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ETH or Link with only $400?
I made 70 from GRT recently, not sure if I should stick with that, what is volatile and good short term plays on coinbase?

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Buy grt and sit on it for a few years.

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ETH. Then you can go on OpenSea and trade art with anons.

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GRT for the steady gains

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GRT. The price is much lower so you'll be able to make way more money off of it.

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GRT and XLM for a long hold

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Unironically this.
The Graph is offering a unique service, to become an important part of the decentralized web 3.0 By being able to query and "search" blockchains and index them much like how Google can query and index pages like 4chan (which Google is censors).

I'm not trying to fall for a get rich quick scamcoin.

The Graph Tokens will be a way of the future. Once the finite supply starts to accumulate in the wallets of whales and throughout the everyday frens and poorfags alike, then the price will truly MOON.

I've made some good dough from investing in t his and never selling. I'm schilling this to my friends and family because I believe in it and so should you.

>pic related

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NuCypher. It's got a low marketcap still since it's relatively new and massive upside potential.