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- 10M marketcap
- Easy x2/x3 (x50 or x100 long term)
- Solid product, far superior than Uniswap and SushiSwap
- Cute logo
- It's Sake
- HK company, not pajeet shit

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Ive loaded up my bags kind sir

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30k stacklet here

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20k SAKE nigger here
2x and I am out

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wasted on a 2x? at least go for 5x bro we're going further than that lol

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2x is nothing. Only 20m mc with 2x

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whoever is it that keeps making these memes come to our Telegram channel pls
t me/joinchat/Hp-g0LVEB4QbjIdK

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Only x2? true nigger
It can go a lot higher

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does it deliver something unique/revolutionary to defi like spaceswap does? if not i cba

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this pump is going over 0,24
team delivers, read the roadmap. next month u can order a sake for a dollar

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flash staking is insecure and its buzzword bullshit. spaceswaps ui looks like fucking garbage and it has a popup to enter your email. Sake improves core elements of sushi, and uni. Has farming, locked liquidity, soon year long staking, soon crosschain to polka, soon synthetic assets. Its going further than milk tit or whatever.

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People really like MILK here? Milkswap has the most shity ui I've ever seen, and flash staking is bullshit

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This has to be the cutest logo I've ever seen

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and team?

u need more substance in your shill posts, "far superior than uniswap and sushiswap"
in what way?

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sake can prevent impermanent loss which neither uni or sushi can do. It will be adding crosschain and synthetic assets (stocks, debts, etc). Idc if the team is anon or not, they have been audited. Most dex/yield farming teams are anon.

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Few days from now there’ll be as many sake threads as there is rubic

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Sushiswap, a Uniswap fork, brings us an AMM with the SUSHI token, which is a governance token. Unfortunately, Sushiswap didn’t do any improvement to the case of impermanent loss.
Inspired by Uniswap and Sushiswap, SakeSwap aims to improve the design of AMM in terms of price curves and contributor rewards.

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its the "shadow farm" thats getting people excited.

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How is that possible

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You can read this if you don't trust sake https://sakeswap.finance/SAKEen.pdf

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that shit is buzzword hyperbole. Milk has sketchy written all over it imo. I think sake looks much more promising but I am holding it so.

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Also: https://sakeswap.medium.com/introducing-sakeswap-and-sake-token-8638d50b0b58

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Updates from Telegram:

SakeSwap will provide YFII with premium developer resources. Both projects’ interfaces will merge and be optimized
• SakeSwap launches ILO (Liquidity Crowdfunding Platform). After the merger, YFII plays to the community’s strengths and will introduce Polkadot, Near, Conflux, Flow, Heco, BSC and OKChain assets on SakeSwap for initial issuance and liquidity crowdfunding. It will provide quality ground floor assets for YFII’s Vaults.
• SakeSwap Launches Synthetic Asset Trading and Derivatives. Introduces off-chain assets like stocks, commodities and other equities into the Vault and other DFI Money DeFi services.
• The YFII DeFi Fund will be established. SAKE and YFII community users will get more opportunities to participate in quality DeFi projects early and share the dividends of cooperating projects.
Following this merger, DFI Money will participate in SakeSwap’s governance.

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there "shake" token staking rewards sound way too good to be true especially if "Milk2" token stays anywhere this price range. Insane gains for just 1 token. It went from 7k to 13k in this 48hrs

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sake is not for wsb bets chief, this is gonna be a real deal token. #3 or #4 dex.

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kys retards
It is a fucking chinkscam at the end of the day. No matter what you say. Best case this will do a 2x from here and then dump into oblivion. I bought at 4 cents, so get fucked

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yeah bao sure dumped too bud
im holding and you should keep holding too with those early bags

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It's from HK, and YFII is supporting it

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So $1 by eom but can I get a good mid term hold out of it?

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you fucking retards already missed ETH, you missed BAO, you missed Donut, you missed xDai, what the fuck else will you miss?

Its not too late to grab a few thousand tokens. Get in now.

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Imo .50 - $1 eom, and we could see like half of sushi and uni prices so maybe around $5 or more if it really went big. Its a fucking moonshot, anon.

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youre a chink scam

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Nice, I have a stack of 1K going because it interested me a few days ago but the more I hear the more confident I get in this project. Gonna pump a big stack into it soon

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fucking right baby. 5k checking in.

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When i see this i get fucking comfy

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