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Here we go.

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pls livestream I need to jerk off

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His first mistake was using etoro, the entire platform is used to transfer your money to Israel

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>You won't do it ur a pussy
Heh he's probably right.

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leave it to etoro to have people publically reveal what kind of retarded newbs burning their savings on shit gambles they are. The worst kind are the faggots tagging every popular stock in their post and writing "my portfolio is up 0.5% today. only through sweat and hard work we can achieve greatness. copy me!"

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>waaaaahhhhhhh I bought into an obvious ponzi scheme and lost all my money, the little guy just can’t get ahead!
I sympathize with the Jews more and more every day. Retard goyim deserve to be ruled.

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Fuck Robinhood was really trying to protect them from themselves
Sad to see

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Post nose plz. I could never sympathize with the people responsible for all this blatant corruption. Even the normies are starting to think it's strange. Sure some sad cunts will an hero. But a lot more would be just generally angry with it.
I didn't want to use eToro but they were the only ones letting me buy at the time. Especially here is brit. What other options are there really.

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Losing money is literally the dumbest reason for killing yourself

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>Post nose plz

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People here still don't really get this. The main enemy is the retarded masses, without them none of the bullshit would be possible.

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>if you worked hard you could truly achieve anything
>buys most shilled stock in history to get rich quick by doing literally nothing

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The jews are right. Goyim are cattle. Accept this.

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Honestly, this. They've even gotten 40% of whites to vote for being replaced. It's pretty stunning.

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Didn't these retards not sell because they think it will explode in the end? Why is he killing himself before it happens?

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This is one of the supreme redpolls for me. Most people are little more than bipedal livestock, and I’m only a little better than them.

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This, absolutely this.

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Solid bait. Anyone with an IQ above 80 realized this was a classic pump and dump, but mostly due to Reddit’s groupthink and the media attention, and has literally nothing to do with “market manipulation” or whatever. Sometimes I wonder if we actually do need a nanny state when I see people talk about authority about shit they know nothing about. see: literally any WSB post for an example.

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You faggots will not escape the dotr. Our retard countrymen are made to be guided and nurtured by us (the intellectual elite). Anyone who would subjugate and oppress our kinsmen must be destroyed.

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>has literally nothing to do with “market manipulation”

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>I grew up thinking if you worked hard
day trading is not "working hard", it's just gambling

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it is worse than that, most people WANT to be little more than livestock. if you try to advice them on how to improve their situation they just get mad

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Yeah yeah. 2 more weeks. Facts are facts. While you have your glorious dotr larp they'll be drooling into GMO corn chips with niggerball blaring through the tv.

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Read the turner diaries limpwrist.

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Enact the Turner diaries larper.

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>didn't win the lottery

I guess hard work just doesn't pay off

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redditors are jew enablers.
They openly say they are doing this to "fuck the whites in power".
Ideally both reddit and the hedge funds will get fucked.

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that is how indoctrination and propaganda works.
It will all swing the other way sooner rather than later. The oven dodgers got too cocky.

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>You won't do it ur a pussy

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Mhm sure right

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>worked hard

As someone holding this since September who sold a day too early, I hope this tranny really does kill themselves.

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Doesnt matter. The Jew's control over us has resulted in our current dilemma. Once we retake control of the west, all jewish chains will be loosed and our citizenry can enjoy a life of true freedom

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"I grew up thinking if you worked hard you could truly achieve anything"

What he did is the opposite of working hard though, he jumped into a hyped up share because of FOMO and expected to get rich quick. He deserves the punishment for going against his own principals.

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>Hedgefund shorts a failing company and loses billions because redditor start buys the stock to 'own the rich'
>"Heh, get fucked hedgie, that's what you get for making risky bets lol"
>Redditors lose most of their money because they held onto a stock that's price was massively inflated

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You won't do it ur a pussy

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pic is u lol

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You forget to mention that every time a Jewish central banker tries to raise interest rates to save a nations currencies the politicians have a shit fit and demand they revert back to 0% interest rate because they dont want their term in office to be tainted by it.

Democracy is the actual problem, politicians spend their time in office trying to get reelected the next time the vote comes up. They dont give a shit about the people.

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Their money is in Cyprus

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LOL delusional goy

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