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Drink the kool aid

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This is exactly like Q

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I can somewhat understand their fucked up logic for holding, telling yourself that its a fucking dip and whatnot, you'll get paid and win in the end (cause thats what happens in my heckin marvel movies). But actually buying more? What the fuck makes a person do that.

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>"investing" money you dont have
Why though ?

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why didn't they just trade crypto, they'd be better at it than half of /biz/ kek
>buy the dip
>loses are OK, it always goes back up
>it will moon eventually

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this. i'm tired of the screenshots. let the GME story die please

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wow it's like people always tell truth on the internet

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>I just donated half my paycheck to Bernie match me!
The eternal redditor.

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I dont browse that board, what do they base their beliefs on? how would they convince me? I own no GME stock

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belief is a powerful thing.

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its really sad but lets be honest, the market isn't for everyone , valuable lessons will be learnt trough cold hard cash. The ones who fight trough and are passionate about it will eventually game the fomozoomers

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best part is these people will unironically blame everyone but themselves once they realize their money isn't coming back

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Cannot understand this level of delusion. You could get similar returns just investing in actual good companies or crypto, and instead keep reinvesting in a dead business lmao

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it is what separates the men from the boys. Or in this case, men from eunuchs

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good maybe a rogue one will kill one of the suits

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Hasn’t it now been confirmed most shorts have covered and short interest is somewhere around 50%?

There is not going to be squeeze these guys are lighting money on fire

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Hey is the squeeze squoze yet?
How much longer will it take? I put in all my life savings into this. I can't wait till Mr. Capital kills himself

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lol this. If they applied those concepts to things with actual value, they would be in a really good spot

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Lmao this. The year of the cultists. Both thought they’d win against the Jews

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whos mr capital?

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Hahaha I was holding one share for the lolz until yesterday. Would rather put that money into something that doesn't suck ass.

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Even worse because what these wsb people believe isn't true.

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Hopefully they all become radically anti Semitic

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These idiots could have put their GME profits into defi last week and have quadrupled their stack

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These faggots aren't WSB, they're Reddit trash. WSB was a shining beacon of light on that godforsaken site and these faggot Redditors ruined it with their SJW shit. The real WSB members are sociopaths who love watching people suffer and lose thousands, they'd never have been goaded into this "everyone hodl pls" shit.

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Shill thread
Gonna enjoy watching your boss rope himself when it reaches $1500 hedgie

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I have a greater understanding of how FinDom works now.

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>16.91% portfolio diversity
>all my life savings
Here's your you, now kill yourself faggot.

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They did restrict buying while allowing selling. And they believe in short ladder attacks? The cult is now in denial but I'm waiting for the anger fase.

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Oh shut the fuck up dude enjoy losing all.of your money. Hedge funds will always win

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They might be the ones memeing the HODL shit. Some people are just sadists and would love to watch retards eat shit for the bantz. The actual smart people there cashed out and dumped at 450.

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Agreed. ~3 years ago I had a rotation of WSB, MillionDollarExtreme, and CringeAnarchy that was just a microcosm of 4chan and delightfully brutal, two of those were banned off and WSB is just a kiddie gloves version of its former self

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If they get fucked over hard enough, there will be another occupy wallstreet.

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>This is exactly like Q
And XRP.
People who don't do research and respond to cognitive dissonance by doubling down on their unsupported beliefs.

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you should go too.

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The squeeze has not been squozed
Hold GME
Wear the mask
Trust science
Trump lost

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Glad I'm not the only one who thought this. They're pretty much GME schizos at this point.

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...why do theyu theink its goiung up?

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No dude.
Q was WITH jews.
Alex Jones was talking about how ISREAL gonna come out with info and how they been monitoring the elections and how Rothschilds gonna give back. The money to people and how ADL is actually enemy of isreal in secret and they just want to make Americans against isreal.
Hell even in Capitol protest there were TONS of Orthodox Jews

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>some retard ACTUALLY think the world is going to be like this
>some RETARD draw and posted this since OTHER RETARDS think the same
I mean comeon it have to be a bait right?
It’s all about EQUALITY and EQUTY and at the same time they have the “best ceo of the year”?

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GME/WSB might as well be a classic FUD campaign designed to keep them out of crypto. Everyone I formally knew who thought I was dumb for getting into Link early are now mouth breathing in their discord over STONKS.

The few people who escape the WSB MKULTRA hypnotism and find their way to defi are blessed, as always. No hate on people who pass through filters successfully.

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Are there enough of these braindeads that they will actually hold the stock at the current price? If the Cult is big enough and they keep buying is it possible the current price will hold?

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If I'm ever going to touch this meme stock, it would be at 5 dollars.

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The cults do a mass suicide, sooner or latter though.

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Hopium is some powerful shit.

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I might buy another one. If you let go of that defeatist shit, the overall position hasn't changed. The price doesn't change my reasoning in the purchase. I think short interest is still unreasonably high, and there's a high risk high reward for squeezing it. Maybe it happens. Maybe it doesn't but the pot is there and i’m willing to bet i can get a taste of the honey. If it fails i’m not worried. I budgeted for risky plays.

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>GME Schizo General from tomorrow
My sides

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Combining a midwit with a Robinhood account is like mixing booze, cocaine, and car keys.
You know there's going to be a crash, and you know there's no talking them out of it.

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Or religion
Just a reminder that millions of people killed each others over irrational beliefs

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>Hopefully they all become radically anti Semitic

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>that image
Whew it could not be more obviously made by a woman

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What's funny is that if these people actually believe in this whole short squeeze thing, it would have made the most sense to wait for it to crash, and buy in at the last minute. It made no sense to buy when it was above $200 or $300 like most of these idiots did after it became a meme on normie social media. They are trying to rationalize getting burned by their own greed.

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