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Ah another day working from home doing absolutely nothing.

2nd thread of the day. How we all doing this fine day gents? Not working too hard I hope.

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Stoned to the bone at 8 am

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i haven't lifted a finger at work besides keeping my chat active for the past 3 weeks. so comfy

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i just made 5000 dollars, i will never wage again

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Oh god someone please help hook me up with a job I'm so desperate.

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All I do since last October is occasionally move the mouse on my work laptop so I don't stay inactive for too long on Lync.

Really shows you that this is a clown economy where 80% of jobs are just useless busywork

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would be based if you were waking up at 2pm

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Dear god,
Bless the wfh chads. I shall not seethe, even though I wear a mask at my desk for 8hrs a day and I have an engineering degree.
These threads have opened my eyes to the possibilities of a paid NEET lifestyle. I dream of it daily and I’m willing to study any skill set to achieve this dream. May the wfh chads and gibs NEETS remain in a restful state, free of effort or stress. May they climb up to leadership positions so that I can get hired and hangout with my dog at home all day.

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I have a meeting in 10 minutes I’m not planning on joining lads

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I just finished the morning stand up phone conference and I got my boss' boss' boss' boss to chuckle so pretty sure I'm winning. Yesterday I got my annual performance evaluation back and just like many others, I got a glowing review for doing basically no work at all since July. Still planning on quitting at the earliest possible opportunity.

Plan for today: go to the store and buy more monster. Maybe read some documentation, then attend one more meeting in the afternoon. Other than that, probably just play some minecraft.

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Unfortunately the end of the month is always a fucking shitshow for me since I have to work with accountants closing the books
Most of the month I'm doing fine though
I hope we never get rid of the China flu

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I got talked too yesterday about doing nothing. So I am doing nothing today out of spite.

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Get a government job.

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Yo should buy a mouse shaker to improve your productivity.

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What did they say? I can't believe I've been getting away with it this long. The first few weeks I was expecting a phone call any minute asking what I'm doing. Anyone else been caught?

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I work call center from home where I get maybe 20 cals per day. My average call time is 1 minute and 45 seconds. That's my work for the day. What's good /WFH/?

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That I need to engage more bla bla bla. I honestly dont care. We are missing out on the best unemployment gibs of our lifetimes.

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>tfw getting promoted
>will finally be pulling 100k/year salary
>despite spending all of last year "working from home" jerking off to Japanese piss porn and playing videogames

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If you put a piece of glass under a laser mouse your machine will not go idle.

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Yeah nice - remember to do something though and drip feed it to them. I don't know about the US but in the UK it's incredibly hard to be fired unless you steal from the company.

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Here’s a pro tip: open an empty word doc and put a coffee mug on your keyboard. Make sure it’s typing. Viola, now you’re showing as online for as long as you want

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Peak comfy wfhchad
>process control engineer for semicon company
>wake up at 8:30 (shift starts at 8)
>make myself a cuppa
>take a big shit
>reply to emails
>close laptop
>shitpost and trade crypto until noon
>open laptop
>send out some random email to team/manager that pops into my head that makes me look productive
>close laptop
By the time they realize that automation has made my position obsolete, I’ll already be crypto rich

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great tip, i will try it today. thanks based fellow wfh chad

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Nice tip.

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A toast! A toast to doing absolutely nothing and the comfiest thread on /biz/!

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If you live in Georgia, I could possibly help.

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>tfw 12 hour days in 40c weather in the Australian desert 6 days a week

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Today I sent an email.

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Give us some abo stories

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Lol who works still? That’s so Pre-Link > $20.00

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Do you find that your struggles give your life a sense of purpose?

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Moved past the first technical interview for a remote webdev job. Wish me luck lads, that I can get paid to do this soon.

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Hairs looking great my g , stay comfy

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I feel that, nuclear TiG welder here climbing around submarines all day 5 / 6 days a week while half the dockyard have been working from home for the last 12 months.

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chad here
heres what my day looks like today
>roll out of bed at 11 AM
>check emails
>shit post on 4chins
>go out for leisurely stroll around 1 PM
>get breakfast and newspaper
>flirt with qt bakery clerk
>sit in the sun and read my newspaper
>return home around 2.30 PM
gonna check some mails and maybe put in an hour of work if I feel like it
then Im gonna call it a day
t. make 80k a year and boss says Im a hard worker

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Second to last day here. Leaving shit unfinished and doing absolutely nothing. Zero. Fucks.

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Phenomenally based

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What do you do anon?
Based. What’s your education/background? I’ve been working through some web dev courses in my free time. I’ve saved up some money and I’m considered leaving my wage cage and learning full time, with the goal of getting a wfh position.

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I do, help !

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What's the most interesting thing you found attached to a submarine?

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Same ma man

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>he fell for the underwater welding meme

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Bout to make it on Big Mac coin this week
Wish me luck anons

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>great reviews
>'gets on with it', 'hard worker', 'positive attitude'
>all perfectly true when I'm on site
>when I'm wfh I do fuck all and just shitpost and sext tinder sloots

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Are you my boss anon? Kek. I won't get too specific because it's quite an uncommon position but it's a regular office job. 99% of my job is making powerpoints and excel files.

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Last year some abo women got butchered with axe by one of her male relatives because she was pregnant with his child and she threatened to tell their mob(family) then she was dumped in a wheelie bin and left ouside of the hospital for some poor nurse to find her. Other then that there just filthy and drunk all the time, I've seen young ones in nappies wondering on the egde of roads that road trains go down while some older boong is passed out drunk.


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Im a TiG welder i dont work underwater. The submarines come in for full refits and when the pipes are cut out for various reasons we have to weld the pipes back in, in the engine rooms and reactor compartment etc.

I can make a good wage (~£3.5k a mth take home) but it still means being a wage cuck and a 30 minute commute etc. But I live in Cornwall so outside of work life is nice. hopefully I'll escape the dockyard one day.

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I just ate eggs and toast during a meeting

Now I'm vibing to smooth jazz

I love working from home, may this pandemic never end

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Bachelors in computer eng, fucked around, worked at an it shop and did some dev work in react and typescript. Quit because they wouldn't do remote and ended up just doing windows installs. Now I've been learning more typescript, node, postgresql and doing random side projects. Honestly having a personal site and an active Github has helped a ton

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Just download Move Mouse

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Not even working, I'm just drunk in the middle of the day
feels nice

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That's malware that turns your PC into a bitcoin miner

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top kek. fucking Australia sounds like a mix between the wile e coyote show and mad max.

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Oh, that's way better then. Enjoy your job security, subs aren't going away for a long long time. And if you're already welding on reactor systems you should be able to get a job on civilian nuclear power plants and get comfy there too. I've thought about becoming a PM at a dockyard before but then I realized I'd be dealing with sailors and officers a lot and decided not to.

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Got told off today for doing so little. Reviews are due 14th this month. Am I fucked? Hold me /biz/

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Working from home for months now, been trying to day trade but just keep throwing away money.

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>first day back into the city after the snowstorm in jersey

This is death

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Depends on the details. 2/3 of my team does less than an hour of actual work per day, but they're also difficult to replace because they're supporting legacy systems.

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I have £40,000 to my name, what should I do?

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File: 32 KB, 200x200, apps.32583.13776502310020214.a38fafd0-5776-440b-b9f6-588c0799b186.bbafd92e-c400-42b5-afbb-2e59e0318ce2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*cucks your employers*

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proof? Also it's my work laptop so I don't give a fuck

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Yeah one massive upside is basically job security for life but its a bit 'safe' if you know what I mean. Everyones institutionalised. We shall see what the future brings, and I dont blame you for avoiding working with the Navy, they can be arrogant af. Good luck out there bro

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>but they're also difficult to replace because they're supporting legacy systems.
Anyone looking for comfy coding jobs needs to pay attention to this. The demand for COBOL competency is huge. I don't think experience is even really a factor anymore as long as you know the language and can mentally handle learning the system you'll maintain from a boomer.

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you may blow your cover installing shit on a work laptop

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It's via the microsoft app store and as far as I know we don't do any monitoring on what people install on there. If it was a usual .exe then I'd need admin perms

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Open a stocks and shares ISA and dump money into that if you haven't already done so.

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Wfh is great. No commute means I can wake up at a reasonable hour and saves me 2h lost in transit. nobody checks in when you start/stop working so I take shorter days unnoticed. I can take midday naps and go to the gym while still charging. I mainly browse 4chan on my phone and watch YouTube as I work.
>T. Chemical engineer

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I hurt my shoulder muscle killing 7 year olds on fortnite, I really need to adjust my computer desk and chair.

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>Not using autoclicker.exe

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Any .exe download on a web browser needs admin perms for me. Anything on the app store is fine to download

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In my wage cage, doing great, browsing biz and reading about crypto. the only downside is that I have to get up early but life is great, I have my coffe, my pc and a fucking loud industrial machine in front of me

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4 million jelly beans

>> No.27709373

are you me?

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Thank you based anon

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My job got automated out of existence and nobody found out so I'm paid to do nothing. The performance improved since so they're giving me a raise. I set task scheduler to simulate me clocking in and out and read books I didn't have time to read before. I'm going to read Bullshit Jobs again because it's too relevant to this thread. Feels good, bros.

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>be military
>have worked 60 days since March
>been daytrading on off days to make extra money
>literally doubled my income this year
The army is green welfare at this point

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>Be QA
>Have to do some boring manual testing every day
>Maybe 1.5h of actual work is enough to get the number of test cases ran up to not look suspicious
>Still have to be at the computer so gf doesn't bother me to do anything with her or around the house
>6 hours per day to game dev, record stuff for youtube or just fuck around
>Mfw they are paying me for a full day's work

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Based, wish it was me..

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I bust my ass off as a warehouse worker for a semiconductor company every day, but atleast it's for $45/hour

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So a consultant?

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Based. I've unironically been promoted twice in six months and I do fuck all most days. Doubled my salary in three years, currently at 120k.
I watch tv series, shitpost and play tf2 during the """work day""". It's simply luck of the draw.

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What's the book about?

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I work in engineering design. been working 100% from home since march lads. Work 5-10 hours a week and get paid 40. Comfy af

>> No.27711130

anyone else was born tired?
t.full time NEET

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State or country?

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doesn't your life lack purpose? you're not scared you'll get fired one day when someone finds out?
>t. doing the same thing

>> No.27711526

Boomers don't have that fear even though they still struggle to send e-mails.

>> No.27711723

What kind of design anon? I am a EE by schooling but do electrical/instrumentation/controls work for a large company. I used to work for a small firm and got to work on all sorts of jobs, and got to go to site a lot, but worked a lot and go many off hours customer calls. Now I'm "corporate" and do more consulting work and am in meetings all day. It's a bit more soulless but I went from 75k to 105k.. so..

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You are all FIRED

>> No.27711977

I'm in a niche enough position where nobody will be able to prove I'm not working. I report directly to the COO and he doesn't know shit about what I do.

>> No.27712080

When I wasn’t busy not working I was looking for a new job
Now I’m leaving for a raise and working on interesting shit with good people. It’s good that I’ve had a year to do fuckall because now I’ll be working my ass off.

>> No.27712156

Not much going and having heard back from any applications I've sent. I'm probably not diverse enough to be given a chance without having specific experience and qualifications.
I'm a Britbong.

>> No.27712452

Haven't* Could also be because I'm retarded I guess.

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Not dumping too many deets in this basket weaving forum.

I was hired to move data between systems. That work was halted a couple of months, basically they're upset I didn't actively ask for a larger workload. I only asked for stuff to keep me occupied until things pick back up.

Can't really be arsed to find a new job. This one is comfy af ngl.

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You have to lower your initial expectations. Aim for GS-5 and 7 jobs (basically the only jobs you have a chance of getting unless you're already a govie). I used to work government HR, basically the way it works is you start at the bottom, then after a two years your probation period ends and you can't be fired without an act of congress. After one year you can apply to higher GS positions, which is the only way to get promoted. If you get what's called a ladder position (looks like GS-5/7/9/11) you get automatic promotions without having to apply anywhere, one per year. So even if you start out as a GS-5 making a pittance, in a few years you'll be well above median income and if you're really motivated and willing to move around you can easily hit GS-12, 13, 14 paygrades. And again, you're set for life by that point, you can't really be fired.

The hiring process also takes a lot of time: up to a year or more in some cases. So you have to be patient. Just make sure you tailor your resume to each position you're applying for and highlight any relevant experience you have with the same language used in the job description and eventually you'll get hired.

>> No.27712855

Fuck me I should have kept reading your post. Never mind. My post is still good advice for Americans but I have no idea how the British civil service works. Just emigrate bro.

>> No.27712985

network eng, enterprise level (not residential). it's pretty niche.

>> No.27713200

Copy/pasting from Wikipedia:
> The author contends that more than half of societal work is pointless, both large parts of some jobs and, as he describes, five types of entirely pointless jobs:
> * flunkies, who serve to make their superiors feel important, e.g., receptionists, administrative assistants, door attendants
> * goons, who oppose other goons hired by other companies, e.g., lobbyists, corporate lawyers, telemarketers, public relations specialists
> * duct tapers, who temporarily fix problems that could be fixed permanently, e.g., programmers repairing shoddy code, airline desk staff who calm passengers whose bags do not arrive
> * box tickers, who create the appearance that something useful is being done when it is not, e.g., survey administrators, in-house magazine journalists, corporate compliance officers
> * taskmasters, who manage—or create extra work for—those who do not need it, e.g., middle management, leadership professionals
I've read the original essay that the book was based on, and while I don't 100% agree with him claims (ex: flunkies do have value, it's just shitty work that no one actually wants to do), I do think there's a lot of truth to the claim that many jobs don't meaningfully improve the business or society in any way.

At least the way you describe it, that seems like it's on them. If they hire you as a contractor but don't give you anything to do, that's a failure of management.

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>WFH has been hell from day 1
>Cunt manager is even more of a cunt since she can't stand over our shoulders anymore
>Calls me every other day saying I'm not processing enough and our company could be sued (even though the rest of the team is doing similar numbers since before I began)
>My qualifications are in Insurance, but I hate it so much I want out of the Vampire industry altogether
>Only jobs are care work, care work and more care work


Fellow Bong here.

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>tfw duct taper

>> No.27714152

Don you get paid OK? Join me in comfy ecommerce work if you can. Probably will pay less than insurance but its easy

>> No.27714486

£19k mate (a joke I know, was due a raise but that was scrapped company-wide due to coofid).

How did you get into ecommerce lad? Did you need qualifications?

>> No.27714609

Thanks anyway Ameri-bro. I've actually been applying for pretty entry level jobs paying 18-22k (not that there's many of them) so it's not like I have unreasonably high expectations.

I get jealous hearing about all these comfy WFH jobs people have.

>> No.27714626

step up loser i haven’t done anything in months

>> No.27714772

I’m in Ecommerce too. It’s supremely comfy. Company is doing better than ever and I’ve been getting raises and bonuses like crazy. I’m also learning how to do it all myself. Go on local job websites and see if smaller e commerce companies are hiring. Watch videos about sourcing on alibaba, advertising, and e commerce platforms so you sound like you know stuff on your interview.

>> No.27714880

I don't like it. Maybe I have some cuck beta gene but I feel anxious about not doing any work, despite the fact that no one will notice.
In my head, I'm still "at work", even though I'm not doing work, and it's just as draining.

But then I try to actually do the work, and it's so boring I just stop immediately.

>> No.27714988

Wow, it's entirely ivory tower fart huffing with no idea how the real business world works. Every one of those jobs provides monetary value to companies that can and is measured and quantified. If those jobs weren't worth the salary, they wouldn't exist.

>let's have CEOs waste time handling their own correspondence
>let's not have dedicated sales staff and let inventory pile up
>let's waste tons of money not fixing problems right away and let the perfect be the enemy of the good
>let's not ensure tasks are being completed and not document compliance
>let's have the CEO also directly manage hundreds and thousands of direct reports, what could go wrong?

Sincerely thank you for posting that. Now I won't waste my time on such a shitty book.

>> No.27715017

I'm 29. I have 300k in stock market and I sell options to degenerates and make about $700 - 1250 a day from premium, and about $800 from theta as the options I sold decay. Pretty comfy life.

>> No.27715024

What exactly is your 'job'?

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Be honest fellow /WFH/ Chads, you are also working for the government, aren't you?

>Wagies are literally slaving away so we can get paid to do nothing

>> No.27715322

>writing options
I sure as fuck hope you're using spreads correctly to mitigate risk.

>> No.27715595

This thread is easier the comfiest or most depressing depending on what you do - I can’t wait to finally leave my role - lazy fucks a lot them - I fucking give up

>> No.27715636

Do you have a degree? I have a science degree so blagged that I did a lot of data analysis for it and got hired because the companies too cheap for a real data analytics expert.

You can get in with anything though - design, buying skills, data analysis, social media. I got my foot in the door with a £20k data entry job

>> No.27716248

Fucking same. I swear I have burnout from doing nothing.

>> No.27716433

Also look into copy writing, that's really comfy if you can write blog posts about your hobbies. Just learn a shit ton of buzzwords about SEO. SEO is great to get into because Google is so secretive nobody can actually prove if the work you've done is effective or not

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just take the gib retard

>> No.27716645

No degree mate,
The only skill I could shill myself on from that list is data analysis (part of my current role).
What does your average day involve? Appreciate the advice btw

>> No.27716971

>coffee mug constantly typing all day
>be with directors reviewing computer activity
>we're very impressed with your APM when working from home, anon
>over 1000% higher than our other employees
>this one's a straight shooter that has upper management written all over him

>> No.27717383

Honestly in a way I'm quite thankful for corona-chan. My company went full remote since April and now I spend my days shitposting on various boards like a NEET, watch old comfy movies, and making music.

Just got my annual review a couple days ago and everything is super-positive. Lmao at these retards.

>> No.27717572

Teacherfag checking in for 2nd day. Kids still dont give a shit. I still dont give one either. Browsing biz and twitter keeping up to date on what shitcoins to flip next.

>> No.27717575

Look into merchandising - you basically just re order product categories depending on what's performing best, suggest products to gift to influencers, use for email and social ads, etc. It's easy as fuck. Then you just do analysis of how the influencer gifting campaign went eg more product views, sales, etc. A lot of companies are hiring now because ecommerce has blown up thanks to the coof.

>> No.27717893

I usually just place a USB on my space bar and that does the trick

>> No.27718053

What are you supposed to be doing?

>> No.27718076

Sorry I keep multi-posting

My best advice would be to search 'ecommerce' on LinkedIn or indeed or whatever, then browse entry level jobs until you find one you can shill yourself/train for. If you say you tried running your own dropship shopify or something that would cover you for not having any experience

>> No.27718276

I did some work for a few hours yesterday, reduced costs by 50%+ for one of our projects, so I'll take it easy today so I don't raise expectations too much ;)

>> No.27718311

Kek I actually tried that years ago with oberlo/shopify/fb ads.

Nothing at all to show for it though but I'll try.

Have a cuppa on me mate, cheers.

>> No.27718401

Here’s some comfy reading for you bros. The TL;DR is that his whole department gets outsourced except him, so he has no work to do. The absolute dream

>> No.27718510

Would help if I linked

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How to get one of these comfy jobs where you get paid to do nothing? Are any entry-level positions like this or did you have to have the job before 'rona?
Graduated this summer with a B.A. degree in CS and I can hardly find anywhere that's willing to give me an interview, let alone one where I might expect to be as comfy as some of the anons here.

>> No.27718741
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Was working from home doing nothing, because work slowed. It sucked, turns out I can't stand being too unproductive. Like a border collie, if I don't get enough stimulus, I just go fucking mental.

I'm lucky though, made a really good impression on my supervisors before covid, got good recs and I got moved into another role within the company at large. The role I think is going to be pretty easy, and consistent in the nature of its work, which is what I need right now. Less uncertainties. I'm now in a good workflow routine every day, staying just perpetually a little high (toking), and I feel less pessimistic about my time for self-development outside of work.

It feels like being a modern day version of the renaissance artisinal/mercantile class.
I can build my knowledge and skills safely away in my study all day, while the lower classes continue to wage and toil out in the covid infected world. Hell, even after covid is gone, I'll still probably work from home.
Nobody bothers me in person unless I want it, and I go out into the world when I decide I need to on my terms.
I've fucking made it lads.

Investing in myself, and it feels good.

>> No.27718783
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Just waking up for the second time after clocking in at 8am, fellas. Think I'll cook a nice lunch. Maybe I'll do some work tomorrow if I feel like it.

>> No.27718883

Boss won't stop messaging me today

Very annoying

>> No.27719728

Everyone is this thread will have their ducks fed to them by me and the rest of the working class. Enjoy your hedonism now even tho I know you are suffering

>> No.27719845
File: 97 KB, 1080x771, 50810238_2102327703188920_683202686527078829_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Deliver my new computer faster wagie.

>> No.27720027


>Self-identified Anarchist gives a lecture on economics

>> No.27720186

Not WFH but I'm a single dad homeschooling a child right now. Wake the boy up at 8 and he sits in his room and does his work til 3 while I work on my novel. Would love to find a WFH job though as I hate what I'm doing when I actually am working.

>> No.27720343

Archive it next time, google collects way too much information and you never know when they'll pull down the site.

>> No.27720768
File: 29 KB, 742x597, 3856b630af272920f0a06eef163be3d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wake up
>crush a monster
>start work at 7am, do really dumb programming because I only really design redundant systems for industry
>finish at 5pm
>cook some food
>drink whiskey, check my coins, and watch taiwanese cave drawings till 11pm
>repeat 5 days a week
I'm almost looking forward to going back to in person work at this point

>> No.27720787

I hate when that happens. Sometimes I'll let emails pile up for a few hours then start answering them in sequence armed with the excuse that I had been working on a project and shut off my email to focus, but nobody ever asks. I just don't want to answer emails too quickly and look like I'm just waiting around to answer emails.

>> No.27721124
File: 27 KB, 512x407, country_apu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't start working again until prep for growing season kicks in.

>> No.27721582

My manager IMed me almost an hour ago and I’m too afraid to open it for some reason.

>> No.27721992

I responded fairly quickly to all the messages, but she is just being neurotic today. I don't know why. In spite of barely doing anything, my section of the department is doing way better than any of the other sections.

>> No.27722043

Just close your eyes and click on it, it's better to bite the bullet rather than suffer through not knowing and letting your imagination run wild. Maybe before you do that figure out some good excuse for why you would miss the IM for so long. My favorite is "working on training and closed email to focus" or "reading documentation and close email to focus" since I have a couple bookmarked links about the importance of focusing and not getting distracted by notifications.

>> No.27723402

Gf just walked into my work from home space, I finger banged her a little. Glad I'm getting paid for a day of browsing /biz/ and watching stocks while smelling good pussy.

>> No.27723875

Did you wash your hands?

>> No.27723936

this thread is hilarious
godspeed you degenerates

>> No.27724267

>finger banging
are you not an adult with a functioning penis

>> No.27724310
File: 75 KB, 482x427, 1584335841712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do backbreaking labor everyday for a meager sum of $11 everyday. How the fuck do I get out of minimum wage hell?
I work as a stocker and unloader, so I have to work through hundreds of boxes a day, pull pallets that weight over a ton, and dispose of dozens of rotten or stale foods a day. I don't even make 1.5k a month because taxes fuck me over hard...I once worked 80 hours, an additional 8 hours of overtime, and also applied an additional 8 hours of Paid Time off, do you know how much I fucking made that pay period? Not even 1k, for what's almost a hundred hours of work.
What fucking jobs do you guys have and how did you get them?

>> No.27724504


call her a roastie

>> No.27724622

How many shits do you kings take on average during a meeting over a week?


>> No.27724651

What do you do and how much salary

>> No.27724664

>do absolutely nothing for months
>in way too deep to ask what i should be doing
>trying to find a new job before anybody finds out how much time i’ve stolen

>> No.27724814


>> No.27724828

Does anyone else get incredibly paranoid that they're being secretly watched and evaluated while doing absolutely nothing? Or are y'all working for MegaCorp where no one notices a few lazy motherfuckers?

>> No.27724910

Yeah I was paranoid when I worked at Lockheed Martin. I work for another defense company now and the environment is a lot more laid back.

>> No.27725037

i sometimes go to the post office to drop off orders and when i do i take my dog to the park on the way back. since i refuse to wear the face diaper i ask someone going into post office to drop my parcels inside and i usually meet a nice person and have a chat. yesterday a postal employee did it for me and explained to me i was probably wasting money paying for express service since in cuckanada they go in the same mailstream as other parcels.
when im not doing that im studying programming and smart contracts, trading meme coins, and writing songs on the piano to my teenage gf
its breddy comfy.

>> No.27725104

Not immediately, since the smell has pheromones and shit that I like. Is this degenerate?
Fucking's our afternoon routine.

>> No.27725116

Working from home is still waging. The only way to have true freedom is to be a neet.

>> No.27725230

Same. I found a new job at the last possible second. Was nice.

>> No.27725270

Guys why is life so boring I don't want to just consume...

>> No.27725272


clean it up wagie

>> No.27725299

you probably are, we have to do timesheets at my work and i am being ask to question people that are spending too much time on projects that are not expected to be time intensive, feels bad

>> No.27725388


diamond hands brother

>> No.27725462

I almost completed my work. Almost. Have to save something for a Friday!

>> No.27725473

I lost 20g's on a scalp play when I was making breakfast. the tacos were pretty good though

>> No.27725608
File: 220 KB, 1125x1087, 1611109988786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm a lonely bugman with no purpose, no gf and nothing to lose.

>> No.27725659

I do absolutely fuck all most days and when called upon it's a 15 minute job.
I am the only one who knows about certain systems so have made myself too important to fire. If they get rid of me they will have to find a consultant and pay them a grotesque sum of money per day to sort it out.
I give technical lingo and blind them with important sounding things on my reviews or on the off change someone asks what I am up to.

>> No.27725941

how the fuck did you manage that? I convinced upper management I was more important and knew more than I actually do, and got promoted but work hours is basically 12hours/day now. I'd fucking give my left nut to jerk off all day and only have to work 15 mins a day

>> No.27726113

Don't overwork yourself, anon. Make sure to save something for Monday!

>> No.27726180

Busting my ass on art to hopefully sell for ETH.

>> No.27726388
File: 39 KB, 600x475, 5e2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to, but it's been a full year of sleeping in till noon and they gave me a raise in December so at this point I'm convinced nobody is checking. That or a large number of employees are doing even less than I am. I suspect it's a combination of both.

>> No.27726499

Got a healthcare job with my own office. Since the average time that our patients stay in the hospital is like 1-2 years, and my work is only part of the whole process, so I've managed to optimize my laziness. I spend my time investing, reading and learning languages. Despite this, I get equally as much done as my colleagues because they are fucking morons lmao

>> No.27726800

You understand how the warehouse operation works, yeah? With basic excel skills you can market yourself to your Ops managers and try to obtain a logistics position. I started out tracking our shipping damage rates and packing room efficiency and moved up from there. Inventory control is an option too. Basically there are a ton of warehouse Ops positions that don't require any knowledge beyond being trained on your internal systems. Make an effort to put yourself out there as smarter than the average drone. Suggest minor process improvements to your manager and get on the radar of your DC manager.

>> No.27726883

Are you American? If so, get the fuck out of there. I know gas stations that pay more than that.

>> No.27727142
File: 82 KB, 1000x820, py9NcxL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what are some good comfy IT jobs?

I currently work as a dev doing .NET stuff. i still have to work and be on the computer like at least 6 hours a day. looking for something where i can fuck around as much as possible.

i was thinking sysadmin but was told that career is becoming irrelevant with devops.

>> No.27727299

DoD IT jobs, without a doubt.

>> No.27727488

i live in montreal canada

>> No.27727648

I hate my job slightly less working from home because I don't have to speak to morons, but I am still massively wasting time.

I need to remedy this post lockdown life.

>> No.27727740

I’m permanently working from home but I’m not as comfy, frens. I have to listen to people bitch everyday and I hate it. Thinking of going back to school for computer science so I can get a good paying job working from home and not having to deal with people. I’m also studying blockchain and programming in my free time but the process is very slow since I only study about an hour a day.

>> No.27728008

No that's based.

>> No.27728103
File: 3 KB, 125x99, transcendedFrog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got fired after 8 straight months of doing nothing. Got a new, higher paying job within 2 months. This level of comfyness feels like it should be illegal.

>> No.27728270

What field?

>> No.27728325

what do you do for work

>> No.27728483

Thanks anon. 11 months of working from home and some of our workdays have become basically like freeuse porn.

>> No.27728927
File: 528 KB, 1500x1149, 5e39ffcb507725d08c0d68028539447b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Take a loan, take time off work to go to a tradeschool or a college.
First thing to reconcile is deliberately deciding you alone are choosing to be a professional in something, and that means an obligation to practice that skill so long as you're in the profession.

With tradeschool, go for something constantly in need that doesn't require immediate proximity to others (CNC machinist, Electrician, Robot operator/tech). Avoid labor that doesn't require certifications, and avoid retail and dining.
Alternatively get a degree something like law, engineering, medicine (RN programs) while searching constantly for internships.
Maybe check in for jobs with your state (if US) as well.

Any time you need to reign your focus back in on academics, just think of the labor job you have now, it'll work as a great motivator. 100% serious too. Even with a degree in hand it will be challenging, but once you're in a role even an internship you've got skin in the game to keep working up.
Many of these jobs are going permanently to work-from-home; could you imagine that vs where you are right now? I'm making $100k chilling in my house all day working from the computer. Sorest part of my body is my ass. Not saying that to mock you but saying investing in yourself is fucking worth it. You will be the one asset you possess your entire life, and time invested in yourself will always have returns to you.
I had knuckle busting labor jobs before, I keep a grease soaked leather apron I wore for a gig hung up in sight of my work desk as a reminder of what my mind can provide for me if I use it.

>> No.27728934
File: 8 KB, 163x200, frogWithTomboyGF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Still have to be at the computer so gf doesn't bother me to do anything with her or around the house

This is the hardest part of the comfy lifestyle. She likes to brag to her friends that I have a cool job and do things while their boyfriends are tradies or bums. Meanwhile I have done 3 hours worth of work since March.

>> No.27729237

>actually have shit to do other than check scripts running for the first time in months
>so used to doing fuck all all day I've procrastinated all week


>> No.27729476

Wish I had a smol tomboy gf.

>> No.27729581

Manage construction projects for utilities.

>> No.27729710

you guys have actual careers with a salary.
I just have a job

>> No.27729898

based and inpsirationpilled

>> No.27730140

I just login at the right time and then make sure I keep my PC from sleeping so that I can lay around in bed for a few more hours. Then I get up and get to work for maybe an hour before I decide I want to read manga. Then it's lunch, followed by another two hours of work before I shitpost.

>> No.27730418
File: 354 KB, 500x494, 1593514763299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>WFH 1-3 times a week
>all I do at home is keep work laptop on to answer emails right away, then on my PC have one monitor playing YouTube shit while gaming on the other
>even when I'm in the office basically fuck around on my phone, only get one or two things done the entire day
>basically all my projects are at varying stages of "I'm waiting on other departments to do their part"
>haven't even set up the new VPN we switched to for the new year
>"Anon you didn't hear it from me but [boss] is going to promote you at some point this year for getting so good at the job"


>> No.27730450

Absolutely based. OP here awarding this the Best Post of the Thread award.

Going to send an email now work hours have been finished for an hour and sign off. Catch you tomorrow brothers.

>> No.27731608

Lost $2k from AMC, but I'm holding long term and coping it out. Doing good with my stocks though.

>> No.27731792

I meant to say crypto. I'm doing terrible with my stocks.

>> No.27732010

Mad Max is just a prediction of Australia's future

>> No.27732638

Good job all who are getting promoted, I've been told I'm probably getting one too but I've been in the "new graduate" bucket for 2 years so I'll be pissed if I don't get it

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