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If you had 3 tips to give to a /biz/ newfag, what would them be?

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Buy. Chain. Link.

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Never go all in

Never day trade

Never buy link

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buy btc and eth
hold for 4-5 years

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time in the market > timing the market

swingies get the rope

do your own research


know when to take a profit

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Buy low sell high

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Do your own research



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#1 Never go all in
#2 Don't bother with coins in top 100mcap
#3 Always check holders & locked liquidity

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do the opposite of /biz

don’t buy rubic

reddit crypto moonshots to get early

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1. Do your fucking homework on the investment.
2. Always do the opposite of what /biz/ tells you
3. Hodl physicals

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Pay attention to the news and look into the future. Figuratively

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To 2017 me: You cant day trade don't fucking day trade you're an idiot

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I thought it was the other way around.

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Buy GME 3 months ago
Buy GME now

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Add dot and link, then yes. Also op never trade, just buy and hodl if you’re a poorfag buy every week what you can

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Ok how do you actually check locked liq? Been wondering for awhile.

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Don't buy anything that is being shilled. Red signal: There is edit of some meme with the shilled image
Don't spend more than you can lose without impacting your life.
The more threads there are about X, the more late you are

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Ignore biz, its wrong about everything
It was correct once.
Buy as much chainlink as you possibly can.

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always go all in
never day trade
when shit is crashing for real get the fuck out and don't hold like a retard

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buy gme

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Buy a coin + tqqq and come back to it in a few months to a year. No point in stressing out over gambling.

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Buy green, sell green (buy high, sell higher)
Use limit orders to buy
Use trailing stop loss to protect you money

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Have an exit strategy for both gains and losses before buying
Actually follow it

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Invent a time machine and go back to 2010

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Why the hate on it then?

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TA is actually useful to keep you from buying at the top and buying the bottom before a pump.

Don’t stay committed to your crypto. 95 percent of the shit shilled will be gone in the next 4 years.

If memes are consistent then expect that crypto to actually pump(in other words if it’s still around after a week)

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of /biz/

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Buy high, sell low
Get AIDs from hookers
Die of drug overdose

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Buy and hold. Long term.

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Buy rubic ASAP

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biz has purposly fudded it for 3 years now.
See any post on r/cc about link.
Next time you see someone fuding link ask to see their short position, you won't find a single one.

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diversify portfolio
save money until gas fees don't bother you anymore

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If someone wants you to buy a coin. You're the pump to their dump. This isn't a bad thing if you're not retarded but look what happened to all the hopeful idiots who got scammed on XRP on Monday.

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lurk moar

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Listen to schizos

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Hold your money if your on a dip, even if it seems that you're loosing, in a matter of weeks will recover and moon.

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buy the dip

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always go all in
day trade if you understand support/resistance levels
don't fall in love with coins/tokens...most are going to be worth far less in 6 months

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1. hide all pepe threads
2. hide all shitcoin dujour threads
3. buy high sell low

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Buy low
Sell high
Don't buy scams where people tell you "I've doubled my money with poopooswap coin" because this board doesn't have flags

>that one nigger who came to /biz/ and lost a few hundred before he realized this board is full of scammy pajeets

I'm sorry, jamarcus...

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buy BTC, ETH, LINK, YFI and hold. If it dips, keep buying. Had I started crypto this way I'd be much better off.

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for every 1 smart person, there's at least 10 retards here

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Never pull out during the post-gamma squeeze bear trap during a short squeeze

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>stick to the top 20
>buy the coins least shilled on biz in the top 20
>start dyor on other coins not in top 20 from there

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Never sell.

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> time in the market > timing the market
help a newfag out, what do u mean by this bro?

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Look for DD posts on 4chan and reddit. If it looks good, verify it with your own research and ape into it with a good sized position.

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Lurk, lurk and lurk

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Ok anon. Listen to me as I've made many mistakes. I was early on PRQ, EASYFI, PAID, RBC and BAO yet I always sold early.

Rule #1. Never sell early, this includes swinging.
Rule #2. Research coin thoroughly and ignore FUD.
Rule #3. Never follow PnD schemes.

I lost my miniscule gains because of a recent PnD and lost all my gains and back at $2000. If I had held any of the coins above at the price I had them originally, I'd be 10x to 15x on my original investment.

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it means it is really difficult to time the peaks and troughs of something. it is better to just hold and wait.

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What is a PnD scheme?

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Also, invest in UNI.

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Stay the fuck away from ETH dex's.

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Don't buy into a bull run. You missed out on this run, buy cheap in a couple months or you're going to lose your savings.

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Don't ape into shitcoins unless you can afford to waste it

Trade as little as possible to conserve ETH (Or buy tokens on chains like BSC with tiny gas fees)

Stack sats

Buy high, sell low ;)

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If you wanted to help this board you would never post. A newfag should wait a year before making their first post. This board is shit because of people like you.

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And be careful with the type of shitcoins circulating on this board at the moment, don't buy those with animals and food in it, those are pure scams

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The moment Elon tweets about something you're invested in, you count 15 minutes for normies to pump it and you pull out.

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Buy anything that gives you a feeling of FOMO.
But at peak.
Panic sell at a loss.
Invest in pajeet pump and dump shitcoins.
Follow these tips and you'll be /biz/ pro in no time.

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pump and dump...it's where people try to temp others to buy into a coin/token only to dump it on them at a higher price.

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>Never bet against Elon Musk, if another one of his companies becomes public just buy all the stock you can get your hands on
>When /biz/ makes fun of you for doing something, do the exact opposite, because /biz/ is retarded
>90% of coins advertised here are pump & dumps and if you're going to do participate get out once you 2x

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1. Buy BTC, ETH and LINK. These are guaranteed multipliers but you need to be delusional level long on them. Atleast a decade. Weare talking investing in the next internet here. If you see a portfolio and someone isn't holding atleast one you can disregard them. It's like saying you hate money at this point. Bull, bear or crab you are putting money every month into these

2. Identify one or two make it coins. These are the ones already on coinbase but are acting to supplement what the aforementioned three will accomplish. these are the coins that have a good meme presence and solve problems. I can't tell you what to look for exactly but it's GRT and you need to get in now.

3. Blow leftover money on some stupid shitcoin. Doesn't even matter. It's fun. Once you get a couple thousand exit and cash out. this is the fun part of crypto.

Basically: cover the long, medium and short in this market and enjoy the ride.

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read that again, everyone...anon is spot on. FOOD and ANIMALS = take your money

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go all in on my shitcoin.

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Why’s that

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I only have one rule. Everybody buys. Nobody sells. You hold the line, or I’ll shoot you.

You get me?

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Get rich easily
Just watch this free video

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1. Do your own research
2. Never sell at a loss
3. If you do go in on a dumbass meme coin and it starts mooning, take out your intial investment plus some profit and let the rest of your "free" tokens ride

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no touching meme stocks or crypto

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Don't sell

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Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

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lel don't beat yourself up fren. better to walk away with some experience. I learned to not get greedy but fuck is that hard.... if I want to play coulda woulda I coulda spend 5k on btc at $200 but I didn't. I just didn't know. luckily I had a few.

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The duality of man

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Suck. Quick. Spit.

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Buy Chainlink if you want steady gains.
Don't trade in small amounts.
Buy YOP if you want a decent underground project

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Don't take financial advice from strangers on the internet.

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why not day trade, anon?

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1. Diversify
2. Don't waste your time researching, just dump small amounts in shitcoins and wait for one to moon
3. Crypto is just meme money and will always be, so invest only what you can spend

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>Day trading is a meme and you should only do it if you've experienced the mood of cypto, which is different from other markets.
>Swingies always get the rope.
>Clear mind, relax yourself.

Vibes are very important, but you need experience. Buy high sell low. Those two are free.

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Do not emotionally invest in your stock/crypto. When you take losses, potentially life changing losses, do not let it destroy you as a person

20Then Job arose, and rent his mantle, and shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground, and worshipped,

21And said, Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.

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buy ETH and swap for SHIB

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Day trading makes fuck all money.
Buy and then HODL for a year or 2.
Buy RBC - HUUUGE long term gain ahead.

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based and christpilled
always remember that he promised to always be with you, and he is

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never sell at a loss. If you can't afford to hold a shitty stock forever then don't play the fucking game.
Also, the game is rigged by our semitic friends so buy crypto faggot.

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what's stopping the jews from meddling with crypto? if the banks and hedgies own enough of it, can't they basically control the entire market?

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They're to dumb to figure out crypto and decentralisation. Centuries of living off of host nations fiat have basically evolved their brain a certain way. Also they stand to lose from the success of crypto

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yeah but I think they'll do that later. Imagine all the money the printed going straight into bitcoin kek
it won't be that dramatic I think and they'll probably put it into a lot of different coins

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he means find something you like after dyor, and buy it don't try to wait for a pump or a dip. buy it and then hold it.

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Is a crypto wallet necessary or can you just buy/sell through something like coinbase?

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thats not what she looks like you chud

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Safe long term investments that grow over long periods of time are a better investment than trying to jump on every hot stock.

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is this supposed to be some sort of meme?

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Check pic-related.

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Buy link
Time in the market
Halving cycle

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RBC looks to be overvalued anon, though everything says it's a buy or a hold at the moment.

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Never listen to /biz/

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100 LINK

Secure your wallets and wait 5 years and go live you live. Don't waste time on anything else.


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Invest in knee pads.

Why suck 1 cock for $1000 when you could suck 1000 cocks for $1 each.

Invest all of your money in valueless internet currency but never actually sell for profit.

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dont believe the jews

dont buy options

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Buy as much Chainlink as you can
Don’t day trade
DCA in and out

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-Don't invest what you can't afford to lose
-Ladder out profits--you can't time the top perfectly
-Set aside money for taxes

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1. The plural of "them" is "they."
2. Make sure your pronouns match the number and case of the nouns to which they refer.
3. Buy high; sell low.

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you don’t necessarily want to hold in an exchange due to risk. a wallet is much more secure if you have large amounts

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What the fuck is an option?

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buy high
sell low
sell at the instant you see a red line

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Stick with top 10 coins.
Top 100 if u like it risky.
Hold about 3-5 coins.
Split the investment.

Dca = a continuing investment u repeat in a cycle u prefer, every week - month - year.

Never listen to gem, did u miss or buy now threads.

You will become greedy, u will loose alot of money, you will be mad, you will lack of sleep.. and suddenly you will open like a flower and own the market.

Trust = your loss.
Shit pumps? Ppl / bots buying
Shit dumps? Ppl / bots sell

Never trade, it will fuck your taxes and mind. If you need to sell take at least ur initial investment and let the rest pump.

Don't glue your eyes to charts.

Cryptospace developer and holders gonna make it.

Traders ngmi.

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Dont buy on someone elses say.
Dont buy hope.
Dont buy overvalue.

>> No.27671518

Spbp. Stop posting here and focus on getting a useful STEM degree that pays you 10k a month.

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Shilled meaning being pumped and everyone is about to dump?

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ears open mouth shut, don't trust anyone

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gotta be way more of the latter than that

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#1 Never bully a fren
#3 That’s a man
#2 Whatever coin you’re holding, it’s guaranteed to make you a millionaire in 5 years.

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Alright, tell me.. I was going to pump another 60k into index funds because I am trying to make it to 1 million in about 9 years, but all you nags keep talking about crypto. Should I get into crypto this year (ETH, BTC) and then put the rest into index funds??

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Get the fuck off my board

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any tips on taxes?

>> No.27673254

dont do them

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define profit

5%? 50%? 200%?

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this. buy when no one is talking about crypto

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There is what? A 10x left in chainlink? The big gains already happened. We did a fucking 100x. The people got rich already. Link is still a good investment but search for the next chainlink. Specially if you are poor. If you have 6 figures, ok go to link.

t. someone who bought chainlink in fucking mercatox earlier than anyone but the ones who got into the ico.

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>Buy the top
>Sell the bottom
>Post pink wojacks

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>> No.27675088

>profit is profit
>swingies get the rope
>don’t look back on “missed gains” only look forward
I spent 6 years losing money thinking I could trade. Fuck.

>> No.27675104

Selling early to lock in profits will net you better returns over time.

If someone calls you a faggot you're probably doing something right

Stonks > Crypto

>> No.27675186

buy cardano.
buy ETH.
Buy DOT.

Sit on it for the next two years and have fun being a millionaire

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You probably can't pick stocks better than the pros. A much safer bet is to invest in growth sectors. What you CAN do is learn about macroeconomics, because a lot of the pros are very stupid about this subject. To save you a lot of time spent learning about how we're on a one-way trip to Keynesian Hell: none of the TV experts know what the fuck they're talking about, the government stats are basically all lies (especially CPI), buy commodity producers like your life depends on it.

Cut expenses. That is money that could be making you money.

Nobody gives 2 dicks about a crypto "use case", cryptos are all speculative bubbles preying on ignorance and fueled by hype and shilling. Cryptos with real use cases make no returns.

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-Research and troll here for 2 weeks before making your first purchase.
-Don't second guess and keep swapping, stick your selection out.
-Don't try to go back and recorrect what you should have done at the higher price.
-And an extra, watch for pajeet scammers.

>> No.27677373

either go full retard and buy for the memes or do a full whitepaper research and buy for that. Middle IQs arent conducive to gains for some reason

>> No.27677489

tell me more about the pajeet scammers

>> No.27677558

I'm new to this but I would say because of the gas fees.

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buy btc (50%), eth (25%), and a handful of alts (25%) over time. Consistently. If it crashes 50%, make your purchase bigger.
Survive for 5-6 years.

It really is that simple.

>> No.27677645

buy high sell low

>> No.27677697

Have specific goals and stick to them. If you decide that you're going to sell once you hit a 5x, do it. Don't try to ride it out for fear of missing more gains.

Never buy food coins.

Always do the opposite of what the mainstream media says.

>> No.27677877

when you are scared and think it will dump forever, BUY.
when you are euphoric and think it will go up forever, SELL.
also, i have flipped shitcoins for hundreds of hours and have only slightly outperformed just holding btc and eth. not worth it.

>> No.27677942

oldfag gaslighting newfags

>> No.27677974

b..but Rich Dad Poor Dad told me not to worry about that.

>> No.27678057

>lurk more
>buy LINK
>buy XMR

Fourth one’s free
>don’t get so caught up in alts you forget to keep a bunch of BTC

>> No.27678183

it means dont bother worrying about when you cum, just make sure you do at some point

>> No.27678271

depends. if you are autistic enough you can start from 0 and retire within a decade working at McDonald's. if you're goal is to retire early or start your own business don't go to college. if you're goal is to have a career working in a field you love, go to college.

>> No.27678304

>Never day trade

Just because you are bad at it doesn’t mean we all are.

>> No.27678443

>Dollar Cost Averaging
>Spend spare money on the dips, not on meme clothing and funco pop
>Dollar Cost Averaging

>> No.27678465

it's a derivative, which is a type of financial contract, they're tools used for hedging market risk but principally for high stakes gambling

>> No.27678622

Serious though don't sell and you'll avoid tax headaches.

You can buy, hold, and move crypto without having to report it in your taxes. Once you sell into currency OR swap for coins, it becomes a realized gain.

Don't only have one exchange. Some exchanges are better for buying (binance has low fees). Some are better for Staking like Kraken. Another good one is Celsius. They give you a percentage of coins every month for just keeping your crypto there. There's many and you should use all of them really. They're a hassle to set up but once they're up, you're good.

>> No.27678698

This x1000 it's literally a cheat code.

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-Do not trade crypto, trade the NYSE

-Buy and sell in increments

-Read books on technical analysis and fundamentals

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1.Never ever ever margin trade ever

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>> No.27679010

incorrect, trading on exchanges has a fee of less than .2% a trade, typically.
1. if it trades against you you have to pay fees twice + realizing the loss
2. it's more difficult and likely to fail by A LOT than just holding and moving the money around to other coins sometimes.
trading is no joke.

>> No.27679128

>Shilled BTC
>Shilled LINK
>Shilled ETH
>Shilled DOGE
>Shilled countless airdrops
>Always advices to just hodl
yeah, don't listen to /biz/

>> No.27679632

This is only okay when you're holding something "good". If you're gambling with shit coins that shit is never going back up.

>> No.27679771

For every 100 coins that are launched only a couple will actually do anything. That seems like terrible odds but in reality if you're just autistically dedicated to this shit and willing to read countless pajeet shill posts all over the internet (/biz/, telegram, reddit, whatever) you will eventually find a coin that's not shit if you know anything about the market.

For example, I looked into literally every shitcoin shilled on /biz/ a few months ago and found Parsiq early. It's really not hard to do this if you just treat reading through pajeet shit to find that one nugget of gold like a full time job.

>> No.27679857

Always do the opposite

>> No.27680088

What are you doing specifically, seeing if actual humans are shilling it and not bots, then reading the white paper? Are you buying thinking the coins will increase in value because they have value for what they provide, or merely because they will attract good attention and purchase by others?

>> No.27680158

>do your homework

It’s been proven time and time again that no amount of analysis of any kind beats randomly picking stocks.

Try this, any of you. All of you. It’s a trading exercise / experiment. Pick ten stocks; five you think will go up and five you think will go down in the next weeks time. Write them down in columns as such. Now buy them all. Buy a single share or whatever is an inconsequential amount for you 5 10 100 1000. It doesn’t matter just changes the numbers. Ideally you have at least a little skin in the game so you pay attention to them cause psychology is very important. At the end of the week see how you did.

Adding another layer is trade management where you sell each stock only when it’s up at least 1%.

How did you do?

>> No.27681296

Then how do you pick what to invest in

>> No.27681452

How can markets be entirely unpredictable? Doesn't seem to make much sense

>> No.27681651

>sell your gme
>sell your gme
>sell your gme

>> No.27681728

always listen to biz

never listen to biz

larp as successful if youre a failure, and vice versa

>> No.27682344

it took me a while to figure this out but you should buy low and sell high instead of buy high and sell low. my other 2 tips are to buy anything shilled by cunny and sell anything shilled by 3DPD thots

>> No.27682585

Gtfo off biz and go to Wsb where people can make you real money

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1: do the opposite of /biz/
2: but link
3: see rule 1

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>> No.27683032

Buy high sell low

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Fuck kikes
Fuck niggers
Fuck jannies

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Since you are all retarded hear, let me learn you a few lessons. I know I shouldnt do it for free, and I should just laugh at you fools, but I've had enough of that.Just follow my simple rules and you will be safe on this board and in crypto in general:
1. Don't buy meme coins. What are meme coins. Coins made for lulz, memes, fun. Coins that never had a usage, plan or anything. Examples: DOGE, DONUT, WSB COIN, SHIBA COIN, PEPE COIN, WOJAK COIN, anything similar. Not only that they are memes that no one should throw money at, they are part of the scam being planed behind your back. Some motherfuckers bought/made SHIBA , DONUT and WSB, filled their bags, decided to go shill here to teens and stupid members and then dump on you. That's why you lost money in pump and dump scheme build for you.
2. Don't buy shitcoins. Which coins aren't shitcoins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, Polkadot, Zora, Monero.This coins/projects, have some point, have some usage and function. These tokens have future. You can't lose holding these. Which coins are shitcoins: basically everything else but let's make few assumptions: Ripple, Stellar, Tron: these are some normie ignorant tier shit. If you own this you are stupid and you don't know shit.

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1) When you find a good stock/crypto hodl (you’ll be tempted to sell when you have a big temporary loss)

2) Do you own research, this is a good place to get recommendations but ultimately it is up to you to do your due diligence and determine whether or not a stock/crypto has value

3) never FOMO (buy a stock that is mooning)

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You will not survive if you don't not know how to filter troll/ironic posts from real posts.

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I trade options primarily. I make money from volatility and time. I’ll glance at a chart to see where something is in its range, maybe I have an opinion on the sector, maybe it’s something else to get me interested but at the end of the day I’ll sell options in high volatility stuff and but em in low volatility stuff. If I have a directional bias I’ll build my deltas with that in mind.

Options give you multiple ways to win. With options you can even win if you are wrong on direction, you can also bet a stock will stay relatively where it is price wise over time.

As far as legitimate investing I put my extra money when I make it into a privately managed fund and let them worry about managing it for their commission. Granted I have close to 4 million dollars at this point.

If you wanna “invest” in the market on your own just buy ETFs of your liking. There’s a ton of them out there, anything you want. A simple portfolio for growth is 60% SPY 40% TLT and call it a day. It’s boring but it works. It’s literally the standard of investment against which all others are measured. Then you own the entire S&P 500 and some bonds.

Wanna invest in Brazil (lol why?) there’s an ETF for that! EWZ. Japan, gold oil whatever. Buy them all if you really wanna diversify, you’ll own a piece of everything on earth.

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as soon as something starts pumping, buy the top

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I guess to summarize my post. Investing is boring. Buy the indexes. Everything else is speculation and you will not beat the S&P over time unless you get lucky. Hoping you make money is not an investment strategy. The market always goes up over time; Individual stocks do not.

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>go long
>reinvest dividends
>be nervous when the crowd is greedy

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