.27770153


This. Also just get another cheap laptop that you only use for trading, ez

>> No.27770188

Someone who lives 100% of the time on a VR headset watching stock or crypto numbers to detect the slightest changes and predict patterns.

>> No.27770222

as per standard protocol the main ones are
1 the devices are not crpytographically secure if an attacker has physical access. the pin is a joke not security. the memory content can be accessed and scanned with the proper lab equipment costing merely a few grand.
2 writing down your seed and hiding it is just absolutely horrible in case a home invasion happens.
3 there have been found several vulnerabilities when a malware compromised computer deceived the user into authorizing a transaction that emptied his wallet to the hackers.

>> No.27770284

if it involves life changing money? yes.

>> No.27770661

oh and i almost forgot how deterministic hierarchic wallets (seed based) are extra vulnerable against quantum computers after the first transaction authorized as any private key generates all other private keys.

>> No.27770933

>the devices are not crpytographically secure if an attacker has physical access. the pin is a joke not security. the memory content can be accessed and scanned with the proper lab equipment costing merely a few grand
I agree, if an attacker has physical access then you are potentially fucked. But that's not the point of these devices, it's to prevent digital access. And it doesn't take $1000s of dollars, it takes a $5 wrench
>writing down your seed and hiding it is just absolutely horrible in case a home invasion happens.
then you didn't hide it well enough
>there have been found several vulnerabilities when a malware compromised computer deceived the user into authorizing a transaction that emptied his wallet to the hackers.
that's not the devices fault, the same could happen when you sweep your paper wallet

quantum computing is as much as a meme as AI

>> No.27771232

I lost 3.5BTC back in early 2010 when it was worth pretty much nothing. I forgot the password either for the wallet itself or for the Cleopatra encryption key. Can't remember now. But yeah I didn't really care about it at the time.
Since then, well, we all know what happened to bitcoin.

>> No.27771458

If hardware wallets are not safe and keeping it in your coinbase/binance/kraken account isn't safe. Then what is safe?

>> No.27771482

>buy a new one
>enter seed

>> No.27771787

Hardware wallets are pretty much the safest. Which part of it is unsafe to you?

>> No.27772002

Let's take this one step further: Name me one good reason to use any kind of wallet instead of just keeping all my coins in the exchange.

>> No.27772326

serious question. i got a ledger, but now im too anxious to put my crypto in it because i might lose it.

the only solution i can think of is to store the ledger usb in a safety deposit box at a bank.

but how ironic would that be?

>> No.27772368


Are steel recovery back up capsules a meme? Are they worth it in case of fire?

>> No.27772527

literally just have a paper backup on hand, and then place another paper backup in an envelope at your bank.

>> No.27772529


ive wondered this too. but if a capsule got hot enough, wouldnt it fry a cold storage wallet inside it? ironically a paper wallet in a fireproof bag would be safer.

>> No.27772627

Same but without the bag

>> No.27773016

Buy a fireproof gun vault. You should also own guns.

>> No.27773073

you could always have 100 acres of land, pick a random spot on that land, bury it

>> No.27773231


Nah they're not used to store your hardware wallet in, only your recovery seed.


I think you're forgetting about your recovery backup seed, anon. Plenty of people have gotten there hardware wallets stolen or lost in the past. As long as you have your recovery backup seed you can recover your money.

>> No.27773436

I seriously don’t understand. You fuckers thing someone will break into your house and look for some small piece of paper with your words? At that point your life is fucked anyway. Who the fuck is breaking into your house? Are you in a third world country

>> No.27773508

probably somebody looking for mega millions

>> No.27773521

Lol why the fuck would they be a meme? It's literally a thumb drive with your BTC wallet on it...

>> No.27773704

Are there actually advantages to using an old pc to hold coins and pirate stuff?

>> No.27774165

Whales have no need to torrent. They would be putting in extra effort and time into something that cost them virtually nothing.

>> No.27774650

thanks for explaining this to me. i still have a lot to learn in terms of storage.

i havent put anything in the ledger yet until im sure i know im doing it right and wont fuck up something

>> No.27774878

Jfc gtfo right now newfag

>> No.27775573

Just put Airgap Vault on an old android phone. Instant cheap hardware wallet.

>> No.27775768

Yes, hence hardware wallets that don't require your seed phrase to interface with any computer, brainlet

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