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This is a cult.

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i mean so is chainlink

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thanks for letting me know : D

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It's not XRP levels of delusion but it's getting there

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This kind of thinking can be found in any investor.

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really retard?
holy shit im so tired of you reddit faggots

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Good job Chang. You have earned 1000 social credit points. You may know leave the region for a vacation in the next 10 days. Enjoy comrade!

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Fed here remember to sell or you're antisemitic!

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XRP is literally going to drop to 0 anyday now isnt it?

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The diamond hands/ape meme they have makes me fucking cringe.

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its at 88...

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i just realized the idiot who posted this blotted out the username but didnt do so in the fucking comment field

fucking autist

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>diamond hands
>started dumping on each other the second the market opened monday morning

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>>You may know leave the region
>>Calls someone Chang but uses broken English

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Absolutely. It is clearly inferior tech that is of no interest to anyone. Do not study XRP or you will become schizo! So says everyone on the internet that is looking out for your well being over theirs!

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Phone posting. Anti-XRP shills are pro-CCP cucks.

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the only evidence i see that their tech works is a silly digital movie

also investing in cryptos that are being given out for free to inside traders before being made public? what

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What did he mean by this?

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If you didn’t use XRP to move funds rapidly between exchanges when it was possible, you are a retard. To your second point, if XRP accomplishes what it was made to do, your ability to purchase it was always a charitable gesture. You aren’t entitled to anything in this world. Grow up.

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I've literally never lost money on XRP.

Been holding since 19¢. Imagine losing money in crypto LOL

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>a cult
What's wrong with that? A cult will keep people in good morale and holding. If a cult is necessary to keep people strong, then so be it. I would rather stand by a cultist with balls than a worthless cynic any day.

If they were ACTUALLY a cult, willing to risk anything, they would be absolutely unstoppable.

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Except chainlink will be worth more than gamestop lol

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Kek what a big tittied bitch

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>If a cult is necessary to keep people strong
Not if they drink the punch.

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yeah, the problem isnt the cult, it's the reddit part of the whole thing

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We use that term loosely... too loosely.
Everybody ain't your fren.

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Anti WSB posting reeks of inorganic psyop shit. Yes we hate reddit but we hate kike funds more

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I think it's just /biz/ shitcoin bagholders trying to find someone else to mock to avoid facing their own failures. WSB are degenerate gamblers, but the community is far superior to this one. Much less negativity.

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I mean s3 has said we are potentially entering part deux of the GME short squeeze

So who tf even knows at this point. It really could go anywhere

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Chainlink also goes up 500% a year or more

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>diamonds hands
Diamonds are literally worthless lmao people falling for scam.

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I love the To The Moon emoji on facebook lol! :)

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This is reminding me of what happened with the ESH/GHOST pump and dump. People bought the top and then when it instantly plummeted, they screamed "I JUST DUMPED ANOTHER FEW GRAND IN, IT'S JUST A SHAKEOUT! WHALES ARE ACCUMULATING!". And then for weeks/months these guys kept coping and telling themselves that ghost was going to make them all insanely rich

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