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>he sold at the dip instead of buying
anons do you even like money?

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>he fell for the fud

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tfw lost the bottom :(

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>already at doge price levels
>normies can’t into market cap and will fomo in
>you can still beat the rush
>you can still buy the next dip
>all this has happened in one day
>you can make it in this clown world by buying and selling a meme internet coin
>the clock is ticking...

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Bought more at the bottom hehe

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Dude I just woke up to a juicy 5x overnight

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buy more friend, expect a juicy 50x by tomorrow

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How the fuck are any of you able to afford these god damn gas fees?

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We can't, we take out loans and a second mortgage because gas fees cost the price of a house now
>100000000 gwei 1 year later

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cos we know we'll make the gas fees back tenfold

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ETH is still the dominant memecoin chain. TRX or BNB would be bad for the branding at this point in time.

gotta bite the bullet.

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>comparing luigi or pikachu to one of the most recognizable brands on the planet

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WHy the fuck did i buy this faggot Pump and dump. Fuck me.

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Where are the faggots from the other thread? C'mon back kids.

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Alright smart guy. Tell us how to reliably tell the difference between a dip and a falling knife?