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we are gonna hit $30 tonight, it's time

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checked but the way things have been going link wont hit 30 until eth is 2800 and btc is 90k

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Imagine holding Link during a bullrun. You didn't learn from 2017

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you mean 30 cents

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low energy, we are going vertical soon

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API3 Pajeets here in full force! MY LINKY STAYS STINKY $1000 EOY

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Praise be

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I truly fucking doubt it

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lets goooo

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>the biggest piece of the 4th industrial revolution aka the god protocol will not pump 25%

stop falling for the specifically targeting link depression fud

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LINK is the limp dick of crypto.

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Can't, too much suppression by CZ

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Bro, I believe we’re going to 81k eventually. But tonight we will crab between $22 and $25.

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you are absolutely fucking delusional
this is coming from me who has $20K in LINK

this coin is absolutely SHIT

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>not realizing how incredibly bullish that picture is

you don't know anything

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please stop with all this moonboy talks. Link is a slow but steady gainer. We all bought below $1, we do not need nor want this kind of volatility, it only attracts weak hands. Link won't perform particularly well during this bull, and that's a good thing in my book.

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this, i'm in it for the NWO and not for gains

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Literally more likely we go below $20 again for a while. No development for months and any pump attempts get absolutely liquid infusioned out of existence.

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