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Parsiq main dev Anatoly to be a speaker at a major panel at ETHdenver, amongst Polkadot, Near, Cosmos and Thesis.

Lets compare for a second:
>Polkadot is a rank 4 token
>Cosmos is a rank 25 token
>Near is a rank 63 token
>Parsiq is a rank 163 token

If this doesn't make you realize how much recognition Parsiq is getting from the scene and is almost guaranteed to become a top 50 token, you cannot be saved.
Literally the easiest 10x minimum of your life.

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ssshhh, anon

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so fucking bottomed out right now too, literally will not be a cent lower than 1$ ever again

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top 50 sounds like fud desu
dealing with all these big names makes a Link cap reachable

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Thank you for your service PRQ Marine

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Minimum anon, minimum

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the NFL/marine corps is also speaking i heard

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When will list on binance PRQ will hit 5$ minimum. No have competitor and ALL will need PRQ. my 32 eth is already in parsiq

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it's going to dump so hard tomorrow

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so are software devs for jp morgan chase

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nothing is gonna happen, again
this coin does nothing
all the moonshots i missed out on because i refused to sell this coin
i hate prq

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Lmao no it wont, it tested 1$ support like 6-7 times now and it always held. Even when ETH was mooning.
Unironically never going below 1$ ever again

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bless anatoly

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just bought 1000, what am i in for?

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how does $300 sound?

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Should have bought GRT:

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>what am i in for?
Regret that you didnt buy more. Also, checked

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do you have to pay to attend? i'm a half hour from the event, might get stoned with a buddy and harass people

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Join the 40% GRTranny

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yeah a large gas fee

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Stay in the 99%

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You made me do this GRTranny. Stay seething

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Checked. How does $1000 sound? (Forever)

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based as fuck

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Oh, you mean the launch that immediately went 10x while your crabcoin slowly got to the top that you bought instead of buying GRT's dip?
Well, at least you're coping. Just make sure to set a trigger to send you a Telegram message when you finally stop bagholding.
It might take a while tho.
Still, should have bought GRT.

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ETH Denver will reveal our boy Analtoy Pianoman to the world.

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Even if you bought GRT at the very very beginning for 13c, you would have a measily 7x by now.
But barely anybody bought way at the beginning because it went straight up, so I would say that most GRT holders have at best a 3x.
Now if you bought PRQ instead of GRT at the date that GRT launched, you would have gotten a 10-15x.

You say "should have bought GRT" when its literally the opposite. GRT holders shouldve bought PRQ, and they would have gotten double-triple their gains.
Talk big words all you want, the numbers are against you and you know it.

I will hit a 100x on PRQ somewhere this year. You probably wont even hit a 10x on GRT with your billion token supply.

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I cant stop fudding even though i have a bag

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Shhhh I'm not done accumulating

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Nah speak up anon, this crabbing is fuvking boring, I need my next prq rush

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Stay seethin bagboy

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>later today
>Anatoly: EEERgh guys, we present to you today the new PARSIQ wallet, it is really good and it will help us improve our language
Fuck off with that shit retard

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I dont need to be mad, I bought the right coin. You are the one who is desperate enough to shill yours in other threads.

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>t. poorfag bragging about buying GRT at 30 cents

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who /10kbagofeachbothup100%/ here?

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I love how this same move gets spammed and its old since it's from December
>Google foodke didn't help either
If you really wanna fud edit a base google image so it doesn't seen outdated
Step the fud up

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major sell signal

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Check out my high IQ TA bros

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This meme is retarded, do better nigger.

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holy shit I just noticed it's exactly the day of the panel OP is talking about.
Yeah we pumping on the 9th boyos

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It's true though. Link is already a top 10 coin. Parsiq has so much more room to grow. Profits from PRQ will be astronomically more than LINK this alt season.

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>projecting this hard

There is a reason why we call you GRTrannies.

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I hold both, it's retarded to make a meme like that together especially if they are working together. Nobody loses holding either coin.

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Good to see prq threads popping up again on biz.
I tried the telegram price chat and its filled with autistic retards, boomers and people drowning in copium, trying to find TA in the charts, following every transaction of every wallet on dextools.
I just want a nice steady poomp from Analtoy

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I'm not talking shit about link. Link will do fantastic I'm sure... I just think the gains from PRQ are going to be more. But sure, holding both is a safe and profitable bet.

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not doing shit the whole week
feel free to swing until news

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Literally me lel

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Should have bought GRT

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checked. How does $0 sound?

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how does $1100 sound?

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how does 50,000 sound?

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I might buy some PRQ soon, but I just have one question for you niggers shilling this.
Are the devs white or not?

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$18,888 take it or leave it

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watch this fren https://youtu.be/ifE6AiAz_cY

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No, they're eastern european

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>t. stinker

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no they're autistic slavs. take that how you will

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It depends on whether or not you consider slavs white.
imo they are, so I'm almost full PRQ.

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I fucking love parsiq bought 36k at .10 sold 11k cuz im a retarded fuck and turned $2500 into $25000 soon to be $250,000 and I will buy 5 acres in the country in which I will raise a white family sheltered from the evils of Bill Gates

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white piano players

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Sergey and Vitalik have set the standard for autistic slavs. I'm comfy with my LINK and PRQ bags.

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I have 8100 PRQ and 2400 GRT sitting in a coinbase wallet from what seems like ages ago.

Will I make it or should I just convert it all back to ETH now that it's finally not being a total piece of shit?

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never sell only hold

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yeah listen to >>27746060
flopping between shit all the time is a losers' game most of the time, or a gamblers' game on a good day. buy and hold, and never sell only buy dips

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>No have competitor
GRT is literally a direct competitor.

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ETHdenver = kids interoperability table

Quant & MIT interoperability event for Central banks, banks and financial institutions = Grown ups table