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LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain focused on business.
It’s the backend platform for any system or application to integrate with.
The unique architecture makes it GDPR compliant and extremely scalable.

Usecases vary from:
- Anchoring existing systems for data integrity
- exchanging data on processes that run between organizations in an efficient and secure way
- and soon digital identification of individuals and your companies when doing business online. (defi for business)

With a focus on partners that build domain specific applications, like in education, healthcare, and the government.
Those partners sell their applications to B2C, B2B, but also Government2Citizen.

>50% circ. supply staked. Staking rewards paid entirely by clients, 0.25LTO every transaction.
>Deflationary supply. 0.1 LTO burn every transaction.
>Big partners include IBM, UN, AIRBUS, Dutch & Euro gov bodies

>Q4 2020 report

LTO recently just released the technical roadmap:
* More details around LTO Network 3.0
* DID (Decentralized Identity) solution for businesses (business passports)
* A lot of Major partnerships with both crypto projects as well as traditional corporates and companies
* Even more use cases going live in 2021

>Use cases:
>Staking and leasing:
https://twitter.com/Theltonetwork (new one)
>2021 digital identities



>/biz/ LTO Node
Lease to Xeno from the lease list

Rick's latest tweet: https://twitter.com/realrickschmitz/status/1357241096254939137

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stop trying to make lto happen, it isn't going to happen

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dr, ns

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It is already happening. You don't want to miss out on this one

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Insanely comfy anyone missing out will seethe

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Signrequest uses LTO Network exclusively and now its acquired by company in NYSE that wants to take on Adobe and Docusign...
Signrequest with LTO Network will have digital ids
Let that sink in
Key part of our roadmap 2021

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Hi, guys. I wonder whether binary exchanges are better than crypto trading? As I get, it is much easier to predict price growth or falling for such indices like Uber, Amazon, Microsoft.

Came across BAEX (#baex), a defi binary exchange, and I am interested in their referral system and mathematical algorithm for regulation. Does anyone know about this exchange?

What tools do you use?

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better quality pic rel

Anonymity on the blockchain is a double edged sword.
It protects the identity of the user, but it also hinders businesses adoption.
DIDs (Decentralized Identity) and verifiable credentials help to replace anonymity with privacy, by connecting them to real world identities. LTO will be presenting a permission-less solution in 2021 that doesn’t rely on network appointed trusted parties to solve this problem.

The litepapers include the main focus of our technical development in the upcoming year which is DID and SSI(Self Sovereign Identity), we will explain about multiple topics such as associations and Wallet Integration e.g. This will be the foundation to create new products & services such as one-click KYC for businesses and Cross-chain associations e.g. while retaining the GDPR compliance aspect.

has nothing to do with el tio

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Gracias basado tío please don’t spend my LTO gains on cigs and booze!!!

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O my nigger its happening

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Our offerings to El Tio have not gone unnoticed. He has blessed us all with a pump, a record transaction day, an acquisition of a top client, and a chat between Rick and founder of LinkedIn

Continue sacrificing for El Tio and he will reward us all with great riches. I know I will consume a number of beers and cigs in his name today. Amen

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Basado Dios del Inframundo.

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once box implements signrequest into their business
tx's will moon

box.com has so many fucking clients
More than 100,000 businesses, including 69% of the Fortune 500, already use Box to create, share, and govern their content in the cloud. The addition of SignRequest and introduction of Box Sign will make it easy for customers to have access to simple, secure electronic signatures natively integrated into Box where their content already lives.
The SignRequest team is expected to join Box and will begin integrating SignRequest with Box to develop Box Sign.

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praise be to him, Basado Dios del Inframundo.

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box.com acquired sign request, one of LTO biggest clients.

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bullish af

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nice find! if a company that was small enough to be acquired for 55 million can generate insane amounts of transactions, imagine what a multibillion dollar company using it for its current clients will do to that tx number. shit, this is big

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Thanks just bought 35k

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I want to get in on this but I have poorfag capital and diversifying scares me

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VIDT bros, did you sell for LTO? Not sure what to do

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And signrequest is based on LTO? Or what?

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>telling people to stay poor

you are a piece of shit

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Remember LTO growth will be exponential that's why it's "slow" right now. It's gonna snowball as it grows in mcap.

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omg they still try to shill this shit on /biz/
kys and delete your 4chan acc
so stupid to check how you try to scam people
I’m not a bastard who believes in this bullshit, I use Bot Ocean for profitable trading with unique strategies

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fuck when did this happen?!?!?

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This is the one.

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Kek good bait

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this is my mage! :))) Comfy LTO thread

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You are just salty at the fact you don't have enough

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X10 incoming soon

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how do i delete my 4chan user account?

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SignRequest anchor every document onto LTO. Which means the hash is stored on the public chain and all parties can trust that the document cannot be fraudulently modified (because the hash will no longer match).

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when i click the delete button im taken to a dead 404 page

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Ive never seen so much discussion on LTOs tokenomics,math,clients etc. All started gaining traction after riddler anon posted his stuff. He knows something we dont. If LTO is this attractive now imagine what it would be like if we did the math and proved riddler right. Riddler said he brought the math question to /biz first. He did this on a 2 year old coin a week or so after /biz set up a LTO node. Also lets not forget he mentioned the synchronicities would astound us about LTO, he said this a few days before El Tio the god of miners appeared. I think this is it!

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yea. They use LTO chain for the digital signitures.

I agree, LTO slowly becoming established more and more. New clients will flock exponentially.

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still worth it to get into this? thinking of consolidating my shitcoin profits to something a bit more serious and long term. how long do I got to accumulate on these prices?

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not this again..
He brought light to the tokenomics sure,
If he's right we'll be rich okay,
but the beauty of LTO is public for anyone who DYOR to see.

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I got a position of LTO that I bought at 0,08 and 0,12, but I'm going to pump more into the market. Can't decided into which coin though, thought about LTO, FTM, AVAX or REEF.

Currently up "only" 150% since August with my stack of LTO. Why is it such a slow burner with all these real life implementations?

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It's still under the radar yet actually used for things, now is the time.

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how we doin

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also checked

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For long term it's one of the safer picks

>how long do I got to accumulate on these prices?
Idk, look at the graph at you tell me

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Thanks for clarifying

I'd reckon it's a "slow burner" exactly because it's something actually used for things, so the value is more related to developments and therefore safer/more stable than other coins
I'm saying that based on absolutely nothing though

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I think that was what he was getting at, nobody had really done any math on the tokenomics, its happening now though. I still think hes done some math we havent done yet. Lets hope /biz figures it out before anybody else.

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They have a goal to keep the price somewhat stable at some point in the future,
but at a low market cap like todays,
the price could obviously be manipulated by a whale with deep pockets,
but the higher the mcap gets the more stable it'll be from price manipulation,
even at 10 billion, thats still a relatively low marketcap that can be messed with


We are in early growth phase so we have a long way to go.
>team exposing the shakeout scam
They will switch to rewarding active clients more over passive stakers,
no one will be forced to sell,
there will still be a decent apy with an nice early stack


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its pretty evident who has only been on biz for a few months
their folio is usually just xrp and one of the other fotm shitcoins
don’t believe this dump, if you want get profit and passive income use Poolz
Best defi with NFT options this year

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>its pretty evident who has only been on biz for a few months
>entered a name in the name field
Shills these days

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Comfiest hold of the year

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>his crypto name sucks
who the fuck spells pools as poolz? Did some other pajeet take that name already?

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What parties will issue the certificates? And how exactly will they remain GDPR compliant?

Will there need to be a trusted authority which you have to submit your personal information to, and they simply can publish a cert saying "we certify Eth address 0x.... belongs to a person who can legally participate in ICOs"?

Will they have to proof ownership of the eth address as well?

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I'm sure your answers will be found here



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Bump for burgers

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I've been reading the threads and I'm finally sold. Hoping the price doesn't pump before I can get more in though. Not sure I can afford a suicide stack at this rate.

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>Diamond traceability

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where's my 10k stacklets? Feeling pretty comfy, might just have to dump all my savings into LTO.

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comfy hodl

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added the chainlink
lets fucking gooooooooooo

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18k reporting

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Well done, now make sure to lease it in the main wallet. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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32K chadley here

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I missed out didn't I

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We are still very early.

>> No.27722883

Alright, so after a week of researching this project, i will buy a nice stack.

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African Warlords BTFO

>> No.27723249

you're nowhere near missing out, I just bought 100k at ~$21c. I'm seething a bit I didn't but at 5c a couple months ago though

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I'm a poorfag, can I expect to make decent returns if I buy 5000 lto and lease until eoy?

>> No.27723697

Sure man, APY is approx. 7%

How does 50K sound to you?

>> No.27723921

Its only a 60mil market cap fren

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I discovered lto at 10 cents and actually shilled it here a bit around 11-13 cents with pic rel
I wish I got in at 5 or 6 cents too, just a few weeks before.
But when you thinking about it,
the guy that bought at 5 cents could have had a 5x bigger stack if he got in at 1 cent.
We still have a long way to go climb, still early, future is bright

>> No.27724313

you should only seethe if you had the capital to buy at 5c. I will buying 100k this month but only because I didn't have the money to buy 200k when it was at 10 cents.

c'est la vie.

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is 30k even a sui?

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Pointless to grief about "what could have been", just make the best you can right now.

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Yes. That should be around 300-350 LTO gains from leasing (if you re-lease the gains you get every month or so, compounding gains) combined with expected price appreciation.
Obviously there's always risk and I'm just a faggot on the internet, DYOR but imo it's a safe bet as far as crypto is concerned.

you're right, no point thinking about it now

>> No.27724891

Easily, in my opinion.

>> No.27725005

based philofren

>> No.27725064

Yea, a good one too

>> No.27725415

10k sui

>> No.27726005

>10k is only a suicide stack
>tfw just twice that
If this hits $50 I could retire off the payments. Move to a baltic nation and marry a qt girl who speaks a language I'll never understand and live like a king just because I got memed into dumping a few grand into a random coin by /biz/. Can't even imagine what the bros with bigger stacks could do with all that.

>> No.27726097

50k is my goal stack. at 30k now

>> No.27726337

If it hits $50, what will likely happen is that nodes will have agreed to reduce transaction fees to allow actual use-cases to be viable. If no customers are actually using the system due to high fees, no income is possible. So staking returns will be curtailed as transactions and price increase due to nodes reducing transaction fees.
Still, getting in early is the best option; hold and take in returns when they can appreciate the most.

>> No.27726354

fund the next holocaust

>> No.27726425

My goal is 20k before 25c, we'll see if I manage to make it in time.

>> No.27726651

If transactions increase it doesn't matter if the fee is low, the rewards will be the same.

100 tx at 0.01 is 1LTO
10000 tx at 0.0001 is also 1LTO

>> No.27726688

>Not investing in LTO

>> No.27726964

this bro gets it. you need to be a whale now so that it makes sense to stay a whale later. Everyone else will be priced out. nodes will always vote in the best interest of the integrator and miners. I won't give a fuck if I only make 2% off my $2 Million LTO stack, but a simp trying to buy 10 LTO to stake might. Fuck em they had years to accumulate .

>> No.27727147


>> No.27727201

Yeah that's a good point, I didn't factor in that transaction count is going to steadily rise.
Man I can't wait to be able to buy my stack next week when my funds are freed up from coinbase's hold on funds.

>> No.27727528

>I didn't factor in that transaction count is going to steadily rise.
The growth so far in transactions looks pretty linear,
but it can go exponential pretty easily when more clients on board and upscale the projects.
I wonder how many transactions we will have at the end of this year, I read some estimate maybe 350k, who knows.
Should increase our leasing APY by a bit.

>> No.27728140

The team said clients are willing to pay $1 per transaction, so ideally the price increases until that point without touching the fee, then as the token gets more expensive, the fee gets lowered gradually to keep it at $1, but the rewards for staking stay the same. Thing is, the APY will also increase until the fee is $1, and keep increasing from there (albeit slower since until $1 the increase was compounded from both increased txs and increased token price, to now only increased txs) as long as txs increase. If txs lower the fee can be increased to stay at $1 anyway.

This is foolproof as long as the team suceeds.

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>as long as the team suceeds
Yea, we really depend on them.
Feels like owning the el tio stock
But I trust the team, they seem intelligent with their choices and developments so far.
I reckon they have what it takes.

>> No.27729318

Just a reminder that the team plans to open up M&A once mcap is 1 Billion.

That could grow txn exponentially. That coupled with the government deals that once in place, will probably run for decades. Think about how many systems still rely on fucking windows 95. El Tio gets his foot in the door and its fucking move in day lads!

>> No.27729690

Stop you're making me erect

>> No.27729717

>Just a reminder that the team plans to open up M&A once mcap is 1 Billion.

Yes, that'll make transactions grow exponentially.

higher mcap -> higher security and exposure -> more clients -> higher exposure and fame -> more clients -> etc

>> No.27729772

What’s the best wallet a burger can get?

>> No.27729875

>1 billion
How long would that take

>> No.27729895

i mean i dont mind hugo boss ones, they're pretty good quality, anon

>> No.27730534


>> No.27730883

why do i need a wallet guys, cant i just let it sit on an exchange

>> No.27730982

You can but that's pretty useless when you can generate passive income through leasing or staking

>> No.27731066

A couple days

>> No.27731097

why are you gay

>> No.27731134

Do returns from leasing go straight back into my lto wallet? And then I just have to re-lease them to add them to the rest of my stack?

>> No.27731199

1. Exchange might collapse, get robbed, or do an exit scam.
2. Literally free money if you take it off and stake that the exchange earns instead if you leave it.
3. Improves health of network when it's more spread out and staked into many different nodes.

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File: 212 KB, 768x1024, el-tio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27731231

relax hostilefrog im new to this stuff

>> No.27731328

thanks and checked

>> No.27731481

They appear as a transfer. Should accumulate them before re-leasing since there's a 1LTO fee for it. For example if you got a 10LTO reward, you'd only re-lease 9LTO, losing 10%. If you wait until you have 400LTO and you'll only lose 0.25% of your rewards.

>> No.27731553

Thanks. Time to start accumulating then

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>> No.27732917

announced yesterday

>> No.27733101

Bros I can only start DCAing next week, is it too late?

>> No.27733401

No. LTO hasn't properly pamped yet, fren.

>> No.27733568

Too late for what? LTO is 100% going to 8$ (3.2bn MC) before 2025

>> No.27733984

I’m in the US. To get in do I buy on uniswap, transfer to mainnet wallet, and lease from there?

>> No.27734063


>> No.27734275

What happens when I put it on lease? Am I risking the LTO I have?

Does it make sense to buy LTO at an exchange, transfer it to the wallet and lease it?

>> No.27734558

>What happens when I put it on lease? Am I risking the LTO I have?
No, your tokens don't leave your wallet. Leasing has a 1LTO fee to start, that's it. Lease it to /our node/ since it has the highest reward % at 99.

>Does it make sense to buy LTO at an exchange, transfer it to the wallet and lease it?
That's what I did, dunno what other way you'd get them. Remember to pick LTO network when withdrawing from the exchange, ERC20 will rape you with fees.

>> No.27734703

It's still in your wallet so you aren't risking it.

>> No.27734935
File: 59 KB, 655x527, 02f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From 60 million mcap? Is it growing that fast? FOMO kicking in for me

>> No.27735785

Be careful about exchanges. Some of them have fucking huge withdrawal fees, like bilaxy.
I'm going to use uniswap but I'm not happy about it.

>> No.27735809

Stupid question, what does the 99% network payout come out to if you were to lease 1000 LTO? Does that mean you’re getting 990 as a payout?

>> No.27735952

No, it's 99% of your staking reward, with 1% going to the node you staked to. The size of rewards depends on the amount and time you have it staked.

>> No.27736158

thank you

>> No.27736508

* a couple hours

>> No.27736737

Listen, LTO is one of the safer crypto investments.

- people are less likely to sell during a bear market bc of the staking rewards
- LTO is generating revenue so the company will be around when other projects exit scam or run out of funds

>> No.27737095

what is m&a?

>> No.27737318

mergers and acquisitions, companies buying each other

>> No.27737596

Hmm, my exchange says the address of my wallet is invalid, even though I made it on lto.network and copy pasting it isn't something that I'd do wrong. Slightly worrying.

>> No.27737832

which exchange are you using?
And are you using the bridge on the mainnet wallet?

>> No.27738716

Litebit, but I'm gonna switch.
I didn't try the bridge but I'll try that now

>> No.27738940

I use Binance, never had problems withdrawing.

>> No.27739402

just make sure you use the right bridge.
I would image you purchased the BEP-2 LTO. Never used litebit so maybe another anon can clarify

>> No.27739592


>> No.27740022

Yep, tried both the BEP-2 and ERC20 bridge addresses the wallet generated, and only the ERC20 address was recognised. I guess I'm paying gas fees

>> No.27740487
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>go to gym
>ohp, deadlift day
>come home
>thread still up

>> No.27740535

Where can I see LTO inflows and outflows from binance?
Also is binance currently staking? According to https://lto.tools/generators-monthly/ they have a node...

>> No.27740832


>> No.27740899

How many of those are active use cases and not just superficial "partnerships"?

>> No.27742247

What is the fee now?

>> No.27742269

Yea they're staking about 10 mil
They have a wallet around 52 mil, 3rd biggest,
when that goes down we go up

>> No.27742322
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>> No.27742546

remember to lease out to the /biz/ node

>> No.27742661

0.35, so for the fee to be $1, one token would have to be $2.857, which means a x13 from here.

>> No.27742918

I remember the riddler. I think its just a guy messing around to bring up interest, like the haiku's I was making in another previous thread lol. The more research I've done the more I've realized that LTO is simply a highly practical project based on adoption with a solid foundation of tech and tokenomics, not some weird mathematical miracle. Although I think the riddler recognized that, because he said you could do the math easily with a calculator. Should I make a screencap comp for posterity? Bring him into the annals of /biz/ history like assblaster.

>> No.27743031

was watching this video today, the first hour is absolutely amazing for a great understanding of the coin. Also the CEO is a chad, one of his partners even called him that lol.


>> No.27743373

I am the guys who always FUD this (as crab coin) and I also believe it is time I got a 20K stack just in case.

>> No.27743390

This. It's like a dividend stock. Sure, they'll get hammed in a stock market crash, but the dividend blunts the damage.

>> No.27743538

bullish as fuck

>> No.27743818

Do the screencap. Maybe it garners a bit of interest and more people try to do the math. Im still convinced we are missing something i just dont know what. Riddler said 55k is make it stack and we would never sell our stack. 272M circulating supply gives only 4945 make it stacks. Ive seen plenty on /biz saying they have over 55k. Less than 5000 people buy an LTO make it stack and supply is dry.

>> No.27743906
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>> No.27744121

The transactions speak for themselves, usage is breaking ATH.
Ofc some of those smaller ones might have been projects from the past.
UN is in early phase, it might upscale by a lot.
Project shrimp is being carried out, will just take a few more months because the boomers businesses are slow.
And the last one about decentralized IDs and verifiable credentials for enterprise defi will be pretty impactful Im sure

>> No.27744411

okay I will go and screencap his ramblings for the shits and giggles.
Still I'd rather talk about facts than whatever xrp guys do.

>> No.27744644

Oh damn that might be it. $11k is a bit much to spend, but its definitely possible for a good bunch of the /biz crowd. If everything owns and everyone hodls then it'll skyrocket. That might be bad though. Because we want the "integrators" to be able to buy the tokens so they can lease them to their clients. It's genius because the price balances according to usage: when the if tokens are too expensive, fees will lower, which will give overcapacity of tokens to businesses using it, so they will sell their overcapacity, stabilizing the price

>> No.27744729

The UN contract was what initially made me do a double take when I stumbled upon this project. I read somewhere that the WHO may be using LTO for tracking pandemic PPE? Anyone remember reading that?

>> No.27744766

So you'll make it? Beyond facts a healthy meme culture is very important. Here's the link to the thread:


>> No.27744829

This is the most discussion on LTO ive seen and it started after riddler did his thing, maybe more people start researching LTO when they see the screencap.

>> No.27744906

I just hit 53k today. It's a third of my portfolio now, which makes me uneasy, but the asymmetric opportunity here is too favourable to ignore.

>> No.27744924

Price predictions EOY?

>> No.27745002

23 cents

>> No.27745048

>I read somewhere that the WHO may be using LTO for tracking pandemic PPE? Anyone remember reading that?

i wrote that. it was speculation based on the fact that LTO is now being used to certify PPE (masks). The riddler mentions WHO is buying which could mean the World Health Organization. Counterfeit PPE could be a problem in the future because chink bugman don't care who lives or dies from faulty PPE, as long as they can make a profit and buy up Canada.

If LTO is good enough for the UN, its good enough for the WHO. If they mandate that only certified PPE be used, everyone will have no choice but to follow suit and use LTO.

>> No.27745162

Im thinking this is why riddler posted his stuff only a few days after the /biz node went up. He knows its a very good coin as he did the math and would like informed anons to buy in instead of the pump n dump crowd. Who are the LTO integrators?

>> No.27745273

>LTO is now being used to certify PPE (masks)
With what organization?

>> No.27745456

Fuck knows. The team WANTS $1b mcap, they'll then open M&A and more projects can go onboard since it'll increase security (more expensive to hack)

>> No.27745488
File: 466 KB, 598x506, Screenshot_2021-02-04 lto nen - Twitter Search Twitter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27745538

NEN afaik. The Netherlands.

>> No.27745602

Integrators are like consulting firms and such that find businesses and "integrate" LTO network solutions with those businesses. They are the ones who buy the actual token and lease it to these businesses. Basically a way of outsourcing adoption so they can focus on the tech and direction.

See this video at 44:00

and see:
(scroll down on second link)

>> No.27745644
File: 76 KB, 801x563, Screenshot_2021-02-04 Home - NEN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The organization

>> No.27745654

Checked and Jesus H Christ this isn't even speculative use case, this is real, honest to god utility...

>> No.27745757

sounds like a good guess.

and look up (its an auto pdf)
"Blockchain-based Supply Chain Traceability for

>> No.27745782

LTO has >100k daily transactions on their network and growing FAST every week.

>> No.27745927

They do the same thing for food traceability:

>> No.27745940


>> No.27746053


you got it. this is why I think the riddler went deep down the rabbit hole and put some things together. chinks have been pumping out faulty ppe for years but with corona chan now its a big fucking problem. So now you have LTO certifying masks, VIDT and LTO doing corona enviro sensors in partnership with IBM IoE and you can see why LTO is a 10 Billion MC company larping as a 60 million mc company

>> No.27746061
File: 86 KB, 445x633, 1612386738863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And it's only January. There's so much coming.

>> No.27746164

it's February dude

>> No.27746186

LTO BLM integration when??

>> No.27746328

diversification is for pussies

>> No.27746342

That's an interesting use case, but that video is also the most concise explanation of LTO's use case and tech generally that I've come across.

>> No.27746355

My sense of time is fucked with all this covid shit

>> No.27746389

So i think its safe to say riddler has definitely done his own research. I wonder how long hes been sitting on it? He must have already bought in. I still cant believe El Tio the god of miners appeared after riddler mentioned synchronicities

>> No.27746549

Is it too late to get in?

>> No.27746562

i dont have 10000 euros to cop 55k LTO bros but i wanna make it what do i do

>> No.27746741

Very very early yet looking at the tokenomics/math thats been posted over the last few days. Only 4945 make it stacks currently available.

>> No.27746836

please explain to me in simple terms what a make it stack is.

>> No.27746905


No, not to sound like a pajeet but we are still very early. Look at the difference between REAL transactions and market cap.

See here:

Honestly I'm conflicted posting so much in this thread, because I've done so much research and become very confident in the coin, so confident that I'd rather fud so the price goes down so I can buy more. Still bought more today though, even though its at 22 cents. Don't think it'll go much lower from now on.

>> No.27746957
File: 33 KB, 788x699, 1611052213132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27746962

The amount of value required for financial freedom.

>> No.27747011
File: 2.40 MB, 3000x3000, LTOsBabaCugs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27747040

This might be what you're referring to

>> No.27747056

>$10 bil market cap
That's not even slightly outrageous. It's not claims that this or that crypto is going to be worth $100 trillion. It's entirely grounded in reality. It almost seems like a conservative projection.

>> No.27747166

People will be asking this when LTO is $1b market cap...and the answer will still be its not too late.

>> No.27747240

this is good, but it might be better to also include more of what he's responding

>> No.27747407

alright I got some ETH to invest, I've been invested in Lition and this looks like it's miles ahead as far as use cases and tech development but can someone shill me on what will increase the value throughout the year?

>> No.27747425

in the future is LTO is valued at 10 Billion and token burns bring it down to 250 Million that give it a token price of $80.

80 x 55k = $4.4 million in LTO staking @ 6% = $264k USD in annual passive income.

If you can't live a comfy life of that then you are no worse than those degen lottery winners that go broke after a few years.

>> No.27747496

Bit different this one. Riddler says make it stack is 55k, ive normally took make it stacks to mean how many coins do you need to own to cash out into financial freedom once the coin has increased in price. Riddler says we will never sell our LTO so ive took that to mean our original stack and the only LTO we ever sell is our APY LTO which would have to be enough to be financially free. So the APY on a 55k make it stack must be very good according to riddler math.

>> No.27747554

ugh, fuck it I dont feel like wasting more time on a probable LARP.

>> No.27747585

I have a mega word document of a bunch of my compiled research. It's really messy but could be useful for anyone who wants to take a deeper dive. Is anyone interested, and if so how should I share it?

>> No.27747628

>Honestly I'm conflicted posting so much in this thread
This... I desperately want this thing to crash to ten cents so I can get up to 100k. When you're sitting on something with real fundamentals there's no need for the retard masses to come in and pump it. Better to just silently accumulate until the price appreciates based upon real world utility, fundamentals, and valuations based upon staking returns.

>> No.27747648

can they fucking fix that, those tx's don't accurately represent the actual transactions happening

>> No.27747675
File: 47 KB, 487x365, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What does "attachment" mean?

>> No.27747684

Please anon provide

>> No.27747694

you're all good, thanks for the contribution fren

>> No.27747734

Thanks for the insight. So how do you actually cash out on leases? I'm not sure I understand. Where does the income come from and where does the income GO

>> No.27747834

MEMO for binance chain for example, I think. I've never used it.

>> No.27747865

You're doing El Tio's work, anon.

>> No.27747912

LTO is legit. Loving this project

>> No.27747939

Sending it from an LTO wallet to a BEP2 binance wallet is possible as long as I add the memo and BEP2 address yes?

>> No.27748024

Thanks for replying to my noob questions earlier

>> No.27748207

I dont think its time wasted. I think we are onto something good here.

>> No.27748219

so he's talking about world population and txs. I think he's trying to say that digital I.D's is coming whether we like it or not, and LTO is positioning itself to be the first to do this successfully on the blockchain, which means it will be the standard for DiD. Thats a lot of txs just there

>> No.27748338

I guess, I really have no idea.

>> No.27748373

LTO pays out a dividend to stakers PAID BY ACTUAL NETWORK USAGE, not just LTO held in treasury. That means enterprises are taking real world dollars and converting them into LTO in order to pay for their usage of the network. As transaction volume rises, so will LTO dividends. APY will rise, but only so much before people catch on and start buying it up, driving the APY down. It's the same principle with blue chip dividend stocks: the effective yield is driven down as the price of the shares increases. Either way, holders win: either high APY or low APY and rising capital value of the LTO token itself.

>> No.27748393

client transactions directly get paid to stakers plus a little is burnt each time. i suggest reading the thread more and doing some digging yourself using the links in OP

upload to google drive

>> No.27748411

Is there even a point to investing into this coin if I can't get to make it levels?

>> No.27748514

Fuck lambos, I just want freedom. (Literally) never selling, just going to live off the dividends.

>> No.27748516


at your service, LTO fren. It's really nothing special

>> No.27748537

Are you asking is it worth at least 5x'ing your money before the end of this year? wtf

>> No.27748543

It's not a good coin for a big pamp that you could then reinvest on something else so dunno.

>> No.27748544

getting halfway there so you're ready for the next cycle is better than gambling on unproven shitcoins imo, but you're call

>> No.27748550

APY would mean at some point you would hit make it stack. Do the APY math.

>> No.27748662

Not wasted, saved to my LTO folder. Also, I don't think he's a LARP. Too thoughtful and logical. Not cryptic for the sake of being cryptic, ala Qanon.

>> No.27748742

Join the Telegram group and share, fren. We'd love that. https://xeno.finance/

>> No.27748771

btw guys, based on todays transactions with a few hours left, we're on track for 110k transactions, new ATH


>> No.27748860

Bros I swear to God,
He was rhetorically emphasizing WHO as in who owns LTO/ who buys LTO.
The answer is integrators, I think thats what he was getting at.
Please no more WHO nonsense

coinstats is showing wrong,
we're at 600k+ weekly.
The server the explorer api is on sucks, will be upgraded soon

>> No.27749103
File: 359 KB, 640x480, umineko gme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Part of LTO's appeal is that the network is the around the 10th most used in cryptocurrency. Part of the draw in investing in LTO is that if the mcap corrects to the levels of the currencies near it in network usage, it'll easily 5-20x.
Riddle me this: what would actually cause the price to correct upwards in such a manner?

>> No.27749152

Check out the wallet here: https://wallet.lto.network/
It's shit simple, actually. Every week the LTO pays out into your wallet and then you can either withdraw it or re-stake it.

>> No.27749195

Any idea how many LTO the integrators are likely to buy or have they already bought?

>> No.27749255

I'm already on it lol. So comfy

>> No.27749262

Thanks, saved

>> No.27749314
File: 97 KB, 1580x869, Annotation 2021-02-04 225127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe you can just use LTO mainnet to send LTO from their website to Binance since Binance allows you to deposit LTOs directly from mainnet to you Bnance LTO wallet.

(I am new to crypto, and haven't tx my LTO from LTO website to Binance, but judging from what I've learned in past few days this should work, but dyor)

>> No.27749345

If you're in4 $1bil market cap, you're early.

>> No.27749412

DIDs are going to be huge.

>> No.27749413

I'd read it. just post a Google drive link in the thread

>> No.27749435
File: 24 KB, 544x472, photo_2021-02-04_13-43-48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for this, appreciate it.

>> No.27749542

I've sent LTO over the LTO Network to Binance, works but takes a while. From Binance to Wallet it's almost instant.

>> No.27749569

Anchor transactions are actual real world transactions, right? Not just zoomers sending it back and forth?

>> No.27749613


>> No.27749627

nothing but time and recognition.
If not retail, it will be clients buying up LTO. The token burn will lower supply in the following years through more transactions too.
Ideally both retail and clients will send it.
Team said theyd focus a bit on marketing soon

>> No.27749690

as the txs increase, the payout increases as well, so that's real value going directly to stakers/leasers. plus as the price moves up that will also increase the value of your coins and your passive income, the more that gets realized by normans the more they will want to onboard until this gets too expensive that they will have to lower the apy. its like a coiled spring right now, the price should alredy be higher with their growth and txs, but its still ridiculously low, so now any growth from here in txs will help this explode higher when it gets more attention on how much money we are making just sitting on these coins.

>> No.27749734
File: 127 KB, 1055x890, photo_2021-02-03_09-06-32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27749766

correct. 99.5% of total daily transactions are anchors. 0.5% is biz leasing to /ournode/

>> No.27749821
File: 240 KB, 500x500, LTOhole.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we're all family here, and we're all going to make it

>> No.27749831

my intentions wasnt to gamble on some shitcoins fren. i just dont have the money to buy in at high volumes right now, but perhaps id like to gradually invest as much as i can afford over the year

>> No.27749883
File: 130 KB, 842x1184, photo_2021-02-04_23-02-06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27749959

That's nuts, the fundamentals on this are off the charts. As a value investor at heart I've been waiting to stumble upon a project like this for a long, long time.

>> No.27750035

holy fuck. WAGMI

>> No.27750087

taking profits and AAVE and putting them here. what am i in for short term anons? it looks like 50 cents is in the cards for the next couple weeks if i am reading this chart right

>> No.27750131

feels good buying a low cap coin not having to hope they get adopted one day. never felt comfier

>> No.27750252

I hope 10 cents happens so I can double my stack. But I'm not waiting to find out, I've made sure to establish a firm position without getting greedy. This thing is worth more than $80 mil just based on its APY alone.

>> No.27750296
File: 79 KB, 1295x286, 894984984.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27750449

im taking out a 100k LTO position. buying at this price it won't matter in a year from all that i am seeing here. thanks for keeping the price down with fud threads anons

>> No.27750628

got in at 11 cents, and 22 cents. we crashed down to 16 maybe even 15 cents briefly when BTC had a stroke down to 28000, but recovered quickly, other than that it has been somewhat stable and boring through all the market fluctuations, i dont think we will see 10 cents again.

>> No.27750630

The stress of pnd gets to me, investing in this knowing it's a solid coin is so comfy

>> No.27750783
File: 28 KB, 601x500, pepe-sunglasses-monster-coffee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

5K staklet here. How much more time do I have to accumulate before the moon?

>> No.27750838
File: 60 KB, 400x619, photo_2021-02-04_21-35-16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute

>> No.27751190

Who knows?

>> No.27751195

Token burn happens every tx and APY pays out tons of tokens, won't they eventually not have any tokens to pay out? No more dividends after however long it takes to burn through their spares? Whats happens then? I'm not sure how long the supply is expected to last but I plan on living until 2144 at least so I'd like to make sure my investment lasts that long.

>> No.27751297

No idea really but that 6k bot riddler mentioned is the 6k bot on binance im assuming and it looks like thats helping to keep the price down.

>> No.27751318

The TX fee and burn can be voted by the nodes to be lowered.

>> No.27752185

the coins are divisible, as more tokens are burned the price of the token would have to inevitably go up and the lto fee would in relation go down, so if a coin in the future were 50 bucks and the fee was .001 LTO, then you can sustain it. Not sure how much an LTO can be divided into though, i think 3 or more decimal places.

>> No.27752259

Fuck guys, actually enjoy reading about this thing

>> No.27752511

and the token burn is currently in place to incentivize people to invest and adopt in it as a reward for the early investors, they have basically designed it so that early investors can only win, and once the network is big enough in the distant future and we all have our lambos, they may change the tokenomics and maybe even eliminate the token burn, but we are many years away from that. The would have to build a very large corporate community to secure their nodes and not need the passive token holder

>> No.27752632

what do i get from using biz node? i want us all to make it together but how does it work

>> No.27752725

Biz's node takes way less of a cut than other nodes (only 1%, most take 3%) and we benefit from providing to the node together.

>> No.27752892
File: 50 KB, 750x998, photo_2021-01-13_22-10-57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wake up
>Sell my weekly staking rewards to fund a whole year of evading the cage
>Sleep with roasties
>Pay them and tip them 0.01 LTO

>> No.27753110

you lease your coins to it (coins never leave your wallet). biz node pays you every week

>> No.27753167

every Saturday correct?

>> No.27753631

thanks bros. so lets say hypothetically to keep things simple i buy 10 ltc and lease those. what would that yield weekly?

>> No.27753740

also this magic number of 55k- are we talking LTC or Dollars?

>> No.27753745

Roughly 0.0128 LTO every 7 days, but this can (and will) change depending on network usage and deflation.

>> No.27753842


>> No.27753843

Don't accidentally buy Litecoin

>> No.27753851

very little, it's around 7% per year now,
but should go up a bit as transactions increase throughout the year.
(0.07*yourStack*0.99)/52 is weekly payout
the 99 is cuz biz node only takes 1% fee for server cost.

>> No.27753962

how did you end up with this number? thanks for the patience anon

>> No.27754296


lol freudian slip my bad

>> No.27754381


>> No.27754433

Nice, my stack would give me 100k a year, thats more than enough to be comfy

>> No.27754455

Not sure if it's accurate considering LTO is unique but https://www.stakingrewards.com/earn/lto-network/calculate
I'd use a formula like >>27753851 however

>> No.27754871

do you use erc-20 LTO or mainnet LTO to lease to the biz node?

>> No.27754920
File: 178 KB, 538x817, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those links are also on the website >>27713699

>> No.27755008

mainnet, because leasing is on the mainnet LTO wallet

>> No.27755104

thanks, might pick up a stack tonight and start some comfy leasing with biz bros

>> No.27755266

Should I lease my whole stack at once, or can I add LTO to the leased stack over time without removing/readding?

>> No.27755486

Do the whole stack
and then wait until 400 LTO as rewards before 2nd lease, because the 1LTO lease fee will add up and take away from rewards otherwise.

>> No.27755816

while it's possible to do either, the first option is better due to the 1LTO fee the anon above mentions

also it looks like we'll be 1 or 2 thousand txs short of 110k tx today boys, unless a strong late upswing happens. Still, new ATH!

>> No.27756060

i have a dilemma, I’m above a make it stack in LTO but still 80% LINK portfolio. Is LTO hitting $2 more likely in the short term than LINK hitting $250? I feel like it is, but still can’t bring myself to sell more LINK

>> No.27756080

alright you fuckers have convinced me. i get paid in about 22 days. is that too fucking late???

>> No.27756301

imo anything below a market cap of 100 milion is not too late, but don't expect it to moon, it will steadily crab up

>> No.27756507

yeah, im not expecting some moon scheme here. from what i understand i just want to be able to slow and steadily hit that 55k mark

>> No.27756611

well i mean obviously ha

>> No.27756703

I hope not as i need some more LTO.

>> No.27756874
File: 151 KB, 840x420, Sad-Pepe-The-Frog-Meme-Transparent-Images-PNG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want more but can only afford 2k stack rn, fuck meeee, existence is pain

>> No.27756996

I guess this doesn't make much sense for my baby stack of about 2k LTO yet, is the leased stack staked or can I still increase the amount flexibly over time, in case I buy more?

>> No.27757008

I made 300K from LINK and I’m definitely notttttt missing out on this one. Feels absolutely identical to how LINK performed. BTC can crash and create a bear market and I won’t even pull out because I’m confident this will grow even in a bear market! Never seen a coin this undervalued with real world usage.

>> No.27757065

imo, link is somewhat well known, a lot is priced into it already, LTO has very little priced in and barely no one outside of a few thousand wallets know about it. You can almost fault the team by under hyping and under promising then over delivering. I think the alpha chad ceo is actually humble, and really wants to take this to a whole other level, being very strategic about it

>> No.27757170

Just had a thought, the 6k bot running on binance, its not the riddlers bot giving us time to get in is it?

>> No.27757223

I literally have the exact same dilemma. So down to a T that I feel like you're reading my mind. I moved 23% of my link to LTO (was all in link), considering buying more, but yeah its a tough call.

>> No.27757246

what is the fabled 6k bot?

>> No.27757371

you can have multiple leases happening at the same time if you buy in staggered amounts

>> No.27757442

i just don’t wanna kms if i sell link and it rallies and this doesn't pan out. loss aversion and all that shit.
tho i can sell a few more link and make it a 100k LTO stack and just forget i have it

>> No.27757467

Riddler mentioned it and there seems to be a bot trading LTO/BTC on binance and lots of the trades are in the 6000 coin range

>> No.27757838

sometimes in life there comes a time where only you can make the choice

>> No.27757900

Yeah as a linkmarine the psychological hurdle is tough, and we've all been sold to believe it'll fundamentally change the world in a few decades. Also since I bought at 60cents and 3usd the price already feels high so its weird to see it going so significantly higher. Basically my thought process was that link could go to $300 in the mid term, but even if it does then thats only like a 12x gain, while LTO going from .2 to 2 feels like a pretty sure thing at this point, I think it can go to $6-10. Then again it felt like $6k for btc was unbelievable and anyone who said it would go to 40k were loonies. So I might move more link over, but I'll always be majority link. Plus I'll just add to LTO with cash. If it makes you feel better you get paid to hold LTO, so that's a minor bonus.

>> No.27757933

Thinking about dumping 500USD into LTO, will it the current gains come tumbling down?

>> No.27758018

You'll definitely be down at some point but it won't make much of a difference in the long run. Like was said before the guy who bought at 4 cents probably regrets not buying at 2

>> No.27758212

Should I even bother with leasing given the small amount of LTO I will be owning?

>> No.27758396

Leasing is a great way to get more LTO while you're scrounging up money for another buy-in. It won't be much but it's better than nothing.

>> No.27758527

The more coins on the nodes the better.

>> No.27758824

>bump limit

>> No.27759007

g make new thread fren

>> No.27759096

guys how long is the thread archived for? i want to reread this

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