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Word in the private discord group is that Chainlink Labs is planning to pivot as a DAO, with LINK getting re-purposed as a governance token while the nodes will be staked with USD denominated stable coins, both to avoid volatility and friction for enterprise customers and to comply with upcoming SEC guidelines/avoid being labeled as a security after the XRP debacle. Insiders and early VCs like Framework Ventures who used to be big believers in the project are now exiting their positions and have been dumping their bags OTC.

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Is that why the price keeps going up?

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Nice. Just bought 100K stable coins.

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Which mean buy more it will have more implement in trading shitcoins around as it's master.

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did they say how they plan to replace erc677 functionality?

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filthy Melvin, you'll never get me to sell my LINK
diamond hands!!!

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Thanks, sir. Just sold for the superior mobius.

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thank you sir just sold for XSP

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>Insiders and early VCs like Framework Ventures
>are now exiting their positions and have been dumping their bags

We're literally hours away from a new ATH my dude.. stop smoking whatever that shit is

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yes, and the price of this stable coin will be $81000, check em

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Thanks for the warning. I sold all my stablecoins. I should be safe now

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>whales are only buying otc so the price of link will never go up
>whales are all selling otc so the price of link will dump

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so close

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curse my slow interwebz speed

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I just got a pm from the discord admin. They actually decided to go with the original plan, and use link as intended.

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SEC will not win that case and the precedent will be set

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>25 LINK


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oh no, my 20,000% gain "bags" someone pls send help

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That wasn’t the picture i uploaded. 4chan mods trying to fud. Check em still

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Funny, Not the first time I've heard this.
Was talking to someone in the industry who works on Oracles (Not on the Chainlink team). His prediction for the token was that the team was probably going to move it into a governance token.

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Wouldnt this be awful for the price of LINK?

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Sergey would never do this. His profits from dumping millions of coins would be shot.

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