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You are in right?


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Got in quick, im loving it!

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future franchisee reporting in

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How can I buy?

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>Ronald McDonald reporting in

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Whats the chance that something like this gets fucked over by trademarks or however that works

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Fellow Ronald McFucking Donald here

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Can they shutdown Ethereum and Uniswap?

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finally a meme coin that makes me chuckle
this worthless piece of shit actually had some effort put into it. i appreciate it. still am not going to buy

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I mean I'm a dipshit and don't know what I'm talking about but I'd assume they could go after the dev if they cared enough, or tell coingecko and whatnot not to list it

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Are you fucking retarded Ranjesh? This is the next shib or doge. Possibly 1000x. Liquidity is locked or a year. It’s rugproof.

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What the fuck is McdonaldsCoin

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No shit, make some money off it retard.
Don't get greedy

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you still have time...but not much

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literally made by a pajeet spammer

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scam >>27680284

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Hello? Based department?

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Not gonna make it anon...unless you get stacking! We are already up 3x tonight

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>hating free money

see you at $1

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PSA This guy’s ID is literally ‘C.UCK’ please come ridicule him: >>27671702 # # #

He needs many (YOU)’s. This is literally history guys. Biz has found the ultimate KEKold of the board. Come drop a (you) to mark yourself in the archive history books.... let’s get this to a record number of you’s don’t give the cu ck a break... This is a legendary screen cap.

Spread the news and ask the mods to pin the thread so everyone may see

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thats all i needed to hear. not buying. ty. dunno why you would think presale buyers being up 3x would make anyone want to buy lmao

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genius desu

I cannot stop laughing

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Good luck finding whoever the dev is. This is crypto world friend.

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m8 this is a pump and dump it'll be gone in a week, are you retarded?

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Fuck it, anons said the same shit about rbc and look where it is.... If this markets that well, then whatever. I threw half an eth at it for fun. Let's shit post fellas.

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welcome fellow McChad

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I do like the McDonald's pepes though. These poo's can meme.

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this is going at least 10x anon

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presalers get a 10x
dumb money gets maybe a 2-3x
dumber money bagholds for eternity

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1 MCDC = 1 BIG MAC soon

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This shit has no future if it gets any exposure whatsoever, Ronald will sue you faggot

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>Caring about companies in this day and age

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what is this shit? the newest pajeet shill? not buying dickhead

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A shitcoin made of gold

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Parody is allowed, not selling the same product

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1 MCDC = 1 BigMac EOY

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this is another pnd by the rubic scammers. hope no one falls for this.

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You know I am OP

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What's the project road map, pajeet? Ooooooh that's right, you don't have one. welcome to your next doge.

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I will not buy into another pajeet scam

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is this the result of the "let's create our own shitcoin" thread a couple of hours ago?

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Thanks to you /biz/ is the designated shit board.

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I think it is anon

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This is actually going to a cent this week isn’t it?

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this is from the rubic pump group

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You glow frog NORMIES

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I got in early thanks you to board spamming fucks, thanks

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Nope never will be

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I cant stand meat eaters

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50k newly indoctrinated

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Is it too late?

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You will FOMO after 10 cents

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Fuck it I'm in. Never done this before but I want to have some fun at least.
(Also I was more asking about the presale cause the website says it's ended already)

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Is this a joke? or something big?
I am here doing reconosaince for /pol/
Please I just want an excuse get of this gay board and report back to /pol/.

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Presale over, yeah

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go back damn polfag

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Momoji already left the MIGA train to join MCDC. Why haven't you, /pol/ack?

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what do you mean? does /pol/ seriously do this?
Also, why would you give a way your position?

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I dont know about that fag but /pol/ is the biggest board and carries this website on its own.
They have cells that infiltrate boards all the time and subvert its culture. Do you really think the brainlets on /pol/ pulled of HWNDU? /pol/ tricked /g/ and /diy/ into its bidding

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>Why haven't you, /pol/ack?
Nigga, who cares. Just tell me if this Mcdonalds thing is credible. I could care less about GME or the stock market.

No, you go back to faceberg with your normie tier .jpgs
Shut your fucking mouth cretin

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so is this a yield farm or what?

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what will /pol/ do to you if you just go back empty handed?

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>Nigga, who cares. Just tell me if this Mcdonalds thing is credible. I could care less about GME or the stock market.

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Liquidity is locked.

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I would pile up my entire capital and bet on you being a tranny. Disgusting. Fuckig this gay board. am out.

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I would buy if the eth fees weren't so goddamn fucked

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When is someone going to ironically walk into a McDonald's and ask if they take McDonald's coin?
Make a YouTube vid please

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Has this been shilled to Reddit already? I would, but I don't have a fucking account there kek

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25k happy meal here

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just make one

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The first thing redditors do is check accounts. It doesn't even matter what the post is. Shilling this with a brand new account is just gonna make it look even worse

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kek "check" accounts
how is that even possible ?

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Imagine if a joke will be noticed by McDolands CEOs and really adopted.

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Let's see McDonald's try and sue this

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>already nearly x10
>locked liquidity so pajeets cant dump on me


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where to buy

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lookie u dummy

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so let me get this right: you have to pay 60$ to buy this absolute meme of a shitcoin?

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Even a mention of it by anyone at McDonald’s could cause a stupid pump.

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>store manager
Oh well, it's something

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im nofap and this just might do me in, something about making money and big anime tits just fucking makes me HARD fuck

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Yes. Welcome to Ethereum. Every shitcoin has those gas fees in 2021

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>wallet worth $280,000 buys 1 million mcdonald coins last night

what the fuck does he know that we dont? i may actually hold this shit and see where it goes

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Odds that the real McDonalds blows this coin outta the sky and into the McGutter?

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This coin should be shilled on twitter

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Feeling pretty yummy rn

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god this shit moves quick
fellas better get their wallets packed asap
I’m better follow xsn with their Layer2 DEX, top staking protocol and tpos consensus rather go for this shit

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Eat her too

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>tfw my stacks are as stacked as them bobas