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the person who runs the official InvestFeed twitter is having a meltdown https://twitter.com/investFeed

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He found out the hard way they glow in the dark

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reply dubs? in my thread?

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What the fuck? At first, I was laughing but as I went on it became more concerning. What do you think is going on with them?

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Nothig will happen. USA is the country of democracy, justice and free speech

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Need an update on this, what the fuck happened?

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This is hilarious. Just bought $5k worth.

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he went full schizo

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looks like actual glowies

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meth is a helluva drug

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The Terry Davis of crypto. TempleFeed

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>another schizo thinking he's being stalked

why is that always where their mind goes?

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nigger fucking look at
How many people do you see wearing a full black face mask that covers there entire fucking head with a black hat. This guy is 100% a federal agent. he is literally glowing

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is this bearish or bullish?

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It's a hood and ballcap but yes that is exactly what glowies in the wild look like.

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poor guy is having a manic episode.

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This is bullish

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where can i buy this token

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Our brains are optimized to form coalitions and fight coalitions.

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Did drugs. Probably on hard synthetic drugs or spice. Many such cases in crypto space.

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did he smoke salvia?

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>he posted the 4 of clubs

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So he’s getting busted for a weed charge? Because he lives in NY or something? Lol

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Legit schizo, gangstalking shit. You can see people like this on /x/ and youtube too.

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That would be so fucking incredibly based. If terry was alive today he should have built TempleCoin, gods temple on the blockchain.

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Crypto is crawling with feds, kikes, and federal kikes. I've witnessed devs being disappeared, change genders, and go full "schizo" when they realize how they have been surrounded the entire time they thought they were living some cypherpunk fantasy. Crypto is no fucking joke. Very powerful people are taking it very seriously.

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but I doubt they gave a fuck about this shitcoin

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All in to IFT !!!

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Either schizophrenia or a manic episode. I have seen shit like this quite a bit on Facebook. I know many people who straight up lost their minds and post insane shit like this all day long. I know a girl who thinks drake is her boyfriend and a guy who thinks he's an imam. It's fucming nuts

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top kek sir
thanks op

pls post link or pic

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if you start reading in Dec 2019 you can start to see it

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I'm a newfaggot to the concept of DeFi and how it can ruin the kikes do you have any links to sp00ky things that happen to crypto devs

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actual schizo shit.

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