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Remember when I told you fuckers that Anatoly said in the interview with Chainlink that 1 PRQ = 1$ = 1 Smart Trigger?

You know what the price was when he said that? 20 cents. And look where it is now, almost exactly 1$, every time it tries to break out it automatically dumps back down to 1$.

Isnt it a gigantic coincedence that it now seems to crab almost exactly at 1$, while Anatoly said 1 PRQ would be 1$ when PRQ was at 20c? Yeah I dont think so.
This is manipulated. This is how they want to sell their product to customers, by consistently keeping 1 PRQ at 1$.

Everything is pumping, yet this highly popular, highly shilled coin stays exactly at the price target the main dev said it would be. If you think this is coincedence you are retarded.

Im out.

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it wouldn't hold at $1 if there weren't enough demand

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You niggers keep saying Parsiq has no FUD, but you cant seem to disprove what I say

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It's called the floor. It's not the manipulation you think that's going on either. This hold in price is giga bullish as I've studied charts for years thousands of hours of mind numbing gazing. Eyes almost shot from staring at the monitor probably even forming cataracts.

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And it isnt at all a coincedence that its exactly 1$, the price that Anatoly called out 2-3 months ago when it was nowhere near that?

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Op is retarded. That is all

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so you think a business would decouple the pricing of it's products from supply and demand and simply set its price at $1? and you call this fud? let me guess, you are in econ 101. get a fucking job wearing a suit and tie and then come talk to me about market manipulation. shine my fucking shoes in the meantime

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FUD is back... bullish
>Parsiq: Just a Wallet

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remind, fuck fudders and jews

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And a retarded nigger, fuck you OP, I hope you get AIDS and die from a anaconda bite right in ur balls.

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What do I have to disprove? it's normal price action, it went up 10X in a month, it's already great that it hasn't dumped 50% further.
Also it is mostly traded on Uniswap and people prefer having more ETH while it is pumping.

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Not forever, but this is how Anatoly advertised his new tokenomics. 1 PRQ = 1$ = 1 Smart Trigger.
Its going to be this way until the new tokenomics are live. Screenshot this, I will come back in a month or two to show you I was right.

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I really doubt there's deliberate manipulation going on by the team but it does seem hilariously consistent that every time the price inches up from a few small buys there's a 10 eth sale. Look at that fucking whale that has been routinely buying the local top and selling the local bottom. He's literally wasted probably $100k and another $2k in gas. Whales hate this coin for some reason kek

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It's not a popular coin. You just think it is because you go on the circlejerk Telegram, then come here and shill it to other shills from the exact same Telegram. It's literally the same five or six people.in every thread, all telling each other how great their bags are. No-one else cares.

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give me the source to your terrible FUD faggot

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>Not a popular coin

Nigger literally every popular crypto youtuber shills Parsiq constantly. Ivan and Ellio for example shill it at least weekly.

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Yep, the people from the telegram are just a bunch of hopium niggers

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I heard they banned a marine veteran today.

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Then don’t buy. We don’t care kek never selling you my parsnips

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no, he was a jp morgan chase scrum master

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I bought at 5c loser I had high hopes for this project. But this manipulation is too obvious. So Im moving on

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Fuck tether, PRQ $1,05 stablecoin

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Bye bye! Post wallet when you sell so I can screenshot please

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Funny how non of you PRQ cultist can come up with any sensible argument as to why Im wrong.
When confronted with actual FUD none of you know what to say. Sad really.

I will come back in 2 months and tell you I was right.

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The team is partially paid in PRQ, they'd be throwing rocks against their own roof

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post your wallet so we can screenshot it please

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i am financially ruined

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kek get destroyed faggot

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This is not FUD friend, this is retarded. You re jumping to conclusions when we have been close to one dollar only for one week or less. This is no FUD, just probably a newfag pump-chaser crying because he bought the top

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My guy you can't call that fud, you're just a schizo

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Yes, stuck at dollar forever, biggest announcement, A WALLET

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See I told you faggots. Pump to 1.15$ and its straight back to 1$ within half an hour.

Enjoy your stablecoin

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this your first time investing? check back in a week bub

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OP, stop being a seething newfag

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Yeah, OP is, the coin is manipulated, but not in the way he thinks.
We have at least one other faggot whale who cock blocks any pump.

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thanks op I've been holding out on buying prq for a while, never finding the right time to pull the trigger

but this gay thread is the buy signal I've been waiting for, so thanks, just bought in

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Why didn't you just buy at $0.08 like me
then you wouldn't have to worry about it being stuck at $1 because you'd have already made +1200%

why don't you try this in future OP?

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its over

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Post sale

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I quite literally just bought another 500 parsnips

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Someone just swapped 20k prq for bao. Why would you even do that? Am I that wrong? Not even a whale ,I know, but the fud makes me really uncertain.Great job guys, I dont know what to think anymore.

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fuckin’ell he still at it?

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wen big exchange I get paid tomorrow and need to acoomulate more

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Well let's be realistic. We've had a dozen coins lately pump harder than PRQ in the past month. Does that mean PRQ is a worse long term hold than them? Not at all.
But a lot of people, whales in particular, are willing to take risks that the average person can't afford to take. If BAO is a better short term hold for pure pump potential and they know or think so, then that's fair. Sadly, I'm someone who can't risk the small stack they have.

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kinda like how link was meant to be the price of a cup of coffee?

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Sounds about right to me... Here I am, worrying about my 1K prq, I am nothing in this endlessness. Would like to make some profits in short term, but something in my guts says I have to stay true to PRQ...

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insider here:

solana integration confirmed for next week
exchange listings have been approved. just hammering out details now.
stay tuned

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There’s FUD? Just bought 5k more.

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I'll admit that the price action on this shitcoin is weird as fuck or maybe I'm just bitter that I sold too early.

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insider, shminsider! Hope you prove me wrong, bud

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Swing Swing Swing
Meanwhile TosDis is literally mooning right now !
Glad that i swing my Parsiq suicide stack to TosDis bag.
Feel comfy~

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The second you swap you know it'll fucking moon

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Such a poorfag I cant even pay some fees to swap, so no worries there.

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That'd be neat if so. I have no proof that you are or aren't an insider haha.
Whatever happens, happens. I'm still thinking PRQ is one of the best bets yet so I'm playing it safe and holding.

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I will be when the inflation hits

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selling/swapping at all during a bull run is retarded. just hold and accumulate more when you can. it's really that simple.

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screenshot the post and check back in a week. sleep easy boys

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wait are gas prices ever going to go down because Im literally priced out of selling

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I will dear sir, you are can claim my firstborn child if true

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It's not all that info is publically available. He aint an insider. He's a faggot larper.

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I repeat. I dont know what to think anymore but I dont have enough ETH to swap. No choice but riding the wave....

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bought 9k worth of prq before the okex ama, will check back in a year

cya fags

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Isn’t there a conference or zoom happening tomorrow. It might start pumping then

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Awesome, might be worth it to go back to the telegram now

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OP just went full retard.
This is like LINK being the price of a cup of coffee fud.

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u dont understand that, but prq will rule over crypto. literally the king of all cryptos.

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That was a BAT meme link culturally appropriated.