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>150k cash
>130k crypto
im not certain i will make it

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>0 cash
>1k crypto
>50/50 on RBC and BAO
Already made it

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>154k crypto
>20k mutual fund
>1k cash
you got a better chance than me homie. put some more of that cash to work for real.

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Yea you're not gonna make it sorry bud

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>$6,000 in crypto
>$1,000 in cash

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thanks man, i just dont know what to buy. everything is so crazy right now. bubble after bubble has me spooked

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33, cancer with possible MS.

No car, can barely work.

Be happy anon.

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Holy fuck bro. Are you me? Im the exact same age and cash/crypto.

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>10k cash
>10k crypto

I just turned 26 in December so I think I will make it.

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>150k cash

There's your problem.

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>$500 cash
>$15k BAO

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>$150k cash
oh shit nigger what are you doing

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What are you a fucking retard?
Thats plenty of money at that age. Seriously I’m certain you just make posts like this smugly.
You’re an attention whoring faggot

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>be me
>have less than $20 cash
>e-commerce business taking off with gradually increasing orders of high value medical product
>will barely have enough to pay supplier for new batch of highly pure material
>trying to time it so the new material arrives just stock becomes depleted
>have multiple deals coming up that rely on keeping liquidity flowing
>zero stress, visualizing success. feeling fine.

why yes, I retain my semen, how could you tell?

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definitely spooky.
parsiq has a big consolidation atm. could break out any moment.
i'd take $13k or so of that cash and buy PRQ. if you don't understand the coin do some research quick.

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>250k rental properties (5% ROI) but not place to live in myself so I rent
>18k cash
>35k stocks/crypto
>55k pre-tax/year
I'm certain I won't make it but if I can bu 2more rental apartments and 3rd one to live in myself I can just neet forever

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>12k$ 100k PNK 533k Libertas
I already made it.

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how old are you anon?
mid 30s you really start to feel the pressure to have "made it". he's just venting desu.

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You’ll def make it, keep stacking.

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Im 31 with about 150k to my name spread across different investments, and im not complaining at all because im not a faggot. I am doing pretty well for myself, i spend a lot of time looking for the next investment to do even better but i have enough to feel confident about my future. Im not making delusional smug posts like OP. Half my friends dont have 25K to their name.

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>16k Crypto, half UNI Airdrop
>5k cash

I've accepted the reality I'm ngmi

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Whatever. I get it. I mean i am constantly staring at charts and shit trying to “make it” too... but still... i dont complain

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thanks hope u get better
nice keep going
i know do u have suggestions?
i know, have any ideas?
for as long as ive been in crypto and lurking biz ive made some pretty horrible returns. i just feel immense regret for not being able to identify the right opportunities and taking the risk. i know i shouldnt compare my self to other people but its hard not to.

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my nigga

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>NEET coomer
>$1200 net worth
I own nothing and I like it

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>12k in stocks (6 in regular 5 in roth IRA 1k in amc )
>2k crypto literally own 1 ETH

am i gonna make it?

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Fair enough bro you seem chill

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12k cash
10k crypto

Half that crypto is rubic so I'll be in 6 figure hell EoY if I'm lucky

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>not complaining at all
you're complaining about op's post.
your argument is that there's someone worse off. yeah, there will always be someone worse off.
the only faggot here is you. despite your current financial situation, you aren't going to make it, because you're a dipshit. you probably inherited what you have otherwise you'd understand OP and empathize.


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Put 100k in REEF and you'll make it this year.

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>94k in crypto
>300k net worth
>Rent two houses, buying a 3rd soon
>Make ~100k / year

All these people losing life savings on GME and I'm over here thinking about how I wanna spec my Huracan Performante in a couple years

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Did i offend you somehow cunt?

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you'd make it if that was 280k chainlink, buddy

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>140 rolls toilet paper
>$1200 soon to arrive stimmy
>150 starbucks points

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>43k cash
>80k stocks
>60k crypto
>SaaS business generating 12k a month
>Kilo of Gold
>Picasso painting worth 48k appreciating about 2k every year
Also fuck around day trading on Robinhood and made an extra 60k last year mostly playing AMZN puts

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>20k in btc
Will I make it?

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>120k cash
>300k crypto
>20k stocks
im certain i will make it one day
you will make it one day OP

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i was you 3 years except 2/3rds less cash and crypto. Then i bought Link and GME

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>sub $900 cash
>$200 crypto
>$35k debt

Realistically should I just off myself or can I still make this work?

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>all that cash not in crypto

wtf are you doing

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>$150k cash

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What SaaS are you running, anon? Always interested in hearing about other anons businesses

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>108k crypto
>2k cash

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put some cash into ETFs or index funds

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>170k home equity
>180k crypto
>35k precious metals
>130k cash
>180k stocks

Not sure what to do with the cash with stonks are retarded right now and I was waiting for a bitcoin dip to $20k but never happened.

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> 27
> 20k cash
> 400k stocks
> 50k crypto
> $200k/year salary

Feels pretty good desu. I want to get to $2.5 million and then check out.

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>92k in regular investments + cash
>272.25k in crypto
>115k a year wfh job
>no car
>no house but looking

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>$400 cash, $4k credit card debt
>$30 in crypto
feels good at the top

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>Twice that in day trading at 25
>Had girlfriend since high school
>Think I'm not going to make it
How do you boys cope?

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>40k crypto all in eth and link
>20k in webull
>9k in my 401k
>5k cash
I am a poorfag and will be waging until I'm atleast 40 at this rate

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i know i probably should but i also know as soon as i buy the market will drop 10%

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Living the dream fren

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How do I get into cryptos? I’ve been trading options for a while, so I’m not new to this. I just want a simple interface that lets me buy and sell all the stuff you guys go in about.

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>$1800 cash
>$1000 stocks
>$200 crypto
>60k debt
Went into a hole, quit my job and spent my 10.5k crypto portfolio on booze, drugs and guns a year ago.
Now I'm making 68k/year before taxes and moving to a lower COL state.
Trying to decide where to put my money next.

Any suggestions?

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kek literally me

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$2k in cash
And I have $0.26 in BSV in Crypto on Coinbase, I don't know why Coinbase gave me it, guess it was due to the Bitcoin forks

Living in your car is actually pretty cool, I hangout at the park and read when not waging then browser /biz/ before going to bed

Crypto kids are just crazy, I'd never throw my hard earned cash against it

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>$2400 in crypto
>$1400 in stock market
>$4000 cash
>2017 ram 1500 paid off
>drive a 95 nissan Sentra to work/gym and back
>own a small business
>work full time in aerospace
>about to start my own manufacturing company
How am I doing bros?

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>200k€ crypto
>110k/300k€ mortgage paid
>57k€ stocks
>2k€ cash
Im NGMI :(

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>too rich for chapter 7 bankruptcy
>too poor to claw your way out of debt within 12 months
Sucks. Is your debt a house?

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interesting if true

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pro.coinbase.com. probably the highest liquidity exchange

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youre sitting on way too much cash dude

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>170k cash
>370k crypto
in socal so i wont make it

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student loans

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>800k all in link
Dear lord. Not sure if it was worth it but I'm going all the way now.

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shut up you're richer than most 24 year olds.

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sorry to hear man. hope it gets better for you

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>20k mutual fund

for what purpose

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100% true my friend.

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>$110k in silver bullion
>$140k in inventory for my first 1st business I've been growing rapidly. Been doubling every year.
>$10k in inventory for 2nd business I started last year and is growing exponentially.

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>holding 150k in cash
yeah youre definitely not

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based cash holdings i am also shorting this bull
i’ll see u all sub 5k with my liquidity

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>100k in cash
>20k in value stocks
>no car, no property, absolutely nothing
I want to get into cryptos this year and become a billionaire
Thanks anon.

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>200k equity in house
>150k pm stack
>45k crypto stack
>175k stocks/401
Guess I’m doing okay

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>0 cash
>30k crypto

If I can have confidence, you most certainly can. Hang in there, anon.

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Idk why you’re so heavy cash do you have no income and high living expenses

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>150k cash
why would you do that

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I don't know if you'll "make it" but I hope you are having fun. Somedays it feels like I'm in a rut and seeing stuff like this makes me want to shake stuff up.

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>have no living expenses and high income

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i just dont know what to do with it and im risk averse. i have no expenses and i live at home. to tell you the truth ive had that much cash for the past 3 years

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Anon start investing that spare cash into real stock, not just crypto. In addition, as just a life thing, I don't know where you're getting the money, but i highly suggest you get a job. That's where most of the fulfillment comes from in life - working towards something you're proud of and enjoy. You're at a great stage where you have enough money to start doing something you have interest in, rather than be forced to get a min wage job because you have mouths to feed, etc. Find a passion, and better yet, a well paying one. Money does not equal success, success and a fufilled life is personal. You could be the richest man on earth and still hate yourself if all you do is laze around all day. life needs purpose. THATS making it.

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at least put that shit into an account that gives some interest

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> £20k cash
>£1.5k crypto

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idk i had the timing right when i decided to move most of my cash into a broker last year but i never pulled the trigger

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1 house paid off
1500 link
8k cc debt
Gonna make it?

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People here are out of touch with how broke a normal person is. OP that is a good amount compared to most. Be grateful

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Put everything 100% VTWAX and forget about it.

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I'm turning 33 this month and probably have 100k less in assets than you

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Yeah, you're not gonna make it. Me on the other hand.

>2k cash
>2k crypto

I am definitely going to make it.

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u mean vtsax? i heard vti is better. whats teh difference?
its ok anon, you are probably smarter and have more will than i do. im a beta

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U can do VTSAX too but it’s 100% US total stocks. VTWAX is 100% total world stock. More diverse and less worrying about rebalancing if you went the VTSAX and VTIAX route.

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I'm trying to get myself financially independent so I can stop working my 9-5 job and start doing shit I'm really interested in.

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>80k crypto
>10k btc mining stonks
>5.5k PMs
>3k cash
I KNOW I will make it.

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>$100 in bank
>$55,000 in Bitcoin
Gonna make it

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>55% btc
>30% cash
>rest in DeFi (link, eth, aave, snx, sushi)
>zero boomer stocks

hoping to break 7 figures this cycle. the fact that we have this opportunity is insane, do not let this slip by anons

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>360k AUD crypto
>15k AUD
I still live at home with comfy remote job that bores me to death.
>XSN masternode should set me up for life
>Chainlink steaking
>Bao farming.
>SNX farming.
lets go

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ill pray for you.

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real estate

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>4.2k Crypto
>1k Cash
I think it's a start.