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I'm a poorfag and have ,4.5 ETH/ 4K Cash and I'm making 2k/Month on BidenBux.

I want to buy AAVE so fucking bad but feel like I'm priced out and should look for smaller caps. What is the prediction for this EOM. Its always at ATH.

Can someone give me a qrd on AAVE its function and alternatives for poorfags like me ?

-Love you

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AAVE is more popular than COMP, yet COMP is currently a higher price - so AAVE is only going to go up more.

In addition AAVE rivals Maker, so hitting $1.5k seems like a certainty within a year.

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Will there be a correction anytime soon or is it dependent on ETH movement ?

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ETH does have an impact, but the primary aspect determining AAVE price is how much is staked - and as the price grows, staking grows. It's effectively a feedback loop.

We have just pumped about 25% in a day though, so either we'll level out or we'll have a correction. We are in price discovery mode though so it could just keep going.

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I need a fucking guide on crypto for absolute retards. i cant tell the difference between a doge, a bitcoin, a rubic, a aave, a fantom, a enth, a link, or a defi

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The reality is, few here know, and fewer will bother looking into it.

You buy whatever you are willing to risk on AAVE and you hodl until it hits $1k and you'll be fine.

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OP Here
Knowing my True Financial Situation how many AAVE would be a good purchase after todays pump, I'm going to listen to you I can tell you have good intentions. My job can be filled prob this spring worst case. I'm attempting to use this time to create my own income stream. I feel overleveraged already as funny as it sounds.

2 AVVE is what I'm thinking hopefully tomorrow has a small retrace into 330 or so.

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>In addition AAVE rivals Maker, so hitting $1.5k seems like a certainty within a year.

that's not how this shit works... learn about market cap

op, if you have a legit interest in aave other than "it's going up in price" then watch it for a few days, and wait for a dip then buy in. if you just want to buy in and know nothing about the business, then don't waste your money

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aave market cap is currently 3.6 Billion it's not going to climb much more op

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AAVE is always at ATH... Blackpill for losers with no AAVE

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