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I owe 1000 eth debt on aave
thats $1.7M and growing

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u wot m8?

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What did you spend the money on lebowski

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Where did the money go Lebowski?

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Sell your debt to someone else

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yeah not possible.
contracts reverse if unpaid on next block

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post pics of debt

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huh? aave loans are overcollateralized

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Just don't pay it? What are they gonna do?

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based numerals

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Oh no they'll take you to kleros court OP, better get a fake id and start running.

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best turn to asceticism at this point only way your gmi

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just delete the app anon

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You owe 1.5 million more than the average amerimutt


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>AAVE sent collectors to my parents house

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Checked and kek’d

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lol just turn off your computer nigga

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Run. Run to some non-extradition country after taking out a loan and laundering it through Monero.

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Hello, I was trading cryptocurrency and

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Wait, people actually go into debt? Not just niggers and retards?

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he's including home loans desu~

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debts carry over into the afterlife. They'll reincarnate you to pay it off

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Most amerimutts are retarded and 13% are nigs, anon.

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lol impossibru, nice bait.

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Will aave send goons to ops house?

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OP, if this is true, listen
you should be able to flashloan your way out of this. let's say you have $2 mil in collateral on your $1.7mil debt
1. take out a flashloan for $1.7 mil
2. pay back your bet, unlocking the $2 mil
3. sell a bit of $2 mil in whatever you took your flashloan + fees, if you need to
4. pay back with the sold portion of collateral
yes, you'll pay a bunch, but at least you can get some money back. unless you are waiting for the final god-like trade that will free you... lol

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>ever having debt
>ever buying a credit card

Why is people so fucking stupid?