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>gets popular on biz
>not too much fud bc rug-proof and obvious shitcoin plus everybody loves the meme
>slowly creeps to rebbit
>violently gains exposure
>boomers start buying thinking it’s official coin of McD
>McDonalds Inc. serves cease and desist to Vitalik
>Pajeets + others create other restaurant tokens like BurgerKing etc
>Some may achieve success but nothing like McDCoin
>1 MCDC = 1 Big Mac
>McDonalds buys ownership wallet of McDonaldsCoin for 6B and integrate it into their growing blockchain systems in the year 2027

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how could anyone read this and NOT be bullish? the whales certainly are. They crashed from $0.04 down to $0.01 and not a single one of the top 15 MCDC holders sold any of their coins. Several of them even bought more.

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shilled on /biz/ first. you are not buying some leftover reddit meme like SHIB.

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This has been a joyride. Soon 10x

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swingies just got the rope KEK

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Can I spend this in McDonalds? What the fuck is this?

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impress her with ur massive bag. swingers get necked.

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>already at doge price levels
>normies can’t into market cap and will fomo in
>you can still beat the rush
>you can still buy the next dip
>all this has happened in one day
>you can make it in this clown world by buying and selling a meme internet coin
>the clock is ticking...

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at last some shilled shitcoin made me money, not selling until 1 tho

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Yall just went through an entire market cycle in one day
so long pikachu

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Shit it's actually happening

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>he thought the bear trap was the bull trap
>he didn’t buy the dip